Red Hand of Doom

Session 56

Rhest Tower Battle, part 3 of 3 - the fall of Nurklenak, Mindbender and Chief Interrogator of the Red Hand of Doom

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temporalvengeance: HAH!

brandi: ‘lo

Zethallon: Hola!

temporalvengeance: when this opened, Winamp turned it’s volume down

Zethallon: brb, nature calls

brandi: works for me

temporalvengeance: Dear Players,

Randy P: Let’s start at 8:30 tonight as Skip said he’ll be late

temporalvengeance: Get me outta here!

Zethallon: Fine by me!

temporalvengeance: Signed, Jorr

Randy P: lol

temporalvengeance: p.s. Don’t lick the fungus on the walls.

haweemoo: hi ))

Richard Folk: 8:30 pm is fine with me.

temporalvengeance: Oh, Caramal Frappé!  Why must you be so deliciously addictive and yet so expensive!

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Randy P: Hi Treassa!

Randy P: Let’s start at 8:30 tonight as Skip said he’ll be late

Treassa: hey!

brandi: greetings

Randy P: (repeating for Treassa)

temporalvengeance: no

temporalvengeance: well

temporalvengeance: they ARE NOW!

temporalvengeance: jerks….

Randy P: In the meantime, here’s a visual aid for your viewing pleasure…

Randy P: [ ]


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brandi: so is mike..we cant talk to ..dammit  you stole it!

temporalvengeance: MUAHAHAHAHAHA

haweemoo: [slade catches a few zzzzzzzz,s]

haweemoo: [snooooooooooore mumble mumble   snoooooore]

Randy P: [thanks, I appreciate that, Treassa —and I understand if you can’t make it; making money has to come first in order to have internet access  ]

Randy P: [yep, the caster was invisible until he cast his fireball]

brandi: test

brandi: "T" is tobee

Randy P: [no, Koby, Tobbeee, and doobie are still in the stairwell]

Randy P: [Stinking Cloud]

Randy P: [sorry, I’m eating]

Randy P: [don’t want to chew in your ears]

Randy P: [well, it’s good to have money for other reasons too; that’s just the most important  ]

Randy P: [Corbus would have heard mumbling in Draconic from the southwest corner of room 10, but Corbus can’t see him atm due to the elevated platform with the brazier]

Randy P: [he knows Corbus ran past, but no—he can’t see Corbus atm either]

Randy P: [afk ~ brb]

brandi: hehe

brandi: [raises roof

temporalvengeance: yeah.. thanks, player

temporalvengeance: Brandi and Randy are two of my players

Randy P: [thanks! bows]

Randy P: [ok, we ready?]

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Randy P: [welcome]

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Zethallon: Welcome back Amber

Randy P: [WB]

Amber Lee: yes

Amber Lee: but i dont think you cant hear me

temporalvengeance: ah, a seance

temporalvengeance: nope

Amber Lee:

Amber Lee: get now i can talk no one can hear me

Amber Lee:

Amber Lee: yes

Amber Lee: everytime i use it it causes a delay

Amber Lee: going to restart computer

Amber Lee: brb

Amber Lee: seei if that helpsssssssssssss

Amber Lee: damn delay

Amber Lee has left the conference.


temporalvengeance: Does amber need to be re-invited?

Amber Lee has joined the conference.


Zethallon: WB

Amber Lee: woot woot

Randy P: [Koby, your turn]

Randy P: [this is still Round 4]

Treassa: Koby move to H7.

Amber Lee: randy

Amber Lee: i dont have a map


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Treassa: Cast scorching ray, 2 rays at magic user.

Zethallon: [I relinked the map for Amber]

brandi: [o.O]

Randy P: [ ]


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Treassa: first ray attack 11 and 2nd 23.

Randy P: [both miss]

brandi: [mike so he has something to do until jorr is free?

Treassa: Dreigho will move to I3 and attack magic user

Randy P: [Dreigho’s attack roll: 13+10=23]

Randy P: [misses]

Randy P: [Hemon]

Zethallon: [text inc…]

Zethallon: Hemon will grab his holy symbol in hand and pray for healing for all of his allies.: I think Mage Armour is physical only…

Zethallon: 3+1+5=9 points of healing to everyone withing 30 ft radius of Hemon.

Zethallon: Hemon will hold his move action.

