Red Hand of Doom

Session 81

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haweemoo: hello everyone
Randy P: hello
haweemoo: yes treassa
Zethallon: I cannot hear anyone. Are you talking?
Richard Folk: nOPE, NOT YET
Richard Folk: I just heard somebody
Randy P: I tried talking
Zethallon: Getting odd behavior from netbook. Going to reboot
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haweemoo: hi skip
Skip Scheyer: hello
Treassa: hello skip
Randy P: Hey Skip
Skip Scheyer: Captain America?
Skip Scheyer: great flick!
Treassa: yes
Randy P: we’re waiting on Gary — he’s having computer problems
Skip Scheyer: i thought it was the best ‘superhero’ movie so far. better than green lantern and light years above Thor
Richard Folk: I really liked Thor.
Skip Scheyer: thor was okay… it just needed more action…it was an origin movie
Randy P: I liked Thor
Randy P: STill haven’t seen Green Lantern
Richard Folk: I wasn’t interested in seeing Green Lantern
Randy P: [ ]

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Skip Scheyer: LOL that would be awesome if he did!
Randy P: [Round 8]
Randy P: The blue dragon Tyrgarun is currently minus both hands and just breathed lightning at Slade and Hemon, rendering them both unconscious and near death. The dragon is hovering 80’ in the air.
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [80’? (ugh… beer nasty) – silly question.. what happens to the carpet, should i get off it?]
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Skip Scheyer: [hey Gary!]
Randy P: [it flies back to you]
Skip Scheyer: [so, it’s kind of like the returning dagger?]
Randy P: [yep, once it’s active it tries to stay under its commander’s butt]
Skip Scheyer: [new silly question… how big is the dragon?]
Randy P: [large — about 15’ tall and 20’ long]
Skip Scheyer: [i missed that… it’s doing what?]
Randy P: The dragon is currently gloating over the two limp bodies that it just electrocuted with its breath weapon.
Randy P: [ ]

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Skip Scheyer: [okay… really bonkers of an idea… can i mount up and fly to the dragon and try to jump on his back?]
haweemoo: [stupid gecko )) ]
Zethallon: [Skip, your current hps are at 99 and you have not used any of your healing ability. ]
Randy P: [sure, roll Fly or Ride]
Skip Scheyer: Fly 13 + 9 = 22
Randy P: Dreigho hops on his flying carpet and zooms skyward towards the dragon…
Skip Scheyer: [nice! you are a very kind DM, he says that after he just killed two more players]
Skip Scheyer: [LOL]
Skip Scheyer: [it’s called taunting!]
Randy P: [Make an Acrobatics roll to try to leap onto the dragon’s back]
haweemoo: [and to get to laND]
Skip Scheyer: [i got the agile bp, right?]
Randy P: [yes]
Skip Scheyer: [cool… two more points. 15+10 = 25]
Randy P: Dreigho lands firmly on the back of the dragon!
Skip Scheyer: [can i retro getting out my rope?]
Randy P: [no, you’ve used two standard actions]
Skip Scheyer: [bummer… okay]
Randy P: The dragon roars angrily and spins skyward, trying to knock you off of him…
Randy P: [what is Dre’s CMD?]
Skip Scheyer: [um… sorry… in english?]
Skip Scheyer: [what’s a CMD?]
Randy P: [Combat Maneuver Defense … Base Attack Bonus + Strength mod + Dex mod + 10]
Skip Scheyer: 7+3+3+10 = 23
Skip Scheyer: [get any bonuses for doing it against a dragon?]
Randy P: The dragon’s spinning causes Dreigho to fall!
Randy P: The flying carpet zooms under Dreigho and catches him mid-fall
Skip Scheyer: [YAY Carpet!!]
