Red Hand of Doom

Session 86

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Randy P: I give up.
Randy P: Sorry folks, but it looks like we won’t have audio tonight.
Treassa: we’ll make due
Richard Folk: It’s not like we aren’t getting used to it by now
Randy P: [ ]

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Randy P: [we’ll wait until 8:15 and then we’ll resume with Round 8]
haweemoo: skip just texted and said he be a little late..
haweemoo: anyone know stats on rapier?? i wrote it down on a piece of paper but cant find it.
Richard Folk: Don’t have a clue, I didn’t keep track of anything that Corbus didn’t pick up
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Zethallon: Hola!
Randy P: it was a short sword (long sword for Slade)
Randy P: Hi Gary. We’re without audio again.
Zethallon: Awww, OK. How is everyone tonight?
Randy P: The sword Slade found was a Flame Tongue short sword. Adds +1d6 fire damage upon command. The scabbard provides DR 10 to flames.
Randy P: [ ]

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Randy P: I believe the magic bonus of the sword was 1
haweemoo: +3 flaming short sword is what i wrote down
Richard Folk: Hey Gary, tonight I’m drinking Scotch. Just bought it this week, sort of my Trick or Treat item.
Zethallon: Yay!
Randy P: ok, +3 then
Richard Folk: Ever since I finished off that Gin I’ve needed a replacement mood adjuster.
Randy P: [everyone ready to continue?]
Zethallon: [Ready]
Richard Folk: How late was Skip going to be?
Randy P: [is this Round 7 or 8?]
Randy P: [Skip said he’d be late, but still “on time” per his usual arrival time.
Randy P: [so he should be here any minute]
haweemoo: but i wrote nothing down except dragon bane besides the name and that it flames
Richard Folk: Don’t ask me what round it is, I am just one of the “We, who are about to die salute you” crowd.
Zethallon: [Round 7]
Randy P: that means it’s a +5 weapon against dragons and dragon-type creatures (like the High Wyrmlord) and deals an extra 2d6 damage against them
haweemoo: hey i dont solute i kind of just flop oto the floor when i die
Randy P: [ROUND 7]
Richard Folk: lol
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord casts a spell, prompting an AoO from Koby…
Treassa: [does it have to be melee?]
Randy P: [yes, melee]
Richard Folk: [Kick him in the *
Treassa: Koby will hit him with maximize staff.
Randy P: [ok, that’s a club for that purpose]
haweemoo: [now the important question.. can slade roast marshmellows on the sword when its flaming??]
Randy P: roll your BAB + d20 + Str bonus if any
Randy P: [yes, if you have them]
Treassa: attack is 10
Randy P: that misses
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord’s hand crackles with black fire as he reaches out and touches Koby…
Zethallon: [Spellcraft check?]
Richard Folk: [Oops!]
Randy P: Koby takes 59 points of damage
Randy P: [make a spellcraft check, Hemon]
Randy P: [and Koby if you wanna know what he hit you with]
Treassa: [ouch]
Zethallon: [8
Treassa: 18+9=27
Randy P: [The spell was “Slay Living”]
Treassa: [doing a good job of it]
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord then moves westwards to D,11
Randy P: [what’s Koby’s HP at now?]
Randy P: The HW flies to that location
Treassa: 5
Skip Scheyer has joined the conference.

Richard Folk: [Hi ya Skip]
Randy P: [ ]

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Skip Scheyer: [hi there… sorry for being late… moving extremely slow today]
Treassa: [brbg]
haweemoo: [hi skip]
Randy P: [Hi Skip. The High Wyrmlord just touched Koby and almost killed him with a “Slay Living” spell and then flew to D,11]
Skip Scheyer: [holy crap!]
Randy P: [Dreigho, it’s your turn]
Skip Scheyer: [er a unholy crap!]
Richard Folk: [Kobe was just on the receiving end af a Slay Living Spell to the tune of 59 HPs]
Skip Scheyer: can Dreigho fly over and attack him?
Treassa: [back]
Randy P: [Yes, you can declare a double move as a flying charge action since he’s in a straight line from you.]
Richard Folk: [Fly spell allows movement of 60’]
Skip Scheyer: [ok… what is a flying charge?]
Randy P: [just move to E,11 and roll one attack at a 2 bonus]
Skip Scheyer: [please don’t say the same as a charge but in the air… if you do then i will have to ask, what’s a charge?]
Skip Scheyer: [bingo! That i can do!]
Richard Folk: [lol]
Randy P: [your AC is at -2 for the rest of the round because of the charge, but that’s the extent of it]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho flies to E11 and attacks the wyrmling, 15
12+2 = 29
Zethallon: [afk a minute – diaper change]
Randy P: [that hits, roll damage]
Randy P: [waitaminute]
Randy P: [sorry that doesn’t hit. It ALMOST hits though. AC = 30]
Zethallon: [back]
Randy P: [isn’t there a Bless spell in play?]
Skip Scheyer: do we still have bless?
Zethallon: Yep, for quite awhile.
Skip Scheyer: was not sure…there was last week. =)
Randy P: [ok, then it does hit]
Randy P: [roll damage]
Skip Scheyer: 8+4=12 and 5+3 = 8 (holy) 20 total
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho sneers and says, “Silly Wyrmling”
Randy P: Koby, make a retro Willpower save
Randy P: {forgot to give him one}
Treassa: 12+9=21
Randy P: [well crap]
Randy P: [Koby only takes 20 damage from that spell]
Randy P: [It’s RETRO Night Tonight! cues disco music
Treassa: actually another 2 for 23 but will take the hp back
Treassa: [my prot from evil]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho chuckles as Koby begins to feel a lot better
Zethallon: [Good call — I put that on both you and Corbus]
Randy P: [Koby, your turn]
Treassa: Koby will cast summon monster 3, celestial constrictor at d12
Treassa: [con check?]
Treassa: [concentration that is]
Treassa: brb
Randy P: [concentration for?]
Treassa: dmg then casting
Randy P: A holy snake appears at D,12 and strikes at Azaar Kul…
Zethallon: [it only applies if you hit while casting.
Treassa: [ok]
Zethallon: [Thank goodness for that or you would have to roll a 20 for that check. Heheh.]
Treassa: [attack has one number then another in brackets]
Randy P: …and misses
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: [Sheesh!]
Randy P: [Sheesh?]
Richard Folk: Corbus will fly high over to A-11, Full move action and end of turn.
Richard Folk: [Yeah, I had trouble counting move distance witt all those diagonals]
Randy P: [ah ok]
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: [help with stats from changing sword]
Treassa: [only way to attack is if you can charge]
haweemoo: [my other is a 3 long sword for me so what i need change]
Treassa: [maybe]]
Randy P: [first, can you get to him?]
haweemoo: [fly right? i did take potion]
Randy P: [I’ll say you can charge-fly to E,12 for one attack.]
Randy P: [whatever you would roll for your +3 sword, add +2 to that as you get a total of +5 against dragon-blooded creatures]
Randy P: [add another +3 on top of that for the Bless + Charge bonus]
Randy P: [IIRC, add a total of +18]
haweemoo: [fly and one attack?
Randy P: [yes]
haweemoo: 19
18+5=42 : roll is 10 18 is my normal
Randy P: [that hits and is possibly a crit
haweemoo: 19 roll
Randy P: [roll to confirm at +18
Randy P: [I’m not sure where the extra 5 came from. The +18 was the grand total.]
haweemoo: 13
18+5=36.. and i hope with all the talk it is flaminfg if tht makes a diff
Randy P: [that would have been 31, but that still confirms
Randy P: [roll 2d6 for the bane damage]
haweemoo: [normal add on is 18 so the 5 was 2 dragon and 3 bless]
Randy P: [you deal max damage for the weapon dmg (30)]
Randy P: [ok, you still confirm regardless. Roll 1d6+2d6 for the bane damage, which isn’t multiplied
Randy P: [1d6 fire damage, 2d6 bane damage]
haweemoo: [ok never turn over a ziploc bag of dry cereal after you just un ziped it]
haweemoo: hes ugly you related to that blue dragon whos hands i cut off??
Richard Folk: [?]
Randy P: [Joe: please roll 3d6]
haweemoo: 5+3+4=12
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon concentrates on the staff again and calls upon its power to heal Koby again for 70 hps. (6 charges left)
Zethallon: He will hold his move action.
Randy P: [He took 42 damage total, but is still standing… but looks the worse for wear.]
haweemoo: did your mom get raped by a dragon or did she rape the poor dragon.. she was so uglu only way i think was she went after the poor dragon.
Randy P: [Round 8]
Richard Folk: [lol]
Zethallon: [That may come back to bite you Joe]
haweemoo: [it usually does )) ]
Randy P: Azaar Kul takes a 5’ step to C,10 and casts a spell on himself…
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Zethallon: [Spellcraft check?]
Randy P: [roll it]
Richard Folk: [I bet that he just healed himself]
Zethallon: 3+8=11 for spellcraft roll (Geez, bad start so far)
Randy P: Hemon isn’t sure what spell was cast.
Zethallon: [Dick’s probably right though — heheh]
Richard Folk: Does the Wyrmlord look “healthier”?
Randy P: no
Richard Folk: [Hmm…]
Randy P: [Dreigho, your turn]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will take a 5’ step and attack again
Randy P: Dreigho tries to move closer to the High Wyrmlord, but is prevented from doing so by an invisible barrier
Randy P: [Koby, you can try a Spellcraft check if you wish]
Treassa: spellcraft check 18+4=22
Randy P: [“Anti-Life Shell”]
Richard Folk: [Never heard of it]
Treassa: [its cool, just read up on it]
Randy P: [Core Rulebook, p.242]
Skip Scheyer: “What’s the matter? The little wyrm afraid of five living creatures. You must make Tiamat proud!”
Randy P: Azaar Kul mutters to Slade, “I’ll deal with all of you soon enough…”
Richard Folk: [yeah, reading it right now, still never heard of it before]
Randy P: [Dreigho, what do you do now that you can’t move closer to him?]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho pulls out his dagger and throws him at it.
haweemoo: after you call for help because you so weak you afraid of a gnome… you help will come and look at me and wont be able to help you for a while because the will be laughing at you so hard.
haweemoo: when you see a mouse you call for help too??
Randy P: The dagger richocets off the invisbible barrier and returns to Dreigho’s hand.
Skip Scheyer: [seriously? it’s not alive though]
Skip Scheyer: [shouldn’t it go through?]
Randy P: [Dreigho, you still have a move action. It was thrown from a living creature. No.]
Skip Scheyer: [my ‘energy’ is on the handle, so it’s living?]
Randy P: {Ok, I’ll allow ranged attacks…}
Randy P: Make your roll
Skip Scheyer: [no.. i am just asking, trying to understand]
Randy P: [go ahead — roll your attack with the thrown dagger]
Randy P: [I reread the spell and it wouldn’t edge out ranged weapons]
Skip Scheyer: 14+11+1 = 26 and 9+5 1 = 15
haweemoo: [can we hem him in so he cant move?]
Randy P: Both attacks miss. The dagger returns to Dreigho’s hand.
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: The contrictor will move to d11 and attack again
Randy P: The constrictor is a celestial, so is unaffected by the Antilife Shell.
Randy P: 12
5=17 … the snake misses
Treassa: Koby will cast create pit from scroll at c10/d9 under hobgoblin guy
Treassa: 30’ deep
Randy P: [save allowed?]
Treassa: reflex dc17
Treassa: negates on save
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord nimbly jumps to C,8 (he made his save)
Randy P: [Koby, you still have a move action]
Treassa: [can’t move w/o losing spell casting] will stay ready
Randy P: [ok]
Randy P: [Corbus]
haweemoo: you running from us.. how brave..sheeze…. you ant much of a dragon…
Richard Folk: Corbus will fly over to C-7 and fire 1 poisoned arrow at the Wyrmlord
Richard Folk: Attack roll 7 + 12 + 1 = 20
Randy P: Corbus would have to move to C,5 as the spell barrier prevents you from being closer than 10’ away.
Randy P: The arrow misses.
Randy P: [Slade]
Richard Folk: Oh, OK . Corbus will fly to C-5 and is over 30’ movement so there is no attack.
Randy P: Flight is 60’ per move action
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: can oil be sprayed on him and light him on fire?
Randy P: You can throw an oil vial at him, but lighting it on fire might be difficult to do without a wick or fuse
haweemoo: hold attack action and just try to stay close to him
Randy P: [I moved you to F,8 on the map]
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: [May I make a perception check on the status of the portal above us?]
Randy P: [certainly]
Zethallon: Hemon: 14+7=21 for peception check
Randy P: Due to the 40% drain in power, the “bubble” appears to have slowed down on its growth
Randy P: It’s only slightly larger than when the group first arrived
Zethallon: Hemon will cast magic weapon upon one end of the staff of life and hold his move action.
Randy P: [Round 9]
Randy P: Azaar Kul casts a spell on himself and some of his wounds appear to heal…
Skip Scheyer: [is there a way to counteract the antilife spell?]
Skip Scheyer: [besides range weapons?]
Randy P: [dispel magic]
Randy P: [Dreigho, your turn]
Randy P: [break enchantment]
Randy P: [either of those spells will work]
Skip Scheyer: [sadly, neither of those I have access too]
Randy P: [nope, sorry]
Richard Folk: [Either of those spells “might” work
Richard Folk: [We are doomed]
Skip Scheyer: Will hurl the dagger again…20+13 1 = 34 and 17 +8 + 1 = 26
Randy P: The first one possibly crits, roll to confirm at +14
Skip Scheyer: 18
14 = 32
Randy P: That confirms. You deal max weapon damage. Roll 2d6 for the bane damage.
haweemoo: [can we encircle him so he cant move?]
Skip Scheyer: 8 + 6+4 = 10 (holy) = 18 total
Randy P: [yes]
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will dismiss pit and aim a lightning bolt at statue is lower left corner. constrictor will move to d8 and attack again
Randy P: Roll damage from lightning bolt.
Randy P: The snake rolls 4+5=9 and misses
Treassa: 46 points
Randy P: The statue cracks! One more hit like that and you’ll probably shatter it.
Richard Folk: [Lower left hand corner? Corbus is at C-5]
Treassa: [corbus should be fine]
Randy P: Acid begins seeping out of the statue from the crack. Corbus, make a Reflex save.
Richard Folk: [Sorry that Kobe cannot see me, I’m Invisivble]
Treassa: [from lightning]
Randy P: [Corbus, make a Reflex save]
Richard Folk: Corbus ref roll 12 + 11 = 23 (prot from evil does not apply)
Randy P: Corbus evades the spattering acid
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: [Whew! Close one there]
Richard Folk: Corbus will move to E-5 and shoot 1 more poisoned awwor at the Wyrmlord
Randy P: [roll it]
Richard Folk: Attack roll (gasp) 6 + 12 + 1 = 19
Randy P: That misses.
Randy P: [Slade]
Richard Folk: [Poisoned awwows left is 6
Randy P: [ok]
Richard Folk: [poisoned arrows left is 6, sorry about the typos}
Randy P: [Slade, your turn]
haweemoo: [not sure what to do..except hold action and stay close to him.]
Randy P: [ok]
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon: “Blessed Anhur — send me your divine champion, Maahes!” [Full round action and will place it at I,13 thru I.14]
Skip Scheyer: [woot! break out the furball!]
Zethallon: He will use a free action to command Maahes to guard Koby.
Randy P: A large celestial dire lion roars into existence beside Hemon.
Randy P: The lion growls in acknowledgment and stands close to Koby
Treassa: [ty]
Randy P: [Round 10]
Randy P: Azaar Kul raises an eyebrow at the sight of the lion and raises his left hand at Hemon, making a crushing gesture…
Randy P: [Hemon, make a Willpower check]
Richard Folk: [at least its your best save]
Zethallon: Hemon: 18+14=32 (34 if fear-based)
Randy P: Hemon feels his body start to go rigid, but fights against the impulse and it slowly fades away.
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Randy P: Azaar Kul smiles at Hemon. “Your will is strong, but can it withstand that who I am about to summon here?”
Skip Scheyer: hurl the dagger again – 2+13 + 1 = 16 and 10+8 1 = 19
Randy P: Both miss
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will aim a bolt at statue in lower left corner damage 42. Constrictor will attack again using smite.
Randy P: KRAKOW!! The statue is split in-two from the 2nd lightning bolt! The greenish-black energy arcing from it shudders and fades from existence!
Richard Folk: [ 3 down }
Randy P: An enormous reptilian eye peers down into the room on the other side of the bubble for a scant moment and then the bubble vanishes in a blast of acrid smoke!
Zethallon: [Talk about the evil eye!]
Randy P: The remaining two energy arcs dwindle and die. The room is cast in utter darkness.
Richard Folk: [lol]
Randy P: The snake strikes just as the light dies, but misses. (11
haweemoo: slade pulls out a everburning torch
Randy P: [Corbus]
haweemoo: [when he can]
Randy P: Azaar Kul shouts, “NOOOOO!”
Richard Folk: [Hmm…What to do now]
Treassa: [koby silently cheers!]
haweemoo: forgot to pay the power bill huh?
Randy P: [Corbus, make me a Reflex save to avoid the energy backlash when the left-corner statue was cracked in-half]
Richard Folk: Corbus will reach into his Handy Haversack and retrieve his Everburning Tourch and drop the torch on square E-4
Richard Folk: Corbus Ref save roll (Uh Oh) 3 + 11 + 2 = 16
Richard Folk: [The 2 is from the Prot from Evil Spell]
Randy P: Corbus is burned by acid for 41 points of damage!
Treassa: [better acid than dragon]
Randy P: Corbus then performs his actions with the torch
Randy P: The room flares into a dim light in the southwest corner.
Randy P: (20’ radius)
Randy P: [Slade]
Randy P: [still holding?]
haweemoo: uncover everburning torch that hangs from his belt
haweemoo: yes hold still
Randy P: Light radiates from Slade’s belt, illuminating 20’ around him
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will make a double move to D,8. As he moves, does he still notice that silence follows him as before? [Hemon will use his darkvision to navigate]
Randy P: No, he can hear his own movements and exhalations of air.
Randy P: Whatever was silencing the room seems to have broken when the portal did.
Zethallon: Hemon will smile to himself. [End of action]
Randy P: [Hemon was diagonally across from Azaar Kul. You could charge if you wanted to.]
Zethallon: [As Koby didn’t move, Maahes may stay by him]
Zethallon: [Oh, didn’t think about that. I’ll take it if you will allow it.]
Randy P: [sure]
Zethallon: [Hoping aasimar are still considered natural outsiders in FR setting.]
Randy P: [they are]
Zethallon: Hemon: 18
9+1+2=30 (counting bless and charge). AC is now 22.
Randy P: Azaar Kul exclaims as Hemon effortlessly moves through the Antilife Shell, “How? … A Half-blood?”
Richard Folk: [And immune to the Anti-Life Spell? Has Corbus been campaigning with a non-living being?]
Randy P: [That hits, roll damage]
Zethallon: Hemon: 5+4=9 points of bludgeoning damage (using magical end of staff from magic weapon spell)
Richard Folk: [Go Hemon]
Randy P: [Round 11]
Richard Folk: [Will it take too much for a map update?]
Randy P: Azaar Kul looks worried for a moment, but then his pride overtakes him and he says calmly, “Priest to Priest then. May the better God favor her champion!”
Randy P: [sure, take 5]
Zethallon: Hemon: “So be it.”
haweemoo: so you too chicken to fight a little gnome
you sure you half dragon and not half chicken??
Randy P: [ ]

