Red Hand of Doom

Session 86

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Randy P: I give up.
Randy P: Sorry folks, but it looks like we won’t have audio tonight.
Treassa: we’ll make due
Richard Folk: It’s not like we aren’t getting used to it by now
Randy P: [ ]

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Randy P: [we’ll wait until 8:15 and then we’ll resume with Round 8]
haweemoo: skip just texted and said he be a little late..
haweemoo: anyone know stats on rapier?? i wrote it down on a piece of paper but cant find it.
Richard Folk: Don’t have a clue, I didn’t keep track of anything that Corbus didn’t pick up
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Zethallon: Hola!
Randy P: it was a short sword (long sword for Slade)
Randy P: Hi Gary. We’re without audio again.
Zethallon: Awww, OK. How is everyone tonight?
Randy P: The sword Slade found was a Flame Tongue short sword. Adds +1d6 fire damage upon command. The scabbard provides DR 10 to flames.
Randy P: [ ]

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Randy P: I believe the magic bonus of the sword was 1
haweemoo: +3 flaming short sword is what i wrote down
Richard Folk: Hey Gary, tonight I’m drinking Scotch. Just bought it this week, sort of my Trick or Treat item.
Zethallon: Yay!
Randy P: ok, +3 then
Richard Folk: Ever since I finished off that Gin I’ve needed a replacement mood adjuster.
Randy P: [everyone ready to continue?]
Zethallon: [Ready]
Richard Folk: How late was Skip going to be?
Randy P: [is this Round 7 or 8?]
Randy P: [Skip said he’d be late, but still “on time” per his usual arrival time.
Randy P: [so he should be here any minute]
haweemoo: but i wrote nothing down except dragon bane besides the name and that it flames
Richard Folk: Don’t ask me what round it is, I am just one of the “We, who are about to die salute you” crowd.
Zethallon: [Round 7]
Randy P: that means it’s a +5 weapon against dragons and dragon-type creatures (like the High Wyrmlord) and deals an extra 2d6 damage against them
haweemoo: hey i dont solute i kind of just flop oto the floor when i die
Randy P: [ROUND 7]
Richard Folk: lol
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord casts a spell, prompting an AoO from Koby…
Treassa: [does it have to be melee?]
Randy P: [yes, melee]
Richard Folk: [Kick him in the *
Treassa: Koby will hit him with maximize staff.
Randy P: [ok, that’s a club for that purpose]
haweemoo: [now the important question.. can slade roast marshmellows on the sword when its flaming??]
Randy P: roll your BAB + d20 + Str bonus if any
Randy P: [yes, if you have them]
Treassa: attack is 10
Randy P: that misses
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord’s hand crackles with black fire as he reaches out and touches Koby…
Zethallon: [Spellcraft check?]
Richard Folk: [Oops!]
Randy P: Koby takes 59 points of damage
Randy P: [make a spellcraft check, Hemon]
Randy P: [and Koby if you wanna know what he hit you with]
Treassa: [ouch]
Zethallon: [8
Treassa: 18+9=27
Randy P: [The spell was “Slay Living”]
Treassa: [doing a good job of it]
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord then moves westwards to D,11
Randy P: [what’s Koby’s HP at now?]
Randy P: The HW flies to that location
Treassa: 5
Skip Scheyer has joined the conference.

Richard Folk: [Hi ya Skip]
Randy P: [ ]

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Skip Scheyer: [hi there… sorry for being late… moving extremely slow today]
Treassa: [brbg]
haweemoo: [hi skip]
Randy P: [Hi Skip. The High Wyrmlord just touched Koby and almost killed him with a “Slay Living” spell and then flew to D,11]
Skip Scheyer: [holy crap!]
Randy P: [Dreigho, it’s your turn]
Skip Scheyer: [er a unholy crap!]
Richard Folk: [Kobe was just on the receiving end af a Slay Living Spell to the tune of 59 HPs]
Skip Scheyer: can Dreigho fly over and attack him?
Treassa: [back]
Randy P: [Yes, you can declare a double move as a flying charge action since he’s in a straight line from you.]
Richard Folk: [Fly spell allows movement of 60’]
Skip Scheyer: [ok… what is a flying charge?]
Randy P: [just move to E,11 and roll one attack at a 2 bonus]
Skip Scheyer: [please don’t say the same as a charge but in the air… if you do then i will have to ask, what’s a charge?]
Skip Scheyer: [bingo! That i can do!]
Richard Folk: [lol]
Randy P: [your AC is at -2 for the rest of the round because of the charge, but that’s the extent of it]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho flies to E11 and attacks the wyrmling, 15
12+2 = 29
Zethallon: [afk a minute – diaper change]
Randy P: [that hits, roll damage]
Randy P: [waitaminute]
Randy P: [sorry that doesn’t hit. It ALMOST hits though. AC = 30]
Zethallon: [back]
Randy P: [isn’t there a Bless spell in play?]
