Red Hand of Doom

Session 57

A post-battle conversation with Ajah and Teos.

casiel6272: Nurklenak collapses to the ground under Amaranth’s barage of fists!

casiel6272: The zombies leap upon him and pummel him to a quivering pulp.

casiel6272: [what do you do?]

Richard Folk: Cheer!

casiel6272: Ajah commands the zombies to back away and then waves their lifeforce away as well. They collapse into true death.

temporalvengeance: peeks out from behind someone else and smiles

casiel6272: Amaranth gets a brief mental flash of stretching Jorr on a rack until his wrists and knees dislocate.

temporalvengeance: [I know!  I was very fond of my knees!]

casiel6272: Amaranth remembers Jorr confessing all he knew about his former travellers

treassa cumpston: Koby will be looking at the zombies with an very evident look of distaste.

temporalvengeance: runs up and kicks the lifeless corpse of Nurklenak… looks back up and Amaranth and flees back behind Dreigho

divinedecedance: He grimaces and casts a guilty/shameful look toward Jorr.

casiel6272: A familiar sneering voice fills Amaranth’s ears, "You will never be free of me, slave. And you will never forgive yourself for the terrors you inflicted upon my prisoners…"

Richard Folk: Corbus will be looking at Amaranth will cool calculation, Jorr was a friend.

casiel6272: The voice trails away as guilt overcomes the towering half-orc.

casiel6272: [no one but Ammy hears the voice]

temporalvengeance: [knowing the character of Amaranth as I do, I now feel very sad for him.  I love that guy]

divinedecedance: [yeah poor guy]

temporalvengeance: [would Jorr have ever had any clue that Amaranth was compulsed? that would make him slightly less edgy about mending fences: Corbus goes over to Greshk and whispers,"Keep a close watch on that 1/2 Orc, I don’t trust him."

casiel6272: Ajah intones a spell and the shadowy light from the brazier soars into a fire once again.

casiel6272: Greshk nods to Corbus and watches Amaranth, but says nothing.

treassa cumpston: Koby will step over to the dead wizard’s body and cast detect magic

casiel6272: Ajah looks around at the group. "The hobgoblin Nurklenak was a monster. He forced this half-orc to torture the dwarf and other prisoners."

Richard Folk: "Like you were forced to combat us?" Corbus sneers sarcastically.

casiel6272: Teos nods and speaks up, an inner strength rises from his elderly voice, "Yes. Amaranth did not do so willingly. Please do not judge him."

temporalvengeance: peeks out from behind dreigho towards amaranth, but still staying partially hidden "Is that right, big guy?"

casiel6272: Teos frowns at Corbus. "Yes, he was! The mage could control him even at long distances."

Richard Folk: Corbus muses,"Well…I’ve seen a Hobgoblin become an ally, and I LOATH Goblinoids.  Perhaps i can learn to trust others as well."

divinedecedance: Amaranth will look disgustedly at the corpse of Nurklenak.  "I do not expect your trust.  My kind is not known to often be worthy of it.  I will swear to you that nothing I have done in the name of this creature was of my own will."

casiel6272: Teos looks at Jorr, "You have suffered more than I could bear to watch, but you did so purely at the behest of Nurklenak—not him."

temporalvengeance: "Well, I ‘spose I’ll be a might skittish ‘round you, but you’re just as much a victim as I was… although a little less rack time might’ve been nice…" hesitantly offers a handshake towards the halforc

casiel6272: Ajah nods. "Let us move away from here before a sentry discovers what has become of the master of this tower…"

temporalvengeance: "Yeah, I’m not too keen on staying here, myself"

divinedecedance: "Torture is not my way, it is a loathsome and dishonorable act at best." The half orc will take the dwarfs hand carefully and shake it.

casiel6272: Ajah motions for you to follow her out of the torture chamber…

Richard Folk: [There is Skip]

treassa cumpston: guess Koby can’t detect magic on him?

temporalvengeance: "Besides, I need to tend to Old Bob!"

atrickman has joined the conference.


atrickman: hello

temporalvengeance: [seeing as no one’s been coldhearted enough to mention the dog]

temporalvengeance: [Hello!]

atrickman: sorry i am late… Durne had to wash the dog and i had to be there so she would not run away

temporalvengeance: follows Ajah

treassa cumpston: [was late myself skip no worries]

casiel6272: Nurklenak’s body glows around his neck, his wrists, his ringfinger, and there is a faint dweomer from an inner pocket of his robes.