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haweemoo: how can a god look kindly on a priest thats soooooo chicken… ???
Treassa: [same map]
Randy P: Azaar Kull flies 5’ straight up and channels negative energy… [everyone make a Willpower save except for Maahes]
Richard Folk: [yeah, not too much of an update]
Treassa: 9+5+2=16
Zethallon: Hemon: 5+14=19 for will save
Randy P: Click the actual link and then refresh your browser
Randy P: [it has the same filename, so your computer may not have updated]
Richard Folk: Corbus Will save roll 10 + 5 + 2 = 17
Zethallon: [Hmmm, still looks the same.]
haweemoo: 18+2=20
Skip Scheyer: 12 + 10 = 22
Richard Folk: [I wonder why the map didn’t work the 1st time?]
Richard Folk: [It did the 2nd time]
Randy P: [ ]

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Randy P: Everyone except Dreigho takes 18 damage. Dreigho takes 9 damage.
Richard Folk: Corbus falls over, but nobody sees him fall.
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Zethallon: [I think that’s up for a perception check actually… heheh]
Randy P: [he’s wearing the Ring of Greater Invisibility]
Richard Folk: Corbus is still invisible
Zethallon: [So we don’t even hear a thud?]
Randy P: [Hemon and Slade, make a Perception check]
Zethallon: [JK, don’t answer that]
Zethallon: Hemon: 12+7=19 perception check
Richard Folk: [Don’t worry, Corbus is only at 1, that gives him 9 chances to stabilize]
haweemoo: 17+8=25 per chrck
Randy P: Hemon hears something near the everburning torch in the southwest corner fall to the ground.
Randy P: So does Slade.
Randy P: [Dreigho, your turn]
Skip Scheyer: how high does the barrier go?
Skip Scheyer: [can Dre go over it?]
Randy P: It encompasses 10’ all around him
Randy P: [no]
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord looks badly beaten.
Randy P: The celestial constrictor is near death.
Randy P: [1 hp left]
Skip Scheyer: okay… he will attack with his dagger
Randy P: [roll it]
Skip Scheyer: 18+13 = 31 and 14+9 = 23
Richard Folk: [Sorry, I forgot that in Pathfinder rules a character can go to negative his Constitution before death, that give Corbus 11 chances to stabilize, a statistical probability]
haweemoo: slade yells out corbus??
Randy P: Maahes growls in celestial, “Let me flank him. We can end his reign now!”
Randy P: Corbus doesn’t reply.
Randy P: One of Dreigho’s throws hits.
Randy P: [roll damage]
Skip Scheyer: 2+4 = 6 + 4+3 = 7 (dragon) = 13
Zethallon: Hemon: Come and let’s end his tyranny once and for all."
Skip Scheyer: [can dreigho catch a ride?]
Skip Scheyer: [he has to pass me to get in ]
Randy P: The dagger stabs Azaar Kul just below the heart! He heaves forward, barely alive.
Randy P: [Koby]
Skip Scheyer: [woot!]
Treassa: koby perc check that Hemon can now cast in room, roll of 17
Randy P: Koby notices that, yes, Hemon can cast in the room.
Treassa: Constrictor will attack and Koby will move to H8 and cast flaming sphere at Azaar dc 19 reflex negates. have to roll for SR
Treassa: nat 20+10+4=34
Randy P: Koby overcomes the High Wyrmlord’s spell resistance, but the beleaguered Wyrmlord dodges the flaming sphere….
Randy P: The nearly dead constrictor strikes and misses
Randy P: [Corbus, make a Fort save]
Richard Folk: Corbus Fort save roll 3 + 7 (2) = 10 or (12)
Randy P: Corbus stabilizes
Richard Folk: [the +2 is if Evil is the source ]
Randy P: [should have been a DC 10 Constitution check]
Randy P: [Slade]
Richard Folk: Temporarily safe.
haweemoo: [is he still protected by the sphere??]
Randy P: [yes]
haweemoo: [slade will go and try to find corbus then.
haweemoo: [to give him a heal potion]
Randy P: Slade, make a Perception check once you reach Corbus’ location]
haweemoo: 16
Randy P: Slade stumbles over Corbus’ invisible legs and follows with his hands to Corbus’ throat and then force-feeds a potion to the unconscious rogue.
haweemoo: [cure mod wounds]
Randy P: [roll 2d8+5]
Richard Folk: [Thank You]
haweemoo: 8+2+5=15
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Maahes will move toward Azaar Kul first. Then, Hemon will make a full attack action on Azaar Kul (since he only levitated 5’).
Richard Folk: Corbus’ health in now up to 14 HPs
Randy P: Corbus awakens with a spluttering start
Zethallon: [Maahes movement is 40 ft -
think a double-move will put him in flanking position.]
Randy P: Maahes does a double move on the ground to A8,B8
Randy P: [now you can attack]
Richard Folk: Corbus says,“Oww…not again.”
Zethallon: Hemon: 13+11+1+2=27 and 16+6+1+2=25 (adding bless and flank bonuses)
Randy P: Hemon swings twice, but misses.
Zethallon: [Oh, you crafty bugger…]
Richard Folk: [too bad the die rolls weren’t reversed]
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord looks consigned to his face. He drops to the ground and swings twice at Hemon with his scepter
Randy P: [What is Hemon’s AC?]
Zethallon: [ac is 24]
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord looks consigned to his FATE. He drops to the ground and swings twice at Hemon with his scepter
Randy P: [What are Hemon’s DRs?]
Zethallon: [Resist acid, cold, lightning 5; resist fire 10 (with Frost Brand or Red Dragoncrafted Full Plate);]
Randy P: Hemon shrugs off most of the energy damage from the scepter and only takes 8.
Zethallon: [Huzzah!]
Randy P: The barrier evaporates
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Randy P: [Round 12]
Randy P: [Dreigho, your turn]
Skip Scheyer: I will drop the dagger and fly over and attack with my morningstar
Randy P: [ok, make one attack]
Treassa: [is shield down?]
Randy P: [yes]
Skip Scheyer: 17+12+1 = 30
Randy P: [that hits]
Randy P: [roll damage]
Skip Scheyer: 5+4= 9 and 6+1 = 7 holy = 16 damage
Randy P: Dreigho rushes up behind Azaar Kul and plants his morningstar squarely into the High Wyrmlord’s face! Bones crack and crunch as the skull is bashed inside out!
Richard Folk: [neat description]
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord staggers and falls. His scepter drops to his side. All is suddenly still and quiet.
Skip Scheyer: YES!
Zethallon: [Somewhere, someplace… Tonya stops and asks, “Did I get blood on me?” — private joke for Skip and Randy]
Treassa: [yay]
Skip Scheyer: [LOL I love it!!!]
Randy P: [he only had 2 hp left]
Zethallon: [cheers]
Skip Scheyer: [i got a text from her on Sunday]
Richard Folk: Corbus sits up from the floor,“Duh…what did I miss?”
Randy P: Dreigho is sprayed with bluish-black blood and bits of gray matter.
Zethallon: Hemon steps past the body, kneels down next to Maahes and gives thanks to Anhur for watching over him and his group.
Randy P: Maahes roars triumphantly!
Randy P: The low rumble begins to shake the room.
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho wipes the blood from his face and offers a prayer of thanks to Bahamut
Randy P: The ground begins to quake.
Treassa: Koby will just cast detect magic and search the body
Treassa: If room going to start falling in, drag the body to the entrance to loot later
Richard Folk: [Materialistic Koby]
Treassa: magic magic magic, gotta get the magic
Zethallon: [Hahaha]
Richard Folk: [lol]
Randy P: One by one, the dragon statues shatter into an explosion of stone!
Richard Folk: Corbus ducks and winces.
Randy P: Maahes lowers his head and growls in Celestial, “Everyone take hold of my mane…”
Zethallon: Hemon: Koby, don’t suppose you have a teleport spell available?"
Zethallon: Hemon will take hold of Maahes.
Randy P: [care to interpret for the others, Hemon]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho looks around and says, " I love the sound of a destroying Fane"
Treassa: Koby will grab a hold of Maahes and try to hold onto body as well. "Not enough to save us all’
Zethallon: Hemon: “Grab ont Maahes’ mane.”
haweemoo: last fane faire ))
Richard Folk: Corbus arises and moves to follow Mahees instructions.
Randy P: A reptilian roar echoes overhead from someplace beyond time and space…
Zethallon: Hemon: “Smells like… victory.”
Richard Folk: [good pun Joe]
haweemoo: slade moves and takes hold of the mane
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will nod to Maahes, and hold onto his main
Skip Scheyer: mane
haweemoo: [nice putty tat] not said outloud ))
Randy P: Maahes looks up at the ceiling, “Something’s coming… something big.”
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho says, “Time to go!”
Randy P: Maahes glances around, making sure that everyone has ahold of his mane…
Randy P: And then the great cat closes his eyes and the room suddenly goes tops-turvy as you all teleport!
Zethallon: [Wooosh!]
Randy P: When you open your eyes, you are laying on the ground outside the Great Cathedral of Lathander in the heart of Rethmar.
Randy P: Maahes is nowhere to be seen.
Zethallon: Hemon will rise and help his comrades to their feet.
Randy P: Dreigho notes the constellations look different… in particular, the constellation of Tiamat appears to be missing.
Treassa: [still have my body?]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho stands up and looks around, and says to the air, " Thank you Maahes"
haweemoo: thank you maahes slade says out loud
Treassa: Koby wil silently send his thanks as well
Zethallon: Hemon: “Thanks to Anhur and his servant, Maahes.”
Randy P: The body of Azaar Kul begins smoldering. The ground beneath his body starts to crack and orange light shines up from the cracks…
Treassa: [anything I can grab?]
Zethallon: [Woah, his body came with us?]
Treassa: [koby wanted to loot]
Randy P: The slain form of the High Wyrmlord bursts into flame and quickly turns to ash, which seeps down into the cracks of the ground as if blown by a brimstone wind.
Treassa: [damn]
Richard Folk: Corbus says ,“That was some adventure, don’t want to go through anything like that again.”
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord’s armor and earthly possessions remain behind, but whatever physical remains of his body are nowhere to be found. The cracks in the ground stop glowing orange.
Treassa: If there is time will collect so I can examine and check them out for maguc
Treassa: can do at later time
Skip Scheyer: “We took down a wyrmling, it was a great start. Granted, he was slightly incompetent, but still an evil dragonspawn dead”
Zethallon: [I can stay up a bit as it’s the last session.]
Randy P: A deep male voice echoes in Dreigho’s mind. “She has come to Faerun. Be vigilant.”
Zethallon: Hemon nods at Dreigho’s remarks but ponders the path that they have travelled.
Randy P: [Faerun = Earth for Forgotten Realms]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho jerks his head back in surprise, but covers it with a cocky nod
Randy P: [end of session]
Zethallon: [Claps for Randy and the rest of the group.]
Skip Scheyer: [WOW! Awesome adventure!!]
Treassa: [great job Randy!]
Richard Folk: That was a very neat campaign story arc.
haweemoo: [that was great]
Randy P: [The HW’s possesions: 2 Black Dragoncraft full plate armor, +2 heavy red dragoncraft shield, Headband of Inspired Wisdom +4, Cloak of Resistance +3, Ring of Protection +2, Heward’s Handy Haversack, and a bejeweled Tiamat Headress worth 2,000 GP]
Richard Folk: So, are we to conclude that if Tiamat’s constellation is missing and Maahes had said that something big is coming that Tiamat is in our world?
Skip Scheyer: [who’s asking?]
Randy P: [The Scepter of Tiamat was left behind in the temple unless Koby grabbed that too.]
Richard Folk: Corbus poses that thought.
Randy P: [OOC to Corbus’ question: Yes, an Aspect of Tiamat has been sent through into Faerun.]
Skip Scheyer: Yes, she’s here.
Richard Folk: Corbus is going on a long vacation, lol.
Treassa: [I will leave that to you. Did I have time?]
Randy P: [you were supposed to fight that at the very end, but I allowed the group to disable the portals long enough to prevent her from coming through before Maahes Deus Ex Machina could teleport everyone to safety.]
Treassa: [ty for life would have been a tpk]
Richard Folk: Yep, we would never have survived.
Randy P: Treassa, roll a d% for me
Treassa: [78%]
Randy P: Koby notices the High Wyrmlord’s Scepter lying on the ground near his empty suit of armor.
Treassa: [yay]
Randy P: Tiny pinpoints of eerie light shine from the 5 dragon heads that grace the top of the scepter.
Treassa: Koby will stuff it in haversack if it will help shield it
Randy P: Koby stuffs the scepter into his haversack.
Richard Folk: [Ha Ha, Koby has just turned into a Tiamat magnet]
Treassa: [probably]
Randy P: When Koby touches the scepter, a raspy female voice fills his mind: “I will find you, young wizard. Very soon we shall meet.”
Richard Folk: [Well group, what is our forward program?]
Treassa: [shiver]
Skip Scheyer: I would say get the scepter of Tiamat out of Koby’s hand would be a good thing
Treassa: [hey he wants to use it and see if he can work with the magic and try to change it]
Richard Folk: Corbus says,“Shouldn’t we go inside the Temple and report what has transpired?”
Skip Scheyer: [is any of the goodies, “evil”?]
Randy P: As Hemon studies the stars overhead, he notices that the constellation of Maahes has reappeared in its proper place.
Randy P: [only the scepter is evil]
Skip Scheyer: [Dreigho would know that? or just strongly ‘feel it’?]
Zethallon: Hemon: I would suggest seeking out Lord Jaarmath but for now, let’s find an inn and get a good night’s rest.
Randy P: [just strongly feel it]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho turns to Koby, “I know you don’t want to hear this, but you really do not want that scepter”
Treassa: [may need a diplomacy roll off on that for him to easily give it up]
Skip Scheyer: [if need be]
Treassa: [would it be matching diplomacy rolls or what would i roll versus diplomacy?]
Randy P: [Sense Motive]
Treassa: [better roll it]
Skip Scheyer: 15
6 3 = 24
Treassa: 17
3=20, you beat me.
Treassa: Koby will weigh his options on studying the sceptor. He hesitantly opens the haversack and hands over the sceptor. If you peer close enogh, you may see sadness and maybe even a close tear.
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho stretches out a claw,“the scepter is not a good thing to own.”
Treassa: [sob]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho takes the scepter and places a hand on his shoulder," you have done the right thing. You will feel a lot better and will be a lot safer"
Randy P: The eyes of the scepter glow brightly in Dreigho’s claws. A raspy female voice shrieks into his mind, “Son of Bahamut, I will take great pleasure in slaughtering you as you did my best servant.”
Skip Scheyer: [can this thing be destroyed? What can i do with this now?]
Treassa: Koby will nod his head, gaze lingering on the sceptor. He abruptly turns around and stuffs the rest of the stuff in his haversack until they could decide what to do with it. Other things needed attention.
Randy P: [it’s a minor artifact, short of tossing it into Mt. Doom, no.]
Richard Folk: [Yeah, lets go to Mount Doom!]
Treassa: [shoulda had maahes take it with him to never never land]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho laughs maniacally, “you can certainly try, but I don’t believe that you will find it too easy to do. If that wyrmling was your best servant you have fallen far”
Randy P: The haversack is filled with treasure.
Treassa: [take it out of circulation]
Zethallon: [OK folks, I need to head out. Randy, thank you again for running this campaign and appreciate the work that you put into it. After folks dish out the final loot and XP, please email me a copy of your character sheets or add it to the RHoD Obsidian Portal site.]
Zethallon: [Once I figure out where everyone is on levels, we’ll plan the next adventure but may be a few weeks.]
Randy P: [OK, Gary. I will post a loot update about what Koby found in the haverack tomorrow]
Treassa: [let me know if there was anything on list you wanted later]
Randy P: [you all missed the main treasure room, so I’ll include all of that loot in the haversack]
Treassa: [awesome!]
Zethallon: [Since I won’t be playing Hemon anymore, the group has first dibs. Wow, Randy is the man.]
Skip Scheyer: [cool!]
Richard Folk: Great time with this adventure, wish that we could do in in person over a table top.
haweemoo: [was fun..thanks a lot]
Richard Folk: Thank You Randy.
Zethallon: [Night all — be safe!]
Treassa: [nite]
Skip Scheyer: [night!]
Randy P: {Yes, it probably would have ended a lot sooner if we’d been in person]
Randy P: [Goodnight all, and you’re very welcome!]
Zethallon has left the conference.

