Red Hand of Doom

Session 83

haweemoo has joined the conference.

Richard Folk has joined the conference.

haweemoo: hhello
Randy P: Grrr.
Randy P: Still no sound
Randy P: And I can’t invite Treassa because she’s on her cellphone
Randy P: (the Invite to Conference option is grayed-out)
Richard Folk: She says that she is “mobile”
Richard Folk: Ahw ia currently trying to install Yahoo messenger pro to improve her chances
Randy P: Right, but apparently Yahoo Conference doesn’t want to work with her cellphone
Randy P: Ok
Richard Folk: She is on her tablet, not her cell phone
Randy P: Ok. what’s wrong with her computer?
Richard Folk: She is not at home.
Randy P: Ahhhh. That explains a lot.
Randy P: So how are you two doing? Other than the dechnical tifficulties?
Richard Folk: She is waiting for it to install. She has hung up the phone. She will call me back if anything comes up.
Randy P: ok
Randy P: thanks
haweemoo: ok i guess.. sounds like tonight is jinxed
Randy P: I’m starting to agree
Richard Folk: I’m doing middlin, I guess. It got cold up here, my thermostat is set at 64 degrees and the furnace has just come on.
Randy P: Yes, it’s cold down here too
Zethallon has joined the conference.

Randy P: Hi Gary
Randy P: we’re soundless atm
Zethallon: Sorry for being so late.
Randy P: s’ok
Zethallon: Thank you Dick
Richard Folk: Darn Caps lock button
Randy P: Treassa is trying to install Yahoo Messenger Pro on her tablet. She isn’t at home tonight
Zethallon: Ah
Randy P: Lots of gremlins in the system tonight
Richard Folk: Haveing no sound is really going to suck.
Zethallon: We will get by
haweemoo: let slade at them little gremlins.. dont think hes killed any in a long time
Randy P: I wonder if I can “Fonzie” Yahoo into making the sound to work…
Randy P: beats on Yahoo
Richard Folk: There was a 9 file upgrade to Windows last night, I wonder if it changed anything
Randy P: probably so
Randy P: Yahoo tends to be a day or two behind the times on upgrading their software
Richard Folk: Curses to Yahoo!
Randy P: I still can’t invite Treassa. The “Invite to Conference” option is grayed-out.
Randy P: Shall we cancel for tonight?
Treassa has joined the conference.