Skip Scheyer: [any make an Alladin joke, they will be last healed]
haweemoo: [ally baba]
Randy P: The dragon flies towards the opening of the blue dragon maw located in the gigantic sculpture of Tiamat… it looks like he’s fleeing
Richard Folk: [Ali BlabBlaba]
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will activate his Ring of Invisibility, and take a double move to get to M-3. End of turn.
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will move to y3 and hold action
Skip Scheyer: [afk for a moment]
Treassa: Koby will move to r3 instead
Skip Scheyer: [back]
Randy P: [Round 9]
Randy P: [Dreigho
Skip Scheyer: [what is the dragon doing? and where is he in relation to me?]
Randy P: The dragon is fleeing back into the open maw of the giant Tiamat sculpture from whence it came.
Randy P: He’s 50’ over the double doors
Skip Scheyer: [not so much a lasso, but a bridle..bridel? bridal..whatever it’s spelled]
haweemoo: [some one needs to give it a hand]
Randy P: Dreigho was 40’ over the ground when the carpet caught him
Randy P: So the dragon is 10’ above Dreigho at the moment
Skip Scheyer: [can i chase and attack? either by landing on it or hurling the dagger?]
Randy P: you can hurl the dagger or chase and attack with your morningstar
Skip Scheyer: [chase with the morningstar]
haweemoo: [you should tell it that it forgot to pick up its hands.. oh sorry it pick them up )) ]
Randy P: [roll one attack]
haweemoo: [it cant pick them up]
Skip Scheyer: 10+12 = 22
haweemoo: [ask it if it needs a hand getting back in]
Skip Scheyer: [dont know if there was any buffs on last game]
Randy P: Dreigho levels the carpet and soars within reach of the dragon. He then swings his morningstar, but misses.
Skip Scheyer: [that’s fine… it’s blue so immune to my lightning, so damage works for now.]
Randy P: The dragon flies into the open maw of the five-headed sculpture of Dreigho’s nemesis
Skip Scheyer: “COWARD!”
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will move to n4 and offer any assistance
haweemoo: slade has a bunch
Treassa: Koby will give both Hemon and Slade each a cure moderate
haweemoo: 10 lt and 10 mod
haweemoo: 10 moderate and 10 light
Randy P: [roll 2d8+3 for each]
Treassa: hemon 11 hp and slade 12 hp back
Zethallon: [Thank you — Hemon is back to 7 hitpoints]
Randy P: [Corbus]
Skip Scheyer: [i thoght that any potion you drink while unconscious brought you up to 1 hp]
Richard Folk: Since
Richard Folk: slade had a bandeleer of Cure Mod Potions I will grab 1 and attempt to pour it down Slade’s throat.
Skip Scheyer: [not like the first time i was wrong.]
Randy P: [roll 2d8+3 for Corbus’ application of the potion]
Richard Folk: 8 + 3 + 3 = 14
Randy P: Slade is now at 9 HP
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: burp
haweemoo: any one got a pint so i can pour them all in?
Randy P: [roll 2d8
3 Slade]
haweemoo: i need to buy them in bulk
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon moves up to a sitting positon and surveys his companions. He uses his move action to open his handy haversack and look for an item to help him and his party.
haweemoo: 6+7+3=*16
Skip Scheyer: [sorry]
haweemoo: [maybe where its hand maidens are )) ]
Randy P: A staff tip pops up when Hemon opens the haversack
Zethallon: “It cannot be…”
Randy P: Hemon recognizes the staff to be the Staff of Life that he found in Vraath Keep. It courses with new energy. Someone (Tredora Goldenbrow) must have recharged it and put it in Hemon’s haversack while he was recuperating.
Treassa: [if they need it may be worth burning 2 charges]
Randy P: [Round 10]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [um…no. he jumped on the back to protect the group… now that the group is slightly more ambulatory, he will remain until they are active. He will look around make sure the dragon is gone, and if so, land to offer assistance]
Richard Folk: [back in a minute, going to fetch a drink]
Randy P: There is no sign of the dragon re-emerging from its hidden lair.
