Red Hand of Doom

Session 55

Rhest Tower Battle, part 2 of 3 - Koby's Blast from the Past

temporalvengeance has joined the conference.


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brandi: hi

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temporalvengeance: what up, white peeps?!

Randy P: What’s up Cracka Lightnin’?

brandi: i am not a bird shaped marshmallow treat!

temporalvengeance: Not much, White Thunda!

temporalvengeance: IS!!

temporalvengeance: sneaks up behind to bite <st1:city><st1:place>ur</st1:place></st1:city> head off

brandi: hi!

temporalvengeance: hey, hey, Dick!

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Treassa: Hey on lunch til 9

temporalvengeance: AAAAH

temporalvengeance: It’s Amber!

temporalvengeance: RUN!

temporalvengeance: flees behind couch

Amber Lee: hello

Amber Lee: brb

Amber Lee: shawn in tub

brandi: test

temporalvengeance: fail

Randy P: [ok Amber]

Richard Folk: Another test

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Amber Lee has joined the conference.


Randy P: [ ]


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Amber Lee: i can hear everyone but you cant hear me

temporalvengeance: whoo!

temporalvengeance: I mean

temporalvengeance: aw


brandi: s’okjust type

Amber Lee: is it his time of the month ?

brandi: always

Amber Lee: ill get some pamprin

Randy P: he’s a guy; it’s his time of the weel

temporalvengeance: saw a funny youtube vid

Randy P: week

Treassa: Don’t worry can’t hear anyone darn blackberry

temporalvengeance: a dude moonwalking down the aisle of walmart

temporalvengeance: funny

Richard Folk: That made the Yahoo news the other day

Amber Lee: <st1:place>shannons</st1:place> not here yet

Richard Folk: Shannon…another new player?

Randy P: [can everyone see the map from the link above?]

Richard Folk: yes

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Treassa: Yep

Randy P: [yo Skip!]

Amber Lee: brb

Skip Scheyer: hi there!

Amber Lee: bed time

Randy P: [is Joe coming?]

Zethallon: [What timing as you ask the question!]

Randy P: [  ]

Richard Folk: [prescient]

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Randy P: [Treassa, I’m glad to see you here, but I thought you had to work tonight?]

temporalvengeance: did you sign up for a trial account?

temporalvengeance: cause for 1 month, the trial account is considered a Judge/GM account

Treassa: I am at lunch on my blackberry here til 9

Randy P: [ ]


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temporalvengeance: don’t forget to put this in text for tressa

Randy P: [everyone ready?]

Zethallon: [Ready!]

temporalvengeance: don’t think she can hear since she’s on a blackberry

Randy P: [right, thanks]

brandi: [sure]

Amber Lee: back

Amber Lee: sorry giving directions

Amber Lee: thanks

Amber Lee:

Amber Lee: i can still hear you you know

Amber Lee: they started it

Amber Lee: lol

Amber Lee: love u guys

Amber Lee: lol

temporalvengeance: [if treassa only has till 9, we should probably get rolling]

Amber Lee: lets roll

Randy P: [ROUND 2]

Treassa: <st1:city><st1:place>Gary</st1:place></st1:city> has me covered

Randy P: [Tobbeee, you’re up]

haweemoo: [rollin rollin….rawwwwwhide]

Richard Folk: [local phone call]

Randy P: [ok, Dick]

Amber Lee: im readyu

Randy P: [what does Tobbeee do?]

Amber Lee: im doing a spell to soften earth on the caster guy

Randy P: [p. 345]

haweemoo: [so the dogs peeing on the ground??]

Randy P: The stone beneath the hobgoblin spellcaster begins to bubble and melt…

Randy P: The caster sinks down into the floor, up to her waist, trapped!

Zethallon: [Treassa, what square was your summoned constrictor in again?]

Randy P: [the blue S on the map]

Richard Folk: [It was in F-8]

Amber Lee: oh yeah

Amber Lee: hey baby

Amber Lee:

Zethallon: [TY]

Randy P: [Amaranth]

Treassa: Thanks

brandi: [time for a FoB beatdown!]

brandi: [ i guess#3]

Randy P: [roll attack]

brandi: [11+13=24], [11+15=26], [6+4=10], [6+10=16]

Randy P: [first two hit, last two miss]

temporalvengeance: aw…..