Randy P: The elderly monk heals to 12 hp

brandi: [mage armor is not pure physical, it gives ac bonus and is made of pure force so it still works vs incorporeal, one would assume it counts vs spells as well]

Randy P: The young white-haired mage in black robes appears slightly less singed

Randy P: Ajah, the young necromancer begins casting a spell on the dead hobgoblin monks…

temporalvengeance: ruh-roh

brandi: [wow, somehow i hit my mute button]

temporalvengeance: lol

Randy P: Ajah seems to be allied with the heroes now

brandi: [thought it was awful quite]

brandi: [sometimes i wish i had a mute button at work]

Randy P: Four of the dead monks arise as zombies. The remaining two were torn assunder (and unable to be animated).

Randy P: [the remaining one, rather]

brandi: Amaranth growls, "If they think they get to eat my brains, they’re going to have to starve…"

Randy P: [lol]

Randy P: [Corbus]

temporalvengeance: [they’d starve anyway]

brandi: [hehe]

Randy P: Corbus removes the bar across Jorr’s cell and opens the door to Room 11…

Randy P: The elderly monk rises, but makes no hostile motion to the heroes

Amber Lee: whats the intellgence of zombies ?

Randy P: Light pours into Jorr’s cell, temporarily dazzling him. He sees the dark silhouette of a humanoid standing between the threshold and the brazier light source.

Randy P: [Jorr, your nightmarish imagination (due to torture) transforms the silhouette into that of a large half-orc]

temporalvengeance: cowering in the corner "No more….. I’ve told you everything I know…...please….. PLEASE STOP!!!"

Randy P: [Jorr is still chained to the wall.]

Richard Folk: Corbus will say,"Jorr, it is Corbus, we are here to rescue you."

Randy P: The nightmare fades as a familiar, friendly voice fills Jorr’s addled ears.

temporalvengeance: still shaking, but looks up and waits for eyes to refocus

temporalvengeance: "What took you so long?"

Randy P: [lol]

temporalvengeance: "Well, at least you were able to save Ole Bob….  Get me outta here and let’s get out of here before that maniac returns."

Richard Folk: [AFK for a min]

Randy P: Greshk eyes the zombies warily and moves around his allies, ending his move round at H,5. He holds his attack action for now.

Amber Lee: whats the intellegence rating for a zombie ?

temporalvengeance: [Zero? hehe]

Randy P: [heh]

Randy P: [ROUND 5]

Zethallon: [Sounds fair Randy]

Randy P: [Tobbeee]

Amber Lee: what is the intellgence rating for a zombie

Randy P: [Greshk loses his attack action]

Amber Lee: is it a one or two

Amber Lee: please check

Amber Lee:

temporalvengeance: [fwiendly zombies?!  YAY SAFE BRAINS!!!]

Randy P: [Zombies have a negligible intelligence score (0)]

temporalvengeance: [stops duct taping collander onto head well, I won’t be needing that!]

Amber Lee: ok whose left

Richard Folk: [now back]

temporalvengeance: [pulls off duct tape YEEEEAAAAAOW!!!  ok….. that’s an owie and a couple-a booboos"]

Amber Lee: Who is left please

temporalvengeance: [Init roll: 12 (roll) + 8 = 20]

brandi: [nurklenak, the big red and yellow "n" in the other room]

Randy P: [just Nurklenak, the hobgoblin caster in Room 10]

Amber Lee: ok did he surrender ?

Randy P: [no]

Amber Lee: casts flame strike

brandi: [considering he fired a fireball at us id say not]

Amber Lee: (1d6 per level)

temporalvengeance: [hell yeah!  that’s a tactic… just like in Independance Day where the aliens blow up the cities and then…. no wait…..]

Amber Lee: asts flame strike

Randy P: [where does Tobbeee move before casting that at him?]

Amber Lee: its range is 100 +10 ft

Amber Lee: move to where i can see him

Amber Lee: then cast

temporalvengeance: [grid location….. pick one]

Amber Lee: which icon is dude

Randy P: the "N"

Randy P: [he is at I,2]

Randy P: [yes, Tobbeee moves at 20’ per round]

Amber Lee: ok moves tobee

Amber Lee: the spell ranges 100 ft plus

temporalvengeance: [is that within visual range of the target (since he’s up on the dumbass platform, that little turd)]

Randy P: Tobbbeee moves to H,8 and casts Produce Flame at Nurklenak, the hobgoblin caster…

brandi: [no hes not, the torch is]

temporalvengeance: o

temporalvengeance: k

temporalvengeance: sorry

temporalvengeance: [I misunderstood]

Zethallon: [Mo money?]

