Red Hand of Doom

Session 85

Richard Folk has joined the conference.

haweemoo has joined the conference.

haweemoo: hello
Zethallon has joined the conference.

Zethallon: [Hey all — muted a bit till I finish eating.]
Randy P: [no problem Gary]
Richard Folk: By the way, starting tonight a 10:00 pm on MTV
Richard Folk: Beavis and Butthead return
Randy P: lol
Zethallon: [Good lord, why?]
Richard Folk: with all new shows by the original creator
Richard Folk: You are not a fan? Shame on you.
Randy P: I hope I’m not competing against Beavis & Butthead. That would be kinda insulting.
Richard Folk: I set the DVR to record the show
Zethallon: [Bah, I’m here to game]
Randy P: excellent – no worries then
Treassa has joined the conference.

Richard Folk: I also have the World Series BB Game on the TV, but not really watching it.
Randy P: few are, from what I hear of the two teams involved
haweemoo: hi treassa ))
Treassa: [give me a minute or 2]
Randy P: [ok]
Randy P: [still waiting on Skip anywho]
Richard Folk: I used to live in St. Louis, so I am cheering for them to win.
Randy P: ah ok
Randy P: well good luck to them then
Randy P: Angry Birds are rooting for the Cards
Randy P: my step-son has an Angry Birds stuffed animal
Randy P: Someone text Skip
Randy P: (“Somebody wake up Hicks”)
Richard Folk: I just finnished watching this TV show about an 11 year old girl that was kidnapped and held till she was welll into her 20’s, giving birth to 2 children while held captive, until she was released.
Randy P: omg – that’s horrible!
Richard Folk: Potivily stunning!
Richard Folk: \Positivly Stunning and shocking that such could happen.
Skip Scheyer has joined the conference.

Randy P: [Hi Skip]
haweemoo: [hi skip]
Richard Folk: Hooray! We are all here!
Zethallon: [Welcome Skip]
Skip Scheyer: [hello! hey! I am early!]
Skip Scheyer: [for me]
Skip Scheyer: [ouch!]
Randy P: Everyone flies upward into the tunnel where the energy is collecting…
Randy P: Five brilliant geysers of crackling energy light this large room. Each of these sprays of liquescent light plume from the upturned maws of five draconic heads, themselves emerging on long necks from the edge of a low platform in the center of the room. The light gathers in the domed ceiling above, pooling in an upside-down lake of glowing energy that ripples like water and periodically drips long, stringy strands of thick light down on the ground below to flash and sizzle away instantly in a blast of acrid smoke. Strange, ghostly shapes seem to writhe and dance in the light pool above—twisted, nightmarish fiends and grinning dragons with great glowing eyes.

Randy P: The room itself is roughly oval. The walls, inscribed from top to bottom with a scalelike pattern, arch upward gently, almost giving the chamber the appearance of being inside a gigantic dragon egg. The pool of light shimmers fifty feet above, and only twenty feet below that a five-foot-wide balcony encircles most of the room’s perimeter. Five oval alcoves are arranged in the room’s walls at this level, and looming in each one is a magnificent stone statue of one of the five chromatic dragon kinds.

haweemoo: [i feel like peter pan]
Randy P: Standing in the center of the platform is a 7’ tall half-dragon hobgoblin covered in brilliant blue scales with a magnifient horn jutting from his brow. He sports a beardlike growth of scales on his chin and his eyes and teeth shimmer and dance with electricity as he turns his attention to you. “Welcome to the Fane of Tiamat, interlopers. You have been mighty adversaries and it is with some reluctance that I must kill you now. May Tiamat curse and keep you from now until the sun shines black!” He points his raised scepter at you. The scepter is crafted from five different dragon-headed heavy picks, which end in wickedly sharp pieces of bone.

Zethallon: [You didn’t give us a chance to prepare ourselves before entering the room.]
Randy P: [everyone can prepare before flying up into the tunnel]
Randy P: [ignore all of the red text until then]
Randy P: []
Zethallon: Hemon:
Zethallon: Round 1 — use pearl of power to retrieve the following spells: bless and dispel magic
Round 2 — cast protection from evil upon Corbus (8 minute duration)
Round 3 — cast protection from evil upon Koby (8 minute duration)
Round 4 — cast bless upon the party (8 minute duration)
Round 5 – casts divine power upon himself uses move action to sheath his greatsword and pulls out staff of life instead.
Round 6 — casts magic weapon upon the staff
Round 7 — drinks potion of flying.
