Red Hand of Doom

Session 59

Richard Folk has joined the conference.

Zethallon has joined the conference.

Richard Folk: I am still getting settled, give me a minite
Zethallon: [Sure thing Dick]
Randy P: ok
Treassa has joined the conference.

Treassa: can you hear me?
Randy P: nope
Zethallon: [Nope]
brandi has joined the conference.

temporalvengeance has joined the conference.

temporalvengeance: What up, white people?!
temporalvengeance: good
temporalvengeance: sorry
temporalvengeance: was distracted
temporalvengeance: yes?
temporalvengeance: logging into OP nao
temporalvengeance: I keep mine linked to my facebook
temporalvengeance: that way all i have to do is click the facebook button and it logs me into OP
Richard Folk: I thought it nice that Obsidian Portal gave me a 1 day turn around on me request.
Randy P: [retro…]
temporalvengeance: they’re speedy
temporalvengeance: ok, Dick you now have control of Corbus on Obsidian Portal. You can edit his info, upload a character image, etc….
Richard Folk: I’ll give it a look tomorrow
Randy P: [Retro scene] Corbus, while you’re busy untying yourself, you notice a faint outline along the side of the black altar.
Randy P: It appears to be a small, concealed chamber
Richard Folk: Report findings to friends, then attempt a thourough search.
Randy P: [roll PERCEPTION, Corbus]
Amber Lee has joined the conference.

Richard Folk: Corbus perc roll 13 + 11 = 24
Randy P: Corbus, there appears to be no catch of any kind. You tell Koby about the concealed compartment…
Randy P: [Koby, roll Spellcraft]
Richard Folk: Corbus illuminates to Koby,“Hey Koby, look here.”
Treassa: 18+16 = 34
Zethallon: [Great roll!]
Randy P: Koby, you think that the component is sealed by an Arcane Lock spell
Randy P: [compartment, rather]
Amber Lee: well i cant hang on saturday night my friend is coming odwn
Amber Lee: whoops wrong box
Randy P: [lol]
Treassa: Koby will inform the group of this
Randy P: [anyone have a Dispel Magic or Knock spell prepared?]
Amber Lee: tobeee does
Randy P: Koby, roll Intelligence
Amber Lee:
Treassa: 3+5= 8
Randy P: [Tobbeee, do you have Dispel Magic?]
Treassa: Koby will detect magic
Randy P: The black altar almost blinds you with the Necromantic energy it’s giving off.
Amber Lee: ys i do have it
Treassa: KOby will step back with distaste
Randy P: But the tuning fork that Koby found on Nurklenak also glows…
temporalvengeance: [Whack that fork on it!!]
Treassa: KOby will whack that fork if he is smart enough
temporalvengeance: [this is coming from the guy who played a giant drum cause it was there and awoke a bunch of slave zombies]
Amber Lee: did not
Amber Lee: of wait
Randy P: The tuning fork rings clearly…
Randy P: And the compartment slides open
Randy P: [it’s a chime of opening]
temporalvengeance: [neet]
Amber Lee: sweet
Randy P: Inside the compartment is a very thick and very old tome.
Treassa: KOby will ask Corbus to check for traps
Randy P: [roll Perception, Corbus and Koby]
Amber Lee: is the tome excited
Richard Folk: Corbus searches dilligently
Randy P: The tome radiates several kinds of magic.
Amber Lee: wooo magic
Richard Folk: Corbus perc roll 11 + 11 = 22
Treassa: Koby will aid Corbus
Amber Lee: am i an alligator still
Amber Lee: lol
Treassa: 13+16= 29
Randy P: [not yet, Amber. We’ll get to the fight in a few minutes]
Randy P: Corbus notices a fine line of sulfur ringing the interior wall of the compartment hole.
Amber Lee: what happens if i dont want be a gator there team sucks
Randy P: Koby believes it to be a fire trap
Richard Folk: Corbus Disable Roll 11 + 15 = 26
Randy P: Koby, roll Spellcraft again
Treassa: 12+16 = 28
Randy P: Koby instructs Corbus on how to disable the firetrap and he is able to retrieve the tome safely.
Richard Folk: [Hot Dog]
Treassa: Koby will look at the tome for any titles
Randy P: Roll Spellcraft one last time
Treassa: 12+16 = 28
Richard Folk: Corbus says,“Here it is Koby, Are you sure you want this?”
Zethallon: [“It’s mine! My… prescious…”]
Richard Folk: “Too bad your friend left earlier.” Corbus muses.
Randy P: Koby thinks that the cover has a Sepia Snake Sigil crafted into the leather.
haweemoo has joined the conference.