Randy P: [ok]
Skip Scheyer: [then he will land and offer aid]
Richard Folk: [Back…got a glass of ice water]
Randy P: [What does the rest of the group do?]
Zethallon: Hemon will use two of the charges to heal both him and Slade. (use one this round on Slade and the other on himself the next one)
Randy P: [Both Hemon and Slade are now at full HP]
Treassa: Koby will be finding Greshk’s arrow and activate it to to find the Wyrmlord. Can he hang from his neck?
haweemoo: thank you ))
Randy P: The staff glows with white light as Hemon touches it to Slade and them himself.
Richard Folk: Corbus will retrieve the Wand from the Dragon’s severed Clawed Appendage.
Randy P: Koby holds the arrow in the palm of his open hand and concentrates. The arrow points towards the massive doors of the entrance, which are currently closed (but unlocked and untrapped).
Treassa: Koby will point out to the group his intentions of finding the enemy with the arrow
Richard Folk: Corbus will give the retrieved wand to Koby saying,“Here, this wand emits Fireballs.”
Treassa: Koby will accept the wand from Corbus, “Thank you, I will put this to good use.”
Zethallon: Hemon will return the staff to the bag and make sure his wand of cure light wounds is still secured to his belt.
Richard Folk: Corbus will move over to the double doors and attempt to open the way.
Randy P: Corbus puts his shoulder into the doors and pushes with all of his might to open them.
Randy P: The doors open.
Richard Folk: Oops, Corbus forgot to retrieve his bow. Corbus will run and fetch it before moving inside the Fane.
Randy P: [do you want to take a moment a restring it?]
haweemoo: [slade knocks and says open sademe]
haweemoo: saseme
Richard Folk: Corbus thinks that there is no time like the present to make the Bow whole again.
Richard Folk: Yes, Corbus will restring the Bow.
Randy P: After a minute, the bow is restrung and ready for action again.
Richard Folk: Thank You
Randy P: The doors open into a 10′ × 40′ hallway leading to a set of stairs that go up another 10’ to another set of double-doors.
Randy P: [give me a marching order]
Treassa: Koby will stick to the middle if possible
Richard Folk: Corbus states aloud,“Allow me to check for traps and pit falls before we progress.”
Randy P: [roll Perception, Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus perception check 11 + 12 = 23
haweemoo: slade up front as far front as can be
haweemoo: slade proped the door open with one of the dragons hands.
Treassa: [lol]
haweemoo: a chair
haweemoo: [stick arm in ground and arrange fingers to form a chair]
Randy P: [ ]

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haweemoo: [first lazy-dragon chair]
Randy P: Corbus finds no traps.
Skip Scheyer: [Rogue, search for secret doors!]
Skip Scheyer:
Richard Folk: OK, Corbus will search the walls for secrete doors.
Richard Folk: Roll 10 + 10 = 20
Randy P: Corbus doesn’t find any secret doors.
Richard Folk: Corbus says, “I see nothing to slow us down, let’s get going.”
Zethallon: Hemon will take up the rear
Zethallon: Hemon will hug the right side of the hallway.
Treassa: [think staggering would be good idea
Richard Folk: Letter T formation, 2 – 1 – 1 – 1
Skip Scheyer: [Corbus, Slade, koby, hemon and dre?]
Skip Scheyer: [figure, with new area, traps and such, slade for combat… heal and squish in the middle, and another melee covers the read]
Skip Scheyer: [rear, even]
Zethallon: [Before we do that…]
Randy P: [Ok, it’s Slade-Corbus, Koby, Dreigho-Hemon]
Richard Folk: Work our way up to the next set of doors where Corbus will again search for traps.
Zethallon: Hemon will cast his spell-like ability of bless upon the party (lasts 8 minutes).