Zethallon: [Spam back at you]
Skip Scheyer: [bless – 2 attk and moral?]
Zethallon: [
1 to attack and vs feat Skip]
Zethallon: [fear sorry]
Zethallon: [try adamantine arrows to help bypass dr (if he has it)]
Randy P: [anyone wanting to answer Dick’s question, make a Knowledge: Arcana roll]
Skip Scheyer: [dragon?]
Randy P: [yes]
Skip Scheyer: 15+19 = 34
Skip Scheyer: [arcana or dragon]
Zethallon: Hemon: 9+5=14 for arcane roll
Richard Folk: Corbus will take the time to restring his bow, then retrieve the jar of Purple Worm poison and coat 10 normal arrows in the poison.
Treassa: knowl roll 18+18=36
Richard Folk: Corbus warns all of his companions,“Beware of my arrows, they are now coated in a very dangerous poison.”
Randy P: Dreigho & Koby would know that blue dragons are immune to electricity, paralysis, and sleep spells/effects. Half-dragons don’t have innate Spell Resistance. They have wings.
Randy P: [ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Randy P: [whenever everyone is ready]
Skip Scheyer: [silly question already answered many sessions ago, but what is a fane?]
Randy P: [a temple]
haweemoo: slade looks at the creature " no introductions?? isnt that rude?? "
Skip Scheyer: [temple… why not just say a temple?]
Zethallon: [Fane just sounds more regal]
Randy P: [everyone flies into the tunnel when ready. Unless you tell me otherwise, everyone but Koby is as shown on the map. Koby is at I,12]
Zethallon: [ready]
Randy P: [everyone roll init]
Skip Scheyer: 6+7 + 3 = 16
Treassa: koby 13+3=16
Richard Folk: Corbus Init roll 10 + 5 = 15
Zethallon: Hemon: 8+1=9
haweemoo: 2+7=9
Skip Scheyer: [you are breaking up]
Randy P: [Round 1]
Zethallon: [You sure? I’m still muted.]
Randy P: The four Blue Abishai fly out from their corners and converge on Slade and Dreigho (two on each)…
Randy P: Each attacks with its barbed tail, electricity arcing dangerously around the stinger…
Treassa: [no sound]
Skip Scheyer: [me neither]
haweemoo: [no sound]
Richard Folk: Crap! I’ve been talking up a storm
Treassa: [so if you can’t hear the party die, does that mean it really happens?]
Richard Folk: [lol]
Zethallon: [Hahahaha]
Randy P: One stabs at Slade but misses. The other hits Dreigho for 7 damage. The electricity harmlessly deflects off Dreigho’s bronze scales.
Randy P: [lol]
Randy P: [I can’t hear anyone either]
Skip Scheyer: [so, dre does not take 7 pts?]
Randy P: [Dreigho, your turn]
Treassa: [where squares?]
Randy P: [no, you take 7 hp damage from the sting, but no electrical damage]
Treassa: [what squares?]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will activate his Resistance aura = (all subjects gain Resistance (5 * N) to the energy type of your Breath Weapon) so that’s 15 resist to lightning.
Randy P: Blue Abishai #1 (top-left) is at F,11
Randy P: Blue Abishai #2 (bot-left) is at G,10
Randy P: Blue Abishai #3 (top-right) is at L,11
Randy P: Blue Abishai #4 (bot-right) is at K,10
Randy P: [sound is slowly coming back]
Richard Folk: [I hear snipits of sound once in a while]
Randy P: [still choppy sound]
Skip Scheyer: [i just hear a brief blurb of noise.]
Randy P: [what else does Dreigho do… I think activating your aura is a Swift action]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will attack k10 thing
Randy P: [ok, roll it]
Skip Scheyer: 16+12 1 = 29 and 117 + 1 = 19
Randy P: The first swing hits. The second misses.
Skip Scheyer: 6+4 = 10 + 2+3 = 5 (holy) = 15 damage
Randy P: [[Koby]
Treassa: Koby will cast imposing hand with enemy being the hobgoblin guy
Skip Scheyer: [wow… did you see that kids are soaking gummy bears in vodka? if it was adults doing it, it would be such a cool idea! I might have to add that to my christmas list.]
Randy P: [retro] After the Abishai attacked, the High Wyrmlord cast a spell on himself…
Randy P: [Is there a DC for that spell, Koby?]
Treassa: [no saving throw if that’s what yo mean]
Zethallon: [afk a minute]
Treassa: [standard action]
Randy P: The hand tries to position itself around the High Wyrmlord and as its fingers touch the High Wyrmlord, he disappears!