Randy P: Koby, roll Reflex to avert your eyes
Zethallon: [Welcome Joe]
haweemoo: hi ))
Treassa: 3+9 + 12
Randy P: An amber-colored cobra rears from the cover of the tome and strikes Koby!
temporalvengeance: Obsidian portal is a campaign management tool
temporalvengeance: allows organisation of characters, maps, adventure logs, wikis of info, etc..
Randy P: Koby is immediately surrounded by a shimmering amber force field. He topples over, still clasping the book. He appears to be completely paralyzed.
temporalvengeance: [OH SNAP!!]
temporalvengeance: [quick……umm… someone else suck out the venom!]
Amber Lee: but hes a dude
Randy P: [anyone with Dispel Magic can try to counter the spell]
Amber Lee: ok
Zethallon: [Sadly, I already admitted that I did not have the spell memorized]
Amber Lee: 19 nat
Randy P: [I think that Tobbeee has it]
Richard Folk: Corbus shouts,“Quick, help Koby with this magical trap effect!”
Randy P: Tobbeee successfully dispels the Sepia spell and any other magic trap that may be enchanting the spellbook
Randy P: The tome, when examined, appears to be Nurklenak’s spellbook.
Richard Folk: Corbus cheers,“Good job Tobbeee! I knew you could do it!”
Zethallon: [Jackpot!]
temporalvengeance: [booyah]
Treassa: So all Koby got out of it was a headache and a book of necromatic spells
Zethallon: Hemon nods to Tobbeee and examines Koby for further damage.
haweemoo: [slade mumbles i was right books are bad for you]
Randy P: Actually, Nurklenak was a Controller
Randy P: His spellbook contains every Enchantment spell (in the core book) through Level 5.
Treassa: Koby, not being the smartest in the bunch, will look through the spells.
Randy P: {plus a bunch of others, but will list those later}
Zethallon: [Sure thing Randy]
Randy P: Also in the compartment is a scrollcase that bears the Red Hand’s wax sigil. The parchment inside reads….
Zethallon: [WB Dick]
Randy P: "Nurklenak,

The dwarf’s information interests me greatly. The servant of the platinum dragon and his companions must be destroyed before they cause any more mischief. It was undoubtedly they who attacked Vraath Keep and slew Koth. The bloodghosts were unable to locate his dagger. Opening the portals is essential to our victory at Channathgate. I have scried its location to be at the southwest base of Skullgorge Pass. Dispatch a group of scouts to acquire it for us. Make sure they do not handle it directly. The soul bound to it is more powerful than their tiny minds can withstand.

Being “heroes,” the dwarf’s friends will probably try to rescue him. Have your men kill them and bring me the dragonborn’s weapon—the Dragon Queen requires it….
Randy P: …Blix and I have business in Unther over the next tenday but will return for the siege of Rethmar. In the meantime, Rhest is under your supervision. Do not make me regret your appointment. Failure to acquire the dragonborn’s weapon would be… unfortunate.

Richard Folk: [Mom had a phone call, had to notify her]
Zethallon: [Ssaarvithria isn’t going to be a happy camper then.]
Richard Folk: [Wow…what a note]
Randy P: [Ready for combat?]
temporalvengeance: [bring it?]
Treassa: [yep]
haweemoo: [ with a name like ssaa…. how can you tell if someone stutters it??]
Randy P: [ ]

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Richard Folk: [Remember that dagger that Corbus threw over cliff into the water?]
Zethallon: [Ready]
Zethallon: [Ghack!]
Zethallon: [I do indeed Dick and at the time, was probably worth throwing over the cliff given what it did to you.]
Zethallon: [Yep]
Randy P: [Roll Initiative]
Treassa: Koby 18
Zethallon: Hemon: 3+2=5 Initiative roll (need to tell my dice that I’m not late. Geez)
temporalvengeance: Initiative Nat20 + 7 = 27
haweemoo: 14+7=21
Richard Folk: Corbus Init 7 + 4 = 11
temporalvengeance: [and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the only roll above 3 I will get all game!]
brandi: [10+8=18]
temporalvengeance: [we waiting for amber?]
Amber Lee: anytihng attacking ?
Amber Lee: i cant hear my head set if ffubar
Randy P: YES
Randy P: If it’s numbered it’s attacking you
Randy P: The huge ass T is you
Zethallon: [“T… is for Dr. Tran!”]
temporalvengeance: [1, 2, 3… DR TRAN]
Amber Lee has left the conference.