Randy P: [ok]
Treassa: Koby can cast bull strength on 3 people as well
Randy P: The party feels emboldened by Hemon’s spell
Richard Folk: Corbus Perception check 17 + 12 = 29
Zethallon: [+1 to attack rolls and +1 vs fear]
Randy P: Corbus finds no traps.
Richard Folk: Corbus will attempt to open the door.
Zethallon: [Cool Treassa - I’ll take one unless 3 others speak up]
Randy P: This rectangular room is awash in a riot of color. Five exquisitely sculpted stone dragon heads protrude from the center of the ceiling, and in each of their opened maws burns a different colored jet of fire
-blue, red, green, black, and white. The polished stone floor reflects the light and amplifies it. Iron doors to the east and west each bear the image of a red clawed hand. To the north, a double door carries the same icon. The ceiling is twenty feet high, and two balconies in the north wall overlook the room at a height of ten feet. Inside the balcony alcoves squat two blue-scaled gargoyle-like creatures which turn towards the door as it opens.

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Treassa: KOby will use scrolls on all who wish bull strength up to 3
Richard Folk: Allow Slade, Dreigho and Hemon to receive Bull Strength.
Randy P: The blues-scaled creatures look at Slade as he enters. They don’t seem to notice the invisible Corbus
Zethallon: [Slade took the belt of str 4 so he won’t get any additional benefit. Just remembered that.]
Skip Scheyer: [dre will not refuse the buff]
Randy P: One of the creatures squints at Slade, its yellow eyes narrowing. “Are you lost, gnome?”
haweemoo: no
haweemoo: actually looking to move into the area so checking out the neighbors
Skip Scheyer: [LOL]
Richard Folk: [Mega lol]
haweemoo: bad neighbors and you can never sell your place again
Randy P: The creature laughs. “Well put. You amuse me. Now leave, before my mood worsens.”
Treassa: Koby will use the arrow while verbal sparring occurs to see which direct the arrow points to the Wyrmlord
haweemoo: so what you think of the neighborhood?
Randy P: The arrow points due north.
Zethallon: [Any knowledge checks to see if we can determine the nature of the creatures before us?]
Skip Scheyer: [are we all in the room now, or just Slade and “Corbus”]
haweemoo: mind if we look around??? who decorates the place?
Randy P: “The neighborhood is about to get much bigger for my brother and I. We’re looking to expand into the Channath Vale region.”
Randy P: [just Slade and Corbus unless you say otherwise]
Randy P: “The gnome has friends,” the other creature speaks up. “Imagine that. All of you should really leave now.”
Treassa: Koby will activate his ring invisibility
haweemoo: of cours i have friends.. i am a good gnome
Treassa: will move to o14
Treassa: and do knowledge check on creatures
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will turn to Hemon and raise what used to be his eyebrows and move his head questionly towards the door and point to himself
Richard Folk: Corbus whispers,“I’m moving forward to the north doors.”
Randy P: [roll Knowledge: Planes for determing what these things are. Dreigho gets a +5 as they’re dragon-related.]
Richard Folk: Corbus will move silently, at 1/2 speed so full round to get to the north doors.
Randy P: [roll Stealth, Corbus]
Treassa: failed, rolled a 1
Zethallon: Hemon nods to Dreigho and moves behind him. Knowledge: 11
Richard Folk: Stealth roll 5 + 18 = 23
Zethallon: [=16 rather]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho says “How are the neighbors?” and walks into the room. Knowledge: 11 + 19 = 30
Randy P: The right-side creature looks towards Corbus. “Sounds like the gnome has an unseen friend… GRSHKNNNT!” and casts a spell…
Skip Scheyer: [would like to move the same time that corbus does, hopefully give him some extra cover]
haweemoo: hey who decorates the place???
Randy P: The left-side creature growls lowly at Dreigho, “A dragonborn… your presence sullies the room. I am no longer amused, gnome!”