Skip Scheyer: do we still have bless?
Zethallon: Yep, for quite awhile.
Skip Scheyer: was not sure…there was last week. =)
Randy P: [ok, then it does hit]
Randy P: [roll damage]
Skip Scheyer: 8+4=12 and 5+3 = 8 (holy) 20 total
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho sneers and says, “Silly Wyrmling”
Randy P: Koby, make a retro Willpower save
Randy P: {forgot to give him one}
Treassa: 12+9=21
Randy P: [well crap]
Randy P: [Koby only takes 20 damage from that spell]
Randy P: [It’s RETRO Night Tonight! cues disco music
Treassa: actually another 2 for 23 but will take the hp back
Treassa: [my prot from evil]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho chuckles as Koby begins to feel a lot better
Zethallon: [Good call — I put that on both you and Corbus]
Randy P: [Koby, your turn]
Treassa: Koby will cast summon monster 3, celestial constrictor at d12
Treassa: [con check?]
Treassa: [concentration that is]
Treassa: brb
Randy P: [concentration for?]
Treassa: dmg then casting
Randy P: A holy snake appears at D,12 and strikes at Azaar Kul…
Zethallon: [it only applies if you hit while casting.
Treassa: [ok]
Zethallon: [Thank goodness for that or you would have to roll a 20 for that check. Heheh.]
Treassa: [attack has one number then another in brackets]
Randy P: …and misses
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: [Sheesh!]
Randy P: [Sheesh?]
Richard Folk: Corbus will fly high over to A-11, Full move action and end of turn.
Richard Folk: [Yeah, I had trouble counting move distance witt all those diagonals]
Randy P: [ah ok]
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: [help with stats from changing sword]
Treassa: [only way to attack is if you can charge]
haweemoo: [my other is a 3 long sword for me so what i need change]
Treassa: [maybe]]
Randy P: [first, can you get to him?]
haweemoo: [fly right? i did take potion]
Randy P: [I’ll say you can charge-fly to E,12 for one attack.]
Randy P: [whatever you would roll for your +3 sword, add +2 to that as you get a total of +5 against dragon-blooded creatures]
Randy P: [add another +3 on top of that for the Bless + Charge bonus]
Randy P: [IIRC, add a total of +18]
haweemoo: [fly and one attack?
Randy P: [yes]
haweemoo: 19
18+5=42 : roll is 10 18 is my normal
Randy P: [that hits and is possibly a crit
haweemoo: 19 roll
Randy P: [roll to confirm at +18
Randy P: [I’m not sure where the extra 5 came from. The +18 was the grand total.]
haweemoo: 13
18+5=36.. and i hope with all the talk it is flaminfg if tht makes a diff
Randy P: [that would have been 31, but that still confirms
Randy P: [roll 2d6 for the bane damage]
haweemoo: [normal add on is 18 so the 5 was 2 dragon and 3 bless]
Randy P: [you deal max damage for the weapon dmg (30)]
Randy P: [ok, you still confirm regardless. Roll 1d6+2d6 for the bane damage, which isn’t multiplied
Randy P: [1d6 fire damage, 2d6 bane damage]
haweemoo: [ok never turn over a ziploc bag of dry cereal after you just un ziped it]
haweemoo: hes ugly you related to that blue dragon whos hands i cut off??
Richard Folk: [?]
Randy P: [Joe: please roll 3d6]
haweemoo: 5+3+4=12
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon concentrates on the staff again and calls upon its power to heal Koby again for 70 hps. (6 charges left)
Zethallon: He will hold his move action.
Randy P: [He took 42 damage total, but is still standing… but looks the worse for wear.]
haweemoo: did your mom get raped by a dragon or did she rape the poor dragon.. she was so uglu only way i think was she went after the poor dragon.
Randy P: [Round 8]
Richard Folk: [lol]
Zethallon: [That may come back to bite you Joe]
haweemoo: [it usually does )) ]
Randy P: Azaar Kul takes a 5’ step to C,10 and casts a spell on himself…
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Zethallon: [Spellcraft check?]
Randy P: [roll it]
Richard Folk: [I bet that he just healed himself]
Zethallon: 3+8=11 for spellcraft roll (Geez, bad start so far)
Randy P: Hemon isn’t sure what spell was cast.
Zethallon: [Dick’s probably right though — heheh]
Richard Folk: Does the Wyrmlord look “healthier”?