brandi: [hickory smoke so crazy!]
temporalvengeance: [OH SHIT! It’s…. DR TRAN!]
Zethallon: [LOL]
Randy P: [Jorr, your turn]
Richard Folk: [Disaster for Amber’s connection]
temporalvengeance: [whoo!]
temporalvengeance: I’m gonna swim over to that first boat and try and flip it over
temporalvengeance: flip
temporalvengeance: dip those boys in some briny swampness
Randy P: [now the map spells out GHACKJ]
temporalvengeance: [my plan all along…. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA]
Randy P: [Jor is at G,10 unless Mike says otherwise]
temporalvengeance: yup
temporalvengeance: that’s the plan
Richard Folk: [Too Funny]
temporalvengeance: [do you want a swim and strength roll or just strength?]
Randy P: [Jorr, roll Strength]
temporalvengeance: 12
temporalvengeance: no pluses
Randy P: Jorr rocks the boat, but doesn’t tip the boat over
temporalvengeance: [rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby]
brandi: uh? ah!
haweemoo: [dont rock the boat baby…]
brandi: [screen got briefly stuck!
temporalvengeance: grunt gruntDAMMIT, theses jerks is heavy!”
temporalvengeance: tear NO!!! BOB!!!! cries
temporalvengeance: who’s turn next?
temporalvengeance: o
temporalvengeance: ok
temporalvengeance: sry
Randy P: [the sneaks are sneakin’ …]
Richard Folk: [Good, not snakes]
haweemoo: [if we know they sneaking then they arent sneaking right??]
Randy P: [ ]

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Randy P: The sneaks hop around unbelievably nimbly
Randy P: Six of them attack Doobie…
Zethallon: [bye bye Doobie… disclaimer dogs were harmed during the filming of RHoD. &*(^ Peta!]
Randy P: Half hit
temporalvengeance: [I think Randy’s a cat person. I don’t know why I get this feeling though…]
temporalvengeance: o snap!
temporalvengeance: someone’s having asian food tonight!
Randy P: Doobie the dire wolf takes a tremendous beating and falls to the ground, bleeding profusely.
temporalvengeance: [quick! someone get a vampire… o wait… that’d make things worse…]
Randy P: GS#4 swings at Tobbeee three times, but misses
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: [yep you barking up the wrong tree]
Randy P: [make a swim check, then roll a single attack on GS#2]
haweemoo: 17+6=23
Randy P: [roll attack]
haweemoo: 18+12=30
Randy P: [roll dmg]
haweemoo: 4+8=12
Randy P: [Koby]
brandi: [yay!]
temporalvengeance: [AMARANTH?!]
temporalvengeance: one sec
temporalvengeance: she can’t make out speech that wekk
temporalvengeance: some people are coming through like the parents in charlie brown
temporalvengeance: she didn’t realise what you want
temporalvengeance: amaranth’s dex?
brandi: 18
temporalvengeance: [so, amaranth’s turn right?]
Randy P: [Yes, go Ammy]
brandi: Amaranth will swim frantically for shore.
brandi: [nearest piece of clear land]
temporalvengeance: probably e7
Skip Scheyer has joined the conference.