Randy P: [roll dmg, twice]

brandi: [4+5=9 , 4+9=13, total 22]

Randy P: The big half-orc monk flurries his hamhock-sized fists into the monk across from him (#3), breaking his nose and dislocating his jaw!

Randy P: [Slade]

brandi: [hehe]

haweemoo: 17+17= 34    12+12=24

Randy P: [both hit]

Randy P: [roll dmg]

haweemoo: 4+8=12   5+8=13

Richard Folk: [Phone call over, I am basck, I was watching the action.]

Randy P: Slade stabs the hobgoblin monk (#1) twice!

Randy P: [Koby]

haweemoo: your mama was a toad.

Zethallon: [Treassa gave me permission to run Koby.  Text inc…]

Randy P: [ok]

Amber Lee: <st1:place>shannon</st1:place> here

Zethallon: Koby will use his wizard ability as an evoker to form an elemental wall of fire from H9 to H12.  DC inc…

Randy P: [Hi <st1:place>Shannon</st1:place>]

Zethallon: Correction—no saving throw but if they have SR, I would have to roll a caster check.

haweemoo: [someone hot to trot tonight.]

Randy P: The elderly human monk waves his hand in the direction of the swirling hot air as the flame wall begins to materialize….

Zethallon: [Damage is 5+4+8=17 points of fire damage.  Koby will hold his move action but the wall only lasts this round.

Randy P: [Koby, make a Spell Check roll]

Zethallon: 16+8=24

Zethallon: [spell resistance check]

Randy P: The flame wall roars into existence, burning the line of monks!

Randy P: [damage?]

Zethallon: Koby’s constrictor will move toward #5 and attack.

Randy P: The Monk across from Amaranth (#3) screams and falls to the ground as the flames engulf his body, burning him alive!

Amber Lee: do you want him to roll

Randy P: The other monks are burned, but do not die.

Randy P: [not yet]

Amber Lee: ok

Zethallon: Koby’s constrictor 3+5=8 (going to assume a miss)

Randy P: [what does Koby’s snake do?]

brandi: [not that it matters now but i completely forgot my Belier’s bite damage]

Randy P: The constructor strikes at Monk #5, but misses.

Randy P: [jog my memory, Brandi]

brandi: [feat does 1d4 bleed on successful unarmed strike]

Randy P: [Ok, monk #3 started bleeding from his eyes, nose, and mouth before being burned alive.]

Randy P: [Dreigho]

Zethallon: [Go Dreigho go!]

Skip Scheyer: [why is 6 in a circle?]

Skip Scheyer: er a highlighted

Randy P: [That’s the elderly human monk]

Skip Scheyer: [yuck]

Randy P: [whom Koby now recognizes to be a Jordain Vizier by his attempt to counterspell the wall of flame]

Randy P: [monk bodyguards for Wizards from Halruaa]

Skip Scheyer: [does that name mean anything to Dreigho?  or more importantly, me?]

Treassa: Thanks

Randy P: [Hemon, roll Know (Local) to see if he knows what Koby knows]

Zethallon: 11+5=16: [nope, sorry]

Skip Scheyer: Dre will attack the old monk

Randy P: [roll it]

Amber Lee: 13

Amber Lee: nat

Randy P: [no, I meant Dre]

Amber Lee: whoops

Skip Scheyer: 14+11 = 25 and 20+6 = 26

Randy P: [<st1:place>Shannon</st1:place> can roll for the regular monks; I’ll roll for #6 and #7]

Amber Lee: ok

Amber Lee: let me know when to roll

Randy P: [nat 20 on the 2nd attack, Skip?]

Skip Scheyer: yup.  i am doomed if i need a resist roll

Randy P: [roll to confirm crit]

Randy P: [add 6]

Skip Scheyer: [that is at the 6 bonus, correct?]

Randy P: [right]

Skip Scheyer: 5+6 = 11

Randy P: [did not confirm]

Zethallon: [brb, helping Diane with groceries]

Skip Scheyer: [color me shocked! 

Randy P: The 2nd swing hits.

Skip Scheyer: [the first one misses?  damn!]

