Welcome to the Pathfinder conversion of The Red Hand of Doom adventure by Richard Baker and James Jacobs! This version is set in the Forgotten Realms among Channath Vale in the Shining South (DR 1374, Year of Lightning Storms).

Our heroes include:

  • Corbus, a human Rogue/Fighter, played by Dick
  • Dreigho ux Bahamuti, a dragonborn Dragon Shaman (formerly human), played by Skip
  • Hemon Dutek-Ra, an aasimar Fighter/Cleric of Anhur, played by Gary
  • Koby Eckland, a human Evoker, played by Treassa
  • Slade Rivenstone, a gnome Fighter, played by Joe
  • Toebbeee Pollapi, a halfling Druid, played by Amber

Red Hand of Doom

Rhod bg2 Zethallon Treassa orzak Corbus amberleebee123 Dreigho