brandi: [er tobeee is occupying that mike…]
temporalvengeance: oops
temporalvengeance: H8, then?
Zethallon: [Hola Skip!]
Skip Scheyer: hi there
temporalvengeance: [don’t forget Amaranth is Hydrophobic]
brandi: [hence the illogical choice]
brandi: [im not the one who said that spot anyhow]
Randy P: {e8 has a little piece of land to it]
brandi: [that works]
Randy P: [ok, roll your attack]
Randy P: [on #2 if you wish]
brandi: [what would it take to shove his ass out of the way? and onto better land?}
temporalvengeance: [imagines this big half-orc swimming through the water and just backhanding the lizardman in his way. “get outta mai way!!!!!”]
Randy P: [you could try bull rushing him, roll CMB]
brandi: [19+12=31]
Randy P: Amaranath plows into #2 and knocks him into #7, knocking them both down
brandi: [lol]
Randy P: Ammy is now at F,8
Randy P: [likewise, #2 and #7 are shifted one square to the right, respectively and are prone]
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby casting ice storm at k6 20’radius no saving throw.
Randy P: [roll dmg]
Treassa: 16 points of bludgeon
Treassa: 14 points of cold
haweemoo: [we all can have cold drinks after fight..plenty of ice]
Zethallon: [lol]
Treassa: they get -4 on listen within field of effect and land movement is at half
Treassa: lasts 1 full round
Randy P: [ok]
Randy P: #2 is dead. The rest are freezing their little lizard butts off.
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus swims (still with dagger in hand) underwater to H-9 and attacks #7 with dagger.
Randy P: [swim check, then roll attack]
Richard Folk: Corbus Swim roll 9 + 4 = 13
Richard Folk: Corbus Attack Roll 6 + 12 = 18
Randy P: and misses
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: [text inc…]
Randy P: [retro: Tobbeee stabilizes doobie with a spell. It triggers two AoO’s but both miss]
Zethallon: Hemon will swim to C,6 and cast Bless as a spell-like ability (50 ft burst) to allies. (1 to attack rolls and +1 vs. fear saves)
Randy P: [make a swim check]
Zethallon: Hemon: 11
7=18 swim check
Randy P: Hemon swims southwards and then casts his spell successfully.
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [um… okay….what is where?
Randy P: [ ]

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temporalvengeance: [I’m gonna drown]
Skip Scheyer: [what happened to Doobie?]
haweemoo: [mean dm is a dog hater]
temporalvengeance: who’s dead?
temporalvengeance: [Jorr feels that things must be balanced. If his dog dies, ALL must die!!]
Skip Scheyer: [can I get to 4 and attack on the same turn?]
temporalvengeance: I’m good
Randy P: [yes]
Skip Scheyer: [sweet.. then that is what i will do] Dre will swim to number four (what is a number four, anyway?) and attack!
temporalvengeance: [FINALLY! I shall know what my elf eyes see!!]
Randy P: [roll Swim, then roll attack]
Skip Scheyer: swim = 7+7 = 14
Randy P: [swim is ok]
Skip Scheyer: attack = 6+11+1 = 18
Randy P: misses
Skip Scheyer: [i presume i only get one attack?]
Skip Scheyer: [ouch!]
Randy P: [right]
Randy P: {ROUND 2}
Zethallon: [LOL]
temporalvengeance: [whose turn?]
Randy P: Tobbeee gently grabs doobie by the throat to hold his head above water and swims safely away. The sneaks attack, but miraculously miss. It’s almost as if Tobbeee-croc isn’t really there…
temporalvengeance: whoo!
Randy P: [Jorr]
temporalvengeance: I’d like to move to F,7 and swing at 3… can I do that or is it my full action to move there?
Skip Scheyer: [yes.
Randy P: [ ]

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temporalvengeance: ok.
temporalvengeance: ok
Randy P: [roll attack]
temporalvengeance: attack roll: 15+7=22
temporalvengeance: aw…
Randy P: misses
Zethallon: (remember to add +1 for bless)
temporalvengeance: oh
temporalvengeance: then 23
temporalvengeance: forgot about bless
temporalvengeance: muahaha
Randy P: [roll dmg]
temporalvengeance: only 3 damage, though
Randy P: [ ]