Randy P: Oh there she is
Zethallon: Well, one problem licked…
Richard Folk: Neat
Randy P: That’s bizarre…
Treassa: [grrr fpr yahoo messenger on tablet!]
Randy P: Yay, you’re here!
Treassa: [my friend is letting me use her computer instead]
Randy P: Sorry, but there is no sound
Treassa: don’t have mic anyway
Randy P: Ok, shall we get underway?
Richard Folk: Might as well try
Treassa: sounds good, get to fight off to cats at friend’s house!
Randy P: When last we met, you had just killed 5 wyverns in the Grand Temple of Tiamat.
Randy P: What do you do next?
Treassa: Koby will use the Greshk artifact to further pinpoint bad guys position
Zethallon: Hemon will stand guard in case any wandering guards investigate. Dreigho will take a look around the room.
Randy P:
[ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Randy P: The arrow points to the northwest section of wall behind the altar.
Randy P: [Koby, roll Perception]
Richard Folk: Corbus moves to paoition H-5 and will search for traps at that spot
Treassa: 10+10=20 on perc
Randy P: [Roll Perc, Corbus]
Richard Folk: The good thing about no sound is that you don’t have to listen to me cuss when I have a bad die roll. I rolled “1”
Randy P: [heh, ok]
Randy P: Koby locates what appears to be the seam of a secret door (around L,13)
Richard Folk: Confident that it is safe Corbus will move north to H-9 and search for traps again.
Randy P: [roll again]
Treassa: Koby will trust Corbus to check for traps
Richard Folk: Made up fo it this time. Corbus Perc roll 19 + 12 = 31
Randy P: Corbus finds no traps, but does discover the mechanism for opening the secret door….
Richard Folk: If all is well Corbus will search for a secrete door.
Richard Folk: lol, I’m too slow
Randy P: He presses one of the dragon’s eyes on the left statue and an audible ‘click’ is heard as the secret door moves outward a few inches.
Richard Folk: Corbus celebrates,“Hey team, over here, a secrete door!”
Treassa: Koby will activate invisibility ring
Randy P: A dusty, cold dark hallway opens up to Corbus’ nimble fingers. Koby stands beside and watches his excitement, thinking to himself, “Hey I found that door!”
Richard Folk: Corbus will remain visible for the time being.
Zethallon: Both Hemon and Dreigho will pat Corbus on the back for a job well done.
haweemoo: slade goves over to secret door.
Zethallon: [Sorry, thought he was visable]
haweemoo: trust you to poke a dragon in the eye to gt it to do what you want..slade smiles
Richard Folk: Corbus concedes,“I wouldn’t have looked if it wasn’t for you, Kobu.”
Richard Folk: Koby
Randy P: The door swings open wide, allowing the group inside. It smells musty inside.
Richard Folk: [Corbus is visible]
Randy P: Koby turns invisible
Randy P: [ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Richard Folk: [How far can we see into the dark passage?]
Randy P: About 30’
Randy P: Give me a marching order, if you’re entering the passageway
Richard Folk: [Do we hear any sounds or other noises?]
Randy P: [everyone roll Perception]
Richard Folk: Drat, back to bad rolls, Corbus perc roll 4 + 10 = 14
haweemoo: 18+8=26
haweemoo: twards the front or front.
Zethallon: Hemon: 12+7=19 and Dreigho: 6+15=21 perception checks
Richard Folk: [I’m glad that somebody has their perception up and running]
Treassa: Koby 1+10=11 nat 1
Zethallon: Dreigho will stay up front with Slade. Hemon will follow Dreigho
Richard Folk: [happen to you too, Treassa]
Treassa: Koby will keep to the middle if possible with his invisibility
Treassa: [yep]
Randy P: Slade and Dreigho hear something very faint in the far distance… a rhythmic clanging noise
Richard Folk: Corbus will prepare his composite longbow
Randy P: [who is in front? Corbus or Slade or ?]
Richard Folk: [If you want Corbus to search for traps, he will lead. If you are in a hurry then proceed forwards.]
Randy P: [Roll another Perception check, Corbus… for traps]
haweemoo: slade will follow so we can go slowly??
Richard Folk: Fudge! Corbus perc roll 2 + 12 = 14
Richard Folk: [I’ve rolled a 1, a 2, a 4, and a 19. Some distribution huh?]
Randy P: Corbus doesn’t locate any traps, and eventually emerges from the side passage, which opens into a cavern….
Randy P: The air in this large cavern is cold and smells musty. Thick carpets of pallid fungus grow around the stalagmites that cover the floor of this cave, and razor-sharp stalacitites hang from the ceiling above. The cave’s floor has three tiers, each rising five feet above the one before it. The ceiling slopes upward to the north as well, never reaching a height of more than twenty feet. To the far north, a fifteen-foot-wide passageway continues north.

Randy P: To the south, a massive, irregular pit yawns into nothingness. A lone iron ladder runs down the southwest edge of the pit, leading down into darkness. A dim reddish-yellow light flickers from the base of the pit as the many rhythmic clangs of metal-on-metal ring up from below. Steam billows up from the pit and marks a stark contrast to the chill of the cavern.

