Red Hand of Doom

Session 54

Rhest Tower Battle, part 1 of 3

Randy P: [everyone ready? finally?]

brandi: [yup]

Randy P: [can everyone hear my dulcet tones?]

Zethallon: [rolls dice — yes!]

Treassa: [yes]

Randy P: [one blank map:

Randy P: [map with bad guys:

Randy P: [ok, Amber]

Amber Lee: back

Zethallon: WB!

Randy P: wb

Zethallon: [Yes, let’s meet death head on!]

Amber Lee: ill go

Amber Lee: oh me

Amber Lee: oh me

Amber Lee: over here

Treassa: Koby will bow to superior fighters

Zethallon: Hemon will go but willing to let the sneaky folks
go first.

haweemoo: always ready for a fight

Treassa: Koby has a torch with light spell on it

Amber Lee: do i roll for stealth

Randy P: [everyone trying to sneak upstairs, roll Stealth]

Amber Lee: ty

Richard Folk: Corbus stealth roll   16 + 18 = 34    Creeping to investigate the voices from up
the stairs.

Zethallon: Hemon: 16+1=17

Amber Lee: Tripod rolls 

Amber Lee: mean +34

Amber Lee: =34

Zethallon: Hemon will hang back and defer to those who know
the arts better.

Amber Lee: thanks , i think

Amber Lee: lol

Zethallon: [Show me, "Hanging back!"]

Zethallon: [cheers]

Amber Lee: laid back

haweemoo: [ding a lings i think]

Amber Lee: lol

Amber Lee: how big is this opening

Amber Lee:

Amber Lee: hey let me go first

Amber Lee: please

Amber Lee: Can i go first

Amber Lee:

Amber Lee:

Zethallon: [LOL]

Amber Lee: I do

Amber Lee:

Amber Lee: please

Amber Lee: NO

brandi: [salutes]

Richard Folk: Corbus will whisper details back down the
stairs to his friends.

brandi: indeed

Zethallon: Hemon will grip his greatsword tightly and allow
any of the fighters to move past him to join the fray.

Randy P: [

Randy P: [

brandi: [guess ammy will move up to the corner beneath

temporalvengeance: [yes, ammy is helpful]

Zethallon: [heheh]

brandi: [lol i hope so…he offered help]

Randy P: [

Skip Scheyer: nope.

Treassa: [can see it]

Zethallon: nada

Zethallon: Nope

brandi: [dont think so]

Randy P: [everyone roll init]

temporalvengeance: [I’m usually wrong, lol]

Treassa: Koby l9 would be best for him

brandi: [19+8=27]

Skip Scheyer: 11+4+2=17

Amber Lee: 1+19+8=28

Zethallon: Hemon: 6+1=7 initiative roll: [19+8=27]

Treassa: Koby init 18+3=21

Richard Folk: Corbus will move to J 11

Amber Lee: sorry 27

Amber Lee: whoops

haweemoo: 16+7=23

temporalvengeance: [RICHARD SUNK MY BATTLESHIP!!!!]

Richard Folk: Corbus Init Roll   8 + 4 =  12

Amber Lee: hold on looking

Randy P: [everyone roll Perception]

Amber Lee: 20+13 for me

Zethallon: Hemon: 11+7=18 perception roll

Amber Lee: woo hoo

Treassa: Koby fumbled 1+2=3

Amber Lee:

brandi: [11+14=25]

Skip Scheyer: 6+14+2 = 22

Amber Lee: score one for the tripod

Zethallon: [afk a minute since I’m far down on the init

Amber Lee: ok

Amber Lee: ok so we are at the stair well

haweemoo: [echo…echo..echo…on first base…base…]

Zethallon: [I’m back]

haweemoo: [slade small can he walk under you guys?

Randy P: [ok]

Richard Folk: Corbus moves to J-9 so that others may pass.

Amber Lee: ok im going to stealthfully go up to square I 11
and cast entagle: [Slade can’t walk under others while on the stairs.]