Randy P: [Roll damage, but not the 2d6 versus evil]

Randy P: [he isn’t evil]

Skip Scheyer: 7+4 = 11

Randy P: The caster climbs out of the pudding-like floor.

haweemoo: [ if he did not remember his mom on mothers day then he eeeeeviiiillll]

Randy P: [Corbus]

Richard Folk: Corbus makes Rapier attacks vrs #5

temporalvengeance: [brb]

Richard Folk: Attack roll    6  +  13  =  19

Randy P: [that hits, roll dmg]

Richard Folk: @nd attack roll   14    8    2  =  24

Randy P: [both hit]

Richard Folk: Damage 1st  5  +  4  +  8  =  17

Richard Folk: Damage 2nd   4  +  4  +  14  =  22

Richard Folk: Corbus takes a 5 foot step to G-7

Randy P: Corbus stabs Monk #5 through the heart and the Adam’s apple, killing him instantly!

Randy P: The spellcaster moved to D,8 while climbing out of Tobbeee’s sinkhole.

Randy P: The elderly human monk takes a 5’ step backwards, and spins to attack the snake…

Randy P: (to G,9)

Zethallon: [AC 15 for the snake if you need it]

Treassa: (Poor snake  )

haweemoo: [slade could use a new belt..snakeskins pretty]

Zethallon: [lol]

Treassa: (Grrrrr)

Randy P: The old monk flies into a flurry of punching and kicking. When the movement stops, what’s left of the snake is little more than bloody pulp.

Zethallon: [Alas, poor snake—we hardly knew ye…]

Randy P: [Hemon]

Zethallon: Hemon will use a standard action to cast Bless upon the group and hold his position.

Randy P: [apologies to <st1:place>Shannon</st1:place>; the regular monks are 2nd to last in the initiative lineup]

Zethallon: [BTW, who is <st1:place>Shannon</st1:place>?  ]

Randy P: [everyone gets +1 to attack and Fear Saves for 8 minutes]

Richard Folk: [That snake allowed for Corbus to do an extra 6d6 in damage by flanking Monk #5]

Randy P: [yep, it served its purpose]

Zethallon: [/salute snake]

Randy P: [plus, it saved Corbus from a nasty beating]

Randy P: [Monk Time!]

brandi: [the best monk already went ]

Randy P: [<st1:place>Shannon</st1:place>, roll 4 d20, please]

Amber Lee: 12,2,7,9

Amber Lee: lol

Randy P: (translates to 18/8 and 13/15)

Randy P: Monk #1 flurries at Amaranth… (18/8)

Randy P: scratch that

Randy P: Monk #1 flurries at Dreigho

Randy P: Monk #4 flurries at Amaranth

Randy P: Monk #1 misses

Randy P: twice

Randy P: Monk #4 misses twice too

Randy P: Greshk stands behind Slade and Dreigho, looking frustrated.

Randy P: [ROUND 3]

Randy P: [when does the flame wall come down? Start of round, or on Koby’s turn]

Zethallon: [DM’s call but would think Koby’s turn]

Randy P: [agreed]

Randy P: [hang on…]

Randy P: [I’ll say that both Monk #1 and #4 took a 5’ step backwards—OUT of the flippin flames!]

Treassa: Can last up to 8 rounds but gotta go, see you!

Treassa has left the conference.


Zethallon: [True but figured the group may want to move around.  ]

brandi: [well darn]

Randy P: [uploading Round 3 map…]

Randy P: [ }


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Randy P: [Tobbeee]

Amber Lee: casts quench

Amber Lee: extquishes flames/fire

Randy P: The flame wall is snuffed (unless Koby wants to resist)

Amber Lee: fuck i thought the spellcaster put it up

Amber Lee: redo

Zethallon: [As Treassa isn’t here, I’ll say no. ]

Randy P: [heh, ok]

Amber Lee: did the spellcaster put it up

Richard Folk: [poor Amber]

Amber Lee: or one of us

Randy P: [nope, Koby did]

Zethallon: [Actually Amber—it’s still a good choice as it now allows the party to move through unhindered.]