Randy P: no
Richard Folk: [Hmm…]
Randy P: [Dreigho, your turn]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will take a 5’ step and attack again
Randy P: Dreigho tries to move closer to the High Wyrmlord, but is prevented from doing so by an invisible barrier
Randy P: [Koby, you can try a Spellcraft check if you wish]
Treassa: spellcraft check 18+4=22
Randy P: [“Anti-Life Shell”]
Richard Folk: [Never heard of it]
Treassa: [its cool, just read up on it]
Randy P: [Core Rulebook, p.242]
Skip Scheyer: “What’s the matter? The little wyrm afraid of five living creatures. You must make Tiamat proud!”
Randy P: Azaar Kul mutters to Slade, “I’ll deal with all of you soon enough…”
Richard Folk: [yeah, reading it right now, still never heard of it before]
Randy P: [Dreigho, what do you do now that you can’t move closer to him?]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho pulls out his dagger and throws him at it.
haweemoo: after you call for help because you so weak you afraid of a gnome… you help will come and look at me and wont be able to help you for a while because the will be laughing at you so hard.
haweemoo: when you see a mouse you call for help too??
Randy P: The dagger richocets off the invisbible barrier and returns to Dreigho’s hand.
Skip Scheyer: [seriously? it’s not alive though]
Skip Scheyer: [shouldn’t it go through?]
Randy P: [Dreigho, you still have a move action. It was thrown from a living creature. No.]
Skip Scheyer: [my ‘energy’ is on the handle, so it’s living?]
Randy P: {Ok, I’ll allow ranged attacks…}
Randy P: Make your roll
Skip Scheyer: [no.. i am just asking, trying to understand]
Randy P: [go ahead — roll your attack with the thrown dagger]
Randy P: [I reread the spell and it wouldn’t edge out ranged weapons]
Skip Scheyer: 14+11+1 = 26 and 9+5 1 = 15
haweemoo: [can we hem him in so he cant move?]
Randy P: Both attacks miss. The dagger returns to Dreigho’s hand.
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: The contrictor will move to d11 and attack again
Randy P: The constrictor is a celestial, so is unaffected by the Antilife Shell.
Randy P: 12
5=17 … the snake misses
Treassa: Koby will cast create pit from scroll at c10/d9 under hobgoblin guy
Treassa: 30’ deep
Randy P: [save allowed?]
Treassa: reflex dc17
Treassa: negates on save
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord nimbly jumps to C,8 (he made his save)
Randy P: [Koby, you still have a move action]
Treassa: [can’t move w/o losing spell casting] will stay ready
Randy P: [ok]
Randy P: [Corbus]
haweemoo: you running from us.. how brave..sheeze…. you ant much of a dragon…
Richard Folk: Corbus will fly over to C-7 and fire 1 poisoned arrow at the Wyrmlord
Richard Folk: Attack roll 7 + 12 + 1 = 20
Randy P: Corbus would have to move to C,5 as the spell barrier prevents you from being closer than 10’ away.
Randy P: The arrow misses.
Randy P: [Slade]
Richard Folk: Oh, OK . Corbus will fly to C-5 and is over 30’ movement so there is no attack.
Randy P: Flight is 60’ per move action
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: can oil be sprayed on him and light him on fire?
Randy P: You can throw an oil vial at him, but lighting it on fire might be difficult to do without a wick or fuse
haweemoo: hold attack action and just try to stay close to him
Randy P: [I moved you to F,8 on the map]
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: [May I make a perception check on the status of the portal above us?]
Randy P: [certainly]
Zethallon: Hemon: 14+7=21 for peception check
Randy P: Due to the 40% drain in power, the “bubble” appears to have slowed down on its growth
Randy P: It’s only slightly larger than when the group first arrived
Zethallon: Hemon will cast magic weapon upon one end of the staff of life and hold his move action.
Randy P: [Round 9]
Randy P: Azaar Kul casts a spell on himself and some of his wounds appear to heal…
Skip Scheyer: [is there a way to counteract the antilife spell?]
Skip Scheyer: [besides range weapons?]
Randy P: [dispel magic]
Randy P: [Dreigho, your turn]
Randy P: [break enchantment]
Randy P: [either of those spells will work]
Skip Scheyer: [sadly, neither of those I have access too]
Randy P: [nope, sorry]
Richard Folk: [Either of those spells “might” work
Richard Folk: [We are doomed]
Skip Scheyer: Will hurl the dagger again…20+13 1 = 34 and 17 +8 + 1 = 26
Randy P: The first one possibly crits, roll to confirm at +14
Skip Scheyer: 18
14 = 32
Randy P: That confirms. You deal max weapon damage. Roll 2d6 for the bane damage.
haweemoo: [can we encircle him so he cant move?]