Amber Lee: 4

Randy P: [he saves, but takes half damage]

Amber Lee: he also can can caught fire

Amber Lee: io

Randy P: [roll 8d6, Amber]

Amber Lee: 6,5,4,6,5,3,4,5

Randy P: [33, yes?]

Amber Lee: delay is killing me

Randy P: [half = 16]

Richard Folk: [I get 38 when I add up the numbers]

Randy P: A column of flame flashes down from the ceiling over the far corner of the room. The caster dodges aside, but still takes 19 damage.

Randy P: [Amber just called me; her computer is fooking up…]

Amber Lee: delay is killing me

Randy P: [...she hears as a delayed reaction, and even yahoo is delaying the conference replies]

Amber Lee: will weatch the sceen

Randy P: [ok]

Amber Lee: screeeeeeem

Amber Lee: screen

Amber Lee: grrrrr

Randy P: [Ammaranth, your turn]

Randy P: [Amaranth, rather]

brandi: [inc]

Randy P: [I’m going to type up everything that happens so that Amber can keep track]

Randy P: [Dick, I’ll type for you if you like]

Randy P: [  ]

Richard Folk: [lol]

Amber Lee:

brandi: Amaranth takes a deep breath in, focuses and exhales. [blowing a Ki point as fast action to boost speed by ‘20]   He will then move I2 and take a swing at Nurklenak with a Stunning Fist.

Randy P: [ok, roll it]

brandi: [nat 20+11=31]

Randy P: [N is still at I,2]

Randy P: [wow!, roll to confirm crit]

brandi: [thought that was J2, erm whichever, Amiie moves adjacent]

Randy P: [Ammy moves to J,3]

brandi: [thats roll plus attack bonuses right? (i crit so infrequnetly lol)]

Randy P: [yep, roll d20+11]

brandi: [bleh 11+6=17]

Randy P: [doesn’t crit, but does hit…]

Randy P: [20s always hit no matter what the AC is]

Richard Folk: [Skip just came on line]

brandi: [but the important thing is the stunning fist hit! It’s DC 17 to resist]

Skip Scheyer has joined the conference.


brandi: [now to see if it actually stuns]

Zethallon: [Welcome Skip]

brandi: [hiya]

Skip Scheyer: [hello]

Randy P: [Nurklenak rolls an 18 on his Fort save]

brandi: [aw]

Randy P: The blow is a solid hit, but the caster unbelievable shakes off the stunning effect!

Randy P: The blow is a solid hit, but the caster unbelievably shakes off the stunning effect!

Randy P: [sorry  ]

Randy P: [nice try though]

brandi: [8+4=12, Belier’s 2]

brandi: [14 total]

Randy P: [ok]

brandi: [I got 6 more and plenty of FoB left to mangle him!]

Randy P: [Slade]

Randy P: [

Randy P: [  ]

Randy P: [not phone]

brandi: [lol]

Randy P: Slade does a double-move, ending to Dreigho’s left at H,3 and is now adjacent Nurklenak (alongside Dreigho and Amaranth)

Randy P: [Jorr]

temporalvengeance: [I have no equipment do i?]

temporalvengeance: [I assume I can see amaranth after he rushes into the room?]

brandi: [lol]

Randy P: [you have dingy, bloody clothes and you’re still shackled to the wall.]

Randy P: [roll Perception]

Randy P: [subtract 4]

temporalvengeance: 8 (roll) + 14 - 4 = 18

Randy P: [(due to the angle of the view and his swollen left eyelid)]

Randy P: Jorr sees Amaranth run into the next room towards the southwest corner.

temporalvengeance: begins screaming and trying to shove myself into the corner "NO, NOT HIM!!!! O GOD, HELP ME!!"

temporalvengeance: [that’s it]

brandi: [aw  ]

temporalvengeance: [not much else i can do]

Zethallon: [LOL]

Randy P: [Jorr holds his action until Corbus’s turn]

temporalvengeance: [I’d roll escape artist to get out, but I have not tools to pick locks with]

Randy P: Nurklenak takes a 5’ defensive step backwards (I,1) and begins casting a spell…