Richard Folk: Good Night all!
Richard Folk has left the conference.

Skip Scheyer: [did you give exp?]
haweemoo: good night all.. was a great time
Treassa has left the conference.

Randy P: [everyone gains 5,120 XP for defeating Azaar Kul]
Skip Scheyer: good night! Look forward to seeing you next time!!
Skip Scheyer has left the conference.

Randy P: Thanks, you too!
Randy P: I’ll be playing Marvolo Melairkin, my dwarf cleric
Randy P: Goodnight Joe!

Session 85

Richard Folk has joined the conference.

haweemoo has joined the conference.

haweemoo: hello
Zethallon has joined the conference.

Zethallon: [Hey all — muted a bit till I finish eating.]
Randy P: [no problem Gary]
Richard Folk: By the way, starting tonight a 10:00 pm on MTV
Richard Folk: Beavis and Butthead return
Randy P: lol
Zethallon: [Good lord, why?]
Richard Folk: with all new shows by the original creator
Richard Folk: You are not a fan? Shame on you.
Randy P: I hope I’m not competing against Beavis & Butthead. That would be kinda insulting.
Richard Folk: I set the DVR to record the show
Zethallon: [Bah, I’m here to game]
Randy P: excellent – no worries then
Treassa has joined the conference.

Richard Folk: I also have the World Series BB Game on the TV, but not really watching it.
Randy P: few are, from what I hear of the two teams involved
haweemoo: hi treassa ))
Treassa: [give me a minute or 2]
Randy P: [ok]
Randy P: [still waiting on Skip anywho]
Richard Folk: I used to live in St. Louis, so I am cheering for them to win.
Randy P: ah ok
Randy P: well good luck to them then
Randy P: Angry Birds are rooting for the Cards
Randy P: my step-son has an Angry Birds stuffed animal
Randy P: Someone text Skip
Randy P: (“Somebody wake up Hicks”)
Richard Folk: I just finnished watching this TV show about an 11 year old girl that was kidnapped and held till she was welll into her 20’s, giving birth to 2 children while held captive, until she was released.
Randy P: omg – that’s horrible!
Richard Folk: Potivily stunning!
Richard Folk: \Positivly Stunning and shocking that such could happen.
Skip Scheyer has joined the conference.

Randy P: [Hi Skip]
haweemoo: [hi skip]
Richard Folk: Hooray! We are all here!
Zethallon: [Welcome Skip]
Skip Scheyer: [hello! hey! I am early!]
Skip Scheyer: [for me]
Skip Scheyer: [ouch!]
Randy P: Everyone flies upward into the tunnel where the energy is collecting…
Randy P: Five brilliant geysers of crackling energy light this large room. Each of these sprays of liquescent light plume from the upturned maws of five draconic heads, themselves emerging on long necks from the edge of a low platform in the center of the room. The light gathers in the domed ceiling above, pooling in an upside-down lake of glowing energy that ripples like water and periodically drips long, stringy strands of thick light down on the ground below to flash and sizzle away instantly in a blast of acrid smoke. Strange, ghostly shapes seem to writhe and dance in the light pool above—twisted, nightmarish fiends and grinning dragons with great glowing eyes.

Randy P: The room itself is roughly oval. The walls, inscribed from top to bottom with a scalelike pattern, arch upward gently, almost giving the chamber the appearance of being inside a gigantic dragon egg. The pool of light shimmers fifty feet above, and only twenty feet below that a five-foot-wide balcony encircles most of the room’s perimeter. Five oval alcoves are arranged in the room’s walls at this level, and looming in each one is a magnificent stone statue of one of the five chromatic dragon kinds.

haweemoo: [i feel like peter pan]
Randy P: Standing in the center of the platform is a 7’ tall half-dragon hobgoblin covered in brilliant blue scales with a magnifient horn jutting from his brow. He sports a beardlike growth of scales on his chin and his eyes and teeth shimmer and dance with electricity as he turns his attention to you. “Welcome to the Fane of Tiamat, interlopers. You have been mighty adversaries and it is with some reluctance that I must kill you now. May Tiamat curse and keep you from now until the sun shines black!” He points his raised scepter at you. The scepter is crafted from five different dragon-headed heavy picks, which end in wickedly sharp pieces of bone.