Skip Scheyer: 8 + 6+4 = 10 (holy) = 18 total
Randy P: [yes]
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will dismiss pit and aim a lightning bolt at statue is lower left corner. constrictor will move to d8 and attack again
Randy P: Roll damage from lightning bolt.
Randy P: The snake rolls 4+5=9 and misses
Treassa: 46 points
Randy P: The statue cracks! One more hit like that and you’ll probably shatter it.
Richard Folk: [Lower left hand corner? Corbus is at C-5]
Treassa: [corbus should be fine]
Randy P: Acid begins seeping out of the statue from the crack. Corbus, make a Reflex save.
Richard Folk: [Sorry that Kobe cannot see me, I’m Invisivble]
Treassa: [from lightning]
Randy P: [Corbus, make a Reflex save]
Richard Folk: Corbus ref roll 12 + 11 = 23 (prot from evil does not apply)
Randy P: Corbus evades the spattering acid
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: [Whew! Close one there]
Richard Folk: Corbus will move to E-5 and shoot 1 more poisoned awwor at the Wyrmlord
Randy P: [roll it]
Richard Folk: Attack roll (gasp) 6 + 12 + 1 = 19
Randy P: That misses.
Randy P: [Slade]
Richard Folk: [Poisoned awwows left is 6
Randy P: [ok]
Richard Folk: [poisoned arrows left is 6, sorry about the typos}
Randy P: [Slade, your turn]
haweemoo: [not sure what to do..except hold action and stay close to him.]
Randy P: [ok]
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon: “Blessed Anhur — send me your divine champion, Maahes!” [Full round action and will place it at I,13 thru I.14]
Skip Scheyer: [woot! break out the furball!]
Zethallon: He will use a free action to command Maahes to guard Koby.
Randy P: A large celestial dire lion roars into existence beside Hemon.
Randy P: The lion growls in acknowledgment and stands close to Koby
Treassa: [ty]
Randy P: [Round 10]
Randy P: Azaar Kul raises an eyebrow at the sight of the lion and raises his left hand at Hemon, making a crushing gesture…
Randy P: [Hemon, make a Willpower check]
Richard Folk: [at least its your best save]
Zethallon: Hemon: 18+14=32 (34 if fear-based)
Randy P: Hemon feels his body start to go rigid, but fights against the impulse and it slowly fades away.
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Randy P: Azaar Kul smiles at Hemon. “Your will is strong, but can it withstand that who I am about to summon here?”
Skip Scheyer: hurl the dagger again – 2+13 + 1 = 16 and 10+8 1 = 19
Randy P: Both miss
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will aim a bolt at statue in lower left corner damage 42. Constrictor will attack again using smite.
Randy P: KRAKOW!! The statue is split in-two from the 2nd lightning bolt! The greenish-black energy arcing from it shudders and fades from existence!
Richard Folk: [ 3 down }
Randy P: An enormous reptilian eye peers down into the room on the other side of the bubble for a scant moment and then the bubble vanishes in a blast of acrid smoke!
Zethallon: [Talk about the evil eye!]
Randy P: The remaining two energy arcs dwindle and die. The room is cast in utter darkness.
Richard Folk: [lol]
Randy P: The snake strikes just as the light dies, but misses. (11
haweemoo: slade pulls out a everburning torch
Randy P: [Corbus]
haweemoo: [when he can]
Randy P: Azaar Kul shouts, “NOOOOO!”
Richard Folk: [Hmm…What to do now]
Treassa: [koby silently cheers!]
haweemoo: forgot to pay the power bill huh?
Randy P: [Corbus, make me a Reflex save to avoid the energy backlash when the left-corner statue was cracked in-half]
Richard Folk: Corbus will reach into his Handy Haversack and retrieve his Everburning Tourch and drop the torch on square E-4
Richard Folk: Corbus Ref save roll (Uh Oh) 3 + 11 + 2 = 16
Richard Folk: [The 2 is from the Prot from Evil Spell]
Randy P: Corbus is burned by acid for 41 points of damage!
Treassa: [better acid than dragon]
Randy P: Corbus then performs his actions with the torch
Randy P: The room flares into a dim light in the southwest corner.
Randy P: (20’ radius)
Randy P: [Slade]
Randy P: [still holding?]
haweemoo: uncover everburning torch that hangs from his belt
haweemoo: yes hold still
Randy P: Light radiates from Slade’s belt, illuminating 20’ around him
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will make a double move to D,8. As he moves, does he still notice that silence follows him as before? [Hemon will use his darkvision to navigate]
Randy P: No, he can hear his own movements and exhalations of air.
Randy P: Whatever was silencing the room seems to have broken when the portal did.