Randy P: The interposing hand remains where the Wyrmlord was formerly located a second ago
Randy P: [move action?]
Treassa: [it is an extra shield for me, not an attack weapon]
Zethallon: [back]
Randy P: [right, but he apparently isn’t there anymore]
Randy P: [OOC to be fair: he cast Mislead on himself]
Treassa: [ok, even though wouldn’t touch him.]
Treassa: ok
Randy P: [Koby, roll Spellcraft to identify the spell he cast ICly]
Zethallon: [Wow, I would have made us made spellcraft checks. Thank you gracious DM]
Treassa: 19+18=37
Randy P: [Koby identifies the spell he cast]
Randy P: [and you can retro cast if you wish]
Randy P: [now knowing what he did]
Randy P: [also, Koby and Hemon, make Perception checks]
Treassa: [give me 2nd, sending you im]
Randy P: [ok]
Treassa: perc 10+3=13
Zethallon: Hemon: 10+7=17 perception check
Treassa: Koby will remain with casting the hand
Randy P: Hemon notices that any sound he makes seems muted… silenced. Koby notices no such thing.
Treassa: no move action
Randy P: The interposing hand tries to interpose itself around the High Wyrmlord, but fails to do so. It stays where the wyrmlord formerly was standing.
Treassa: [brb]
haweemoo: slade says" you any relation to the blue dragon whos hands i cut off? "
Randy P: [Koby can hold his move action to reposition the hand later this round.]
Randy P: The wyrmlord is nowhere to be seen at the moment. The only sounds Slade hears are the frustrated attacks of the Abishai and the power surging overhead.
Randy P: [Corbus]
Randy P: [there is an Abishai diagonally adjacent to Corbus, but it isn’t attacking him]
Richard Folk: Corbus will activate his Ring of Improved Invisibility, moves to G-13 and fire 1 poisoned arrow at Abishai #1 located at F-11 then continues to move to E-12(spring attack feat).
Richard Folk: Attack roll 13 + 12 = 25
Randy P: [That hits, roll damage]
Richard Folk: Damage roll 6 + 2 = 8 Don’t forget the Purple Worm Poison
Randy P: [OOC: Abishai are devils and are immune to poison]
Richard Folk: [Oh crap!]
Zethallon: [Man, what is up with Yahoo’s conference voice chat lately?]
Randy P: [is Corbus’ bow magical?]
Richard Folk: My turn is now over, Corbus has 9 poisoned arrows left.
Richard Folk: Not magical.
Randy P: The arrow dings harmlessly off the Abishai’s scales.
Randy P: [OOC: DR10/magic]
Richard Folk: [F**K]
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: attack g-10
Randy P: [roll both attacks]
haweemoo: 17+18=34 18+13=31
Randy P: [both possibly crit, roll to confirm]
haweemoo: 20+18= 38 16+13=29
Randy P: [both confirm… Slade deals 60 damage to the bottom-left Abishai, killing it!
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: [Huzzah]
Zethallon: Hemon will use his move action to move north of Dreigho to M,12. [will take the AoO from the abashi along the way]. Once he reaches the square, he will cast protection from energy (lightning) upon himself.
Skip Scheyer: [woot!]
Randy P: Hemon moves and is attacked by the top-right Abishai…
Richard Folk: [Nice Kill]
Randy P: The Abishai stings Hemon for 9 damage. The electricity that arcs from its tail is deflected by an aura surrounding the Priest of Anhur.
Richard Folk: [Lucky protection there]
Randy P: Hemon tries to cast his spell, but finds that he makes no sound!
Randy P: [spell is NOT lost]
Zethallon: [Pretty big area for that spell.]
Zethallon: [Thank goodness that I already have dr for lightning]
Randy P: [Hemon, make a Spellcraft check or Know: Arcana]
Richard Folk: [either that or he moved close to your position]
Skip Scheyer: [plus my aura is going for additional protection]]
Randy P: [Hemon, make a Spellcraft check or Know: Arcana]
Zethallon: Hemon: 19+7=26 [at least a better roll that time]
Randy P: Hemon thinks that the entire room might be affected by a selective Silence spell (those who do not worship Tiamat), but the mouth of the tunnel might not be affected as Koby was able to cast his spell from there.
Randy P: [Round 2]
Zethallon: [Hmmm, interesting…]
Randy P: The blue abishai continue their attacks against Slade and Dreigho…
Randy P: The top-left Abishai bites and stings Slade for a total of 12 damage. The electricity from the stinger is deflected by an aura around the gnome.