Amber Lee: i dont then

Randy P: [however, it’ll stay in the way until Koby’s turn]

Amber Lee: ok

Richard Folk: [Gotta AFK for a min, sorry]

Amber Lee: quench

Amber Lee: it

Randy P: [ok]

Randy P: The wall of flame is snuffed-out (right, Gary?)

Amber Lee: yes

Amber Lee: no

Randy P: It’s snuffed!

Amber Lee:

Amber Lee: oh yeah

Randy P: [Amaranth]

brandi: [step up to #4 by way of h12 then]

brandi: [and use trip attack on #4]

Randy P: [ok, roll using Am’s CMB]

brandi: [12+14=26]

Randy P: Amaranth trips Monk #4

brandi: [woo!]

Randy P: He falls prone.

Randy P: [Slade]

Richard Folk: {Back, Mom needed assistance out front]

haweemoo: 18+17= 35  19+12=31

haweemoo: 19+12=31

Randy P: Slade takes a 5’ step to the left (H,10) and swings at Monks #6 and #1

Randy P: [the attack against #1 crits]

Randy P: [double the damage]

haweemoo: 2+8=10

haweemoo: 4+8=12

brandi: [brb laundry]

Randy P: [24 dmg total against #1]

Randy P: Slade stabs the elder monk (#6) and hacks the head off #1!

haweemoo: [gnome power]

Amber Lee: im here

Amber Lee: sorry

Amber Lee: <st1:place>shannon</st1:place> had to leave

Amber Lee: but he rolled a 18 beofre he left

Amber Lee: hes gotta work

Amber Lee: tonight

Amber Lee: just wanted to see what my gaming group i talk about was all about

Randy P: [Tobbeee’s soften spell targeted area C,9 and affects 40’ of stone floor. Starting with C,9, what adjacent 7 squares were softened?]

Randy P: [Koby]

brandi: [back]

Zethallon: Koby will use his evoker ability to shoot a force missile at #6.

Zethallon: 3+4= 7 points of force damage (no save)

Zethallon: [Works like magic missile]

Zethallon: and will use his movement to mourn the loss of the snake.

Randy P: [ok]

Randy P: [lol]

Randy P: [Dreigho]

Zethallon: [Koby has other spells but don’t think the party wants to be around the enemy for them.  Heheh.]

Skip Scheyer: [Dre is a glutton for punishment… will go after 6 again]

Randy P: The elderly monk hisses in pain and shouts aloud in Halruaan, "Ajah, take care of the blasted Wizard!"

Zethallon: [BTW, also at +1 to your attacks for the bless spell in case anyone forgot.]

Randy P: [roll your attacks, Dre]

Amber Lee: softening c-9 d09 e-9

Skip Scheyer: Dre will take a five ft step and attack…12+11 +1 = 24 & 10 + 6 +1 = 17 [both misses   ]

Amber Lee: d-9

Randy P: [yep, both miss]

Skip Scheyer: Dre growls

Randy P: The elderly monk nimbly dodges both swings from the Dragonborn’s morningstar.

Amber Lee: sofening c-9 thru e-9 then c-8 thru e-8 and e-7

Randy P: [this area is officially retro’d to Round 2, btw]

Amber Lee: sweet

Amber Lee:

Amber Lee: the floor has swamp ass

Amber Lee: lol

Randy P: The hobgoblin spellcaster climbs atop the bed in the southwest corner of the room to escape the sinkhole.

Amber Lee: <st1:place>shannon</st1:place> had fun btw

Randy P: The caster looks annoyed, but stands up on the bed and casts a spell over Slade’s head, aiming for the stairwell chamber…

Amber Lee: he said good night

Randy P: [cool, good night to him also!]

Amber Lee: he had fun

Randy P: As the caster speaks the words of power, he flings what looks to be a greenish-black egg…

Zethallon: [<st1:city><st1:place>Gary</st1:place></st1:city> did… heheh…]

Zethallon: [Grenade!]

Randy P: The rotten egg breaks against the east wall (L,10) and a nauseating stench fills the entire room and seeps out into I,11 – I,9.

Amber Lee: my turn ?

Randy P: Everyone but Slade and Dreigho, roll Fortitude

Randy P: [exclude Corbus also]

brandi: [10+11=21]

Amber Lee: 16+10

Zethallon: [You want Hemon and Koby outside the room?]