Zethallon: Hemon will smile to himself. [End of action]
Randy P: [Hemon was diagonally across from Azaar Kul. You could charge if you wanted to.]
Zethallon: [As Koby didn’t move, Maahes may stay by him]
Zethallon: [Oh, didn’t think about that. I’ll take it if you will allow it.]
Randy P: [sure]
Zethallon: [Hoping aasimar are still considered natural outsiders in FR setting.]
Randy P: [they are]
Zethallon: Hemon: 18
9+1+2=30 (counting bless and charge). AC is now 22.
Randy P: Azaar Kul exclaims as Hemon effortlessly moves through the Antilife Shell, “How? … A Half-blood?”
Richard Folk: [And immune to the Anti-Life Spell? Has Corbus been campaigning with a non-living being?]
Randy P: [That hits, roll damage]
Zethallon: Hemon: 5+4=9 points of bludgeoning damage (using magical end of staff from magic weapon spell)
Richard Folk: [Go Hemon]
Randy P: [Round 11]
Richard Folk: [Will it take too much for a map update?]
Randy P: Azaar Kul looks worried for a moment, but then his pride overtakes him and he says calmly, “Priest to Priest then. May the better God favor her champion!”
Randy P: [sure, take 5]
Zethallon: Hemon: “So be it.”
haweemoo: so you too chicken to fight a little gnome
you sure you half dragon and not half chicken??
Randy P: [ ]

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haweemoo: how can a god look kindly on a priest thats soooooo chicken… ???
Treassa: [same map]
Randy P: Azaar Kull flies 5’ straight up and channels negative energy… [everyone make a Willpower save except for Maahes]
Richard Folk: [yeah, not too much of an update]
Treassa: 9+5+2=16
Zethallon: Hemon: 5+14=19 for will save
Randy P: Click the actual link and then refresh your browser
Randy P: [it has the same filename, so your computer may not have updated]
Richard Folk: Corbus Will save roll 10 + 5 + 2 = 17
Zethallon: [Hmmm, still looks the same.]
haweemoo: 18+2=20
Skip Scheyer: 12 + 10 = 22
Richard Folk: [I wonder why the map didn’t work the 1st time?]
Richard Folk: [It did the 2nd time]
Randy P: [ ]

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Randy P: Everyone except Dreigho takes 18 damage. Dreigho takes 9 damage.
Richard Folk: Corbus falls over, but nobody sees him fall.
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Zethallon: [I think that’s up for a perception check actually… heheh]
Randy P: [he’s wearing the Ring of Greater Invisibility]
Richard Folk: Corbus is still invisible
Zethallon: [So we don’t even hear a thud?]
Randy P: [Hemon and Slade, make a Perception check]
Zethallon: [JK, don’t answer that]
Zethallon: Hemon: 12+7=19 perception check
Richard Folk: [Don’t worry, Corbus is only at 1, that gives him 9 chances to stabilize]
haweemoo: 17+8=25 per chrck
Randy P: Hemon hears something near the everburning torch in the southwest corner fall to the ground.
Randy P: So does Slade.
Randy P: [Dreigho, your turn]
Skip Scheyer: how high does the barrier go?
Skip Scheyer: [can Dre go over it?]
Randy P: It encompasses 10’ all around him
Randy P: [no]
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord looks badly beaten.
Randy P: The celestial constrictor is near death.
Randy P: [1 hp left]
Skip Scheyer: okay… he will attack with his dagger
Randy P: [roll it]
Skip Scheyer: 18+13 = 31 and 14+9 = 23
Richard Folk: [Sorry, I forgot that in Pathfinder rules a character can go to negative his Constitution before death, that give Corbus 11 chances to stabilize, a statistical probability]
haweemoo: slade yells out corbus??
Randy P: Maahes growls in celestial, “Let me flank him. We can end his reign now!”
Randy P: Corbus doesn’t reply.
Randy P: One of Dreigho’s throws hits.
Randy P: [roll damage]
Skip Scheyer: 2+4 = 6 + 4+3 = 7 (dragon) = 13
Zethallon: Hemon: Come and let’s end his tyranny once and for all."
Skip Scheyer: [can dreigho catch a ride?]
Skip Scheyer: [he has to pass me to get in ]
Randy P: The dagger stabs Azaar Kul just below the heart! He heaves forward, barely alive.
Randy P: [Koby]
Skip Scheyer: [woot!]
Treassa: koby perc check that Hemon can now cast in room, roll of 17
Randy P: Koby notices that, yes, Hemon can cast in the room.
Treassa: Constrictor will attack and Koby will move to H8 and cast flaming sphere at Azaar dc 19 reflex negates. have to roll for SR
Treassa: nat 20+10+4=34
Randy P: Koby overcomes the High Wyrmlord’s spell resistance, but the beleaguered Wyrmlord dodges the flaming sphere….