Zethallon: [You didn’t give us a chance to prepare ourselves before entering the room.]
Randy P: [everyone can prepare before flying up into the tunnel]
Randy P: [ignore all of the red text until then]
Randy P: []
Zethallon: Hemon:
Zethallon: Round 1 — use pearl of power to retrieve the following spells: bless and dispel magic
Round 2 — cast protection from evil upon Corbus (8 minute duration)
Round 3 — cast protection from evil upon Koby (8 minute duration)
Round 4 — cast bless upon the party (8 minute duration)
Round 5 – casts divine power upon himself uses move action to sheath his greatsword and pulls out staff of life instead.
Round 6 — casts magic weapon upon the staff
Round 7 — drinks potion of flying.
Zethallon: [Spam back at you]
Skip Scheyer: [bless – 2 attk and moral?]
Zethallon: [
1 to attack and vs feat Skip]
Zethallon: [fear sorry]
Zethallon: [try adamantine arrows to help bypass dr (if he has it)]
Randy P: [anyone wanting to answer Dick’s question, make a Knowledge: Arcana roll]
Skip Scheyer: [dragon?]
Randy P: [yes]
Skip Scheyer: 15+19 = 34
Skip Scheyer: [arcana or dragon]
Zethallon: Hemon: 9+5=14 for arcane roll
Richard Folk: Corbus will take the time to restring his bow, then retrieve the jar of Purple Worm poison and coat 10 normal arrows in the poison.
Treassa: knowl roll 18+18=36
Richard Folk: Corbus warns all of his companions,“Beware of my arrows, they are now coated in a very dangerous poison.”
Randy P: Dreigho & Koby would know that blue dragons are immune to electricity, paralysis, and sleep spells/effects. Half-dragons don’t have innate Spell Resistance. They have wings.
Randy P: [ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Randy P: [whenever everyone is ready]
Skip Scheyer: [silly question already answered many sessions ago, but what is a fane?]
Randy P: [a temple]
haweemoo: slade looks at the creature " no introductions?? isnt that rude?? "
Skip Scheyer: [temple… why not just say a temple?]
Zethallon: [Fane just sounds more regal]
Randy P: [everyone flies into the tunnel when ready. Unless you tell me otherwise, everyone but Koby is as shown on the map. Koby is at I,12]
Zethallon: [ready]
Randy P: [everyone roll init]
Skip Scheyer: 6+7 + 3 = 16
Treassa: koby 13+3=16
Richard Folk: Corbus Init roll 10 + 5 = 15
Zethallon: Hemon: 8+1=9
haweemoo: 2+7=9
Skip Scheyer: [you are breaking up]
Randy P: [Round 1]
Zethallon: [You sure? I’m still muted.]
Randy P: The four Blue Abishai fly out from their corners and converge on Slade and Dreigho (two on each)…
Randy P: Each attacks with its barbed tail, electricity arcing dangerously around the stinger…
Treassa: [no sound]
Skip Scheyer: [me neither]
haweemoo: [no sound]
Richard Folk: Crap! I’ve been talking up a storm
Treassa: [so if you can’t hear the party die, does that mean it really happens?]
Richard Folk: [lol]
Zethallon: [Hahahaha]
Randy P: One stabs at Slade but misses. The other hits Dreigho for 7 damage. The electricity harmlessly deflects off Dreigho’s bronze scales.
Randy P: [lol]
Randy P: [I can’t hear anyone either]
Skip Scheyer: [so, dre does not take 7 pts?]
Randy P: [Dreigho, your turn]
Treassa: [where squares?]
Randy P: [no, you take 7 hp damage from the sting, but no electrical damage]
Treassa: [what squares?]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will activate his Resistance aura = (all subjects gain Resistance (5 * N) to the energy type of your Breath Weapon) so that’s 15 resist to lightning.
Randy P: Blue Abishai #1 (top-left) is at F,11
Randy P: Blue Abishai #2 (bot-left) is at G,10
Randy P: Blue Abishai #3 (top-right) is at L,11
Randy P: Blue Abishai #4 (bot-right) is at K,10
Randy P: [sound is slowly coming back]
Richard Folk: [I hear snipits of sound once in a while]
Randy P: [still choppy sound]
Skip Scheyer: [i just hear a brief blurb of noise.]
Randy P: [what else does Dreigho do… I think activating your aura is a Swift action]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will attack k10 thing
Randy P: [ok, roll it]
Skip Scheyer: 16+12 1 = 29 and 117 + 1 = 19
Randy P: The first swing hits. The second misses.
Skip Scheyer: 6+4 = 10 + 2+3 = 5 (holy) = 15 damage
Randy P: [[Koby]
Treassa: Koby will cast imposing hand with enemy being the hobgoblin guy
Skip Scheyer: [wow… did you see that kids are soaking gummy bears in vodka? if it was adults doing it, it would be such a cool idea! I might have to add that to my christmas list.]
Randy P: [retro] After the Abishai attacked, the High Wyrmlord cast a spell on himself…
Randy P: [Is there a DC for that spell, Koby?]
Treassa: [no saving throw if that’s what yo mean]
Zethallon: [afk a minute]
Treassa: [standard action]
Randy P: The hand tries to position itself around the High Wyrmlord and as its fingers touch the High Wyrmlord, he disappears!
Randy P: The interposing hand remains where the Wyrmlord was formerly located a second ago
Randy P: [move action?]
Treassa: [it is an extra shield for me, not an attack weapon]
Zethallon: [back]
Randy P: [right, but he apparently isn’t there anymore]
Randy P: [OOC to be fair: he cast Mislead on himself]
Treassa: [ok, even though wouldn’t touch him.]
Treassa: ok
Randy P: [Koby, roll Spellcraft to identify the spell he cast ICly]
Zethallon: [Wow, I would have made us made spellcraft checks. Thank you gracious DM]
Treassa: 19+18=37
Randy P: [Koby identifies the spell he cast]
Randy P: [and you can retro cast if you wish]
Randy P: [now knowing what he did]
Randy P: [also, Koby and Hemon, make Perception checks]
Treassa: [give me 2nd, sending you im]
Randy P: [ok]
Treassa: perc 10+3=13
Zethallon: Hemon: 10+7=17 perception check
Treassa: Koby will remain with casting the hand
Randy P: Hemon notices that any sound he makes seems muted… silenced. Koby notices no such thing.
Treassa: no move action
Randy P: The interposing hand tries to interpose itself around the High Wyrmlord, but fails to do so. It stays where the wyrmlord formerly was standing.
Treassa: [brb]
haweemoo: slade says" you any relation to the blue dragon whos hands i cut off? "
Randy P: [Koby can hold his move action to reposition the hand later this round.]
Randy P: The wyrmlord is nowhere to be seen at the moment. The only sounds Slade hears are the frustrated attacks of the Abishai and the power surging overhead.
Randy P: [Corbus]
Randy P: [there is an Abishai diagonally adjacent to Corbus, but it isn’t attacking him]
Richard Folk: Corbus will activate his Ring of Improved Invisibility, moves to G-13 and fire 1 poisoned arrow at Abishai #1 located at F-11 then continues to move to E-12(spring attack feat).
Richard Folk: Attack roll 13 + 12 = 25
Randy P: [That hits, roll damage]
Richard Folk: Damage roll 6 + 2 = 8 Don’t forget the Purple Worm Poison
Randy P: [OOC: Abishai are devils and are immune to poison]
Richard Folk: [Oh crap!]
Zethallon: [Man, what is up with Yahoo’s conference voice chat lately?]
Randy P: [is Corbus’ bow magical?]
Richard Folk: My turn is now over, Corbus has 9 poisoned arrows left.
Richard Folk: Not magical.
Randy P: The arrow dings harmlessly off the Abishai’s scales.
Randy P: [OOC: DR10/magic]
Richard Folk: [F**K]
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: attack g-10
Randy P: [roll both attacks]
haweemoo: 17+18=34 18+13=31
Randy P: [both possibly crit, roll to confirm]
haweemoo: 20+18= 38 16+13=29
Randy P: [both confirm… Slade deals 60 damage to the bottom-left Abishai, killing it!
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: [Huzzah]
Zethallon: Hemon will use his move action to move north of Dreigho to M,12. [will take the AoO from the abashi along the way]. Once he reaches the square, he will cast protection from energy (lightning) upon himself.
Skip Scheyer: [woot!]
Randy P: Hemon moves and is attacked by the top-right Abishai…
Richard Folk: [Nice Kill]
Randy P: The Abishai stings Hemon for 9 damage. The electricity that arcs from its tail is deflected by an aura surrounding the Priest of Anhur.
Richard Folk: [Lucky protection there]
Randy P: Hemon tries to cast his spell, but finds that he makes no sound!
Randy P: [spell is NOT lost]
Zethallon: [Pretty big area for that spell.]
Zethallon: [Thank goodness that I already have dr for lightning]
Randy P: [Hemon, make a Spellcraft check or Know: Arcana]
Richard Folk: [either that or he moved close to your position]
Skip Scheyer: [plus my aura is going for additional protection]]
Randy P: [Hemon, make a Spellcraft check or Know: Arcana]
Zethallon: Hemon: 19+7=26 [at least a better roll that time]
Randy P: Hemon thinks that the entire room might be affected by a selective Silence spell (those who do not worship Tiamat), but the mouth of the tunnel might not be affected as Koby was able to cast his spell from there.
Randy P: [Round 2]
Zethallon: [Hmmm, interesting…]
Randy P: The blue abishai continue their attacks against Slade and Dreigho…
Randy P: The top-left Abishai bites and stings Slade for a total of 12 damage. The electricity from the stinger is deflected by an aura around the gnome.
Randy P: The bottom-left Abishai bites and stings Slade for a total of 9 more damage. The electricity from the stinger is deflected by an aura around the gnome.
haweemoo: [one is dead where the 3rd come from]
Richard Folk: [originally there were 4 of them]
Randy P: The top-right Abishai bites and claws Dreigho for a total of 7 damage.
Skip Scheyer: [two on Dre and two on Slade and Slade killed one, so there should only be one hitting slade]
haweemoo: [2 on each side i thought