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temporalvengeance: did you forget to move me?
temporalvengeance: I’m at f7 so 6 can’t move there
Skip Scheyer: [these are dragon like creatures?]
Skip Scheyer: 28
Randy P: G#4 hits Dreigho for 6 dmg
Randy P: #1 and #5 hit Greshk for 11 dmg
Skip Scheyer: [never a good sign]
temporalvengeance: numbah 6 is gonna kill Jorr
temporalvengeance: lol
temporalvengeance: [At least he wasn’t killed by number 2 like Elvis. That’s embarassing…]
temporalvengeance: 17
Randy P: #6 crits on Jorr for 24 dmg and takes off his right hand!
temporalvengeance: ouch
temporalvengeance: MY AXE!!
temporalvengeance: “Don’t worry, I can take these guys single handedly!!”
Zethallon: [omg, boo!]
temporalvengeance: [That’s it, Randy. I’m taking your dice away]
Randy P: [what’s Ammy’s AC?]
brandi: 20
Randy P: #6 hits Ammy for 13 total
Randy P: #7 swings at Corbus… (-4 for water-based partial concealment)
temporalvengeance: [ouchie-booboo]
Richard Folk: Corbus Armor Rating is 23
Randy P: #7 hits Corbus for 13 dmg total
Randy P: [Slade]
Randy P: [roll swim]
Randy P: 20
Randy P: [roll attack]
haweemoo: 20+12
haweemoo: 32
haweemoo: 20
Randy P: [that crits, roll dmg x2]
haweemoo: 6+8=14×2=28
Randy P: Slade slices off the sneak’s head. It lands in the water next to Corbus and bobs there.
Randy P: [Ammy]
brandi: [activating ki defense ac now 24) #6 w/FoB]
Randy P: [roll it]
brandi: [complete misses
brandi: ]
Randy P: [ ]

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brandi: [all 4 nothing higher than 16]
Randy P: [Koby]
Randy P: [swim check, acrobatics check]
Treassa: swim check 1+0=1
Randy P: Koby tries to climb up into the boat, but it slips out of his grasp, rocks over him and knocks him unconscious! He begins to sink.
Randy P: [everyone else, roll Perception]
Zethallon: Hemon: 17+7=24 perception check
Randy P: [Corbus add 4]
temporalvengeance: 2
haweemoo: 19+6=25
Skip Scheyer: 15+14+2 = 31
Richard Folk: Corbus Perception Roll 9 + 11 = 20
Randy P: Corbus, you think Koby might need help
Zethallon: [afk a minute]
Randy P: everyone hears a loud “THOK!”
Randy P: [Corbus]
haweemoo: slade mumbles he need a helmet and a babysitter..
Richard Folk: Corbus will grab Koby by the collar and swim under middle boat to square J-8
Randy P: [Corbus, make a swim check and a Strength check]
Richard Folk: Corbus swim check 9 + 4 + 13
Randy P: [swim is ok]
Richard Folk: Corbus Strength check 16 + 2 = 18
Randy P: Corbus grabs Koby and holds his head above water, tossing him into the nearby skiff.
Zethallon: [back]
Randy P: [Koby, make a Fort save]
Treassa: 17+8= 25
Randy P: Koby wakes up and spits out water]
Randy P: [Hemon]
Richard Folk: Corbus ends move action at square F-9
Zethallon: [text inc…]
Zethallon: Hemon will touch Dreigho to enable the domain ability of battle rage (3 to dmg for 1 round). Then, he will swim toward E,8 (avoiding D,6 and AoO) as his move action. Swim check coming up!
Zethallon: Hemon: 9
7=16 swim check
Randy P: [ok, Dreigho adds 3 to damage, Hemon ends at D,6]
Skip Scheyer: [now Dreigho just has to hit something]
Zethallon: [No, E,8]
Zethallon: [I’m avoiding D,6. ]
Randy P: [oops]
Randy P: [E,8 then]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Randy P: Dreigho feels enraged
Randy P: All of these greenspawn really piss him off
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will attack +4 again
Randy P: [ok, roll it, +1]
Randy P: [
1 for bless]
Randy P: 1 total]
Skip Scheyer: 11
11+1 =23 / 11+6+1 = 18
Randy P: [first attack hits]
Randy P: [2nd misses]
Randy P: [roll dmg+3]
Skip Scheyer: 5+4+3 = 12 + (2+3 = 5 for evil) = 17 Dreigho leans forward and snarls at the greenspawn and swings his morningstar
Skip Scheyer: [i was so tempted to drop the weapon and bite, but that would mean i would have to figure out what my atk bonus was]
Randy P: Dreigho bashes the little green guy for quite a bit, but he’s still looking scrappy
Randy P: Greshk attacks #1for 4 dmg
Randy P: [end of round 2]
Skip Scheyer: cool
Randy P: {lets pause there for tonight}
haweemoo: [ok ]
brandi: [night then]
temporalvengeance: night
haweemoo: have a great week.
Skip Scheyer: night!!
Zethallon has left the conference.

Randy P:
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temporalvengeance has left the conference.

brandi has left the conference.

Treassa has left the conference.

Richard Folk: OK Good night
Richard Folk has left the conference.

haweemoo: good night all..
Randy P: good night



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