Randy P: [these creatures are Blue Abishai devils]
Randy P: [Dreigho knows that they have Damage Reduction 10/magic or silver]
Randy P: [and are immune to fire, electricity, and poison]
Skip Scheyer: “Actually, I think i bring a little class to the room” Dreigho says with a toothy smile
Zethallon: [May I make a spellcraft roll to see what the one on the right cast?]
Randy P: The smell of brimstone precedes six POOFS as ooze-like devils manifest in front of Corbus, Slade, Dreigho, and behind Hemon!
Randy P: [roll initiative]
Zethallon: [Guess I don’t need to now…]
Treassa: 14+3=17
Zethallon: Hemon: 13+1=14
Skip Scheyer: Init: 10 + 7 + 3 = 20
Richard Folk: Corbus Init roll 6 + 5 = 11
Treassa: brb
haweemoo: 16+7=23
Skip Scheyer: afk also
Skip Scheyer: [back]
Treassa: back
Treassa: yes
Randy P: [ ]

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Randy P: [Round 1]
Skip Scheyer: [stupid question, but what is a Fane?]
Randy P: Blue Abishai (left) points to Slade and says “Fall!”
Randy P: [Slade, roll Willpower save]
haweemoo: sorry sneezing
haweemoo: 19+2=21
Randy P: Slade shakes off the sudden impulse
Randy P: The other Abishai (right) points and Dreigho and says “Fall!”
Randy P: [Dreigho, roll Willpower save]
haweemoo: hey was your moma related to a smurf(sorry but had to say it0
haweemoo: [blue guy on tv too much lately]
Randy P: [Smurfs annoy me]
haweemoo: [guys and gal actually]
Skip Scheyer: 19 + 10 = 29 (first attack roll will wiff)
haweemoo: [why you think i called him a smurf]
Randy P: Dreigho ignores the impulse to fall down
Randy P: [Slade]
Skip Scheyer: “I am sorry, but i am not really feeling tired.”
haweemoo: [can i take one step right so not hemed in on 2 sides with out a aoa]
Randy P: [yes, you can take a 5’ step without triggering an AoO
haweemoo: [dos a diag count as 5 foot or 10?]
Randy P: [the first diagonal counts as 5’]
Treassa: [how high up are the balconies?]
Randy P: [10’]
haweemoo: so if i went from m15 to L14 is 10 feet?
haweemoo: i am at m15 right?
Randy P: [yes, you are at M15. no, that would only be a 5’ step to L14]
Randy P: [knowledge: planes to anyone who is interested in what these ooze-like devils are]
haweemoo: so i can move and attack once right?
Randy P: [you can move 5’ and attack twice]
haweemoo: ok i will move and attack
Randy P: [ok, roll your attacks]
Zethallon: Hemon: 14+5=19 knowledge (planes) check
Treassa: 16+16=32 for plane check
haweemoo: 7+18=25 19+13=32
Zethallon: [Add 1 to attack rolls for bless]
haweemoo: oops sorry
haweemoo: so 26 and 33
Randy P: [Hemon knows that these are Lemures, the least of the devil-kind. They have DR 5/silver or holy.]
Randy P: [both hit, roll damage]
haweemoo: [is second a crit possible?]
Randy P: [Koby knows what Hemon knows, plus he knows that they are immune to fire and mind-influencing effects, plus they have Acid and Cold Resistance 10 each]
haweemoo: 3
9=12 6+9=15
Randy P: [yes, roll to confirm with 13]
haweemoo: 13
haweemoo: 1=27
haweemoo: [i remembered )) ]
Randy P: The lemure that Slade is facing is sliced in-half and then quarters and then eighths! It is severely dead and POOFS out of existence!