Richard Folk: Corbus will rush to the stairwell and stand guard.

casiel6272: [np Skip. Welcome!]

treassa cumpston: Koby will look to gather what he can find on the body. hopefully no evil traps. look for spellbook on him

casiel6272: Ajah moves through the western room and towards the stairwell.

casiel6272: Teos follows her.

casiel6272: Koby gathers a ring, a pair of bracers, an amulet, and….

Richard Folk: Corbus speaks aside to Jorr,"Jorr buddy, I have bad tidings regarding Old Bob.  The monsters killed him for defending you after you were captured."

casiel6272: ...a piece of metal that appears to be a tuning fork.

temporalvengeance: WHOO! tuning fork!

Joe cigut: [oh a fork..whats for dinner?]

treassa cumpston: He will gather to check out later when they have a break

temporalvengeance: [a tuning fork makes sure your meal’s on key, right?]

casiel6272: [ooo, bad]

treassa cumpston: Will follow the others but keep a little distance from Ajah. Necromancy is just not his thing.

temporalvengeance: "sigh Just can’t catch a break these days can I? holds back tears"

casiel6272: [removing headphones since no one is talking anyway  ]

Joe cigut: dont you mean off key?]

Joe cigut: we talking…huh

atrickman: i am not

casiel6272: [can’t hear you then]

casiel6272: [I think Amber’s headphones have a short]

casiel6272: [I’m over at her place babysitting Shawn for her tonight.]

treassa cumpston: [that’s nice]

Richard Folk: [A short in the earphone makes it difficult]

casiel6272: Ajah moves downstairs to the 3rd level

temporalvengeance: will continue to play "follow the Ajah"

divinedecedance: Amaranth will follow the party.

Richard Folk: Corbus,while guarding the stairwell, asks "Where are you going?"

casiel6272: She then exits through the door into the room with the white and black marble altars

casiel6272: "To safety," Ajah replies hastily.

casiel6272: ‘Follow me."

casiel6272: [ ]

treassa cumpston: Koby will follow but remain on the alert

Richard Folk: Corbus announces to the party, "Ajah says this way to safety!"

casiel6272: She mutters something under her breath and a copper coin in her hand flares with white light.

Joe cigut: slade follows with weapons ready

atrickman: [i have no clue what is going on, but] Dreigho will follow the group, weapons ready

casiel6272: She carefully steps near the northwest wall (Room 7) and holds the penny near the top of the wall there.

casiel6272: Anyone following her into Room 7?

divinedecedance: [yes]

treassa cumpston: Koby will

Joe cigut: yes

atrickman: [yup]

Richard Folk: Corbus will look to Jorr to see if he moves"OK" or is still suffering.

treassa cumpston: he as his own light source as well

temporalvengeance: yis

casiel6272: [do you walk closely along the wall as she did?]

temporalvengeance: I play folow the leader very welll

divinedecedance: [sure]

temporalvengeance: Jorr is probably limping a little bit and rubbing his wrists where the chains were

treassa cumpston: yes

casiel6272: Jorr’s muscles ache from a day’s worth of sitting stationary, but otherwise he can move just fine.

temporalvengeance: [did jorr ever get his equipment back?]

casiel6272: Ajah seems to be searching the wall for something. "Help me find the lever! Please!"

temporalvengeance: [k on the muscle ache.  I just assumed he’d be limping from the knee dislocations]

casiel6272: [anyone helping, roll Perception.]

casiel6272: [yes, his equipment was lying in the corner of the torture room near the cell door.