Randy P: [sorry, scratch the bott-left. Slade only takes 12 damage.]
Randy P: Dreigho’s AC is 33 against dragons.
Randy P: Both Abishai miss him.
Randy P: [takes no damage]
Randy P: A blast of hellfire shoots at Dreigho from thin air at E,8!
Randy P: It hits him for 42 damage!
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [ouch]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will attack the same dragon
Skip Scheyer: 14+12+1 = 27 and 17+7+1 = 25
Randy P: Both hit
Skip Scheyer: 4+4 = 8 and 8+4 = 12 and 5+2 = 7 (holy) = 27
Randy P: Dreigho bashes the bajeezus out of the Abishai at K,10 again and the creature looks near death.
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: [does Koby see where fire came from?]
Randy P: [from E,8 at the time of the blast]
Skip Scheyer: [i am still kind of confused… if slade critted and killed one of the two on him… how did he get attacked twice this round? unless there is three on him and one on Dre?]
Randy P: [that was my mistake, Skip. Only one attacked Slade. I deleted the 2nd attacker on him]
Randy P: [Two are still on Dreigho. One on Slade.]
Skip Scheyer: [oh… my bad..]
Treassa: Koby will cast ice storm with f6 being the center
Treassa: [no saving throw]
Treassa: [has spell resistance]
Randy P: [roll your spell resistance check]
Treassa: [what do i add up]
Randy P: [Caster Level d20 +4 for your feats]
Treassa: sr 25
Randy P: The spell penetrates the High Wyrmlord’s spell resistance spell…
Randy P: roll damage
Treassa: bludgeon 8
5=13 and cold dmg 7
Treassa: movement halved
Randy P: [do you take a movement action?]
Randy P: [does Koby?]
Treassa: stay where i am and be prepared if bad guy shows himself
Treassa: to redirect hand
Randy P: [ok, move action is held]
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will study the area of the ice storm looking for a "shadow
Randy P: [make a Perception check, Corbus]
Richard Folk: ""shadow" caused by an invisible creature
Richard Folk: Corbus perc roll 8 + 11 = 19
Randy P: Corbus notices that the hailstones are displaced at area G,5
Richard Folk: Is Corbus still allowed an attack?
Randy P: [yes, you still have a standard action & a move action]
Randy P: [studying the area is a Free or Swift action]
Richard Folk: OK, Corbus will fire 1 poisoned arrow at the apparent vacancy of hailstones
Randy P: [roll attack]
Richard Folk: Attack roll 17 + 12 = 29
Randy P: Corbus’ arrow narrowly misses
Randy P: [AC = 30]
Richard Folk: There should be penalties for attacking an invisible creature.
Randy P: Ok, it misses entirely
Randy P: [Slade]
Skip Scheyer: [dude… quit while you are ahead. ]
Zethallon: [Did you add 1 for bless?]
Richard Folk: Corbus will move to F-12
Richard Folk: Nope, did not include bless
Randy P: [with invis, AC would be 32]
Richard Folk: Oh well.
Randy P: [Slade]
Randy P: [hang on]
Randy P: [I just re-read the rules on Invis…]
Randy P: [Corbus, make a D% roll]
Randy P: [AC would still be 30, but Corbus has to make a 50% check to hit the invis’d creature]
Richard Folk: 75%
Randy P: [that hits]
Randy P: [roll damage… I’ll handle the poison]
Richard Folk: Damage roll 6 + 2 = 8
Zethallon: [afk a minute]
Zethallon: [back]
Randy P: [Ok, Slade, it’s your turn]
haweemoo: slade willl attack the one left near him..
Richard Folk: [Here’s hoping that the poison can weaken it. It probably has an icreddible Fort save though]
Randy P: [roll both attacks]
haweemoo: 19
18=37 13 13=26
Randy P: Both hit, the first one possibly crits
Randy P: [roll to confirm]
haweemoo: 20
Randy P: [That confirms. Roll normal damage for the 2nd attack]
haweemoo: 4+9=13
Randy P: Total of 43 damage. It’s still up, but looks near death.
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will hug the left wall this time to avoid AoO from the abashi so he can move to K,13 near the well mouth. Does he hear anything?
Randy P: There is still no sound coming from Hemon at K,13. Perhaps you have to be in the tunnel to be outside the area of effect…
Randy P: [Hemon can keep moving, if he wishes since he’s listening as he goes]
Zethallon: OK, how about J,13?
Randy P: How about I,13?
Randy P:
Randy P: [What does Hemon do when he gets to I,13?]
Zethallon: If he can hear again, he will use a free action to warn Koby to stay near the well’s mouth or be subject to a silence spell against the casters. He will then cast dispel magic upon one of the geysers at P,12.
Randy P: Hemon can indeed hear himself speak. He warns Koby and then tries to dispel one of the energy geysers…
Randy P: [make me a Spell Resistance check]
Randy P: [caster level d20]
Zethallon: 12
Randy P: The stream of energy wanes but doesn’t fade entirely.
Randy P: [Koby, make a Perception check before this round is up]
Zethallon: [It was worth a try.]
Treassa: Koby perc 8
Randy P: Koby doesn’t notice Corbus hit something with an arrow.
Randy P: [Round 3]
Randy P: The left Abishai attacks Slade…
Randy P: All attacks miss.
Randy P: The top-right Abishai attacks Dreigho…
Randy P: and misses
Randy P: The bottom-left Abishai attacks Dreigho…
Randy P: and misses
Randy P: A blast of searing light eminates from I,5 and hits Slade for 22 damage!
Randy P: [Koby, do you wish to move your hand?]
Treassa: no where to direct it at this time
Randy P: [you see the light come from I,5]
Treassa: then will direct towards that direction
Randy P: The hand wraps itself around the indicated area.
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: same one.
Skip Scheyer: 20+12 1 = 33 and 97+1 = 17
Randy P: The first one possibly crits. The 2nd one misses.
Skip Scheyer: 18+12 + 1 = 31
Randy P: That’s a crit, you deal max weapon damage. Roll holy damage normally.
Skip Scheyer: 8+4=12 + 3+2 = 17
Randy P: Dreigho brains the bottom-right Abishai, killing it!
Skip Scheyer: [woot!]
Randy P: [Koby]
Zethallon: [Huzzah!]
Treassa: Koby will dismiss ice storm and cast black tentacles at f6.
Richard Folk: [w00t]
Treassa: cmb 15
Treassa: for grapple attempt
Randy P: A roiling wave of black tentacles spreads across the southwest floor of the chamber… something at I,5 wriggles free of the tentacles.
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will move to I-10 and try to detect the creature again.
Richard Folk: Perception roll 3 + 11 = 14
Richard Folk: [lousy roll]
Randy P: Corbus fails to perceive the invisible creature
Richard Folk: [big surprize there]
Zethallon: [Good try though, Dick]
Richard Folk: [lol]
Richard Folk: Corbus ends his turn still trying to spot a sign of the enemy
Randy P: [holds actions]
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: attack the one near me thats still alive
Randy P: [ok, roll it]
haweemoo: 13+18= 31 20+13=33
Skip Scheyer: [afk real quick]
Randy P: Both hit. The 2nd possibly crits; roll to confirm.
Randy P: [ok]
Richard Folk: [Baseball game is tied 4-4, bottom of the 6th inning]
haweemoo: 10+13=23
Skip Scheyer: [back]
Randy P: That confirms. Slade lops off the remaining Abishai’s head!
Randy P: [Hemon]
Richard Folk: [Saweet!]
haweemoo: pop goes the weasel
Skip Scheyer: [woot!]
Zethallon: Hemon removes a scroll from his belt and attempts to cast dispel magic again on the same geysar at P,12.
Randy P: [make another Spell Resistance check]
Zethallon: Hemon: 17+5=22 (using caster level of the scroll vs Hemon)
Randy P: The energy geyser fades from existence. The loud humming in the room is suddenly quieter on the northeast side.
Skip Scheyer: [woot! way to go Gary!]
Richard Folk: Kapow
Randy P: [Round 4]
Randy P: A voice echoes through the room in a language that many of you do not understand.
Randy P: [Infernal: “Kill the Cleric!”]
Skip Scheyer: [oh great! Cleric’s got agro!]
Randy P: The remaining Abishai takes a 5’ step backwards from Dreigho to M,12 and summons another Abishai! It appears beside Hemon and Koby at J,13 —inside the edge of the tunnel.
Zethallon: [Oh, if I had a dollar for every time that I heard that…]
Skip Scheyer: [LOL]
Treassa: [got the 9 lives to prove it]
Randy P: The summoned Abishai attacks Hemon with its tail…
Randy P: and misses.
Randy P: Something nimbly sidesteps a group of tentacles at I,5 and then vanishes again…
Randy P: A harsh, gravelly voice intones a spell and Koby’s interposing hand disintegrates!
Treassa: [dude, not nice!]
Skip Scheyer: [i think we pissed him off]
Skip Scheyer: [oops.]
Skip Scheyer: [so sorry!]
Randy P: [Corbus and Koby, make perception checks]
Treassa: Koby perc 10+12=22
Skip Scheyer: [actually no] Dreigho says,"Oops, i think we made him mad’
Richard Folk: Corbus perc roll 8 + 11 = 19
Richard Folk: [At least I rolled a bit better this time]
Randy P: Koby & Corbus think they pinpointed the voice to come from the center of the podium.
Richard Folk: [A mere 10’ from Corbus]
Randy P: [I,8]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Richard Folk: [Randy, is that podium raised above our level? If so, how high?]
Skip Scheyer: [where are the two dragons now that were near me?]
Randy P: [the podium platform is 10’ above the floor of the room]
Richard Folk: [OK, thanks]
Richard Folk: [Good thing that the flying potions are still in effect]
Randy P: [there is only one Abishai near Dreigho… M,11
Skip Scheyer: will attack it
Randy P: [the other is to the right side of Hemon at J,13]
haweemoo: hey buddy i bet family reunion time sucks..
Skip Scheyer: 17+12+1 = 30 and 6+7+1 = 14
Randy P: [you need to take a 5’ step, but can still Full Attack it]
Randy P: The 1st attack hits
Skip Scheyer: [um…yea.. you’re right (he says as he looks at the map.) yea… take that step]
Skip Scheyer: 5+4=9 and 4+3 = 7 (holy) = 16 total
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will cast web at i6 dc 17 reflex
Randy P: The web fills the 20’ area, but doesn’t appear to have ensnared anything. Yet.
Treassa: [would affect corbus i believe]
Randy P: [where is Corbus on the map?]
Treassa: [i10 i believe]
Richard Folk: Corbus is at floor level and square I-10
Randy P: [right]
Randy P: Corbus, make a Reflex save
Richard Folk: Corbus reflex roll 14 + 11 = 25
Randy P: Corbus easily sidesteps the webbing
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will put his bow over his shoulder, draw his Rapier then fly around podium to I-5 and to podium height. End of turn
Randy P: [don’t forget that there are Black Tentacles on the floor below him]
Richard Folk: Flying at height of 10’ off the ground
Richard Folk: Does that still count?
Randy P: [he’s out of range atm, I just wanted to remind you]
Randy P: [Slade]
Richard Folk: oops, I may not be able to move that far, flight speed and ascending should limit that much lateral distance.
Richard Folk: Sorry
haweemoo: ahhh whats close i can go after?
Randy P: [I’ll allow it this time, Corbus]
Randy P: The closest adversary that Slade can see is the Abishai that just popped up next to Hemon and Koby
Treassa: [can move to j12 and attack]
Richard Folk: I just looked it up in the book, fly speed is 60 ‘, not 30’ as I thought
Randy P: [then you could easily make it]
haweemoo: can get close and attack?
Randy P: [yes, Joe, you can move slade to J,12 and attack the newly summoned Abishai]
Randy P: [only one attack though]
haweemoo: ok i will
Richard Folk: [Yep, 60’ exactly to I5]
haweemoo: 19+18=37
haweemoo: [i rolled it 2 times and same number came up]
Randy P: [ok, that crits for 30 damage]
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will channel positive energy to heal his comrades and use selective channeling to omit the abashis that are left.
Randy P: [ok]
Zethallon: Hemon’s channel energy: 3+4+4+5+6+6=28 points of healing for all in 30 foot radius.
Randy P: [everyone but Corbus gains that]
Zethallon: [One channel left and will hold move action]
Richard Folk: [lol, Corbus, for the time being , is at Max HP]
Randy P: [it’s after 11. Are we good for one more round?]
Richard Folk: I’m OK
Skip Scheyer: [yup. told work i might be late tomorrow.]
Treassa: yes
Randy P: [Round 5]
Randy P: The top Abishai attacks Hemon again…
Randy P: all 4 attacks miss
Randy P: The right Abishai attacks Dreigho again…
Randy P: all 4 attacks miss
Skip Scheyer: [we’re back to four? when did the other one join us?]
Skip Scheyer: [nm.. misread]
Randy P: [no, each Abishai has up to 4 attacks when they Full Attack]
Skip Scheyer: [yup… gotcha!]
Randy P: A gout of electricity blasts in a line at Hemon and Koby… make a Reflex save
Treassa: Refl 8+8=16
Randy P: Koby takes 1 electrical damage
Skip Scheyer: [don’t forget i have my aura going 15 to lightning resist]
Randy P: (16-15)
Zethallon: Hemon: 20 (natural) + 6=26 [’bout time I passed a reflex save]
Randy P: Hemon also takes 1 electrical damage
Randy P: The spell eminated from the center, top of the podium
Randy P: [breath weapon, not spell… sorry]
Zethallon: [Negated by my DR as an assimar —yes!!!]
Randy P: [lol, ok, Hemon takes no damage then]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: he will attack the same one
Randy P: [full attack]
Skip Scheyer: 18 +12 +1 = 31 and 11
7+1 = 19
Randy P: The first one hits. The second narrowly misses.
Skip Scheyer: 7+4=11 and 5+4 = 9 (holy) = 20 total
Randy P: It’s still standing, but looks the worse for wear.
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: koby will dismiss web and cast shout towards i8 and dc 21 fort vs deafness. [holding anything fragile/crystal?]
Treassa: 28 points sonic dmg. (23+5) and 7 rounds deafness if fails
Randy P: Koby’s sonic cone doesn’t hit anything… not even Corbus (as he’s just outside the 30’ range)
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will alite on the podium at square I-7 and attack square I-8 with his Rapier
Skip Scheyer: [ooh.. good use of the alite word!]
Richard Folk: After the attack Corbus will fly to square L-5
Randy P: Corbus’ rapier swishes through the air.
Richard Folk: Attack roll 5 + 14 + 1 = 20
Richard Folk: [Hmm…nobody home]
Randy P: The keen rapier cuts the air effortlessly, but doesn’t contact anything else.
Randy P: Corbus then flies over to the south-southeast corner of the chamber.
Randy P: [Slade]
Richard Folk: [He moved on again, just like Corbus. I suppose that there is a chance for us to collide in mid air]
Richard Folk: [Gotta love that Spring Attack Feat]
Treassa: [yep]
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: is that one i was attacking still alive?
Randy P: [yep]
Treassa: [copy cat! lol]
haweemoo: ok i will attack it
haweemoo: 11+18=29 18+13=31
Randy P: [both hit; possible crit]
haweemoo: 15+13=28
Randy P: [that confirms; roll your normal damage for the 1st hit]
haweemoo: 3+9=12
Randy P: [42 total damage]
Randy P: Slade lops off the head of this Abishai too!
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: With the abashi near him dead, Hemon will cast dispel magic upon the next magical geysar at B,12.
Randy P: [ok, make another Spell Resistance check]
Zethallon: Hemon: 14+7=21 for SR check
Zethallon: [That was the last of my 3rd level spells]
Randy P: The northwest energy geyser sputters and goes out!
Randy P: [end of round]
Randy P: [shall we stop here?]
Richard Folk: You are the boss.
Zethallon: I have about 25 minutes more then will really have to call it.
Randy P: [ok. One more round]
Randy P: [Round 6]
Randy P: [Koby, what’s your AC with the Prot from Evil spell?]
Treassa: 23
Randy P: Something cleaves into Koby for 26 damage! (H,11)
Treassa: [ouch]
Randy P: The remaining Abishai attacks Dreigho… and misses.
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Richard Folk: [I knew that he had moved on already]
Skip Scheyer: attack the same one….
Skip Scheyer: 10+12+1 = 23 and 16+7+1 = 24
Randy P: [both hit]
Skip Scheyer: 8+4=12 and 3+4=7 and 6+5 = 11 (holy) = 30 total
Randy P: Dreigho knocks the head off of the last Abishai. It crumples to the floor, dead.
Richard Folk: [At last]
Randy P: [Koby]
Skip Scheyer: [tell me about it… slade killed three of them already]
Treassa: Koby will turn to the west and cast burning hands
Randy P: [Ref DC?]
Treassa: dc 18 reflex
Randy P: [roll your damage]
Treassa: 33 for sr
Randy P: That overcomes
Randy P: [roll your damage]
Treassa: 11+5=16
Randy P: [Corbus]
Randy P: [hang on]
Randy P: he gets an AoO for the spell
Zethallon: [Wish I had greater dispel magic for area target so I could remove his friggin invis… heheh]
Randy P: Koby takes 24 more damage from the attack of opportunity
Treassa: brb
Randy P: [I’ll assume Koby made his Concentration check]
Treassa: [didn’t check]
Randy P: [it’s ok, assume he did]
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will fly to J-3 and attack the source of the gyser located there.
Treassa: [rolled a 17]
Randy P: Make your attack, Corbus
Richard Folk: Attack roll 17 + 14 + 1 = 32
Randy P: [roll your damage]
Richard Folk: Damage roll 3 + 4 = 7
Richard Folk: Does it look like there was any affect/
Randy P: Corbus, make a Reflex save
Richard Folk: ?
Randy P: The energy arcs from the impact and turns on Corbus!
Richard Folk: Reflex save die roll 8 + 11 = 19 Does Protect from Evil apply as well?
Randy P: Corbus narrowly evades a 42-point gout of flame!
Randy P: Whatever luck the rogue lives by just saved his bacon
Richard Folk: Whew!
Randy P: [Slade]
Richard Folk: Corbus doesn’t want to try that again!
haweemoo: any left close to attack?
Randy P: Slade, you can’t see what hurt Koby, but you doubt the wizard can handle another hit like that.
Randy P: [Koby, what is your HP at?]
Treassa: 13
Treassa: [took my hand away]
Skip Scheyer: [where is koby on the map now?]
Randy P: Koby’s robes are tattered and torn from acid, frost, flame, and electrical damage.
Treassa: i12
haweemoo: can i go give him a potion?
Randy P: Plus there are two huge gouges in the robes where something very sharp tore the fabric away.
Randy P: [sure]
Skip Scheyer: [is there anything but the big guy left?]
haweemoo: hes i heard your moma threw you out of nest you was too ugly even for a dragon to stand.
Randy P: [nope]
Randy P: [do you give Koby a potion?]
haweemoo: go to koby and give him what potions he can take..
Randy P: You force-feed one to Koby…
Randy P: [which potion do you give him?]
haweemoo: i have 8 potions.
haweemoo: cure mod wounds
Randy P: [roll 2d8+5]
haweemoo: hey ugly you cant handle a sure you dragon and not chicken??
haweemoo: [me roll?
Randy P: yes]
haweemoo: 8+6+5=19
Randy P: [Koby, add 19 HP]
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will use the staff to expend one charge of heal upon Koby (for 70 hps back). He will say out loud, “Do you plan to hide behind Tiamat’s skirt or will you face us like a true champion? Even your underlings who served you had that honor in them.”
haweemoo: like i said a chicken instead of a half dragon..
Randy P: [Hemon, make either a Diplomacy or Intimidate check… whichever is higher]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will reply,“Tiamat must have had a very bad clutch if you are the one that survived.”
Treassa: [thanks guys!]
Zethallon: Hemon: 11
14=25 diplomacy check
Randy P: The High Wyrmlord fades into view at H,11. “Very well, Priest of Anhur. You shall see what mettle I am made of.”
Randy P: [end of session]
Richard Folk: [Nice job of badgering the enemy]
Zethallon: [Whew, I’m beat.]
Skip Scheyer: “the high wyrmling finally grew a back bone!”
Zethallon: [afk a minute]
Randy P: [everyone gains 3,200 XP for the Abishai]
Randy P: oops
Randy P: [hang on
Randy P: [make that 640 XP per PC]
Zethallon: [Thanks Randy]
Randy P: [well we made it to Round 7]
Skip Scheyer: [thanks randy!! great game!! only thing left is the big bad!]
Treassa: [i agree, fun]
Randy P: [do you want to play next Thursday or in 2 weeks?]
Richard Folk: And the Gyser sources.
Skip Scheyer: [as much as the sound is enjoyable, i thought we did really well without it.]
Richard Folk: I should be available next Thursday
Randy P: [yeah, Yahoo screws up yet again]
Skip Scheyer: [i am good for next thursday]
Treassa: next thursday is fine
haweemoo: next thr fine for me too
Zethallon: [Let me get back to you but believe next Thursday should be OK]
Skip Scheyer: [with any luck, by then, the ‘merc with a mouth’ will feel better and drive the wyrmling crazy]
Randy P: [ok, we’ll tentatively plan for the 3rd of November then.]
Skip Scheyer:
Richard Folk: OK, Good Night then
Treassa: nite
Randy P: Good night all
Skip Scheyer: good night all!
Treassa has left the conference.

Session 84

Richard Folk has joined the conference.

haweemoo has joined the conference.

haweemoo: hello
Randy P
Randy P: can you hear me?
Richard Folk: Hello
Richard Folk: Yes, I hear you
Richard Folk: I hear somebody
Richard Folk: I’ve got to refill my drink, brb
Treassa has joined the conference.

Zethallon has joined the conference.

Randy P: Did everyone read the recap I emailed you all today?
Richard Folk: I’m back, I had to log out of DDO after your invitation to join came up on the screen.
Randy P: [gets some water - brb]
Zethallon: [Diane isn’t home yet so will be semi afk till she gets back]
Randy P: [back]
Treassa: [so are the kids talking yet since I left Gary?]
Randy P: [ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Richard Folk: Anybodyhave any ideas regarding the two shadowy forms moving along the ceiling of the hallway?
Richard Folk: [Doesn’t anybody from our group do DDO anymore? I havn’t seen anybody else on in weeks]
Randy P: A coldness creeps down Corbus’ back as the shadowy figures lurch closer.
Randy P: Sibilant whispers resound from each shadow as they hiss to each other and then suddenly, they pounce towards Corbus!
Randy P: [everyone roll init]
haweemoo: [have not been feeling good for a while..on antibiotics..]
Treassa: koby init 13
Richard Folk: Corbus Init 10 + 5 = 15
haweemoo: 10+7=17
Treassa: [poor joe, maybe kicking some more butt here will help with the germs there]
Richard Folk: [lol]
haweemoo: [if they dont work next step hospital]
Randy P: []
Treassa: [how long they giving you to respond?]
Randy P: [anyone know if Skip will be on tonight?]
Zethallon: [who knows]
haweemoo: [skip comming in. i texted him]
Randy P: [ok, thanks]
Randy P: [Gary, please roll Init]
Zethallon: Hemon: 3+1=4 init
Randy P: [thanks]
haweemoo: [another week or so.]
Skip Scheyer has joined the conference.