Amber Lee: =26

Randy P: [I don’t, but Hemon and Koby are sure to want to be as far away from this funk as possible]

temporalvengeance: [Jorr smells a rotten smell.  "I was sure I just washed my feet…."]

Zethallon: Koby: 14+6=20 fort save and Hemon: 7+9=16.  I meant want us to roll as we’re out in the hallway.

Randy P: [Amber, roll Fort save for doobie too]

Randy P: Greshk’s nose wrinkles in disgust, but he manages to hold his cookies.

haweemoo: [still smells better than jorrs smoks?]

Randy P: Hemon is puking

Amber Lee: 15 for doobie

Randy P: doobie pukes on Tobbeee

brandi: [lol]

Amber Lee: wait

Amber Lee: that was his nat silly hold on

Amber Lee: no

Skip Scheyer: [afk for a sec]

brandi: [eeeeew]

haweemoo: [no barfing on those under 3 feet tall]

Amber Lee: 15 con and 15 nat with a plus 4

Amber Lee: is what

Amber Lee: i dont have the mosnter manual

Amber Lee: thank you

Amber Lee: doobies name is not barf

Amber Lee: so ill try to keep clean

temporalvengeance: [has spaceballs flashbacks]

temporalvengeance: hehe

Amber Lee: BARF!!!

temporalvengeance: [now, I miss John Candy…...  ]

Amber Lee: lol

haweemoo: [me too]

Randy P: [doobie got a 15+7=22 and does NOT barf on Tobbeee’s head.]

Randy P: [Hemon can’t do anything this turn but retch]

Zethallon: [You gotta love Hemon’s saving throws…]

Randy P: [and move]

Amber Lee: woo hoo

Skip Scheyer: [back]

Amber Lee: not barfing

Randy P: Slade & Dreigho, roll FOrt

Skip Scheyer: 19+12 = 31

Randy P: I underestimated the radius

haweemoo: 17+10=27

Randy P: [both are fine]

Randy P: [Corbus]

Richard Folk: Corbus opens door at H-7 (a move equivelent action)

haweemoo: [gnomes arent as  bothered by smell..  we in the line od gas attacks a lot]

brandi: [lol]

Zethallon: [Gnomish game of "Pull my finger?"]

Amber Lee: hey you get used to it being 2 feet tall

Amber Lee: lol

Randy P: Corbus opens the door and peers into the room to his southeast. It appears to be a large torture chamber with blood stains running down a gradual slope in the floor. At the center of the room (and above the drains) is a stone altar that’s been converted into a brazier. Oily smoke roils across the room, leaving a bleary haze]

Amber Lee: silent but deadly

Amber Lee: lol

Randy P: A reinforced iron door with a steel barricade keeping it shut from the outside.

Randy P: Corbus steps into the room, shouting "Jorr! Jorr! Where are you?!"

Richard Folk: C orbus moves to I-6 shouting"Jorr…Jorr, where are you".  (No attacks from Corbus this turn)

Randy P: A muffled cry comes from behind the barricaded door. "MMMnInnnHrrrr!"

Amber Lee: hold on

Amber Lee: tobee gets out a rock

Amber Lee: skips it across the stone floor

Randy P: Corbus moves to M,6

Randy P: M,.7 rather

Randy P: The elder monk smiles as the stench fills the room with the Wizard. He turns to Dreigho and spins into a flurry of fists and feet…

Randy P: [Ac 26, right?]

Skip Scheyer: [yup]

haweemoo: [hes been watching those kung-fu reruns huh??]

Randy P: One punch connects for 11 damage!

Randy P: [Hemon, you can move]

Zethallon: Nope, if he’s retching, it’s not realistic to have him move.

Zethallon: Looking at map then.

Zethallon: Hemon will move through the door, hug the wall and move to H,8

Randy P: Hemon cough and hacks as he moves, finally finding blessed fresh air at H,8.

Randy P: Monk #4 casts a spell on himself and then moves to G,11 and punches at Slade…

Randy P: and hits for 6 damage!

haweemoo: [do monks have nards??]

Randy P: [these monks do]

Randy P: Greshk moves to H,11 and slashes at Monk #4…

brandi: [between? did monk 4 move and i missed it?]