Randy P: The bottom-left Abishai bites and stings Slade for a total of 9 more damage. The electricity from the stinger is deflected by an aura around the gnome.
haweemoo: [one is dead where the 3rd come from]
Richard Folk: [originally there were 4 of them]
Randy P: The top-right Abishai bites and claws Dreigho for a total of 7 damage.
Skip Scheyer: [two on Dre and two on Slade and Slade killed one, so there should only be one hitting slade]
haweemoo: [2 on each side i thought

Randy P: [sorry, scratch the bott-left. Slade only takes 12 damage.]
Randy P: Dreigho’s AC is 33 against dragons.
Randy P: Both Abishai miss him.
Randy P: [takes no damage]
Randy P: A blast of hellfire shoots at Dreigho from thin air at E,8!
Randy P: It hits him for 42 damage!
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [ouch]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will attack the same dragon
Skip Scheyer: 14+12+1 = 27 and 17+7+1 = 25
Randy P: Both hit
Skip Scheyer: 4+4 = 8 and 8+4 = 12 and 5+2 = 7 (holy) = 27
Randy P: Dreigho bashes the bajeezus out of the Abishai at K,10 again and the creature looks near death.
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: [does Koby see where fire came from?]
Randy P: [from E,8 at the time of the blast]
Skip Scheyer: [i am still kind of confused… if slade critted and killed one of the two on him… how did he get attacked twice this round? unless there is three on him and one on Dre?]
Randy P: [that was my mistake, Skip. Only one attacked Slade. I deleted the 2nd attacker on him]
Randy P: [Two are still on Dreigho. One on Slade.]
Skip Scheyer: [oh… my bad..]
Treassa: Koby will cast ice storm with f6 being the center
Treassa: [no saving throw]
Treassa: [has spell resistance]
Randy P: [roll your spell resistance check]
Treassa: [what do i add up]
Randy P: [Caster Level d20 +4 for your feats]
Treassa: sr 25
Randy P: The spell penetrates the High Wyrmlord’s spell resistance spell…
Randy P: roll damage
Treassa: bludgeon 8
5=13 and cold dmg 7
Treassa: movement halved
Randy P: [do you take a movement action?]
Randy P: [does Koby?]
Treassa: stay where i am and be prepared if bad guy shows himself
Treassa: to redirect hand
Randy P: [ok, move action is held]
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will study the area of the ice storm looking for a "shadow
Randy P: [make a Perception check, Corbus]
Richard Folk: ""shadow" caused by an invisible creature
Richard Folk: Corbus perc roll 8 + 11 = 19
Randy P: Corbus notices that the hailstones are displaced at area G,5
Richard Folk: Is Corbus still allowed an attack?
Randy P: [yes, you still have a standard action & a move action]
Randy P: [studying the area is a Free or Swift action]
Richard Folk: OK, Corbus will fire 1 poisoned arrow at the apparent vacancy of hailstones
Randy P: [roll attack]
Richard Folk: Attack roll 17 + 12 = 29
Randy P: Corbus’ arrow narrowly misses
Randy P: [AC = 30]
Richard Folk: There should be penalties for attacking an invisible creature.
Randy P: Ok, it misses entirely
Randy P: [Slade]
Skip Scheyer: [dude… quit while you are ahead. ]
Zethallon: [Did you add 1 for bless?]
Richard Folk: Corbus will move to F-12
Richard Folk: Nope, did not include bless
Randy P: [with invis, AC would be 32]
Richard Folk: Oh well.
Randy P: [Slade]
Randy P: [hang on]
Randy P: [I just re-read the rules on Invis…]
Randy P: [Corbus, make a D% roll]
Randy P: [AC would still be 30, but Corbus has to make a 50% check to hit the invis’d creature]
Richard Folk: 75%
Randy P: [that hits]
Randy P: [roll damage… I’ll handle the poison]
Richard Folk: Damage roll 6 + 2 = 8
Zethallon: [afk a minute]
Zethallon: [back]
Randy P: [Ok, Slade, it’s your turn]
haweemoo: slade willl attack the one left near him..
Richard Folk: [Here’s hoping that the poison can weaken it. It probably has an icreddible Fort save though]
Randy P: [roll both attacks]
haweemoo: 19
18=37 13 13=26
Randy P: Both hit, the first one possibly crits
Randy P: [roll to confirm]
haweemoo: 20
Randy P: [That confirms. Roll normal damage for the 2nd attack]
haweemoo: 4+9=13
Randy P: Total of 43 damage. It’s still up, but looks near death.