Richard Folk: Corbus will offer to Jorr Corbus’s spare dagger and his old sling and pouch of sling bullets.

divinedecedance: [19+14=33]

treassa cumpston: Koby 18+2=20

temporalvengeance: 15+11 = 26

casiel6272: [Jorr has his weapons too.]

atrickman: 10+14+2 = 26

temporalvengeance: o cool then

Joe cigut: 18+6=24

Richard Folk: Corbus will folloow the "safe" path following after Ajah.

casiel6272: Amaranth is the first to locate a small recess at the top of the north-northeast wall (facing Room 6). Pushing a tiny, smooth rock produces a loud >CLICK!< and a portion of the wall moves inward.

casiel6272: The odor of mildew pours into the room from the hidden chamber.

Richard Folk: "A secrete door!" exclaims Corbus.

temporalvengeance: "Oh, God!  Smells like that time I fed Ole’ Bob cabbage!!"

Richard Folk: [lol]

casiel6272: [lol]

casiel6272: Ajah smiles up at Amaranth. She is tiny compared to him.

casiel6272: She pushes on the concealed door and holds her penny-light forth…

divinedecedance: He will smile back and peer into the doorway.

casiel6272: The room is half-filled with stagnant swamp water, but otherwise empty.

treassa cumpston: [ewwww]

casiel6272: The northeast section of the tower wall has collapsed here and the surrounding bog has poured inside.

treassa cumpston: [brb]

divinedecedance: "Looks clear enough." he will motion to the others and take a few steps in himself.

Richard Folk: Corbus will keep his distance from the stagnant water.

casiel6272: A strange feeling of nausea surges from the black marble altar. Coupled with this newfound stench, some of you feel like vomiting!

casiel6272: [everyond make a Fort save]

divinedecedance: [10+7=17]

Joe cigut: 19+10=19

atrickman: 4+12 = 16

divinedecedance: [Jorr and ammy prolly dont smell much better than this mess]

Richard Folk: Corbus fort roll    11 +  6 =  17

Joe cigut: sniff smells like home cooking to me

temporalvengeance: 17+9=26

temporalvengeance: [prolly not]

Joe cigut: 19+10=29 not 19   sorry

casiel6272: Ajah and Teos stifle the same urge.

casiel6272: [no one pukes! DC was 15

Richard Folk: [How about Hemon?  Randy, are you looking after Hemon?]

casiel6272: Ajah casts another spell and the room smells like pretty flowers.

casiel6272: Hemon and Tobbeee both make their saves][

Richard Folk: [Oh yeah…Tobbeee too]

treassa cumpston: 4+10=14

casiel6272: Ajah, Hemon, Teos, and Tobbeee/doobie all enter the hidden room.

casiel6272: Koby pukes!

casiel6272: [Koby, you’re sickened for the next 15 minutes]

casiel6272: [-2 to all rolls]

Richard Folk: [eew!]

Richard Folk: Corbus will look out over the waters towords the outside, anything moving in the swamp?

casiel6272: The southeast-east wall is mostly intact, but the water is level with the floor.

casiel6272: You can’t see outside the tower… otherwise Ajah would have doused her light.

casiel6272: [that make sense?]

Richard Folk: [Oh…OK]

casiel6272: There is a huge hole in the floor.

casiel6272: which is where the water is

casiel6272: Ajah closes the hidden door behind her once everyone is inside the antechamber.

Richard Folk: [We could get to the water back at the stairwell, which is our planned egress from this tower.

casiel6272: She turns and sits down against the wall.

casiel6272: Teos remains standing beside her.

casiel6272: Hemon pulls out his wand and begins healing those who need it.