Randy P: Corbus is at J9

Amber Lee: II’m at I 11

haweemoo: [cant they see us as soon as we reach the top  of the stairs?

haweemoo: ]

Amber Lee: be quiet joe

Amber Lee: shhh

Randy P: Everyone else announce where you want your
character to start at in this order: Tobbeee, yes, with the exception of Corbus
and Tobbeee

Richard Folk: [Has everybody gone mute?]

Treassa: [i have]

Zethallon: [I have been mute for a bit.]

brandi: [i just havent been talking]

Amber Lee: not it

Zethallon: If no one has claimed it, Hemon will start off in

Randy P: Tobbeee, Amaranth, Slade, Koby/ekor, Dreigho,
Corbus, Hemon, doobie

Treassa: is tobbee at l11 or i11?

brandi: [18+12=30]

haweemoo: [i thik they going to notice slade..]

Treassa: then how can he cast web around a corner?

Randy P: [Amaranth moves into position unnoticed

Amber Lee: NO I as in Iguana

brandi: [ty…the blue one likes me tonight]

Amber Lee: im not

Amber Lee: im on the corner edge of the stair case

Amber Lee: near the corner of the door

brandi: [can i get to j10 without being noticed or is that
like "hey im a big hulking half orc in the dorrway!"]

Amber Lee: ugh

Skip Scheyer: [did i miss it?  the red is an arch or door]

Amber Lee: yes

brandi: [ok then k9 shall work]

Amber Lee: Mr tripod to you lol

Amber Lee:

Amber Lee: i pity the fool

Amber Lee: lol

Treassa: how about J11 amber

Amber Lee: am i notice at j11 ?

Amber Lee: randy ?

Amber Lee: im hiding where i can see into the room while
still being stealthy

Amber Lee: for the spell im going to cast

Amber Lee: no body go in the room

Amber Lee: please

Randy P: [ok]

Amber Lee: thank you

Amber Lee:

haweemoo: [they going to notice slade as soon as he reaches
the top]

Randy P: [go ahead and do your thing, Tripod]

Randy P: [cast your spell]

brandi: [do that thing that you do do]

Amber Lee: im casting entangle on the monks in the room

brandi: [lol]

Amber Lee: oh yeah

haweemoo: hey moneys..i mean monks theres a mess down
stairs..[can slade say that??]

Amber Lee: i can cast it

Amber Lee: cant i with out it

Amber Lee: it doesnt say i have to be outdoors

Amber Lee:

haweemoo: [entangle their robes???]

Amber Lee: ewww naked monks

Amber Lee: lol

Amber Lee: every monk with a 40 ft radius

brandi: [well in an old dilapidated building like this there
is probably moss right? (brains need logic! must make shit up!)]

Amber Lee: ?

Randy P: [what’s Tobbeee’s spell DC for a Level 1 spell?
(11+WIS) ]

Amber Lee: for entangle look on 567

haweemoo: [killer moss bunnies??]

Amber Lee: 18

Randy P: [DC = 15]

Amber Lee: ok

Amber Lee: ty

Randy P: [hang on]

Randy P: Two of the monks are entangled, the others dodge
nimbly aside… for now.

Randy P: [Monks #2 and 3 are entangled]

Amber Lee: hey 2 down

Amber Lee: lol

Amber Lee: woo hoo

Amber Lee: and they cant charge or run right ?

Randy P: Most of the room is writhing with creeping vines!

brandi: [thats a big hit for a monk though]

Randy P: [40’ radius]

Randy P: [Amaranth, your turn]

Amber Lee: with -2 penalty 
on attack and -4 to dex

Amber Lee: ???

Amber Lee: is that right ?

Amber Lee: Go Brandy !!!!

haweemoo: [so they know 
whe here now right?]

Amber Lee: i think so

Amber Lee: lol

brandi: [i would assume]

Zethallon: [I would say heck ya, Joe.  ]

Amber Lee: lol the vines are just happy to see them

Amber Lee: lol

haweemoo: slade yells….. 
you monks are uuuugggllly

temporalvengeance: [thug#3: we’re still alone, right?  Those fists are just the wind!]