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will hug the left wall this time to avoid AoO from the abashi so he can move to K,13 near the well mouth. Does he hear anything?
Randy P: There is still no sound coming from Hemon at K,13. Perhaps you have to be in the tunnel to be outside the area of effect…
Randy P: [Hemon can keep moving, if he wishes since he’s listening as he goes]
Zethallon: OK, how about J,13?
Randy P: How about I,13?
Randy P:
Randy P: [What does Hemon do when he gets to I,13?]
Zethallon: If he can hear again, he will use a free action to warn Koby to stay near the well’s mouth or be subject to a silence spell against the casters. He will then cast dispel magic upon one of the geysers at P,12.
Randy P: Hemon can indeed hear himself speak. He warns Koby and then tries to dispel one of the energy geysers…
Randy P: [make me a Spell Resistance check]
Randy P: [caster level d20]
Zethallon: 12
Randy P: The stream of energy wanes but doesn’t fade entirely.
Randy P: [Koby, make a Perception check before this round is up]
Zethallon: [It was worth a try.]
Treassa: Koby perc 8
Randy P: Koby doesn’t notice Corbus hit something with an arrow.
Randy P: [Round 3]
Randy P: The left Abishai attacks Slade…
Randy P: All attacks miss.
Randy P: The top-right Abishai attacks Dreigho…
Randy P: and misses
Randy P: The bottom-left Abishai attacks Dreigho…
Randy P: and misses
Randy P: A blast of searing light eminates from I,5 and hits Slade for 22 damage!
Randy P: [Koby, do you wish to move your hand?]
Treassa: no where to direct it at this time
Randy P: [you see the light come from I,5]
Treassa: then will direct towards that direction
Randy P: The hand wraps itself around the indicated area.
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: same one.
Skip Scheyer: 20+12 1 = 33 and 97+1 = 17
Randy P: The first one possibly crits. The 2nd one misses.
Skip Scheyer: 18+12 + 1 = 31
Randy P: That’s a crit, you deal max weapon damage. Roll holy damage normally.
Skip Scheyer: 8+4=12 + 3+2 = 17
Randy P: Dreigho brains the bottom-right Abishai, killing it!
Skip Scheyer: [woot!]
Randy P: [Koby]
Zethallon: [Huzzah!]
Treassa: Koby will dismiss ice storm and cast black tentacles at f6.
Richard Folk: [w00t]
Treassa: cmb 15
Treassa: for grapple attempt
Randy P: A roiling wave of black tentacles spreads across the southwest floor of the chamber… something at I,5 wriggles free of the tentacles.
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will move to I-10 and try to detect the creature again.
Richard Folk: Perception roll 3 + 11 = 14
Richard Folk: [lousy roll]
Randy P: Corbus fails to perceive the invisible creature
Richard Folk: [big surprize there]
Zethallon: [Good try though, Dick]
Richard Folk: [lol]
Richard Folk: Corbus ends his turn still trying to spot a sign of the enemy
Randy P: [holds actions]
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: attack the one near me thats still alive
Randy P: [ok, roll it]
haweemoo: 13+18= 31 20+13=33
Skip Scheyer: [afk real quick]
Randy P: Both hit. The 2nd possibly crits; roll to confirm.
Randy P: [ok]
Richard Folk: [Baseball game is tied 4-4, bottom of the 6th inning]
haweemoo: 10+13=23
Skip Scheyer: [back]
Randy P: That confirms. Slade lops off the remaining Abishai’s head!
Randy P: [Hemon]
Richard Folk: [Saweet!]
haweemoo: pop goes the weasel
Skip Scheyer: [woot!]
Zethallon: Hemon removes a scroll from his belt and attempts to cast dispel magic again on the same geysar at P,12.
Randy P: [make another Spell Resistance check]
Zethallon: Hemon: 17+5=22 (using caster level of the scroll vs Hemon)
Randy P: The energy geyser fades from existence. The loud humming in the room is suddenly quieter on the northeast side.
Skip Scheyer: [woot! way to go Gary!]
Richard Folk: Kapow
Randy P: [Round 4]
Randy P: A voice echoes through the room in a language that many of you do not understand.
Randy P: [Infernal: “Kill the Cleric!”]
Skip Scheyer: [oh great! Cleric’s got agro!]
Randy P: The remaining Abishai takes a 5’ step backwards from Dreigho to M,12 and summons another Abishai! It appears beside Hemon and Koby at J,13 —inside the edge of the tunnel.