Randy P: Six duplicate images of the hobgoblin caster appear around him!

brandi: [dammit]

Zethallon: [Well, that makes it a bit harder now…]

brandi: [i have a solution!]

brandi: [mebbe]

Randy P: The caster tumbles to his right side and all 7 of them zig-zag between one another

Zethallon: [I had a visual of the circus.  ]

Zethallon: [No worries Randy]

Skip Scheyer: [afk for a sec]

Randy P: There are now "Nurklenaks" at (K,2) , (L,2) , (M,2) , (K,1) , (L,1) , (M,1) , (K,0)

Randy P: [uploading a new image now…]

Randy P: [ ]


Start Photo Sharing

Zethallon: [LOL]

Randy P: [Koby]

Zethallon: [I think that’s a song by Cinderella]

Treassa: Koby will be casting fireball

Treassa: Center on square o2

temporalvengeance: [I hear getting hit in the group is painful]

brandi: [well if i can make reflex save i DO have evasion]

Treassa: Koby will move to L6

brandi: [and at 19 i can pretty easily make that unless i roll really bad]

brandi: [ ;p ]

Treassa: DC 19 reflex half

temporalvengeance: [am i caught in this? I think my reflex save is neutralized by the shackles]

temporalvengeance: k

brandi: [thats always a comforting thing to hear "trying to find enough d6"]

brandi: [o snap]

Amber Lee has left the conference.


brandi: [woo! go koby!]

Zethallon: [Nice job Koby]

brandi: [will the real nurklenak please stand up?]

Randy P: The Nurklenaks all dodge the Fireball damage, but the figments still take damage and go >POOF!<

brandi: [a hob]

Randy P: The real Nurklenak is standing at K,0 looking quite annoyed at the human evoker across the room from him.

Randy P: [Dreigho]

Skip Scheyer: [do we know where Nurkle is now?

Skip Scheyer: [can i attack him?]

Skip Scheyer: [so, i move 10 ft and attack once? or twice?]

Randy P: [once as you have to move 10’ to reach him]

Skip Scheyer: 16+11 = 27

Randy P: miss

Skip Scheyer: [wholly crap… a 27 misses.  ouch!]

Randy P: [Hemon]

Zethallon: [text inc…]

Zethallon: Hemon, after seeing Ajah raise the monks from the dead, decides not to join the fray in room 10 but elects to hold his position in Room 9 so Tobbeee isn’t left by himself.

Randy P: [ok]

Randy P: Ajah commands the zombie monks to move into Room 10…

Randy P: [ ]


Start Photo Sharing

Randy P: Ajah moves to G,4

Randy P: [Koby is at L,6]

Randy P: [Corbus]

Richard Folk: Corbus will (attempt to) unlock the shackles that hold Jorr. Die roll 6 + 15 = 21

Randy P: There’s a sharp click and the shackles unlock.

Randy P: [Jorr]

temporalvengeance: question

temporalvengeance: a straight flee is double movement right?

brandi: [lol]

temporalvengeance: Jorr, after making sure that Amaranth is otherwise distracted, will attempt to run through the room towards Tobee

temporalvengeance: "SAVE YOURSELVES!!!"

brandi: [lol]

temporalvengeance: would end up at roughly H,6

temporalvengeance: movement is only 20

Randy P: ok]

Randy P: [ok]

Randy P: [Jorr is above Greshk]

Zethallon: [Would Hemon tackle a dingy, half-naked dwarf?  There’s a point to ponder.]

Randy P: The elderly monk follows Ajah, even though he’s still badly wounded.

Randy P: Greshk watches the half-naked dwarf run past him.

temporalvengeance: [Jorr would probably be freaking out at this point yelling about what the hell is going on here?!]

brandi: [zombies and hobs and half orcs, oh my]

Randy P: Teso, the elderly monk, moves in front of Ajah, standing beside Slade at G,3.

Randy P: [lol]

Skip Scheyer: [who is Ajah?]

Randy P: Greshk moves to L,1 and attacks Nurklenak with his longsword...

Randy P: and misses.

Randy P: [ROUND 6]

Randy P: [Tobbeee]

Randy P: Tobbeee whistles for doobie, his noble steed…

Randy P: doobie comes running up to his diminutive master, and Tobbeee climbs on the dire wolf’s back, issuing a warcry as the duo runs into Room 10 towards a bewildered-looking Nurklenak!