Zethallon: [In answer to your ooc Dick — I’ve been working OT and too pooped to even think about ddo]
Randy P: [Hi Skip. Please roll initiative]
Skip Scheyer: [Hi there! Ok… let me find my 20]
Skip Scheyer: 10+7+3 = 20
Randy P: [ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Randy P: There are 2 wraiths on the ceiling that just attacked Corbus.
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Richard Folk: Corbus’ AC is 24
Randy P: [what is Corbus’ Touch AC?]
Randy P: [they’re incorporeal and ignore armor]
Richard Folk: [Ummm…Bombay Sapphire on ice. Think of it as a 100% Dry Martini]
Randy P: [W.W.D.D. — What would Dreigho do]
Skip Scheyer: [didn’t we have a ghost touch spear or something of the sort?]
Richard Folk: Corbus Touch AC is 16
Randy P: [ghost touch longsword — it belonged to Greshk]
Skip Scheyer: [Me? I thought i gave it to Hemon, because i did not want to give up the morning star
Randy P: Dreigho, do you move closer?
Skip Scheyer: [so there is nothing around us, right?
Richard Folk: [It’s not on Corbus’ inventory list]
Skip Scheyer: [so, he will move closer to help Corbus]
Randy P: [OK, double move then?]
Skip Scheyer: sure
haweemoo: what about the flaming sword?
Randy P: Slade has it
haweemoo: [would that hit them?]
Randy P: [magic weapons deal half damage; ghost touch weapons deal normal damage]
Randy P: [OOC info]
Skip Scheyer: [i don’t show it on my sheet…if i have it i did not write it down]
Randy P: Dreigho double moves to interpose himself between the wraiths and Slade (to a,25)
Randy P: [Slade]
Randy P: [holy weapons deal normal damage also]
Skip Scheyer: [probably why i gave it up]
Randy P: Dreigho double moves to interpose himself between the wraiths and Corbus (to a,25)
Randy P: [sorry — typo]
Randy P: [Slade, your go]
Zethallon: [No worries and yes — Hemon still has the ghost touch heavy mace.]
haweemoo: move slade as far to the wraiths as he can
Randy P: Slade double moves to W,23
Randy P: The priest continue chanting, oblivious to Corbus and Dreigho
Randy P: The priests continue chanting, oblivious to Corbus and Dreigho
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will take a 5’ step directly to the West and draw his Rapier and take a Ready action to attack the first wraith that gets in range.
Randy P: Corbus moves to Y,24
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: will move to u 24
Randy P: The wraiths hiss loudly and shift their attack to Dreigho…
Randy P: [What is Dreigho’s Touch AC?]
Skip Scheyer: [um?]
Skip Scheyer: [thank you]
Skip Scheyer: 16
Randy P: The left wraith moves to Z,26 and swipes at Dreigho, but misses
Treassa: [did we lose sound again?]
Richard Folk: [I still hear Randy]
Zethallon: [I still have sound]
Skip Scheyer: [i still hear Randy, Dick and Joe]
Randy P: The right wraith moves to b,26 and a coldness pierces Dreigho’s chest as the wraith reaches in and grips his heart… for 2 HP damage and 2 Constitution drain.
Randy P: [what is Dreigho’s CON now?]
Randy P: [Hemon, your turn]
Zethallon: Hemon will make a double-move to W,22 and use a free action to dispel his enlarge person spell. He will sheathe his greatsword as part of his move action.
Skip Scheyer: [Con was 19 before attack… 17 now…is that 2 hps per level?]
Zethallon: [1 per level]
Skip Scheyer: [like that so much better! and duh… that makes sense]
Zethallon: [Yay, WB]
Skip Scheyer: [did Dre take any damage last game? or did he get healed to max?]
Zethallon: [Deigho is at full hps]
Skip Scheyer: [awesome!!]
Randy P: [Round 2]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [i presume that i have one in front of me?]
Randy P: There are 2 wraiths adjacent to you… one to your northwest and one to your northeast.
Skip Scheyer: [which one nailed me?]
Randy P: [the right / NE one]
Skip Scheyer: [b25 & b26]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will attack the NE one
Randy P: [no, Z,26 and b,26]
Randy P: [roll it, twice]
Skip Scheyer: oh…yuck.. almst flanked
Skip Scheyer: 14+12 = 26 and 14+7 = 21 any magic bonuses on him?
Randy P: [both hit, roll damage]
Randy P: [and yes they’re evil]
Skip Scheyer: 8+4 3 = 15 and 54+3 = 12 and 6+1 = 7 holy damage = 34 pts of damage (using damaging aura)
Skip Scheyer: [anyone in 30’ doing melee damage adds 3 to their damage]
Randy P: The right wraith shrieks in a cacophonous voice that makes you feel like your ears are bleeding
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: 16+18=34
Randy P: [that hits, roll damage]
Skip Scheyer: [damn.. i got a papercut, right underneath my fingernail..gawd, i think i am going to grab a knife and enlarge it so it wont hurt so much]
Randy P: Slade moves to Z,25
haweemoo: 3+9+3=15
Randy P: [half, rounded down = 7]
Skip Scheyer: [true…but dreigho has claws on his fingers and skin that’s a bit thicker]
haweemoo: [hay that half point is a paper cut to it]
Randy P: The priests hear the shrieking of the wraith and stop chanting. They turn and look down the corridor and begin casting spells…
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will move to b-25 and attack the right hand wraith a single attack.
Richard Folk: Attack roll 9 + 14 = 25
Randy P: That hits, roll damage
Richard Folk: Damage roll 3 + 4 = 7
Randy P: [3 damage]
Randy P: [Koby]
haweemoo: [death of a thousand cuts]
Treassa: Koby will move to z22 and cast fireball at a35 to detonate
Treassa: 44 points of dmg
Skip Scheyer: [roll 10 dice and you’re bound to get a fun number!]
Randy P: Koby’s fireball roasts the priests alive! The scream in agony.
Randy P: Koby’s fireball roasts the priests alive! They scream in agony.
Randy P: [What’s Slade’s Touch AC?]
haweemoo: 14
haweemoo: [ i think]
Randy P: The left wraith swipes at Slade but misses.
Randy P: The right wraith swipes at Dreigho angrily, but misses
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will take a 5 ft step to X,22 and draw the 2 ghost touch heavy mace. He will also grasp his holy symbol and channel positive energy to drive away the wraiths. (DC 16 for half damage)
Randy P: [roll Channel damage]
Zethallon: Hemon: 3
4+4+5+5+5+5=31 dmg (15 for the one the save)
Zethallon: [No]
Zethallon: [You have to declare one or the other]
Zethallon: [Diane is watching TV so assuming you all don’t want to hear TV shows]
Randy P: The right wraith is obliterated by the holy light bursting from Hemon’s holy symbol. The 2nd wraith is scorched by the holy fire, but still persists.
Randy P: [Round 3]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Richard Folk: [Darn, my drink is empty already, back quick with more Bombay Sapphire]
Skip Scheyer: [so the one i played with is dead. I will play with the other]
Skip Scheyer: 15+12 = 27 and 3+7 = 10
Randy P: The first swing hits
Richard Folk: [I’m starting to develope a pleasant glow, this is my 3rd gin on the rocks]
Zethallon: [Heheh]
Skip Scheyer: 2+4+3 = 9 + 6+5 = 11 holy = 20 damage
Randy P: Dreigho obliterates the wraith with his morningstar!
Randy P: [Slade]
Zethallon: [Nice to be closer to the bourbon]
Randy P: Slade moves to Z,29 and holds his attack action.
haweemoo: [you sunk my battleshiip…ooops wrong game]
Randy P: The priests cast spells on themselves and then spread out…
Skip Scheyer: [protection from fire?]
haweemoo: if you cant stand the heat dont stand around close together..
Treassa: spellcraft 18+13=31
Zethallon: [I was going to ask but I’m technically around the corner.]
Randy P: They cast Cure Serious Wounds on themselves
Randy P: [ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will sheath his Rapier, and ready his longbow.
Richard Folk: Corbus willk fire 1 arrow at Hobgoblin #1
Richard Folk: Attack roll 16 + 11 = 27
Randy P: That hits
Skip Scheyer: [melee only]
Skip Scheyer: [unless Randy changed the rules. ]
Randy P: [nope, melee only]
Richard Folk: Damage roll 4 + 2 = 6
Randy P: The caster in the white robes is hit with an arrow. He flinches in pain.
Skip Scheyer: [i am still waiting for my attack bonus aura ]
Randy P: [Hemon]
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will cast ice storm centered on a35 20’ radius
Treassa: 18 bludgeon dmg and 5 cold dmg
Randy P: All of the priests except for #1 are wracked by the ice storm and appear near death.
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon moves to Z,25 and casts sound burst at c,35 (10 ft radius). They take 4 points of dmg and need to make a DC 16 fort save to not be stunned one round.
Randy P: Priests #4 & #5 are stunned.
Zethallon: [Huzzah]
Zethallon: [Just 4 and 5]
Randy P: [Round 4]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [um..they are all in the corners? so I cannot melee, correct?]
Randy P: [the best you could do is do a double move to reach either #2 or #5]
Randy P: [but you wouldn’t have an attack left]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho would do that and try to reach #5
Randy P: Dreigho moves to c,33 and is now adjacent to #5
Randy P: [Slade]
Randy P: [roll one attack]
haweemoo: move to #2 and attack
Richard Folk: [I can hardly believe it, my drink is almost empty again, gonna be a good night’s sleep tonight]
haweemoo: 18+18=36
Skip Scheyer: [interesting ringtone. ]
Randy P: [possible crit, roll to confirm]
Randy P: [sorry, the difficult terrain requires double movement. Slade can move but not attack.
Richard Folk: [Time to refill my drink again, brb]
Randy P: Dreigho only managed to make it to a,31
Randy P: Slade is now at Y,32
Randy P: and adjacent to #2
Randy P: Priest takes a 5’ step north and casts a spell on himself…
Randy P: Priest #2, that is
Richard Folk: [Well, start of drink #4]
Randy P: All of the other priests remain where they are and cast spells on themselves.
Randy P: [Corbus]
Zethallon: [Thought 4 and 5 were stunned? ]
Randy P: [except for #4 and #5]
Randy P: They stand their and gibber incoherently/
Richard Folk: corbus will move to b-31
Richard Folk: Fire 1 arrow at Hobgoblin #1
Richard Folk: Att roll 3 + 11 = 14
Randy P: That misses
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: koby will dismiss ice storm and cast force missile at hg 4. 6 pts of dmg.
Randy P: Priest #4 makes a GAK! sound and slumps to the ground, dead.
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will sheathe the heavy mace and pull his longbow out. He will attempt to attack #5.
Randy P: [roll it]
Zethallon: 9+11=20
Randy P: That misses
Randy P: [Round 5]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will attack #5
Randy P: [roll your single attack]
Skip Scheyer: 10+12 = 22
Randy P: That misses
Randy P: [Slade]
Skip Scheyer: [damn!]
haweemoo: 18+18=36 {this was another roll too] 14+13=27
Randy P: The first hits, the 2nd misses
Randy P: [roll to confirm possible crit]
haweemoo: 17+18=35
Randy P: Slade decapitates the black-robed priest!
Zethallon: [Nicely done]
Richard Folk: [Hot Damn!]
Randy P: Priest #5 moves to C,35 and then to C,36 (putting 10’ of space between him and Dreigho)
Randy P: Priest #3 takes a 5’ step northward to Y,37 (putting 10’ of space between him and Slade)
Skip Scheyer: [um.. where did you put Dre? would her get an AoE?]
Randy P: All 3 priests channel negative energy…
Randy P: [no, he moved diagonally into a non-threatened space prior to moving further away]
haweemoo: you are no fun you lose your head during a fight..slade laughs.
Zethallon: afk a minute
Randy P: Slade and Dreigho, make a Willpower save
Randy P: Corbus, make one as well
Skip Scheyer: 17+10 = 27 [yeah! you chose the ‘decent’ one.]
Randy P: Dreigho takes 18 damage
haweemoo: 20+2=22
Randy P: Slade takes 18 damage
Skip Scheyer: [wow… is that for one or total?]
Richard Folk: Corbus will roll 12 + 5 = 17
Randy P: [18 total, half of what all 3 rolled]
Randy P: The priests use Selective Channeling to exclude their comrades.
Randy P: Corbus takes 11 damage
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will step 5’ North and shoot twice at Hobgoblin # 1.
Richard Folk: Attaqck roll 1 18 + 12 = 30
Randy P: That hits
Richard Folk: Attack roll 2 11 + 7 = 18
Randy P: That misses
Richard Folk: Damage roll 2 + 2 = 4
Randy P: Another arrow protrudes from the bloody white robes of the priest
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will shoot force missile at hg5 dmg is 9
Randy P: #5, the red robed priest, makes a GAK! noise and falls to the ground
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will make two arrow shots at hg #3.
haweemoo: [so they are related to gekos??]
Zethallon: Hemon: 18+9=27 and 16+4=20
Randy P: [yes, but they don’t sell auto insurance]
Randy P: Both miss
haweemoo: [they need life insurance]
Randy P: [Round 6]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: where are they now?
haweemoo: [slade looks around..for the card lady]
Skip Scheyer: or just give me the coords
Zethallon: [LOL]
Skip Scheyer: [the coords?]
Randy P: [ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Skip Scheyer: [that works too]
Skip Scheyer: [damn it.. that sucks!]
Randy P: Only the green robed Priest and the white robed Priest remain.
Zethallon: [Hemon isn’t in the right location]
Zethallon: [Z,25]
Skip Scheyer: [can i move to 1 and attack once?]
Randy P: [sorry about that]
Skip Scheyer: [empty bottle?]
Randy P: [yes,]
Skip Scheyer: 18+12 = 30 and 16+7 = 23
Randy P: The first attack hits
Skip Scheyer: doh… only the first one though…second one is an oops.
Skip Scheyer: [exactly!]
Skip Scheyer: 4+4+3 = 11 and 5+3 = 8 holy = 19 total
Skip Scheyer: [thank you!]
Randy P: #1 is still standing
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: 11
haweemoo: 11+18=29
Randy P: That hits
Skip Scheyer: [what he said]
haweemoo: 5+9+3=17
Randy P: Slade stabs the green robed priest through the shoulder.
Randy P: Both priests take a 5’ step backwards, backing themselves into the northwest corner of the alcove beneath the tunnel. They then cast spells at Dreigho and Slade respectively
Richard Folk: [Having voice chat is SO much better than the silence that we had to endure last game.
Zethallon: [It didn’t bother me]
Randy P: A searing light blasts from their outstretched palms and blasts Slade for 19 damage. Dreigho is missed.
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will take a 5 ’ step North, fire 2 arrows at the remaining Hobgoblin.
Richard Folk: Attackj Hobgoblin #1.
Richard Folk: Att # 1 roll 1
Randy P: TWANG!
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: koby will move to a33 with the intention of examing the platform and dragons. don’t want any nasties to be leashed on us
Randy P: Koby hears a low droning noise—it’s as if power is rippling from the overhead tunnel.
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will make a double-move to a,31.
Randy P: [Round 7]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: 15+12 = 27 and 20 + 7 = 27
Randy P: The nat 20 hits, of course. Roll to confirm crit.
Richard Folk: [I’m having a hard time believing that I rolled 6 attack rolls of 1 while useing the longbow since thast time in that City.]
Zethallon: [Talk about a bad luck streak.]
Skip Scheyer: 17+7 = 24
Randy P: [doesn’t confirm]
Randy P: [roll normal damage]
Randy P: [it does max damage]
Skip Scheyer: 8+4=3 = 15 and 6+5 = 11 holy = 26 total
Randy P: Dreigho kills the white robed priest!
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: 18+18=36 13+13+26
Randy P: [roll to confirm crit]
Skip Scheyer: [unless they are evil items or diety specific]
Randy P: the 2nd attack missed
haweemoo: 15+18=33
Randy P: Slade slices the green robed Priest in-half!
Zethallon: [Huzzah folks]
Randy P: [everyone gets 3,840 XP for this encounter]
Skip Scheyer: [wow]
Randy P: Koby and Hemon, make me four Spellcraft checks
haweemoo: [level 9 now]
Randy P: to ID their loot
Skip Scheyer: [congrats joe!!]
Treassa: 18+12= 30 18+9=27 18+12=30 18+19=37
Zethallon: Hemon: 12+8=20; 2+8=10; 15+8=23; 11+8=19
Skip Scheyer: [how long do i have the con drain?]
Richard Folk: [Corbus nes Exp total = 59,101]
Randy P: [the con drain is permanent unless Hemon casts Lesser Restoration on Dreigho]
Richard Folk: [Doesn’t the Con Drain recover after 2 days of resting?]
Zethallon: [Hemon’s doesn’t have any restoration spells available till he rests]
Skip Scheyer: [that’s okay. my max is still 112… i think i can handle it for a bit.]
Richard Folk: Corbus willk wander over to a-38 and look up .
Randy P: The priests each had: 2 Chainmail armor, +2 Heavy Steel Shield, Amulet of Natural Armor +2 (Unholy Symbol of Tiamat), and a +2 Heavy Pick with a burst effect corresponding to the color of the dragon
Randy P: SO…
Randy P: two +2 Heavy Pick with Corrosive Burst, one with Icy Burst, one with Shocking Burst, and one with Flaming Burst.
Richard Folk: Corbus will ignor all of that loot, “Would’nt touch it with a 10’ foot pole”
Skip Scheyer: heavy pick one or two handed?
Randy P: 1-handed
Zethallon: Hemon will claim one of the heavy picks with corrosive burst.
Richard Folk: brb
Randy P: The tunnel is illuminated by bursts of flame, electricity, corrosive gas, acid splashes, and icy explosions
Skip Scheyer: [are the effects all of evil dragons?]
Randy P: Red, blue, green, black, and white lights flicker in unison with the elemental eruptions
Randy P: Hemon and Koby both know that there is some sort of planar vortex being formed in the adjoining room overhead
Randy P: [yes]
Skip Scheyer: [for the picks]
Randy P: [yep]
Randy P: [but good dragons also have some of the same breath weapons]
Skip Scheyer: [that’s what i meant, i guess.]
Randy P: intricate dragon motifs are carved into each of the picks
Zethallon: [WB Treassa]
Skip Scheyer: [welcome back]
Skip Scheyer: [grr..]
Zethallon: [How high is the planar vortex about the group?]
haweemoo: [wb]
Treassa: do those dragons with gems look like they are powering that tunnel
Randy P: the tunnel is 15’ overhead
Richard Folk: [Glad that I am not driving, 5 drinks (even weakly poured) still take affect. The walk down the hall was interesting, ]
Randy P: Yes, the dragon-head statues seem to be channeling energy into the tunnel overhead
Richard Folk: [The Gin Bottle is now empty]
Randy P: [Bombay all gone]
Richard Folk: [Alas, yes]
Zethallon: Hemon would like to make a spellcraft check to see if there is a safe way to disable the gems from forming the vortex
Treassa: examing one of the dragon heads, do they look like they would be resistant to damage?
Richard Folk: [Credit to Richard Marcinko
Richard Folk: (The “Rogue Warrior”) to0 turning me on to Bombasy Sapphire.
Randy P: This entire room looks like it was created with a single purpose of magnifying magical power. You doubt that you could destroy the empowering artifacts here. The best you could hope for would be to stop whoever is directing the energy overhead.
Randy P: [maybe use the arrow one last time]
Skip Scheyer: [insert oh so subtle DM hint here]
Richard Folk: Corbus, too, is also interested in the gems. Appraise check roll on the gems 11 + 15 = 26
Treassa: Koby will take the arrow and use it to seek advice where to go next
Randy P: Each of the gems is about the size of a human head and is easily worth thousands of gold.
Zethallon: Hemon will use channel energy to heal his comrades.
Zethallon: Hemon: 1
2+3+5+5+6+6=28 hit points back for group
Treassa: Koby will be looking for the enemy powering the tunnel
haweemoo: cant someone bless one of the gems?? would that not cause it to stop working??
Randy P: The arrow spins for a moment and points upwards through the tunnel overhead.
Richard Folk: Corbus is back to maximum Hit Points
Treassa: Koby will impart this information to the group
Skip Scheyer: thanks hemon… puts me back to my new max!
Zethallon: [Anytime]
Randy P: [we should probably stop for tonight]
Randy P: What do you want to do?
Richard Folk: Corbus will attempt to climb the “White” Dragon neck and asttempt to pry out the gem (Corbus has a prybar in his inventory)
Zethallon: Hemon will tell the group that he can cast protection from evil on two of his companions before they proceed but is willing to use the potion of flying to move forward.
Skip Scheyer: [fly potion?]
Zethallon: [same thing]
Zethallon: [it’s late]
Richard Folk: Corbus Climb Check roll 1
Randy P: [the group found 4 potions of Fly in the Roper’s treasure nest]
Skip Scheyer: [sorry… did not see you just said that]
Skip Scheyer: [flying carpet.]
Randy P: Corbus climbs up and slips, falling to the ground.
Randy P: Dreigho thinks that Bahamut might have nudged Corbus to keep him from doing something he might not survive the consequences of
haweemoo: [what about blessing one of them??]
Richard Folk: Corbus thinks “Thanks to Bahamet” for saving me!
Zethallon: [Hemon has no bless or hallow spells]
haweemoo: [calling upon their diety to bless it?]
Richard Folk: Corbus shouts,“Don’t bother with the Gems, It will be lethal, even for me!”
Zethallon: Since no one claimed it, Hemon will cast Protection from Evil upon himself before quaffing potion.
Zethallon: [It would be but only have two left]
Zethallon: [OK, will wait till next week]
Randy P: Next game is October 13th.
Zethallon: Thanks for a great game. Take care all!
Randy P: An ominous date… perhaps.
Skip Scheyer: [i would say Hemon and Koby as Corbus hides and Dre and Slade has the hitpoints and armour]
Zethallon has left the conference.