Randy P: [lol, it’s ok Dick]
Zethallon: Hemon: “Which way is it point, Koby?”
Randy P: The arrow pivots to the northeast.
Randy P: [everyone make a Stealth check]
Treassa: Koby will check the device and direct Hemon the way it points trying to stay invisible
Richard Folk: [Corbus wants to make a Dungeoneering Check to see if he recognizes anything dangerous in the cave.]
Treassa: 2+5=7 stealth
Richard Folk: Corbus Stealth roll 9 + 18 = 27
Zethallon: Hemon: 11-5=6 for Stealth; Dreigho: 11+3=14
haweemoo: 12+10=22 stealth
Richard Folk: Corbus Dungeoneering roll 7 + 6 = 13
Richard Folk: [I wish that we had sound, this isn’t as fun without voice]
Randy P: Corbus knows that there are certain creatures in the deep places of the world that can mimick stone and resemble stalactites and stalagmites…. Just as he puts a name to that creature, long, thick stony tentacles shoot out from the rear of the north cavern!
haweemoo: i know.. voice so much better
Randy P: [what is everyone’s Touch AC?]
Treassa: 13
Richard Folk: Corbus touch AC is 16
haweemoo: touch ac is 16
Zethallon: [Hemon is 13 but have to figure Dreigho’s out as he doesn’t have it on his sheet.]
Zethallon: Dreigho is 13 also
Randy P: Slade and Hemon are touched by the tentacles!
Randy P: [make me a Fort save, you two]
Richard Folk: [yikes!]
Zethallon: Hemon: 14+11=25
haweemoo: 14+11=25
Randy P: Hemon feels a numbing sensation, but manages to shake it off. Slade does likewise.
Randy P: What are Hemon and Slade’s CMD ?
haweemoo: [looks like we using the same dice )) ]
Randy P: [I’m pretty sure a 33 and a 40 beat whatever it is]
haweemoo: cm defense??
haweemoo: is that cmd?
Zethallon: [Doesn’t matter with those rolls — it beats mine by a mile.]
Randy P: [yes, Joe, Base attack bonus + 10 + Strength mod + Dex mod and -1 for small size]
Randy P: Slade and Hemon are grappled by two of the six tentacles!
Randy P: [everyone roll Initiative]
haweemoo: [its on the sheet as cm defense not cmd thats why i asked]
Treassa: Koby 3+7=10 init
Zethallon: Hemon: 14+1=15; Dreigho: 10+7=17
Richard Folk: Corbus Init Roll 15 + 5 = 20
haweemoo: 8+7=15
Randy P: [ ]
Randy P: [ ]
Randy P: [weird]
Randy P: [ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Randy P: [finally]
Randy P: Slade and Hemon are reeled towards a gigantic slathering mouth filled with needle-like teeth…
Randy P: [They’ll get bitten next round unless they can escape]
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will draw his moon blade dagger and attempt to saw the tentacle that is holding Hemon.
Randy P: [make an attack on the tentacle]
haweemoo: slade always has his sword out ))
Richard Folk: Corbus attack roll 4 + 12 = 16 [More bad dice rolling]
Richard Folk: [I cussed that time]
Randy P: Corbus tries to slash the tentacle and misses as it slips past him and is reeled into the central 9’ tall stalagmite body…
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Zethallon: Dreigho moves to N,20 and uses his breath weapon upon the creature.
Randy P: Electricity arcs from Dreigho’s mouth over the creature’s body, but it seems immune to the effects
Zethallon: [Eh, worth a shot]
Richard Folk: [Eeew!]
Richard Folk: [Sounded good to me]
Randy P: [Slade, roll your CMB to try to escape, or slash at it with your sword. The tentacle has you by the waist, but hasn’t pinned your arms yet.]
haweemoo: 20+13=33 [nat 20]
Randy P: Slade hacks off the tentacle that holds him and flops to the ground at L,24
Randy P: [you can use a move action to stand up]
haweemoo: [not much difference in height is there LOL[
Randy P: [Hemon]
haweemoo: [yea stand up]
Zethallon: Hemon is going to cast Enlarge Person upon himself and attempt to try to break the grab.
Randy P: Slade stands up.
Randy P: The tentacle has Hemon by the waist as well, but hasn’t pinned his arms yet. The priest of Anhur casts his spell and doubles in size!
Randy P: [reroll your CMB, add increased STR and 1 for size increment]
Zethallon: Hemon: 17
12=29 for CMB (str and size included)
Randy P: The combination in added size and strength causes the Roper to lose its hold on Hemon and he drops to the ground!
Randy P: [you can also use your Move action to stand up]
Zethallon: [Horray for a domain spell that rarely gets used] I shall and bring my sword up to defend myself.
Treassa: [yay]
Randy P: [enlarged Hemon now occupies N22,O21]
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will cast magic missile at the creature, thus becoming visible again
Randy P: [ok, make a caster level check and add 2 for Spell Penetration. This beastie has SR]
Treassa: [what else do i add?]
Randy P: [10 + level + INT bonus + 2]