Randy P: The nearly dead constrictor strikes and misses
Randy P: [Corbus, make a Fort save]
Richard Folk: Corbus Fort save roll 3 + 7 (2) = 10 or (12)
Randy P: Corbus stabilizes
Richard Folk: [the +2 is if Evil is the source ]
Randy P: [should have been a DC 10 Constitution check]
Randy P: [Slade]
Richard Folk: Temporarily safe.
haweemoo: [is he still protected by the sphere??]
Randy P: [yes]
haweemoo: [slade will go and try to find corbus then.
haweemoo: [to give him a heal potion]
Randy P: Slade, make a Perception check once you reach Corbus’ location]
haweemoo: 16
Randy P: Slade stumbles over Corbus’ invisible legs and follows with his hands to Corbus’ throat and then force-feeds a potion to the unconscious rogue.
haweemoo: [cure mod wounds]
Randy P: [roll 2d8+5]
Richard Folk: [Thank You]
haweemoo: 8+2+5=15
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Maahes will move toward Azaar Kul first. Then, Hemon will make a full attack action on Azaar Kul (since he only levitated 5’).
Richard Folk: Corbus’ health in now up to 14 HPs
Randy P: Corbus awakens with a spluttering start
Zethallon: [Maahes movement is 40 ft -
think a double-move will put him in flanking position.]
Randy P: Maahes does a double move on the ground to A8,B8
Randy P: [now you can attack]
Richard Folk: Corbus says,“Oww…not again.”
Zethallon: Hemon: 13+11+1+2=27 and 16+6+1+2=25 (adding bless and flank bonuses)
Randy P: Hemon swings twice, but misses.
Zethallon: [Oh, you crafty bugger…]
Richard Folk: [too bad the die rolls weren’t reversed]
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord looks consigned to his face. He drops to the ground and swings twice at Hemon with his scepter
Randy P: [What is Hemon’s AC?]
Zethallon: [ac is 24]
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord looks consigned to his FATE. He drops to the ground and swings twice at Hemon with his scepter
Randy P: [What are Hemon’s DRs?]
Zethallon: [Resist acid, cold, lightning 5; resist fire 10 (with Frost Brand or Red Dragoncrafted Full Plate);]
Randy P: Hemon shrugs off most of the energy damage from the scepter and only takes 8.
Zethallon: [Huzzah!]
Randy P: The barrier evaporates
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Randy P: [Round 12]
Randy P: [Dreigho, your turn]
Skip Scheyer: I will drop the dagger and fly over and attack with my morningstar
Randy P: [ok, make one attack]
Treassa: [is shield down?]
Randy P: [yes]
Skip Scheyer: 17+12+1 = 30
Randy P: [that hits]
Randy P: [roll damage]
Skip Scheyer: 5+4= 9 and 6+1 = 7 holy = 16 damage
Randy P: Dreigho rushes up behind Azaar Kul and plants his morningstar squarely into the High Wyrmlord’s face! Bones crack and crunch as the skull is bashed inside out!
Richard Folk: [neat description]
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord staggers and falls. His scepter drops to his side. All is suddenly still and quiet.
Skip Scheyer: YES!
Zethallon: [Somewhere, someplace… Tonya stops and asks, “Did I get blood on me?” — private joke for Skip and Randy]
Treassa: [yay]
Skip Scheyer: [LOL I love it!!!]
Randy P: [he only had 2 hp left]
Zethallon: [cheers]
Skip Scheyer: [i got a text from her on Sunday]
Richard Folk: Corbus sits up from the floor,“Duh…what did I miss?”
Randy P: Dreigho is sprayed with bluish-black blood and bits of gray matter.
Zethallon: Hemon steps past the body, kneels down next to Maahes and gives thanks to Anhur for watching over him and his group.
Randy P: Maahes roars triumphantly!
Randy P: The low rumble begins to shake the room.
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho wipes the blood from his face and offers a prayer of thanks to Bahamut
Randy P: The ground begins to quake.
Treassa: Koby will just cast detect magic and search the body
Treassa: If room going to start falling in, drag the body to the entrance to loot later
Richard Folk: [Materialistic Koby]
Treassa: magic magic magic, gotta get the magic
Zethallon: [Hahaha]
Richard Folk: [lol]
Randy P: One by one, the dragon statues shatter into an explosion of stone!
Richard Folk: Corbus ducks and winces.
Randy P: Maahes lowers his head and growls in Celestial, “Everyone take hold of my mane…”
Zethallon: Hemon: Koby, don’t suppose you have a teleport spell available?"
Zethallon: Hemon will take hold of Maahes.