Richard Folk: [This must be rest and recuperation time.  Corbus is down 12 hit points.]

treassa cumpston: koby down 14]

casiel6272: Anyone injured for more than 24 hit points?

divinedecedance: [think im ok]

atrickman: Dre is down 12

casiel6272: [Has Dre already used his Lay on Hands power this day?]

Joe cigut: im still looking for my paper..dropped about 200 sheets earlier in the  floor..

casiel6272: [oops]

Richard Folk: [fooey]

atrickman: some..he has 47 points left, so i can heal

casiel6272: [etween Dreigho and Hemon, everyone is healed to full HP]

casiel6272: +between

atrickman: [even jorr? Hemon must have dropped some serious spells

casiel6272: Ajah speaks after her and Teos’ wounds are healed

casiel6272: [he has a CLW wand too]

casiel6272: [brb]

temporalvengeance: [they were only flesh wounds!]

Richard Folk: [Am I still loggen in?]

temporalvengeance: ?

Richard Folk: [I was getting no response to my voice…now my sounds does’nt work]

casiel6272: Ajah says, "Well. I imagine you all have many questions… Especially you, Koby Eckland," she adds with a grin.

treassa cumpston: [took mine off so none from me]

casiel6272: [I can’t hear anyone anyway]

temporalvengeance: [same, i think you and joe are the only ones voicing it, lol]

casiel6272: Ajah looks expectantly at Koby.

treassa cumpston: [incoming…]

treassa cumpston: Koby will return the look to Ajah.  "I was wondering where you went to when you left school. Still playing with dead things I see?"

casiel6272: "I and my mother were exiled from Halruaa when my father opened a portal to the Elemental Plane of Water and turned part of  Halruaa into a swamp infested with undead.  My mother and I were exiled after that. That’s why I suddenly stopped attending  the Wizarding school…"

Richard Folk: [Oh…for shame]

casiel6272: "I was angered at this decision by the Council of Elders and silently swore revenge. My mother pined  herself to death while I survived in the wilderness wasteland north of Halruaa thanks to the ingenuity of our family servant  and bodyguard, Teos…."

Richard Folk: Corbus states,"By the way Teos, you pack a strong kick."

casiel6272: Teos smiles. "I apologize for hurting you, but I swore to protect Mistress Ajah from the day she was born."

treassa cumpston: [incoming]

casiel6272: "I and my fathers before me have served the Akhlaur family for three generations."

Richard Folk: [Gads…what an onus.  Hereditary servants]

casiel6272: Ajah looks up at her looming bodyguard and lifetime mentor with a wry grin. "Nothing in Faerun is as lasting as the Zohr sense of duty."

treassa cumpston: Koby examined Ajah, looking he up and down. "It is unfortunate in your family situation. But when you play with dead things, you can expect to be burned.  It happened to your father."

casiel6272: Ajah’s eyes turn angry and a low hum fills the air near her. "My father was ill. Not all ailments are bound to the body."

casiel6272: She scoffs, "It’s ironic that you of all people, Koby Eckland, would mock someone for being burned by poor decisions. At least my parents didn’t kill themselves while worshipping demons!"

temporalvengeance: "Aw, crap…"

temporalvengeance: steps behind Dreigho again

casiel6272: Teos tenses.

treassa cumpston: [will be repsonding getting some info…]

atrickman: Dre shakes his head and says, " As much as i enjoy hearing as the mage school turns, how exactly does that help us go where we need to go… NOW?"  He turns to Koby, Ajah and then to Teos?

casiel6272: [lol]

atrickman: [i did not read the story yet… been a hell week…if i stepped in something, i reserve the rgiht for a retype]

Joe cigut: what you expect from robe wearers?

Joe cigut: i tried to read it. but kept saying it not thewre..