haweemoo: was fun ))
Richard Folk: [Good Game tonight, especially since we had “voice” tonight.]

Session 83

haweemoo has joined the conference.

Richard Folk has joined the conference.

haweemoo: hhello
Randy P: Grrr.
Randy P: Still no sound
Randy P: And I can’t invite Treassa because she’s on her cellphone
Randy P: (the Invite to Conference option is grayed-out)
Richard Folk: She says that she is “mobile”
Richard Folk: Ahw ia currently trying to install Yahoo messenger pro to improve her chances
Randy P: Right, but apparently Yahoo Conference doesn’t want to work with her cellphone
Randy P: Ok
Richard Folk: She is on her tablet, not her cell phone
Randy P: Ok. what’s wrong with her computer?
Richard Folk: She is not at home.
Randy P: Ahhhh. That explains a lot.
Randy P: So how are you two doing? Other than the dechnical tifficulties?
Richard Folk: She is waiting for it to install. She has hung up the phone. She will call me back if anything comes up.
Randy P: ok
Randy P: thanks
haweemoo: ok i guess.. sounds like tonight is jinxed
Randy P: I’m starting to agree
Richard Folk: I’m doing middlin, I guess. It got cold up here, my thermostat is set at 64 degrees and the furnace has just come on.
Randy P: Yes, it’s cold down here too
Zethallon has joined the conference.

Randy P: Hi Gary
Randy P: we’re soundless atm
Zethallon: Sorry for being so late.
Randy P: s’ok
Zethallon: Thank you Dick
Richard Folk: Darn Caps lock button
Randy P: Treassa is trying to install Yahoo Messenger Pro on her tablet. She isn’t at home tonight
Zethallon: Ah
Randy P: Lots of gremlins in the system tonight
Richard Folk: Haveing no sound is really going to suck.
Zethallon: We will get by
haweemoo: let slade at them little gremlins.. dont think hes killed any in a long time
Randy P: I wonder if I can “Fonzie” Yahoo into making the sound to work…
Randy P: beats on Yahoo
Richard Folk: There was a 9 file upgrade to Windows last night, I wonder if it changed anything
Randy P: probably so
Randy P: Yahoo tends to be a day or two behind the times on upgrading their software
Richard Folk: Curses to Yahoo!
Randy P: I still can’t invite Treassa. The “Invite to Conference” option is grayed-out.
Randy P: Shall we cancel for tonight?
Treassa has joined the conference.

Randy P: Oh there she is
Zethallon: Well, one problem licked…
Richard Folk: Neat
Randy P: That’s bizarre…
Treassa: [grrr fpr yahoo messenger on tablet!]
Randy P: Yay, you’re here!
Treassa: [my friend is letting me use her computer instead]
Randy P: Sorry, but there is no sound
Treassa: don’t have mic anyway
Randy P: Ok, shall we get underway?
Richard Folk: Might as well try
Treassa: sounds good, get to fight off to cats at friend’s house!
Randy P: When last we met, you had just killed 5 wyverns in the Grand Temple of Tiamat.
Randy P: What do you do next?
Treassa: Koby will use the Greshk artifact to further pinpoint bad guys position
Zethallon: Hemon will stand guard in case any wandering guards investigate. Dreigho will take a look around the room.
Randy P:
[ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Randy P: The arrow points to the northwest section of wall behind the altar.
Randy P: [Koby, roll Perception]
Richard Folk: Corbus moves to paoition H-5 and will search for traps at that spot
Treassa: 10+10=20 on perc
Randy P: [Roll Perc, Corbus]
Richard Folk: The good thing about no sound is that you don’t have to listen to me cuss when I have a bad die roll. I rolled “1”
Randy P: [heh, ok]
Randy P: Koby locates what appears to be the seam of a secret door (around L,13)
Richard Folk: Confident that it is safe Corbus will move north to H-9 and search for traps again.
Randy P: [roll again]
Treassa: Koby will trust Corbus to check for traps
Richard Folk: Made up fo it this time. Corbus Perc roll 19 + 12 = 31
Randy P: Corbus finds no traps, but does discover the mechanism for opening the secret door….
Richard Folk: If all is well Corbus will search for a secrete door.
Richard Folk: lol, I’m too slow
Randy P: He presses one of the dragon’s eyes on the left statue and an audible ‘click’ is heard as the secret door moves outward a few inches.
Richard Folk: Corbus celebrates,“Hey team, over here, a secrete door!”
Treassa: Koby will activate invisibility ring
Randy P: A dusty, cold dark hallway opens up to Corbus’ nimble fingers. Koby stands beside and watches his excitement, thinking to himself, “Hey I found that door!”
Richard Folk: Corbus will remain visible for the time being.
Zethallon: Both Hemon and Dreigho will pat Corbus on the back for a job well done.
haweemoo: slade goves over to secret door.
Zethallon: [Sorry, thought he was visable]
haweemoo: trust you to poke a dragon in the eye to gt it to do what you want..slade smiles
Richard Folk: Corbus concedes,“I wouldn’t have looked if it wasn’t for you, Kobu.”
Richard Folk: Koby
Randy P: The door swings open wide, allowing the group inside. It smells musty inside.
Richard Folk: [Corbus is visible]
Randy P: Koby turns invisible
Randy P: [ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Richard Folk: [How far can we see into the dark passage?]
Randy P: About 30’
Randy P: Give me a marching order, if you’re entering the passageway
Richard Folk: [Do we hear any sounds or other noises?]
Randy P: [everyone roll Perception]
Richard Folk: Drat, back to bad rolls, Corbus perc roll 4 + 10 = 14
haweemoo: 18+8=26
haweemoo: twards the front or front.
Zethallon: Hemon: 12+7=19 and Dreigho: 6+15=21 perception checks
Richard Folk: [I’m glad that somebody has their perception up and running]
Treassa: Koby 1+10=11 nat 1
Zethallon: Dreigho will stay up front with Slade. Hemon will follow Dreigho
Richard Folk: [happen to you too, Treassa]
Treassa: Koby will keep to the middle if possible with his invisibility
Treassa: [yep]
Randy P: Slade and Dreigho hear something very faint in the far distance… a rhythmic clanging noise
Richard Folk: Corbus will prepare his composite longbow
Randy P: [who is in front? Corbus or Slade or ?]
Richard Folk: [If you want Corbus to search for traps, he will lead. If you are in a hurry then proceed forwards.]
Randy P: [Roll another Perception check, Corbus… for traps]
haweemoo: slade will follow so we can go slowly??
Richard Folk: Fudge! Corbus perc roll 2 + 12 = 14
Richard Folk: [I’ve rolled a 1, a 2, a 4, and a 19. Some distribution huh?]
Randy P: Corbus doesn’t locate any traps, and eventually emerges from the side passage, which opens into a cavern….
Randy P: The air in this large cavern is cold and smells musty. Thick carpets of pallid fungus grow around the stalagmites that cover the floor of this cave, and razor-sharp stalacitites hang from the ceiling above. The cave’s floor has three tiers, each rising five feet above the one before it. The ceiling slopes upward to the north as well, never reaching a height of more than twenty feet. To the far north, a fifteen-foot-wide passageway continues north.