Amber Lee: "Surrender smelly men "

temporalvengeance: [not that it really matters, but I’ll
brb.  need some drinkage]

Randy P: [ok]

Amber Lee: "or feel my wraith"

Amber Lee: lol

Amber Lee: go get Amaranth

Amber Lee: lol

Amber Lee: go get them Amaranth lol

Amber Lee:

Randy P: It’s hard to see, but you hear the hobgoblin mage
at the back of the room begin to cast a spell…

brandi: [i dont think i can move in without provokin
AoO…but i want to go to i11 i think]

Randy P: [Amaranth can act before the spell goes off, as can
several other heroes]

Amber Lee: daddys busy

Amber Lee: help

Amber Lee: lol

Amber Lee:

Randy P: Monks 2 and 3 are entangled, so don’t get AoOs

brandi: [ah good, then that’s where im going, leaves room
for others to get in]

Randy P: Ammy, roll a Reflex save versus the entangle spell

temporalvengeance: [back]

Randy P: [wb and thanks for the Dewage!]

brandi: [19+10=29]

Randy P: Amaranth easily side-steps the vines and creepers

temporalvengeance: np

Amber Lee: go get them

Amber Lee: woo hoo

brandi: [and attack #3]

Randy P: roll damage

brandi: [damage? not to hit?]

Randy P: [he can’t defend himself

Amber Lee: sweet

brandi: [ah k]

Randy P: [hang on I’m wrong]

Randy P: he gets a -4 to his DEX

Randy P: roll attack

Randy P: (he’s gonna hit anyway)

brandi: [4+11=15]

Randy P: [holy crap, he missed!]

brandi: [lol yeah]

brandi: [that 4 killed me]

Randy P: [Slade]

brandi: [think you jixed me]

temporalvengeance: [no one’s talking right?  cause I just wanna make sure I didn’t go deaf
or something]

Randy P: [sorry!  ]

temporalvengeance: [yeah, i can hear ya.  bof of ya]

brandi: [i was wondering the same, but now i hear ppl]

brandi: [heh]

temporalvengeance: sounds right to me

Randy P: [Slade, roll a Reflex save as you enter the room at

haweemoo: boy yous monks are even uggglier up close..

haweemoo: 17+5=22

Randy P: [and actually Slade only has enough movement to
reach I,10]

brandi: heh

Randy P: [but that still puts his adjacent to both entangled

Zethallon: [I’m still adjusting to the OS too Joe]

haweemoo: 13+12=25

Randy P: [that hits, roll dmg]

haweemoo: 4+2=6

haweemoo: 4+8=12

temporalvengeance: [Is Jorr within earshot of the
party?  Like can he hear them fighting
and slade smacktalking?]

Randy P: [Jorr is in a dark room, chained to the wall, but
he hears muted shouts to his right]

temporalvengeance: [can he recognise the voices at all,
evoking cries for help (like will a perception roll help)?]

haweemoo: [any wacky weed smell nearby?]

Zethallon: [LOL]

brandi: [heh]

temporalvengeance: [or would you prefer he remain quiet for

Randy P: [no wacky weed smell, roll Perception Jorr]

temporalvengeance: oh snap

temporalvengeance: nat 20 + 14 = 34

Randy P: [wait nm]

Randy P: [Jorr determines that the noise is approximately
40’ directly ahead of where he’s facing]

temporalvengeance: [far outside his shouting range if
there’s loud combat taking place]

Randy P: [everyone still in the stairwell, roll PER]

temporalvengeance: [will shout anyway]

temporalvengeance: "HELLO?!"

Treassa: Koby per 7+2=9

Skip Scheyer: 7+14+2 = 23

Randy P: [ (everyone except Ammy and Slade) ]

Zethallon: Hemon: 8+7+2=17 perception roll

Amber Lee: 17+13=30

Amber Lee: booyah

Richard Folk: Corbus perception roll  3 
+  11  =  14

Randy P: Tobbeee and Dreigho hear faint cries coming from
the southeast corner of the stairwell, behind the southeast wall.

Randy P: Dreigho thinks its’ Jorr

temporalvengeance: "IT’S JORR!"

temporalvengeance: "HELP ME!!"