Randy P: [Dreigho]
haweemoo: [vego-slade]
Treassa: [yay]
Richard Folk: [Slade-O-matic]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will attack the one behind Hemon]
Skip Scheyer: [i presume that is more than a 5’ so i attack only once?]
haweemoo: you know this is not very neighborly.. you wont like me when i get mad
Randy P: [only a 5’ step]
Randy P: [roll full attack]
haweemoo: [ the incredble slado-hulk]
Skip Scheyer: 4 +14 + 1 = 19 and 18
9 + 1 = 28
Randy P: [both hit, roll damage]
haweemoo: [instead of turning green i turn yello and shrink some )) ]
Skip Scheyer: 5+6 3 = 14 + 55 = 10 (holy) totaling 24 pts
haweemoo: [ hey its been comic book talk tonight )) ][
Randy P: Dreigho bashes the Lemure attacking Hemon in the head and squashes it into a slightly smaller pile of goo, killing it, and it too goes POOF!
haweemoo: we came her just to sight sea and look how you treat us: The left Abishai says in a bored voice, “Kill the gnome.”
haweemoo: by the way did you know there were these 2 ugly blue hands out by your front door
slade grins
Randy P: All of the remaining lemures converge on Slade… (Corbus gets an AoO on one of the two that walk past him)
Skip Scheyer: “Such hospitality you are showing us…it’s been a long time since i played whack-an- ooze.”
Richard Folk: Corbus Aoa roll Nat 20 + 13 + 1 = 34
Richard Folk: Roll to confirm 4 + 13 + 1 = 18
haweemoo: [now you know why you guys dont let slade talk in diplomatic cases )) ]
Zethallon: [But it is amusing…]
Richard Folk: Damage roll 6 + 4 + 4 = 14 plus sneak att damage 1 + 2 + 3 = 6
haweemoo: are you 2 unics?? [sorrry spelling bad tonight]
Zethallon: [LOL]
Randy P: Slade stabs one of the lemures through the back of the head and it goes POOF
haweemoo: [slade?? ]
Zethallon: [You mean Corbus]
Randy P: Corbus stabs one of the lemures through the back of the head and it goes POOF
Randy P: [Slade, what’s your AC?]
haweemoo: 27
Richard Folk: [Corbus was using the Rapier, these guys should have had some damage reduction that applies]
Randy P: [All 3 miss]
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will move to p17 and cast shout towards balcony dc 21 fort partial and negates deafness. will become visible after.
Treassa: 19 dmg
Randy P: The right Abishai is rendered deaf!
Treassa: for 6 rounds
Treassa: [rolled 2d6]
haweemoo: [slade knows sign language] he flips it off
Treassa: [think coming in muffled for me]
haweemoo: [ now it cant hear my observations ]
Skip Scheyer: [i cannot hear anything… anyone talking?]
Richard Folk: [Is anybody else experiencing audio failoure?]
Randy P: [I’m talking]
Zethallon: [Yep, cannot hear anyone]
Richard Folk: Dick is talking
haweemoo: i cant hear anyone: [crap.]
Richard Folk: [I cannot hear anybody]
Treassa: [coming in broken for me]
Randy P: [me too]
Skip Scheyer: [cannot hear anything.]
Randy P: [want to log out and log back in, or just play silent?]
Skip Scheyer: [sorry, afk for a moment]
Richard Folk: [I have heard only isolated syllables]
Zethallon: Just play silent.
Treassa: [agree]
Randy P: [ok.]
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will take a 5’ step north to P,16 and cast protection from evil upon himself (new AC is 26). “Ignore the smaller devils…”
Zethallon: [to his party]
Treassa: [more than 5 foot]
Zethallon: Sorry, meant 20
Richard Folk: [With no sound that means that I can turn up the volume on the FM Radio]
Randy P: The lemure to the right of Slade starts to attack Hemon as he moves through his threatened area, but is unable to touch the warded Priest of Anhur.
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will inspect the double doors to the North, check for traps.
Randy P: [roll Perception]
Richard Folk: Perception roll 9 + 12 = 21
Randy P: Corbus finds no traps.