Randy P: and misses

Zethallon: [I thought he was prone?]

haweemoo: hey monk you do the pebble trick??

Randy P: [where’s Ammy?]

brandi: [guess not, ammie is at h12]

Richard Folk: [What is the pebble trick?]

Zethallon: [afk for phone]

Randy P: [retro’ing back to Monk #4’s action….]

Randy P: Monk #4 tries to do an acrobatic backflip from the floor to avoid having his ass kicked by Amaranth….

Randy P: ...and fails to pull it off.

Randy P: [Ammy, make an AoO]

brandi: [AoO?]

brandi: [woo!}

brandi: [11+9=20]

brandi: [good to know]

Randy P: [that hits, roll dmg]

brandi: [4+4=8, 4 on BB]

Zethallon: [I’m back]

Skip Scheyer: [welcome back!!]

brandi: [if 12 if BB applies]

Randy P: Now, hapless monk #4 will take a 5’ step to the left (F,12) and cast a spell on himself.

Randy P: Greshk moves to G,11 (stepping out of the cloud of funk), slashes at Monk #4 and misses. [used same roll as above]

brandi: [amaranth SMASH!]

Amber Lee: whose left

Amber Lee: lol he has a spell

Amber Lee: wind wall

Amber Lee: on spell caster

Randy P: [roll Belier’s Bite bleed damage, Ammy]

Randy P: [nm, 12 dmg total

brandi: [that was the other 4 points up]

Randy P: [just saw it]

brandi: [8 normal and 4 from bb]

Randy P: [ok]

Amber Lee: potty break

Randy P: Monk #4 is bleeding from where Amaranth punched him in the side.

Amber Lee: whose left

Amber Lee: i did

Amber Lee: wind wall on spell caster

Amber Lee: yes

Randy P: [ok]

Amber Lee: put it on the spell caster

Amber Lee: yes

Amber Lee: cant stand the funk

Amber Lee:

Amber Lee: got to pee

Randy P: Tobbeee casts Wind Wall on the east section of the stairwell, dispersing the stinking cloud harmlesssly outwards.

Randy P: [ROUND 4 – Tobbeee already acted]

Amber Lee: dobbie protects tobeee

Randy P: [ok]

Amber Lee: potty

Randy P: [go potty]

Randy P: [updates map…]

Randy P: [take a 5 minute break]

Randy P: [ ]


Start Photo Sharing

Zethallon: [

brandi: [here, and wb]

Skip Scheyer: [back]

Richard Folk: Back

Randy P: [Amaranth]

temporalvengeance: [side]


brandi: [Amaranth will move to G10 and attempt to trip mr senior monk]

brandi: [yes?]

brandi: or wait…actually

brandi: [stunning fist]

Randy P: [ok]

brandi: [with the stagger effect]

Randy P: [what’s Ammy’s <st1:state><st1:place>WIS</st1:place></st1:state> mod?]

brandi: [3]

Randy P: [DC is 17]

brandi: [woo! rolle nat20!

brandi: ]

brandi: [oh…lol]

Randy P: Elder Monk is stunned and staggered!

Randy P: [Slade]

brandi: [i think its just stagger]

brandi: [think so

brandi: [ah yes! thats it…couldnt remember and i lost my feats file]

Randy P: [he’s sickened for 1 minute (10 rounds) and takes a -2 to all rolls he makes]

Amber Lee: back sorry shawn had a nightmare

Randy P: [Awww, is he ok?]

Amber Lee: i think hes growing again

Zethallon: [Sorry to hear that Amber—mirror Randy’s question]

Skip Scheyer: [yup]

brandi: [hehe]

Amber Lee: i held him and rubbed his back gave him a drink of water

Amber Lee: hes asleep now

Amber Lee: hes fine

Randy P: [ok, good]

Amber Lee: thanks

haweemoo: 16+17=33  17+12=29

Randy P: [both hit, roll damage]

haweemoo: 3+8=11   2+8=10

Randy P: Slade Slices into each of the elder monk’s sides and causes him to stumble.