Treassa: 10
Richard Folk: [I thought thast is was d20 + level + Int Bonus]
Randy P: The creature murmurs something in Undercommon… “Food that fights back, this will be fun…”
Richard Folk: [I might still be playing version 3.5]
Randy P: [Dick is right, total = 17]
Randy P: Koby’s spell fizzles on the creature’s stony hide
haweemoo: yea i need a new roper belt slade mumbles
Randy P: [Round 2]
Randy P: The Roper lashes out with all six tentacles again… (although the one that held Slade is considerably shorter now)
Richard Folk: [lol]
Richard Folk: [going afk for a soda pop, brb]
Randy P: Two tentacles lash around enlarged Hemon….
Richard Folk: [back]
Randy P: Slade is lashed by a different tentacle, as is Koby. Corbus narrowly evades the shortest of the tentacles. Dreigho is standing behind giant-Hemon, so is momentarily not a target.
Randy P: [Hemon, make two Fort saves. Slade & Koby, make one Fort save apiece]
Zethallon: Hemon: 10+11=21; 16+11=27
haweemoo: 15+11=26
Treassa: 9+5=14
Randy P: Hemon feels his newfound Strength fade as the coldness of one of the tentacles wraps around his ankle. The other tentacle wraps around his waist. [-4 Strength]
Randy P: Slade makes his Fort save. Koby is numbed by the tentacle which grabs him by the left arm [-2 Strength]
Randy P: Slade is drug towards the mouth again…
Randy P: [Corbus]
Randy P: Koby is pulled towards the salivating orrifice with gnashing teeth!
Richard Folk: Corbus will attempt to saw through the tentacle that has grasped Koby.
Richard Folk: Corbus Att Roll 18 + 12 = 30
Randy P: Hemon is yanked slowly forward 5’. His larger mass is harder to reel in.
Randy P: Corbus hacks away the tentacle that held Koby and the erstwhile wizard is once again free
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Zethallon: Dreigho will move to Hemon’s right and attempt to attack one of the tentacles holding him.
Zethallon: O,23
Zethallon: Dreigho: 15+12=27 to attack with morningstar
Randy P: Dreigho bashes the tentacle around Hemon’s huge ankle and it releases its grip from pain
Randy P: [Slade]
Randy P: Slade is 5’ from the creature’s mouth!
Randy P: [M,25]
haweemoo: attack the tentacle
Randy P: Slade is held around the waist once more.
Randy P: [roll attack]
haweemoo: [only one attack right.?]
Randy P: [you can roll twice, but you get the feeling that damaging the tentacles doesn’t amount to much collateral damamge against the creature overall.
Randy P: [Your close enough that you can either attack the tentacle or attack the body.]
Richard Folk: [I just heard that it is going down to 43 degrees over night up here]
haweemoo: 17+18=35 [crit come in effect here?]
Randy P: [are you attacking the tentacle or the body?]
haweemoo: body
Randy P: [yes, roll to confirm crit]
haweemoo: 20+18=38
Randy P: [confirms]
Randy P: [what’s your max damamge for one hit? ]
haweemoo: 1d6+9
Randy P: [so 30 damage then]
Randy P: [Hemon]
Randy P: The creature roars angrily as Slade hacks off the tentacle holding him at the joint where it connects to the conical body.
Zethallon: Since it moved me 5 ft closer, I’m 10 ft away and in melee range with new size. I use a full attack on the creature’s body.
Randy P: [actually, you’re adjacent to it now]
Zethallon: [Still attacking]
Randy P: [roll your full attack]
Zethallon: 16+12=28; 4+7=11
Randy P: First attack hits
Zethallon: 6+7+7=20 points of slashing damage.
Zethallon: “You picked the wrong meal today.”
Richard Folk: [lol]
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Really ticked off, Koby will cast magic missile again
Randy P: [make your caster level check]
Treassa: 15+10+5+2=32
Randy P: [roll your mm damage]
Treassa: 22 points
Randy P: [Round 3]
Richard Folk: [Wow, 3 rounds. maybe silence works for a faster game]
Randy P: The Roper bites Slade for 32 damage!
Richard Folk: [OUCH!]
Randy P: It also lashes out with its 4.5 tentacles…
Randy P: It tags Hemon twice and Dreigho twice…
Randy P: [make two Fort saves apiece]
Zethallon: 19+11=30; secondroll is a natural one.
Zethallon: Hemon
Randy P: It grapples Dreigho, but can’t get a grip on Hemon
Zethallon: Dreigho: 3+11=14; 4+11=15
Randy P: Hemon is sapped for 1 more Strength. Dreigho is sapped for 6 Strength.
Randy P: [Corbus]
Randy P: Dreigho is grappled around the waist.
Richard Folk: Corbus will move to rescue Dreigho and attempt to saw the tentacle
Richard Folk: Corbus att roll 7 + 12 = 19
Randy P: Corbus slashes at the tentacle, but can’t sever its stony embrace
Richard Folk: [Fudge]
Randy P: [tentacle AC = 20]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Richard Folk: [Close…but no cigar]