Richard Folk: [Cool]
Randy P: [Round 2]
Richard Folk: [Giong AFK to refill my water glass, back in a jiff]
Randy P: Both Abishais fly down from their perch towards Koby (O,17) and Hemon (Q,17)… the right one attacks Koby while the left one attacks Hemon…
Richard Folk: [Ooo, Danger Will Robinson]
Randy P: [what is Koby’s AC?]
Treassa: 21 ac plus whatever the prot from evil offers
Randy P: Both attack with their barbed tails, but both miss.
Zethallon: [Hemon only cast that upon himself]
Randy P: [Slade]
Treassa: [bummer ]
Zethallon: [Yes, I am a selfish son of a #$%^&]
Randy P: [bah]
Skip Scheyer: [back…sorry about that]
Randy P: [you’re one of the least selfish people I know, Gary]
Zethallon: [LOL, jk]
Randy P: [Joe – your turn]
Zethallon: [I have it as a spell-like ability from a feat that Randy let me grandfather from 3.5 Forgotten Realms suppliment. I got two more left for the day.]
haweemoo: the things still around me?
Randy P: [yep there are 3 in front and to each side of you
haweemoo: [should i ignore them ang go after big guys?? ]
Randy P: [you can, but they will get AoO if you move more than 5’]
Zethallon: [Nah, keep fighting Joe]
haweemoo: can i i attack 2?
Randy P: [yes]
Zethallon: [Dreigho can move to help out Koby easier]
haweemoo: ok i will attack 2 .
Randy P: [ok, roll it]
haweemoo: 16+18=34+1=35 7+13= 20+1=21
Randy P: [both hit]
Randy P: [roll damage]
haweemoo: 4+9=13 2+9=11
Randy P: (13-5=8 / 11-5=6)
Randy P: Both are damaged, but still standing.
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [if i caught up all the way, the two devils are on the ground now? can i move to attack one?]
Randy P: [yes]
Randy P: [the left one is the closest to you]
Skip Scheyer: [is that one attack or two?]
Randy P: [a lemure will get an AoO on you if you move past the doorway to the right to attack one of the Abishai]
Randy P: [one attack]
Skip Scheyer: [okay]
Randy P: The lemure claws at Dreigho but misses.
Skip Scheyer: [i will attack the left one] 11 + 13 1 = 25
Randy P: That hits
Randy P: [roll damage]
Skip Scheyer: 3
6+3 = 12 + 1+3 =4 (holy) = 16 total damage
Randy P: A solid blow, but it’s still up
Randy P: All 3 lemures claw at Slade, but all miss.
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will attack devil at Q17 with rod of python. With 2-handed fighting, 8+4+1=13 and 8+4+1=13
haweemoo: yes
Skip Scheyer: i can hear you… got an error message and now i can hear
Zethallon: I can hear now but put up the mic as I thought it wasn’t coming back.
Treassa: 8+6+1=15
Randy P: That misses
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will use a full attack option against the devil in front of him.
Zethallon: Hemon’s rolls: 8+14+1=23 and 13+9+1=23
Randy P: [Both hit, roll damage]
Zethallon: Hemon: 1st dmg is 4+6+9=19 and 2nd dmg is 1+4+9=14
haweemoo: [inflation ? ]
Randy P: Hemon slays the devil in two swings of Frost Maiden’s Fury
Zethallon: [Huzzah!]
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will 5’ step to flank and attack with Rapier
Richard Folk: Att roll 10 + 13 + 1 = 24
Randy P: that hits
Skip Scheyer: [also a +3 melee damage for my aura]
Richard Folk: Damage roll 4 + 4 = 8 plus sneak att damage 6 + 1 + 5 = 12
Richard Folk: net damage = 20
Randy P: Corbus Cleaves the devil in-two!
Richard Folk: less any Damage reductions
Randy P: Corbus pierces the devil through the heart
Randy P: [Round 3]
Randy P: [end of session]

Next game session is August 25th.



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