Amber Lee: "hey man you hear crying from over there

Amber Lee: lol

temporalvengeance: "This fungus sucks!  It don’t get you high atall!"

haweemoo: [ol mean dm had old bob eaten ..sniff…sniff]

Randy P: [I don’t think Tobbeee has met Jorr yet, so he
wouldn’t recognize his voice]

brandi: [halp halp!]

Randy P: [Koby, your turn]

temporalvengeance: [Help, help, I’m being repressed!  Come and see the violence inherent in the

Treassa: Koby is somewhere down on the stairs…no action
available to do right now due to limitations of space and self preservation.

Randy P: []

Randy P: [ok]

Randy P: [Dreigho]

temporalvengeance: [hehehehe]

Skip Scheyer: [so, southeast, jorr is in 11?]

Randy P: [yes, that’s the direction anyway]

haweemoo: [whats self preservation?  where you drink too much and get pickled

brandi: [hehe]

temporalvengeance: sings loudly "NO-body knows…….
the touble i seen!  NO-body knows…….
but Jesus!"

brandi: [why is jorr singing about the gardener?]

temporalvengeance: [it was college and i was experimenting]

Randy P: [lol]

Amber Lee: i didnt know you where a bass lol

brandi: [heh]

Amber Lee: may the schwartz be with you

temporalvengeance: is delicious fish

temporalvengeance: yes

brandi: [after koby?]

Skip Scheyer: [11 is above us and aruond, or is it below

Richard Folk: [Ahh…Bob Marley on the FM Radio]

Randy P: [you cannot get to room 11 from the stairwell
unless you break down a wall]

brandi: [it appears you have to go through occupied room
into another room then into 11]

Randy P: [the red rectangles represent doors]

Richard Folk: [Or break through the wall eastward from L-9

Randy P: [right]

brandi: [who has dynamite?]

Randy P: [the map shows an overhead view]

Skip Scheyer: [ okay 
um… who’s still alive up there? 
two and three are in roots?]

Zethallon: [Heheh]

brandi: [all alive]

Randy P: [all bad guys are still alive; only #2 has taken
damage so far]

Randy P: [I’ll post a map update at the start of Round 2]

haweemoo: [flex…gnome power]

Skip Scheyer: [cool.. so if i play with 3, i need to make a
reflex save? if i pass, i can attack?]

Randy P: [yes]

Skip Scheyer: [cool] 
Dre will step up and try to attack number three

Skip Scheyer: [roll a reflex?]

Randy P: [you can’t stop in the same square as Slade

Randy P: […but you can stop at I,9 and swing at #2]

Randy P: [either way, yes, roll a Reflex save]

Skip Scheyer: [cool.. i will move to I.9]

Randy P: [ok]

Skip Scheyer: ref = 17+4 = 21

Randy P: [you made it, roll your attack]

Richard Folk: [Thunder is rolling in here from the North

Skip Scheyer: [one or both attacks?]

Randy P: [one]

Skip Scheyer: yowza! 
20+11 = 31

Randy P: [you can only use both attacks with a Full Attack]

Randy P: [roll to see if he crits]

Randy P: [again at +11]

Skip Scheyer: 15+11 = 26

Randy P: [That crits!, roll damage and double it]

Randy P: [don’t double the holy dmg]

Randy P: [yes, they’re eeeeevil]

Skip Scheyer: 10+5+9 = 24 
(did i do that right?)

Skip Scheyer: oops.

Skip Scheyer: 10 +9 = 19

Skip Scheyer: 10 was the morning star once, so it would be
20?  the 9 is holy

Randy P: Dreigho brains the entangled monk (#2) with his
morningstar and kills him!

Zethallon: [Wow!]

Randy P: The hobgoblin in black robes (#7) casts his

brandi: [uh oh]

Randy P: A ray of sparkly blue energy shoots from his
outstretched hand into the area where Tobbeee’s spell detonated, and the vines
& creepers immediately rescind and vanish.