Randy P: the wolf stops short at (N,2 – N,3)

Randy P: [Amaranth]

Randy P: [hang on Ammy]

Randy P: Tobbeee casts a spell on himself and his noble steed… their skin (and fur) take on a barklike texture.

Randy P: [Amaranth]

brandi: Amaranth will move to L,0 and attempt another stunning fist.

brandi: [14+11=25]

brandi: [i wish!]

Randy P: and misses.

Randy P: [Slade]

brandi: [get down there and flank his ass!]

brandi: [woo!]

Randy P: [roll one attack]

Randy P: Slade moves to J,0 and flanks Nurklenak

Zethallon: [Add +3 as 2 for flank and one for bless spell]

haweemoo: 15+17+3=35

Randy P: and hits!

haweemoo: 4+8=12

Randy P: The gnome fighter slashes Nurklenak for 12 damage!

Randy P: The hobgoblin looks surprised for the 2nd time this fight as he bleeds yet again.

brandi: [think so, until a fort save is made]

brandi: [yeah its from a supplement]

Randy P: Nurklenak positions himself defensively, anticipating opportunistic retribution from those surrounding him… and casts a spell…

Randy P: [Dreigho, Amaranth, Slade, and Greshk may all make AoOs]

brandi: [A creature that is taking bleed damage takes the listed amount of damage at the beginning of its turn. Bleeding can be stopped by a DC 15 Heal check or through the application of any spell that cures hit point damage (even if the bleed is ability damage).]

brandi: [18+11=29]

Skip Scheyer: 17+11 = 28

brandi: [31 with flank]

haweemoo: 18+20=38

Randy P: Swish! Swish! Stabbity-STAB!

Randy P: [roll dmg, Slade]

haweemoo: 5+8=13

Skip Scheyer: [31 misses?]

brandi: [10+4, Beliar’s 4…gencon dice love me tonight!]

Randy P: Slade stabs him in the side as Nurklenak attempts to use his Irresistable Demand spell-like ability on Slade…

Randy P: [Slade, make a Willpower save]

Randy P: [yep, 31 misses]

haweemoo: 15+2=17

brandi: [aw…and i made such a nice roll too…]

Randy P: [he has Mage Armor, Shield, and a +4 dodge bonus thanks to spending Ki]

Randy P: Slade’s eyes gloss over…

Randy P: Nurklenak barks a command and points to Dreigho, "ATTACK HIM, my slave!"

Randy P: [Slade will attack Dreigho on his next action]

brandi: [was bless on all of us?]

Zethallon: [All but Corbus as he moved into Room 10 first]

brandi: [is it still there? i hadnt counted it because i wasnt sure]

Randy P: [yes]

brandi: [yup]

Zethallon: Yep, unless this goes to round 60…

brandi: [then that hit is 32, not 31, if that makes any diff]

Randy P: [32 still misses]

brandi: [stupid ki dodge]

Randy P: [Koby]

Treassa: Koby will move to k3 and shoot lightning bolt at Nurklenak. dc 19.

Treassa: 30 points of damage

Randy P: Koby electrocutes Nurklenak for 30 damage!

Randy P: The hobgoblin is smoking!

Randy P: [Dreigho]

brandi: [?]

Skip Scheyer: [so, Nurk is in K0 and Slade is in J0 and I am in J1?}  {i don’t give a rats ass about missing… i am typing.}

Randy P: [yes]

Randy P: [sorry]

Randy P: Nurklenak is in bad shape, but still standing and looking menacing… for a half-burnt hobgoblin.

Skip Scheyer: [damn…. i could use an opinion… try to attack him twice or take a five foot step and fry both slade and nurk with lightning?]

Skip Scheyer: [nope.. it’s +2 damage.]

Randy P: [ok]

Skip Scheyer: [but that will be the aura i will be using.]

Skip Scheyer: [Amm  i am sure has a decent reflex save.]

brandi: [yup, im ok with it]

Skip Scheyer: [Screw it.  Dreigho would not attack a friend…. He will attack the source… and miss twice on the original bad guy]

Randy P: [roll two attacks with morningstar]

Skip Scheyer: 18+11+3 = 32: 13+7+2 = 22

Randy P: both miss

Randy P: [sorry]

Skip Scheyer: [it’s okay.]