Randy P: [care to interpret for the others, Hemon]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho looks around and says, " I love the sound of a destroying Fane"
Treassa: Koby will grab a hold of Maahes and try to hold onto body as well. "Not enough to save us all’
Zethallon: Hemon: “Grab ont Maahes’ mane.”
haweemoo: last fane faire ))
Richard Folk: Corbus arises and moves to follow Mahees instructions.
Randy P: A reptilian roar echoes overhead from someplace beyond time and space…
Zethallon: Hemon: “Smells like… victory.”
Richard Folk: [good pun Joe]
haweemoo: slade moves and takes hold of the mane
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will nod to Maahes, and hold onto his main
Skip Scheyer: mane
haweemoo: [nice putty tat] not said outloud ))
Randy P: Maahes looks up at the ceiling, “Something’s coming… something big.”
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho says, “Time to go!”
Randy P: Maahes glances around, making sure that everyone has ahold of his mane…
Randy P: And then the great cat closes his eyes and the room suddenly goes tops-turvy as you all teleport!
Zethallon: [Wooosh!]
Randy P: When you open your eyes, you are laying on the ground outside the Great Cathedral of Lathander in the heart of Rethmar.
Randy P: Maahes is nowhere to be seen.
Zethallon: Hemon will rise and help his comrades to their feet.
Randy P: Dreigho notes the constellations look different… in particular, the constellation of Tiamat appears to be missing.
Treassa: [still have my body?]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho stands up and looks around, and says to the air, " Thank you Maahes"
haweemoo: thank you maahes slade says out loud
Treassa: Koby wil silently send his thanks as well
Zethallon: Hemon: “Thanks to Anhur and his servant, Maahes.”
Randy P: The body of Azaar Kul begins smoldering. The ground beneath his body starts to crack and orange light shines up from the cracks…
Treassa: [anything I can grab?]
Zethallon: [Woah, his body came with us?]
Treassa: [koby wanted to loot]
Randy P: The slain form of the High Wyrmlord bursts into flame and quickly turns to ash, which seeps down into the cracks of the ground as if blown by a brimstone wind.
Treassa: [damn]
Richard Folk: Corbus says ,“That was some adventure, don’t want to go through anything like that again.”
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord’s armor and earthly possessions remain behind, but whatever physical remains of his body are nowhere to be found. The cracks in the ground stop glowing orange.
Treassa: If there is time will collect so I can examine and check them out for maguc
Treassa: can do at later time
Skip Scheyer: “We took down a wyrmling, it was a great start. Granted, he was slightly incompetent, but still an evil dragonspawn dead”
Zethallon: [I can stay up a bit as it’s the last session.]
Randy P: A deep male voice echoes in Dreigho’s mind. “She has come to Faerun. Be vigilant.”
Zethallon: Hemon nods at Dreigho’s remarks but ponders the path that they have travelled.
Randy P: [Faerun = Earth for Forgotten Realms]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho jerks his head back in surprise, but covers it with a cocky nod
Randy P: [end of session]
Zethallon: [Claps for Randy and the rest of the group.]
Skip Scheyer: [WOW! Awesome adventure!!]
Treassa: [great job Randy!]
Richard Folk: That was a very neat campaign story arc.
haweemoo: [that was great]
Randy P: [The HW’s possesions: 2 Black Dragoncraft full plate armor, +2 heavy red dragoncraft shield, Headband of Inspired Wisdom +4, Cloak of Resistance +3, Ring of Protection +2, Heward’s Handy Haversack, and a bejeweled Tiamat Headress worth 2,000 GP]
Richard Folk: So, are we to conclude that if Tiamat’s constellation is missing and Maahes had said that something big is coming that Tiamat is in our world?
Skip Scheyer: [who’s asking?]
Randy P: [The Scepter of Tiamat was left behind in the temple unless Koby grabbed that too.]
Richard Folk: Corbus poses that thought.
Randy P: [OOC to Corbus’ question: Yes, an Aspect of Tiamat has been sent through into Faerun.]
Skip Scheyer: Yes, she’s here.
Richard Folk: Corbus is going on a long vacation, lol.
Treassa: [I will leave that to you. Did I have time?]
Randy P: [you were supposed to fight that at the very end, but I allowed the group to disable the portals long enough to prevent her from coming through before Maahes Deus Ex Machina could teleport everyone to safety.]
Treassa: [ty for life would have been a tpk]
Richard Folk: Yep, we would never have survived.
Randy P: Treassa, roll a d% for me
Treassa: [78%]
Randy P: Koby notices the High Wyrmlord’s Scepter lying on the ground near his empty suit of armor.
Treassa: [yay]
Randy P: Tiny pinpoints of eerie light shine from the 5 dragon heads that grace the top of the scepter.