Zethallon: [Oh, if I had a dollar for every time that I heard that…]
Skip Scheyer: [LOL]
Treassa: [got the 9 lives to prove it]
Randy P: The summoned Abishai attacks Hemon with its tail…
Randy P: and misses.
Randy P: Something nimbly sidesteps a group of tentacles at I,5 and then vanishes again…
Randy P: A harsh, gravelly voice intones a spell and Koby’s interposing hand disintegrates!
Treassa: [dude, not nice!]
Skip Scheyer: [i think we pissed him off]
Skip Scheyer: [oops.]
Skip Scheyer: [so sorry!]
Randy P: [Corbus and Koby, make perception checks]
Treassa: Koby perc 10+12=22
Skip Scheyer: [actually no] Dreigho says,"Oops, i think we made him mad’
Richard Folk: Corbus perc roll 8 + 11 = 19
Richard Folk: [At least I rolled a bit better this time]
Randy P: Koby & Corbus think they pinpointed the voice to come from the center of the podium.
Richard Folk: [A mere 10’ from Corbus]
Randy P: [I,8]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Richard Folk: [Randy, is that podium raised above our level? If so, how high?]
Skip Scheyer: [where are the two dragons now that were near me?]
Randy P: [the podium platform is 10’ above the floor of the room]
Richard Folk: [OK, thanks]
Richard Folk: [Good thing that the flying potions are still in effect]
Randy P: [there is only one Abishai near Dreigho… M,11
Skip Scheyer: will attack it
Randy P: [the other is to the right side of Hemon at J,13]
haweemoo: hey buddy i bet family reunion time sucks..
Skip Scheyer: 17+12+1 = 30 and 6+7+1 = 14
Randy P: [you need to take a 5’ step, but can still Full Attack it]
Randy P: The 1st attack hits
Skip Scheyer: [um…yea.. you’re right (he says as he looks at the map.) yea… take that step]
Skip Scheyer: 5+4=9 and 4+3 = 7 (holy) = 16 total
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will cast web at i6 dc 17 reflex
Randy P: The web fills the 20’ area, but doesn’t appear to have ensnared anything. Yet.
Treassa: [would affect corbus i believe]
Randy P: [where is Corbus on the map?]
Treassa: [i10 i believe]
Richard Folk: Corbus is at floor level and square I-10
Randy P: [right]
Randy P: Corbus, make a Reflex save
Richard Folk: Corbus reflex roll 14 + 11 = 25
Randy P: Corbus easily sidesteps the webbing
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will put his bow over his shoulder, draw his Rapier then fly around podium to I-5 and to podium height. End of turn
Randy P: [don’t forget that there are Black Tentacles on the floor below him]
Richard Folk: Flying at height of 10’ off the ground
Richard Folk: Does that still count?
Randy P: [he’s out of range atm, I just wanted to remind you]
Randy P: [Slade]
Richard Folk: oops, I may not be able to move that far, flight speed and ascending should limit that much lateral distance.
Richard Folk: Sorry
haweemoo: ahhh whats close i can go after?
Randy P: [I’ll allow it this time, Corbus]
Randy P: The closest adversary that Slade can see is the Abishai that just popped up next to Hemon and Koby
Treassa: [can move to j12 and attack]
Richard Folk: I just looked it up in the book, fly speed is 60 ‘, not 30’ as I thought
Randy P: [then you could easily make it]
haweemoo: can get close and attack?
Randy P: [yes, Joe, you can move slade to J,12 and attack the newly summoned Abishai]
Randy P: [only one attack though]
haweemoo: ok i will
Richard Folk: [Yep, 60’ exactly to I5]
haweemoo: 19+18=37
haweemoo: [i rolled it 2 times and same number came up]
Randy P: [ok, that crits for 30 damage]
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will channel positive energy to heal his comrades and use selective channeling to omit the abashis that are left.
Randy P: [ok]
Zethallon: Hemon’s channel energy: 3+4+4+5+6+6=28 points of healing for all in 30 foot radius.
Randy P: [everyone but Corbus gains that]
Zethallon: [One channel left and will hold move action]
Richard Folk: [lol, Corbus, for the time being , is at Max HP]
Randy P: [it’s after 11. Are we good for one more round?]
Richard Folk: I’m OK
Skip Scheyer: [yup. told work i might be late tomorrow.]
Treassa: yes
Randy P: [Round 5]
Randy P: The top Abishai attacks Hemon again…
Randy P: all 4 attacks miss
Randy P: The right Abishai attacks Dreigho again…
Randy P: all 4 attacks miss
Skip Scheyer: [we’re back to four? when did the other one join us?]