Randy P: [Hemon]

Zethallon: [text inc…]

Randy P: [good try, Skip; and kudos for remaining true to your character’s personal rules of conduct]

Zethallon: Hemon will move into room 10 toward j,5 and use his greatsword’s ability to douse the flame of the brazier.

Skip Scheyer: [the breath weapon was the correct choice, but not the right one]

Zethallon: [Figured some of our allies will still have dark vision and make it hard for Slade to hit Dreigho]

Randy P: >Snuff… sizzle<

Randy P: The brazier is extinguished and the room goes dark.

brandi: [no darkvision..what about low light?]

brandi: [or wait, i do have dark…was thinking of flit]

Randy P: Ajah exclaims something in Halruaan and shouts into the darkness, "Kill the hobgoblin mage, my minions!"

Randy P: She mutters to herself, "and don’t hurt the other hobgoblin… please."

temporalvengeance: "Oh God, now I’m blind!"

temporalvengeance: [sorry]

Randy P: Ajah grabs ahold of the wall behind her, completely blind in darkness.

Randy P: [sometimes it sucks to be human.]

Randy P: [Corbus]

Richard Folk: Corbus willo exit the Cell room and feeling the wall with his right hand follow along the north edge to the door at H-7

Randy P: Corbus bumps into something bloody, which groans at him in mild protest.

Randy P: Corbus tries to calm Jorr when he reaches the open door to Room 9

Randy P: [roll Diplomacy, Corbus]

Randy P: [roll = 23]

Richard Folk: Corbus Diplomacy Roll   17 + 6 = 23

Randy P: Jorr, you feel somewhat comforted by Corbus’ reassuring words. You calm down a bit.

temporalvengeance: on his next turn, Jorr would go and help Corbus find his way around

temporalvengeance: yeah

temporalvengeance: sorry

temporalvengeance: was distracted by a cat

temporalvengeance: [it was jack.  he keeps shoving my leg with his paw]

temporalvengeance: [i did]

brandi: [didnt pet long enough]

brandi: [bleh, cats are not my favorite]

Randy P: Teos remains where he is, guarding Ajah

temporalvengeance: [that’s what doggie doors are for]

brandi: [dont have to walk a rat, a snake, or a bird either]

brandi: [not so, rats are pretty cuddly]

Randy P: Greshk grins in the darkness, takes a defensive step backwards, and pulls something out of his backpack

Randy P: He throws something at Nurklenak

temporalvengeance: [is it candy?!]

brandi: [the arrow?]

temporalvengeance: [ a -8?]

Randy P: Nurklenak "dodges" right into the path of Greshk’s projectile, which breaks across his chest and the sovereign glue inside spatters across his chest and arms!

brandi: [time for revenge!]

Randy P: [ROUND 7]

brandi: [still next to him right?]

brandi: [FoB time!]

Randy P: [roll it]

brandi: [11+12=23, 11+14=25, 6+5=11, 6+17=23]

Randy P: [Tobbeee holds his action as there’s a whole mess of bodies surrounding Nurklenak atm]

brandi: [nope forgot]

brandi: [again]

Randy P: [totals = 24, 26, 12, 24]

brandi: [yup]

Randy P: [three of those hit]

brandi: [woo!]

Randy P: [roll dmg]

brandi: [6+4=10, 2+4=6, 4+4=8, Beliar’s 3, total 27]

Randy P: Amaranth pummels the hobgoblin into unconsciousness!

Randy P: He finally falls!

Zethallon: [cheers]

Randy P: Slade’s self-control returns to him after the hobgoblin hits the floor.

brandi: "That’s for stealing my mind!" Looks at Slade, "and the gnome’s!"

Skip Scheyer: [when did he ever have self control?] 

Randy P: [lol]


Randy P: [I’ll post the XP tomorrow]

Richard Folk: [We have finally rescued Jorr]

haweemoo: [have a good 2 weeks.. be safe and hve fun ) ]

brandi: [Ammie is not inclinded to…]

temporalvengeance: [he was a jerk]

Randy P: The zombies tear him limb from limb

brandi: night

Skip Scheyer: good night all… sorry i was late.

brandi has left the conference.


Randy P: [np Skip]

Zethallon has left the conference.


Skip Scheyer has left the conference.


temporalvengeance has left the conference.


Richard Folk: Good Night All, Thanks for the Great Game!

haweemoo: good night all

Richard Folk has left the conference.





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