Richard Folk: [It was a scary story, but I know not of it’s relevance.]

casiel6272: I didn’t post the bit about Ajah yet… was going to do that, but then we decided to play it out

treassa cumpston: Koby’s eyes turned cold and unemotional.  "There is no way my parents consorted with demons. The council of elders had an agenda and my parents were caught up in the mess.  I can’t say what happened with your family. Let’s just leave our family out this amd see what we are facing."

treassa cumpston: "What was going on here anyway?"

atrickman: "Ahh… the voice of reason… how nice."

casiel6272: Ajah smirks, but lowers her tone, "The dragon, Ssaarvithria is the Wyrmlord in this area. Her lair is at the bottom of the old Town Hall building, which is  guarded by some kind of freakish arachnids. They look like a cross between a black dragon and a giant spider and are very  territorial. None of the hobgoblins or lizardspawn go down there. I’ve only been to the upper floor for an audience with her  when I and Teos first arrived."


casiel6272: "How Teos and I became entangled in this army’s business requires further explanation of what became of us in the wasteland…"

casiel6272: "...We allied with a tribe of barbarian bandits who served a being they called the Lich Queen. Being especially adept at death  magic, I was intrigued and snuck away from Teos one night and made my way to the temple of the Black Lion, where I was greeted by a cowled woman who led me to her mistress, Sakara, the Lich Queen of Golgaros."


temporalvengeance: [That’s how it always starts.  You move to the Ghetto and get involved in the local gangs]

casiel6272: [lol]

atrickman: [LOL

Richard Folk: [ w00t ]

casiel6272: "I served the Lich as her apprentice Necromancer, all the while under the deadly gaze of her medusan handmaiden, Nefren."

casiel6272: "It seems that medusas can control their petrifying vision…"

casiel6272: "...I learned much under the Lich’s training. When she felt that I had learned enough, she offered me immortality as a vampire…"

casiel6272: "...I asked for one day to consider her offer. Then I promptly fled the next morning. I did not wish my fate to be the same as her handmaiden’s had been."

atrickman: "wait a second…. medusa’s can control their gaze?"

casiel6272: Once outside the Black Lion Temple, I teleported Teos and I to the foot of the Wyrmbones, where we ran into a half- blue dragon by the name of Azarr Kul…"

Richard Folk: Corbus states,"Ajah, at least you showed good sense rejecting to be a vampire."

casiel6272: "He gave us the ‘choice’ to help train his monks or die. We chose the former."

casiel6272: "Yes, medusas can choose who they petrify."

treassa cumpston: Koby will keep a cool expression and keep a jaded eye on Ajah he does not like necromancy.

casiel6272: "Their power is voluntary. Mayhaps it wasn’t with their progenitor, but her descendents have since learned to stifle its power if they wish. Or so it was with Nefren."

Richard Folk: [But I bet that Koby likes Ajah…wink, wink]

treassa cumpston: [i wouldn’t count on that, unwink, unwink

casiel6272: "And so it was that we came to live here in this waterlogged tower."

casiel6272: "What other questions do you ask of me? I tire."

treassa cumpston: Koby would suggest that they get some rest and collect thoughts.  We can continue any questioning in the morning.

treassa cumpston: He would like to have his spells about him in case Ajah decides to raise some more hell

casiel6272: Teos begins unrolling their sleeping bags from the packs he grabbed on their exit from the barracks (Room 7).

atrickman: "what do you know of Ssaarvithria?  What is she like?  Besides evil and needing to die?  Egomaniac?  Vain?  Stupid?  Anything?

Richard Folk: Corbus blurts out,"Wait, tell more about the Wyrmlords freakish guardians.  What weakness do the have?"