Randy P: [Dispel Magic]

Randy P: [Corbus]

Amber Lee: (tobbee puts away pile) you want to play rough ok

Amber Lee: pipe*

Richard Folk: Corbus will move to location H-8 and attack

Richard Folk: Attack Roll 
6  +  13 
=  19

Randy P: [that will trigger an AoO from both monk #3 (he’s
no longer entangled) and monk #1.]

Skip Scheyer: [afk for a sec]

Randy P: [ok]

Randy P: Monk #3 misses…

Randy P: but Monk #1’s AoO hits!

Randy P: and punches for 5 damage

brandi: [snort]

brandi: [are goblins small?]

Randy P: [totally kickass]

Randy P: [5 lethal hit points worth!]

Zethallon: [I think Randy listed them as hobgoblins so no]

brandi: [mebbe…FoB is better, especially since one of the
attacks can be a sunder, disarm, or trip]

Randy P: [that hits]

Richard Folk: Corbus Damage roll  5 
+  4  =  9

Randy P: [ok]

Randy P: The old human monk runs to H,9.

Randy P: [Corbus, make an AoO]

Richard Folk: Corbus AoA roll  8 
  13    21

Randy P: The old monk nimbly tumbles under Corbus’ AoO and
counters with a spinning back-kick to Corbus’ face!

Randy P: [7 dmg]

Skip Scheyer: [back

Zethallon: [WB Skip and ouch for Corbus]

Randy P: Koby decides to enter the fray (via a private
message) and summons a giant constrictor snake into the room!

Randy P: [Koby, are you going to stop at K,10 to cast your

Treassa: [sorry stepped away for moment]

Treassa: If it allows me to cast into the room then yep!

Randy P: [it does]

Treassa: one sec

Treassa: Snake appears in F9

Treassa: Snake bites at #5 melee bite from F8 11+5+2=18

Randy P: The summoned constrictor snake strikes at monk and barely

Randy P: [Hemon]

Zethallon: [Text incoming — I had to change since Treassa
summoned the snake now. ]

Randy P: [ok]

Zethallon: Hemon will move to J10 and cast Guidance upon
Slade (+1 to the next attack, skill check or save but must be used within 1
minute’s time).

Randy P: [ok]

Randy P: [Koby is standing at J10

Randy P: but Hemon can move to J9 and accomplisg the same

Treassa: koby at k10

Zethallon: OK, I had Koby’s coordinates written differently

Zethallon: I still had K,10

haweemoo: [hi )]

Randy P: [sorry, Koby is now at K,10 and Hemon is at J,10]

Randy P: [Monks’ turn now…]

Randy P: Monk #4 moves to H,12 and punches at Amaranth…

Randy P: Monk #1 moves to H,10 and punches at Slade…

Randy P: Monk #3 punches at Amaranth…

Randy P: Monk #5 punches at Corbus…

brandi: [woo! meatwall time!]

brandi: 20

Skip Scheyer: [phone]

Randy P: Both monks #3 & 4 hit Amaranth…

Randy P: …11 dmg total

brandi: [k]

Randy P: Monk #1 misses

Randy P: Monk #5 misses

Randy P: Greshk moves up to J,9 — below Hemon and behind

Randy P: [End of Round, END OF SESSION]

Zethallon: [Whew]

Zethallon: [BTW, I haven’t heard anyone in 1/2 hour so if
you all are speaking, I never heard it.]

Amber Lee: shhhh be wery wery quiet were hunting

Randy P: [the map at the start of Round 2:


Start Photo Sharing

Amber Lee: lol

Amber Lee: can i see #7

temporalvengeance: wew!

Amber Lee: when do we game next ?

temporalvengeance: 2 thursdays from now i believe

Zethallon: [Night all and thanks for the game]

Zethallon has left the conference.


temporalvengeance: indeed

temporalvengeance: getting me one too

Amber Lee: (gotta jet phone call ) thanks everybody have a
great weekend !!!

temporalvengeance: later ambie

Amber Lee: later monkey

Richard Folk: Good Night All, see you allk in 2 weeks.

Amber Lee has left the conference.


brandi: night all

Treassa has left the conference.


brandi has left the conference.


temporalvengeance has left the conference.




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