Zethallon: [How close is Dreigho to the creature?]
Randy P: Dreigho is dragged adjacent to the creature, and ironically is now in flanking position opposite Slade
Zethallon: Dreigho will use a full attack against its body.
Randy P: [P,25]
Randy P: [ok]
Zethallon: Dreigho: 12+12-3+2=23; 3+7-3+2=9
Randy P: Both swings miss
Randy P: [Slade]
Richard Folk: [Ooof!]
haweemoo: full attack..
haweemoo: 10+18=28 19+13=32
Richard Folk: [Kick some butt Slade!]
Randy P: Both hit, the 2nd possibly crits
haweemoo: 16+13=29 on confirmation on second.
Randy P: The 2nd crits for 30 damage
Randy P: [roll normal damage for first hit]
haweemoo: 4+9=13
Randy P: The creature shrieks in agony as Slade lops off a chunk of its cone.
Randy P: [43 total]
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon continues to use full attack. Rolls inc…
Zethallon: 12+12-1=23; 17+7-1=23
Randy P: Both swings miss
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Will cast scorching ray at creature
Randy P: [good choice]
Randy P: [make your ranged touch attack]
Randy P: [for each ray]
Treassa: 18+5=23
Treassa: 13+5=18
Randy P: Both hit
Randy P: roll damage
Treassa: first ray 18 dmg and second 16 dmg
Randy P: [34 x1.5 = 51 damage total]
Randy P: [it’s vulnerable to fire]
Treassa: [yay]
Randy P: Koby blasts it with two sizzling rays and kills it!
Richard Folk: [ Oh, that explains the bonus damage ]
Randy P: Dreigho is dropped
Zethallon: afk for a few minutes
Randy P: The rhymtic clanging is much louder the nearer you are to the chasm in the south.
Randy P: [rhythmic
Randy P: [everyone roll Perception]
Richard Folk: Corbus Perception Roll 15 + 10 = 25
Treassa: 12+10=22
haweemoo: 13+8=21
Randy P: Everyone hears the sound of chanting coming from the large hallway to the northeast.
Randy P: [what do you do?]
Richard Folk: Corbus will look towards the North East, Is there anybody in view?
Randy P: [Are you invisible, Corbus?]
Richard Folk: No, Corbus is visible
Zethallon: [Back] Hemon will suggest to the party that those that aren’t stealthy to stay far back for healing.
Randy P: You don’t see anyone near the southern mouth of the northeast hallway. The chanting seems distant, but is certainly coming from farther down that hall.
Treassa: Koby could use some healing
Randy P: The numbness that stole away your Strength slowly fades and your might returns.
Zethallon: [I have no lesser restoration spells left so can only provide healing — hit point counts?]
Richard Folk: Good, I thought that the clamor of our fight here had drawn attention ffor other foes.
Randy P: [restore your Strength to normal]
Richard Folk: Corbus is un-hurt
Randy P: [how long does Enlarge Person last?]
Randy P: [1 min/level]
Richard Folk: [Is this monster slain ?]
Zethallon: [Minute per level ]
Randy P: [yes, Koby fried it]
Richard Folk: [Oh, I didn’t realize that it was dead, Sorry]
Randy P: The cavern is otherwise quiet.
Zethallon: [Koby and Slade — how many hit points are you down?]
Treassa: i think like 33
Richard Folk: Corbus will begin to move quietly towards the North East hall way in order to peek around the corner, still visible so that my friends know where he is going.
Zethallon: Dreigho will search around the body of the creature to see if anything is round.
Randy P: [might want to use the Staff of Life to Heal them both]
Zethallon: I will use charges from wand
Zethallon: 4 charges of cure light wounds to Koby…
Randy P: Dreigho finds a small pile of treasure behind the stalagmite trunk.
haweemoo: down 32
haweemoo: 79 of 111
Richard Folk: Corbus Stealth Roll is 3 + 18 = 21 [Back to bad dice rolls]
Zethallon: 3+2+8+7+4=24
Zethallon: 4 charges to Slade as well…
Zethallon: 6+7+1+5+4=23 back for Slade.
Zethallon: Dreigoh will inspect it further…
haweemoo: thanks
Randy P: Admidst a stash of coins and jewelry, Dreigho finds a small sword and scabbard and a leather potions belt containing four potion bottles.
Randy P: Corbus, are you near the southern end of the hallway?
Randy P: nm
Randy P: just read what you posted
Richard Folk: [OK]
Randy P: Corbus looks down the hallway and sees the following…
Randy P: This circular chamber is dominated by a three-tiered circular platform. Five sinuous stone dragon necks arc up from around the second tier, their heads turned upward to aim open maws at a pulsating hemisphere set in the ceiling above. Within each of the dragon’s jaws glows a brilliant sphere of rapidly pulsating light, shifting from white to red to green to blue to black. The ceiling in this area rises to a thirty-foot high dome. An alcove to the north houses a ten-foot-wide shaft leading up through the ceiling.