Joe cigut: hey dre i know people like that … wonder if they relatives …LOL

casiel6272: "She is a priestess of Tiamat, the queen of evil dragons, and she is expecting you, Dreigho ux Bahamuti."

atrickman: Dre smirks and Slade

temporalvengeance: [Dre should go to college for his doctorate…]

casiel6272: "She is very clever. The local lizard people worship her as a goddess."

casiel6272: [lol]

atrickman: [okay… wait a minute… did i introduce myself with my full name?]

casiel6272: [nope, not to her; but Jorr knows you]

temporalvengeance: [don’t think so]

Richard Folk: "Time for us to become god killers then." affirms Corbus.

temporalvengeance: [oh yeah

temporalvengeance: [i blabbed.  sorry]

atrickman: [what?]

casiel6272: Ajah looks at Dreigho as a book collector would a rare tome. "You are most… fascinating. I have not encountered one such as you before…."

Joe cigut: hey i am up to anything that involves a fight ))

Richard Folk: [At least she didn’t look at you like a Spider to the Fly]

casiel6272: "Your dwarf friend knew your name, but it was Ssaarvithria who explained what you are."

atrickman: [how did Jorr know my name, he was captured when i went through the ritual – oh well]

Richard Folk: [Yeah, that time discrepincy bothered me as well]

atrickman: "And what did Ssar have to say about me?  hmm?  Did she see my morningstar crashing upon her head?"

casiel6272: "You look confused, dragonborn. Ssaarvithria told me that the dwarf had told her your name… was that a lie?"

atrickman: "He would not have been able to tell you my full name.  He did not know it.  Only one knew it"

casiel6272: Jorr looks confused too.

temporalvengeance: look sconfused

casiel6272: [lol]

temporalvengeance: "I don’t remember sayin’ nothin’ bout that"

casiel6272: "Oh? And who was that, if not her?"

treassa cumpston: [brb]

Richard Folk: Corbus thinks for a moment,"I think that this name/time line error implies a spy was in the city while Dreigho was undergoing transformation, perhaps the red-haired halfling girl."

casiel6272: Teos has finished laying out the bedrolls and finally sits down on his pallet.

atrickman: "It was definitely NOT her.  Only Bahamut knew the name before me."

casiel6272: Ajah looks at Corbus. "I know of no such person, but the dragon has many spies."

Richard Folk: Corbus continues,"Remember the unexpected but very directed attack on us in the City?"

Joe cigut: red herring was…ahhhh nice ))

casiel6272: [  ]

atrickman: "Enough about me… what about Ssaar? "

casiel6272: "Perhaps she projected herself astrally to where you were; Ssaarvithria is as powerful in the divine magics as Nurklenak was in arcane secrets."

temporalvengeance: [and as Jorr is in funny smells]

casiel6272: "Very well then. She spoke of you and your companions. She said that the Dragon Queen visited her dreams, warning her of you."

casiel6272: [heh]

atrickman: "her dreams?"

casiel6272: "She said that you carried a weapon of power and that we must acquire it for her if captured."

treassa cumpston: Koby is listening to the dialogue. He has no sympathy for Ajah as he feels she got herself into her own mess. When people play with dead things crazy things happen. He does want to find out what is going on though.

Richard Folk: Corbus speaks incredulously,"Tiamat the DragonQueen is following out exploits?"

temporalvengeance: We’re the highest rated show in primetime

treassa cumpston: "what item would that be?"

atrickman: "a weapon of power, eh?  Just out of curiosity, when did she say this?"

casiel6272: Ajah scowls at Corbus, "Do no speak her name, lest your draw her gaze to us."

casiel6272: +not

atrickman: "you honestly think we do not have her gaze already?  You have already admitted it"

Joe cigut: i thought se was following us so  she already looking…

atrickman: [hehe]

casiel6272: "I meant now, as we are trying to hide from her minions."

casiel6272: "A few days ago."