Amber Lee: guys im hitting the hey

Amber Lee: im exhausted

Randy P: The hobgoblins spellcaster sees his bodyguard about to die and cries aloud, "STOP! WE SURRENDER! DON’T KILL HIM! PLEASE!" ...

haweemoo: good night amber..sleep well and be safe

brandi: [night amber]

Zethallon: Night Amber and sleep well.

Randy P: The spellcaster shakes away an illusion and you see a young, white-haired human woman with hazel eyes pleading for the life of the elder monk.

Skip Scheyer: [good night Amber!  Sleep well and be safe]

Randy P: [g’night Amber ~ the scene is almost over]

Amber Lee: good night

Randy P: [Koby’s turn]

Randy P: The young woman is dressed in a black robe with silver trim.

Skip Scheyer: [we know what Slade would do to her… }

Randy P: The woman cries "TEOS!" and starts to jump off the bed towards the elder monk….

Zethallon: Koby will move to H11 and will ready an action to cast scorching ray if he detects any magical action against the party.

Zethallon: (target of both rays will be the spellcaster and the elderly monk)

brandi: [sure]

Randy P: [ok]

Skip Scheyer: [sounds good]

Randy P: A tiny red ball of light soars into the room from the open southeast door….

Randy P: [everyone in Room 9, roll a Reflex save]

Randy P: Corbus sees a hobgoblin dressed in crimson robes with golden trim suddenly appear in Room 10 at I,2

haweemoo: 15+5=20

Zethallon: Hemon: 20 (natural) + 2 =22 and Koby: 11+9=20

Skip Scheyer: Dreigho’s worse 5+4 = 9  [he’s screwed!]

brandi: [10

Randy P: The tiny red ball explodes in a fiery blast!

brandi: =17=27

brandi: [damned keys]

brandi: [what he say?]

temporalvengeance: [Hooray! even, big burly amaranth survived!]

Randy P: [a Fireball spell just detonated at E,10]

Randy P: Hemon, Perception

Randy P: Hemon, roll Perception

brandi: [Ammie is pretty nimble for such a huge fellow]

Zethallon: Hemon: 10+7=17 peception roll

Randy P: Hemon notices movement out of the corner of his eye from Room 10.


temporalvengeance: OHNOES!!!

temporalvengeance: *cue dramatic music

brandi: [cliffhanger!]

Randy P: [Koby can act when we resume]

temporalvengeance: can koby act?

Richard Folk: [Fireball probably cooks both the white haired Monk and his white haired spellcasting girlfriend]

temporalvengeance: what’s his Performance:acting skill

temporalvengeance: goodnight, whitefolk!!!

haweemoo: [good night]

brandi: [night all!]

temporalvengeance has left the conference.


brandi has left the conference.


haweemoo: [hite to you too]

Randy P: [29 damage, half would be 14]

Richard Folk: OK good night to all, fun time tonight, A lot got acomplished in this battle, good flow of the game tonight.

haweemoo: [have a good week]

Randy P: [<st1:place><st1:city>Reflex</st1:city> <st1:state>DC</st1:state></st1:place> was 17]

Zethallon: [I’m going to negate the first 10 points as Hemon had Frost Maiden’s Fury in hand. ]

Randy P: [Teos the elderly monk made his save and evades all fireball damage; Ajah failed her save and takes full damage.]

Randy P: Koby recognizes the young woman and vaguely remembers her to be a fellow student at the <st1:place><st1:placename>Wizard</st1:placename> <st1:placetype>Academy</st1:placetype></st1:place> he attended in Halruaa before he left the city.

Randy P: If he remembers correctly, she was a prodigy with Necromancy magic.

Zethallon: [Ah, the plot thickens…]

Richard Folk: [The plot thickens]

Zethallon: [LOL]

Randy P: [Duhn-Duhn-Duhn-DUHN!]

Randy P: [Goodnight all!]

Zethallon has left the conference.


haweemoo: [,9628.html        theres the set if anyone want to se smaaaaaalll  brushes]

Skip Scheyer: i am heading out… good night all.. i look forward to seeing you all next time!

Skip Scheyer has left the conference.


Richard Folk: [I am yawning every 5 or 10 seconds.  I will log out too.  Good Night and Thanks for the game]

Richard Folk has left the conference.

haweemoo has left the conference.

Monk #4 failed his Reflex save and was blown apart in the fiery blast!






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