Start Photo Sharing
Randy P: Atop the platform stand 7 figures cloaked and cowled. They chant solemnly and seem to be lost in thought.
Randy P: [Corbus, make a Perception roll]
Treassa: [hey guys, my friend needs to go to bed here. gotta get going, will check the post later, have to lightning bolts if anyone needs to use it]
Treassa has left the conference.

Randy P: [make two Spellcraft rolls first, Koby]
Richard Folk: Perception roll 11 + 10 = 21
Randy P: [crap]
Richard Folk: [Maybe we should break here]
Randy P: [ok]
Zethallon: May be a good choice as it’s 11 already.
Randy P: Corbus notices two shadowy forms lurching along the ceiling towards his direction.
Zethallon: How much xp for the roper (and wyverns for that matter)?
Richard Folk: [Nest game night on Sept. 29 ?]
Richard Folk: [Corbus thinks “Oh Crap!”]
Randy P: [right, 9/29]
haweemoo: [was a good game )) ]
Richard Folk: [Really neat fight !]
Randy P: [the Roper is worth 19,200 total. 3,840 per PC….]
Zethallon: Actually, checked my notes and last xp was on 7/28. Eeek.
Randy P: I’ll append the rest of the XP to this log
Randy P: Hemon, make me two spellcraft checks
Zethallon: Rolls inc…
Richard Folk: The last Exp thast I have listed is “After the Defense of Rethmar”
Zethallon: Hemon: 18+7=25; 11+7=18 spellcraft rolls
Randy P: Hemon identifies the small sword (shortsword to anyone medium-sized, longsword for small-sized) as a +3 dragon bane weapon.
Randy P: Hemon also identifies the four vials to be potions of Fly.
Richard Folk: Neat and rather unique treasure find.
Randy P: The scabbard is magical too and grants DR 10 to fire attacks.
Zethallon: Very nice!!
Richard Folk: Even Better
Randy P: Written in elegant elven along the scabbard reads, “Herein sleeps Dernwyn, the Wyrm Foe.”
Richard Folk: Whereas Corbus can use the shortsword, I think that 1 of our 2 Fighters would be a better choice to weild it.
Randy P: Do you draw the blade?
Richard Folk: It is not in my possession.
Zethallon: [Wouldn’t Hemon have had to for identifying it? Heheh]
Zethallon: [JK, ignore that last comment]
Randy P: [I will tally the XP for the blue dragon, two blue abishais, 6 lemures, 5 wyverns, and 1 roper]
Randy P: Hemon notices that speaking the name “Dernwyn,” causes the blade to be sheathed in flame.
haweemoo: [i think slade got a partrid peeeeeeear tree too]
haweemoo: partridge in a pear tree
Zethallon: Hemon, “Tis a wonderful blade.” He offers it to Slade or the nearest party member who wished to claim it.
Randy P: [Ok, we can stop here for the night]
Zethallon: [Cool, thanks for running the game Randy. I know that it was challenging at the beginning.]
Randy P: [no problem, I just hope the audio works in 2 weeks time]
haweemoo: [was real good )) ]
Zethallon: [Agreed, it was different not having it tonight]
Zethallon: [Night all — be safe!]
Richard Folk: I’m going to send an e-mail of complaint to Yahoo tomorrow. Then they will tell me that it is “User Error”]
Zethallon has left the conference.

haweemoo: [get those gremlins..hunt them down]
Randy P: [ok ]

TOTAL XP since you entered the Fane of Tiamat = 11,200 per PC



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