Richard Folk: "I’ll not utter the name again, I am sorry for such indescretion."

temporalvengeance: looks at his Waraxe "Aint this, this one’s crap"

Richard Folk: Corbus guesses,"What about the Sword that was stolen and recovered back at the City?"

atrickman: "I carried a weapon of power? and she said this recently?  Interesting"

atrickman: [okay… time check… how much time has it been since my transformation?]

casiel6272: [about a week]

treassa cumpston: [dreigho isn’t necessarily the one carrying it if she watching all of us]

treassa cumpston: [my impression anyway]

casiel6272: Ajah laughs at the dwarf. "No, she said it was a mace of some kind."

atrickman: [couldn’t be my weapon, unless she did not get the message about the change in status of my weapon…. she did say that i would be carrying it… though, you could have been royal, meaning the party]

casiel6272: [she wouldn’t have gotten the info about the change in your weapon, Skip, as that all happened within the wagon.

atrickman: [that is what i thought   ]

atrickman: Dre pulls out his morningstar, "you would not happen to mean this?"  [does it have a glowy effect?]

casiel6272: [no glow, but it’s still very shiny!]

atrickman: [bummer.]

atrickman: "actually it could not be that, you’re looking for a mace."

Richard Folk: ‘That must be the weapon, it showed special abilities before." Corbus insists.

casiel6272: Ajah looks at the morningstar. "That looks to be the one she described. But you have nothing to worry about with me—I don’t want your weapon. Anything that scares the dragon is a good thing, in my book."

atrickman: "believe me, I was not worried.  If you want her scared, continue with your description of her"

casiel6272: "She’s an ancient black dragon. She’s huge… as big as a cottage, and she has a pet goblin archer named Blix, who trains a trove of greenspawn. By the by, she is breeding two razorfiends in the building adjacent to the Town Hall."

Richard Folk: Corbus will begin to spread out his night roll into a bed along with the others.

casiel6272: "I hear they’ve already laid a cluster of eggs. Those are nasty predators should they hatch."

atrickman: "is she arrogant?  Stupid?  Vain?  Cocky?  Paranoid?"

divinedecedance: [Blix?! like Blix in "Legend"?]

casiel6272: [yeah, I stole the name  ]

divinedecedance: [hehe]

Richard Folk: [Score points for Brandi]

casiel6272: "Of course she’s arrogant and vain—all of her breed are. Your weapon seems to be the only thing that I’ve seen worry her."

Richard Folk: Corbus brags,"We have dealt with at least one of the Razorfiends, the second on escaped before it’s death could catch it."

treassa cumpston: Koby will ask how long they have been at this location.

atrickman: "How far are we from the town hall?"

atrickman: [afk for a sec]

atrickman: [back – i just had an unhappy thought…. randy is going to take away my weapon again.    ]

casiel6272: "The dragon comes and goes often. I’ve been here for three weeks. They’ve held this location for several months."

treassa cumpston: [that would be such a bummer  I say we kill the girl and run away!  ]

casiel6272: "The town hall is near… maybe an eighth of a mile to the northwest."

casiel6272: [no I’m not]

atrickman: [uh huh!] 

divinedecedance has left the conference.


Richard Folk: Alarmed, Corbus blurts out,"So close! We need defencive wards set."

casiel6272: [we should probably stop for tonight]

Richard Folk: [Good idea.  Good game tonight.  Alot of information to digest.  Also, tight on the logic with the information about Dreigho’s full name]

casiel6272: [thanks  ]

treassa cumpston: [definitely. have to go over my notes and consolidate this stuff. Lot’s to look into.]

casiel6272: [500 XP for everyone]

temporalvengeance: whoo!

Richard Folk: [Thanks , I took a full page of notes as we gamed, full of names etc.]

atrickman: [i think you’re right about the red herring]

atrickman: [sorry Tressa, i did not mean to highjack your rp.]

treassa cumpston: [no problem. if i hadn’t been distracted Koby might have blasted the poor girl for bing a necromancer. good we kept the peace  ]

casiel6272: [ok, goodnight everyone. I’ll post the transcript later.]

casiel6272: [Amber says hello]

Joe cigut: se you in 2 weeks?

Richard Folk: [Good night All]

treassa cumpston: [say hi back and thanks for the game!]

atrickman: [Hi Amber!]



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