Treassa: Koby will stuff it in haversack if it will help shield it
Randy P: Koby stuffs the scepter into his haversack.
Richard Folk: [Ha Ha, Koby has just turned into a Tiamat magnet]
Treassa: [probably]
Randy P: When Koby touches the scepter, a raspy female voice fills his mind: “I will find you, young wizard. Very soon we shall meet.”
Richard Folk: [Well group, what is our forward program?]
Treassa: [shiver]
Skip Scheyer: I would say get the scepter of Tiamat out of Koby’s hand would be a good thing
Treassa: [hey he wants to use it and see if he can work with the magic and try to change it]
Richard Folk: Corbus says,“Shouldn’t we go inside the Temple and report what has transpired?”
Skip Scheyer: [is any of the goodies, “evil”?]
Randy P: As Hemon studies the stars overhead, he notices that the constellation of Maahes has reappeared in its proper place.
Randy P: [only the scepter is evil]
Skip Scheyer: [Dreigho would know that? or just strongly ‘feel it’?]
Zethallon: Hemon: I would suggest seeking out Lord Jaarmath but for now, let’s find an inn and get a good night’s rest.
Randy P: [just strongly feel it]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho turns to Koby, “I know you don’t want to hear this, but you really do not want that scepter”
Treassa: [may need a diplomacy roll off on that for him to easily give it up]
Skip Scheyer: [if need be]
Treassa: [would it be matching diplomacy rolls or what would i roll versus diplomacy?]
Randy P: [Sense Motive]
Treassa: [better roll it]
Skip Scheyer: 15
6 3 = 24
Treassa: 17
3=20, you beat me.
Treassa: Koby will weigh his options on studying the sceptor. He hesitantly opens the haversack and hands over the sceptor. If you peer close enogh, you may see sadness and maybe even a close tear.
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho stretches out a claw,“the scepter is not a good thing to own.”
Treassa: [sob]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho takes the scepter and places a hand on his shoulder," you have done the right thing. You will feel a lot better and will be a lot safer"
Randy P: The eyes of the scepter glow brightly in Dreigho’s claws. A raspy female voice shrieks into his mind, “Son of Bahamut, I will take great pleasure in slaughtering you as you did my best servant.”
Skip Scheyer: [can this thing be destroyed? What can i do with this now?]
Treassa: Koby will nod his head, gaze lingering on the sceptor. He abruptly turns around and stuffs the rest of the stuff in his haversack until they could decide what to do with it. Other things needed attention.
Randy P: [it’s a minor artifact, short of tossing it into Mt. Doom, no.]
Richard Folk: [Yeah, lets go to Mount Doom!]
Treassa: [shoulda had maahes take it with him to never never land]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho laughs maniacally, “you can certainly try, but I don’t believe that you will find it too easy to do. If that wyrmling was your best servant you have fallen far”
Randy P: The haversack is filled with treasure.
Treassa: [take it out of circulation]
Zethallon: [OK folks, I need to head out. Randy, thank you again for running this campaign and appreciate the work that you put into it. After folks dish out the final loot and XP, please email me a copy of your character sheets or add it to the RHoD Obsidian Portal site.]
Zethallon: [Once I figure out where everyone is on levels, we’ll plan the next adventure but may be a few weeks.]
Randy P: [OK, Gary. I will post a loot update about what Koby found in the haverack tomorrow]
Treassa: [let me know if there was anything on list you wanted later]
Randy P: [you all missed the main treasure room, so I’ll include all of that loot in the haversack]
Treassa: [awesome!]
Zethallon: [Since I won’t be playing Hemon anymore, the group has first dibs. Wow, Randy is the man.]
Skip Scheyer: [cool!]
Richard Folk: Great time with this adventure, wish that we could do in in person over a table top.
haweemoo: [was fun..thanks a lot]
Richard Folk: Thank You Randy.
Zethallon: [Night all — be safe!]
Treassa: [nite]
Skip Scheyer: [night!]
Randy P: {Yes, it probably would have ended a lot sooner if we’d been in person]
Randy P: [Goodnight all, and you’re very welcome!]
Zethallon has left the conference.

Richard Folk: Good Night all!
Richard Folk has left the conference.

Skip Scheyer: [did you give exp?]
haweemoo: good night all.. was a great time
Treassa has left the conference.

Randy P: [everyone gains 5,120 XP for defeating Azaar Kul]
Skip Scheyer: good night! Look forward to seeing you next time!!
Skip Scheyer has left the conference.

Randy P: Thanks, you too!
Randy P: I’ll be playing Marvolo Melairkin, my dwarf cleric
Randy P: Goodnight Joe!



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