Skip Scheyer: [nm.. misread]
Randy P: [no, each Abishai has up to 4 attacks when they Full Attack]
Skip Scheyer: [yup… gotcha!]
Randy P: A gout of electricity blasts in a line at Hemon and Koby… make a Reflex save
Treassa: Refl 8+8=16
Randy P: Koby takes 1 electrical damage
Skip Scheyer: [don’t forget i have my aura going 15 to lightning resist]
Randy P: (16-15)
Zethallon: Hemon: 20 (natural) + 6=26 [’bout time I passed a reflex save]
Randy P: Hemon also takes 1 electrical damage
Randy P: The spell eminated from the center, top of the podium
Randy P: [breath weapon, not spell… sorry]
Zethallon: [Negated by my DR as an assimar —yes!!!]
Randy P: [lol, ok, Hemon takes no damage then]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: he will attack the same one
Randy P: [full attack]
Skip Scheyer: 18 +12 +1 = 31 and 11
7+1 = 19
Randy P: The first one hits. The second narrowly misses.
Skip Scheyer: 7+4=11 and 5+4 = 9 (holy) = 20 total
Randy P: It’s still standing, but looks the worse for wear.
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: koby will dismiss web and cast shout towards i8 and dc 21 fort vs deafness. [holding anything fragile/crystal?]
Treassa: 28 points sonic dmg. (23+5) and 7 rounds deafness if fails
Randy P: Koby’s sonic cone doesn’t hit anything… not even Corbus (as he’s just outside the 30’ range)
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will alite on the podium at square I-7 and attack square I-8 with his Rapier
Skip Scheyer: [ooh.. good use of the alite word!]
Richard Folk: After the attack Corbus will fly to square L-5
Randy P: Corbus’ rapier swishes through the air.
Richard Folk: Attack roll 5 + 14 + 1 = 20
Richard Folk: [Hmm…nobody home]
Randy P: The keen rapier cuts the air effortlessly, but doesn’t contact anything else.
Randy P: Corbus then flies over to the south-southeast corner of the chamber.
Randy P: [Slade]
Richard Folk: [He moved on again, just like Corbus. I suppose that there is a chance for us to collide in mid air]
Richard Folk: [Gotta love that Spring Attack Feat]
Treassa: [yep]
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: is that one i was attacking still alive?
Randy P: [yep]
Treassa: [copy cat! lol]
haweemoo: ok i will attack it
haweemoo: 11+18=29 18+13=31
Randy P: [both hit; possible crit]
haweemoo: 15+13=28
Randy P: [that confirms; roll your normal damage for the 1st hit]
haweemoo: 3+9=12
Randy P: [42 total damage]
Randy P: Slade lops off the head of this Abishai too!
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: With the abashi near him dead, Hemon will cast dispel magic upon the next magical geysar at B,12.
Randy P: [ok, make another Spell Resistance check]
Zethallon: Hemon: 14+7=21 for SR check
Zethallon: [That was the last of my 3rd level spells]
Randy P: The northwest energy geyser sputters and goes out!
Randy P: [end of round]
Randy P: [shall we stop here?]
Richard Folk: You are the boss.
Zethallon: I have about 25 minutes more then will really have to call it.
Randy P: [ok. One more round]
Randy P: [Round 6]
Randy P: [Koby, what’s your AC with the Prot from Evil spell?]
Treassa: 23
Randy P: Something cleaves into Koby for 26 damage! (H,11)
Treassa: [ouch]
Randy P: The remaining Abishai attacks Dreigho… and misses.
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Richard Folk: [I knew that he had moved on already]
Skip Scheyer: attack the same one….
Skip Scheyer: 10+12+1 = 23 and 16+7+1 = 24
Randy P: [both hit]
Skip Scheyer: 8+4=12 and 3+4=7 and 6+5 = 11 (holy) = 30 total
Randy P: Dreigho knocks the head off of the last Abishai. It crumples to the floor, dead.
Richard Folk: [At last]
Randy P: [Koby]
Skip Scheyer: [tell me about it… slade killed three of them already]
Treassa: Koby will turn to the west and cast burning hands
Randy P: [Ref DC?]
Treassa: dc 18 reflex
Randy P: [roll your damage]
Treassa: 33 for sr
Randy P: That overcomes
Randy P: [roll your damage]
Treassa: 11+5=16
Randy P: [Corbus]
Randy P: [hang on]
Randy P: he gets an AoO for the spell
Zethallon: [Wish I had greater dispel magic for area target so I could remove his friggin invis… heheh]
Randy P: Koby takes 24 more damage from the attack of opportunity
Treassa: brb
Randy P: [I’ll assume Koby made his Concentration check]
Treassa: [didn’t check]
Randy P: [it’s ok, assume he did]
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will fly to J-3 and attack the source of the gyser located there.
Treassa: [rolled a 17]
Randy P: Make your attack, Corbus
Richard Folk: Attack roll 17 + 14 + 1 = 32
Randy P: [roll your damage]
Richard Folk: Damage roll 3 + 4 = 7
Richard Folk: Does it look like there was any affect/
Randy P: Corbus, make a Reflex save
Richard Folk: ?
Randy P: The energy arcs from the impact and turns on Corbus!
Richard Folk: Reflex save die roll 8 + 11 = 19 Does Protect from Evil apply as well?
Randy P: Corbus narrowly evades a 42-point gout of flame!
Randy P: Whatever luck the rogue lives by just saved his bacon
Richard Folk: Whew!
Randy P: [Slade]
Richard Folk: Corbus doesn’t want to try that again!
haweemoo: any left close to attack?
Randy P: Slade, you can’t see what hurt Koby, but you doubt the wizard can handle another hit like that.
Randy P: [Koby, what is your HP at?]
Treassa: 13
Treassa: [took my hand away]
Skip Scheyer: [where is koby on the map now?]
Randy P: Koby’s robes are tattered and torn from acid, frost, flame, and electrical damage.
Treassa: i12
haweemoo: can i go give him a potion?
Randy P: Plus there are two huge gouges in the robes where something very sharp tore the fabric away.
Randy P: [sure]
Skip Scheyer: [is there anything but the big guy left?]
haweemoo: hes i heard your moma threw you out of nest you was too ugly even for a dragon to stand.
Randy P: [nope]
Randy P: [do you give Koby a potion?]
haweemoo: go to koby and give him what potions he can take..
Randy P: You force-feed one to Koby…
Randy P: [which potion do you give him?]
haweemoo: i have 8 potions.
haweemoo: cure mod wounds
Randy P: [roll 2d8+5]
haweemoo: hey ugly you cant handle a sure you dragon and not chicken??
haweemoo: [me roll?
Randy P: yes]
haweemoo: 8+6+5=19
Randy P: [Koby, add 19 HP]
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will use the staff to expend one charge of heal upon Koby (for 70 hps back). He will say out loud, “Do you plan to hide behind Tiamat’s skirt or will you face us like a true champion? Even your underlings who served you had that honor in them.”
haweemoo: like i said a chicken instead of a half dragon..
Randy P: [Hemon, make either a Diplomacy or Intimidate check… whichever is higher]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will reply,“Tiamat must have had a very bad clutch if you are the one that survived.”
Treassa: [thanks guys!]
Zethallon: Hemon: 11
14=25 diplomacy check
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord fades into view at H,11. “Very well, Priest of Anhur. You shall see what mettle I am made of.”
Randy P: [end of session]
Richard Folk: [Nice job of badgering the enemy]
Zethallon: [Whew, I’m beat.]
Skip Scheyer: “the high wyrmling finally grew a back bone!”
Zethallon: [afk a minute]
Randy P: [everyone gains 3,200 XP for the Abishai]
Randy P: oops
Randy P: [hang on
Randy P: [make that 640 XP per PC]
Zethallon: [Thanks Randy]
Randy P: [well we made it to Round 7]
Skip Scheyer: [thanks randy!! great game!! only thing left is the big bad!]
Treassa: [i agree, fun]
Randy P: [do you want to play next Thursday or in 2 weeks?]
Richard Folk: And the Gyser sources.
Skip Scheyer: [as much as the sound is enjoyable, i thought we did really well without it.]
Richard Folk: I should be available next Thursday
Randy P: [yeah, Yahoo screws up yet again]
Skip Scheyer: [i am good for next thursday]
Treassa: next thursday is fine
haweemoo: next thr fine for me too
Zethallon: [Let me get back to you but believe next Thursday should be OK]
Skip Scheyer: [with any luck, by then, the ‘merc with a mouth’ will feel better and drive the wyrmling crazy]
Randy P: [ok, we’ll tentatively plan for the 3rd of November then.]
Skip Scheyer:
Richard Folk: OK, Good Night then
Treassa: nite
Randy P: Good night all
Skip Scheyer: good night all!
Treassa has left the conference.



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