Randy P: To the south, a massive, irregular pit yawns into nothingness. A lone iron ladder runs down the southwest edge of the pit, leading down into darkness. A dim reddish-yellow light flickers from the base of the pit as the many rhythmic clangs of metal-on-metal ring up from below. Steam billows up from the pit and marks a stark contrast to the chill of the cavern.

Randy P: [lol, it’s ok Dick]
Zethallon: Hemon: “Which way is it point, Koby?”
Randy P: The arrow pivots to the northeast.
Randy P: [everyone make a Stealth check]
Treassa: Koby will check the device and direct Hemon the way it points trying to stay invisible
Richard Folk: [Corbus wants to make a Dungeoneering Check to see if he recognizes anything dangerous in the cave.]
Treassa: 2+5=7 stealth
Richard Folk: Corbus Stealth roll 9 + 18 = 27
Zethallon: Hemon: 11-5=6 for Stealth; Dreigho: 11+3=14
haweemoo: 12+10=22 stealth
Richard Folk: Corbus Dungeoneering roll 7 + 6 = 13
Richard Folk: [I wish that we had sound, this isn’t as fun without voice]
Randy P: Corbus knows that there are certain creatures in the deep places of the world that can mimick stone and resemble stalactites and stalagmites…. Just as he puts a name to that creature, long, thick stony tentacles shoot out from the rear of the north cavern!
haweemoo: i know.. voice so much better
Randy P: [what is everyone’s Touch AC?]
Treassa: 13
Richard Folk: Corbus touch AC is 16
haweemoo: touch ac is 16
Zethallon: [Hemon is 13 but have to figure Dreigho’s out as he doesn’t have it on his sheet.]
Zethallon: Dreigho is 13 also
Randy P: Slade and Hemon are touched by the tentacles!
Randy P: [make me a Fort save, you two]
Richard Folk: [yikes!]
Zethallon: Hemon: 14+11=25
haweemoo: 14+11=25
Randy P: Hemon feels a numbing sensation, but manages to shake it off. Slade does likewise.
Randy P: What are Hemon and Slade’s CMD ?
haweemoo: [looks like we using the same dice )) ]
Randy P: [I’m pretty sure a 33 and a 40 beat whatever it is]
haweemoo: cm defense??
haweemoo: is that cmd?
Zethallon: [Doesn’t matter with those rolls — it beats mine by a mile.]
Randy P: [yes, Joe, Base attack bonus + 10 + Strength mod + Dex mod and -1 for small size]
Randy P: Slade and Hemon are grappled by two of the six tentacles!
Randy P: [everyone roll Initiative]
haweemoo: [its on the sheet as cm defense not cmd thats why i asked]
Treassa: Koby 3+7=10 init
Zethallon: Hemon: 14+1=15; Dreigho: 10+7=17
Richard Folk: Corbus Init Roll 15 + 5 = 20
haweemoo: 8+7=15
Randy P: [ ]
Randy P: [ ]
Randy P: [weird]
Randy P: [ ]

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Randy P: [finally]
Randy P: Slade and Hemon are reeled towards a gigantic slathering mouth filled with needle-like teeth…
Randy P: [They’ll get bitten next round unless they can escape]
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will draw his moon blade dagger and attempt to saw the tentacle that is holding Hemon.
Randy P: [make an attack on the tentacle]
haweemoo: slade always has his sword out ))
Richard Folk: Corbus attack roll 4 + 12 = 16 [More bad dice rolling]
Richard Folk: [I cussed that time]
Randy P: Corbus tries to slash the tentacle and misses as it slips past him and is reeled into the central 9’ tall stalagmite body…
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Zethallon: Dreigho moves to N,20 and uses his breath weapon upon the creature.
Randy P: Electricity arcs from Dreigho’s mouth over the creature’s body, but it seems immune to the effects
Zethallon: [Eh, worth a shot]
Richard Folk: [Eeew!]
Richard Folk: [Sounded good to me]
Randy P: [Slade, roll your CMB to try to escape, or slash at it with your sword. The tentacle has you by the waist, but hasn’t pinned your arms yet.]
haweemoo: 20+13=33 [nat 20]
Randy P: Slade hacks off the tentacle that holds him and flops to the ground at L,24
Randy P: [you can use a move action to stand up]
haweemoo: [not much difference in height is there LOL[
Randy P: [Hemon]
haweemoo: [yea stand up]
Zethallon: Hemon is going to cast Enlarge Person upon himself and attempt to try to break the grab.
Randy P: Slade stands up.
Randy P: The tentacle has Hemon by the waist as well, but hasn’t pinned his arms yet. The priest of Anhur casts his spell and doubles in size!
Randy P: [reroll your CMB, add increased STR and 1 for size increment]
Zethallon: Hemon: 17
12=29 for CMB (str and size included)
Randy P: The combination in added size and strength causes the Roper to lose its hold on Hemon and he drops to the ground!
Randy P: [you can also use your Move action to stand up]
Zethallon: [Horray for a domain spell that rarely gets used] I shall and bring my sword up to defend myself.
Treassa: [yay]
Randy P: [enlarged Hemon now occupies N22,O21]
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will cast magic missile at the creature, thus becoming visible again
Randy P: [ok, make a caster level check and add 2 for Spell Penetration. This beastie has SR]
Treassa: [what else do i add?]
Randy P: [10 + level + INT bonus + 2]
Treassa: 10
Richard Folk: [I thought thast is was d20 + level + Int Bonus]
Randy P: The creature murmurs something in Undercommon… “Food that fights back, this will be fun…”
Richard Folk: [I might still be playing version 3.5]
Randy P: [Dick is right, total = 17]
Randy P: Koby’s spell fizzles on the creature’s stony hide
haweemoo: yea i need a new roper belt slade mumbles
Randy P: [Round 2]
Randy P: The Roper lashes out with all six tentacles again… (although the one that held Slade is considerably shorter now)
Richard Folk: [lol]
Richard Folk: [going afk for a soda pop, brb]
Randy P: Two tentacles lash around enlarged Hemon….
Richard Folk: [back]
Randy P: Slade is lashed by a different tentacle, as is Koby. Corbus narrowly evades the shortest of the tentacles. Dreigho is standing behind giant-Hemon, so is momentarily not a target.
Randy P: [Hemon, make two Fort saves. Slade & Koby, make one Fort save apiece]
Zethallon: Hemon: 10+11=21; 16+11=27
haweemoo: 15+11=26
Treassa: 9+5=14
Randy P: Hemon feels his newfound Strength fade as the coldness of one of the tentacles wraps around his ankle. The other tentacle wraps around his waist. [-4 Strength]
Randy P: Slade makes his Fort save. Koby is numbed by the tentacle which grabs him by the left arm [-2 Strength]
Randy P: Slade is drug towards the mouth again…
Randy P: [Corbus]
Randy P: Koby is pulled towards the salivating orrifice with gnashing teeth!
Richard Folk: Corbus will attempt to saw through the tentacle that has grasped Koby.
Richard Folk: Corbus Att Roll 18 + 12 = 30
Randy P: Hemon is yanked slowly forward 5’. His larger mass is harder to reel in.
Randy P: Corbus hacks away the tentacle that held Koby and the erstwhile wizard is once again free
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Zethallon: Dreigho will move to Hemon’s right and attempt to attack one of the tentacles holding him.
Zethallon: O,23
Zethallon: Dreigho: 15+12=27 to attack with morningstar
Randy P: Dreigho bashes the tentacle around Hemon’s huge ankle and it releases its grip from pain
Randy P: [Slade]
Randy P: Slade is 5’ from the creature’s mouth!
Randy P: [M,25]
haweemoo: attack the tentacle
Randy P: Slade is held around the waist once more.
Randy P: [roll attack]
haweemoo: [only one attack right.?]
Randy P: [you can roll twice, but you get the feeling that damaging the tentacles doesn’t amount to much collateral damamge against the creature overall.
Randy P: [Your close enough that you can either attack the tentacle or attack the body.]
Richard Folk: [I just heard that it is going down to 43 degrees over night up here]
haweemoo: 17+18=35 [crit come in effect here?]
Randy P: [are you attacking the tentacle or the body?]
haweemoo: body
Randy P: [yes, roll to confirm crit]
haweemoo: 20+18=38
Randy P: [confirms]
Randy P: [what’s your max damamge for one hit? ]
haweemoo: 1d6+9
Randy P: [so 30 damage then]
Randy P: [Hemon]
Randy P: The creature roars angrily as Slade hacks off the tentacle holding him at the joint where it connects to the conical body.
Zethallon: Since it moved me 5 ft closer, I’m 10 ft away and in melee range with new size. I use a full attack on the creature’s body.
Randy P: [actually, you’re adjacent to it now]
Zethallon: [Still attacking]
Randy P: [roll your full attack]
Zethallon: 16+12=28; 4+7=11
Randy P: First attack hits
Zethallon: 6+7+7=20 points of slashing damage.
Zethallon: “You picked the wrong meal today.”
Richard Folk: [lol]
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Really ticked off, Koby will cast magic missile again
Randy P: [make your caster level check]
Treassa: 15+10+5+2=32
Randy P: [roll your mm damage]
Treassa: 22 points
Randy P: [Round 3]
Richard Folk: [Wow, 3 rounds. maybe silence works for a faster game]
Randy P: The Roper bites Slade for 32 damage!
Richard Folk: [OUCH!]
Randy P: It also lashes out with its 4.5 tentacles…
Randy P: It tags Hemon twice and Dreigho twice…
Randy P: [make two Fort saves apiece]
Zethallon: 19+11=30; secondroll is a natural one.
Zethallon: Hemon
Randy P: It grapples Dreigho, but can’t get a grip on Hemon
Zethallon: Dreigho: 3+11=14; 4+11=15
Randy P: Hemon is sapped for 1 more Strength. Dreigho is sapped for 6 Strength.
Randy P: [Corbus]
Randy P: Dreigho is grappled around the waist.
Richard Folk: Corbus will move to rescue Dreigho and attempt to saw the tentacle
Richard Folk: Corbus att roll 7 + 12 = 19
Randy P: Corbus slashes at the tentacle, but can’t sever its stony embrace
Richard Folk: [Fudge]
Randy P: [tentacle AC = 20]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Richard Folk: [Close…but no cigar]
Zethallon: [How close is Dreigho to the creature?]
Randy P: Dreigho is dragged adjacent to the creature, and ironically is now in flanking position opposite Slade
Zethallon: Dreigho will use a full attack against its body.
Randy P: [P,25]
Randy P: [ok]
Zethallon: Dreigho: 12+12-3+2=23; 3+7-3+2=9
Randy P: Both swings miss
Randy P: [Slade]
Richard Folk: [Ooof!]
haweemoo: full attack..
haweemoo: 10+18=28 19+13=32
Richard Folk: [Kick some butt Slade!]
Randy P: Both hit, the 2nd possibly crits
haweemoo: 16+13=29 on confirmation on second.
Randy P: The 2nd crits for 30 damage
Randy P: [roll normal damage for first hit]
haweemoo: 4+9=13
Randy P: The creature shrieks in agony as Slade lops off a chunk of its cone.
Randy P: [43 total]
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon continues to use full attack. Rolls inc…
Zethallon: 12+12-1=23; 17+7-1=23
Randy P: Both swings miss
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Will cast scorching ray at creature
Randy P: [good choice]
Randy P: [make your ranged touch attack]
Randy P: [for each ray]
Treassa: 18+5=23
Treassa: 13+5=18
Randy P: Both hit
Randy P: roll damage
Treassa: first ray 18 dmg and second 16 dmg
Randy P: [34 x1.5 = 51 damage total]
Randy P: [it’s vulnerable to fire]
Treassa: [yay]
Randy P: Koby blasts it with two sizzling rays and kills it!
Richard Folk: [ Oh, that explains the bonus damage ]
Randy P: Dreigho is dropped
Zethallon: afk for a few minutes
Randy P: The rhymtic clanging is much louder the nearer you are to the chasm in the south.
Randy P: [rhythmic
Randy P: [everyone roll Perception]
Richard Folk: Corbus Perception Roll 15 + 10 = 25
Treassa: 12+10=22
haweemoo: 13+8=21
Randy P: Everyone hears the sound of chanting coming from the large hallway to the northeast.
Randy P: [what do you do?]
Richard Folk: Corbus will look towards the North East, Is there anybody in view?
Randy P: [Are you invisible, Corbus?]
Richard Folk: No, Corbus is visible
Zethallon: [Back] Hemon will suggest to the party that those that aren’t stealthy to stay far back for healing.
Randy P: You don’t see anyone near the southern mouth of the northeast hallway. The chanting seems distant, but is certainly coming from farther down that hall.
Treassa: Koby could use some healing
Randy P: The numbness that stole away your Strength slowly fades and your might returns.
Zethallon: [I have no lesser restoration spells left so can only provide healing — hit point counts?]
Richard Folk: Good, I thought that the clamor of our fight here had drawn attention ffor other foes.
Randy P: [restore your Strength to normal]
Richard Folk: Corbus is un-hurt
Randy P: [how long does Enlarge Person last?]
Randy P: [1 min/level]
Richard Folk: [Is this monster slain ?]
Zethallon: [Minute per level ]
Randy P: [yes, Koby fried it]
Richard Folk: [Oh, I didn’t realize that it was dead, Sorry]
Randy P: The cavern is otherwise quiet.
Zethallon: [Koby and Slade — how many hit points are you down?]
Treassa: i think like 33
Richard Folk: Corbus will begin to move quietly towards the North East hall way in order to peek around the corner, still visible so that my friends know where he is going.
Zethallon: Dreigho will search around the body of the creature to see if anything is round.
Randy P: [might want to use the Staff of Life to Heal them both]
Zethallon: I will use charges from wand
Zethallon: 4 charges of cure light wounds to Koby…
Randy P: Dreigho finds a small pile of treasure behind the stalagmite trunk.
haweemoo: down 32
haweemoo: 79 of 111
Richard Folk: Corbus Stealth Roll is 3 + 18 = 21 [Back to bad dice rolls]
Zethallon: 3+2+8+7+4=24
Zethallon: 4 charges to Slade as well…
Zethallon: 6+7+1+5+4=23 back for Slade.
Zethallon: Dreigoh will inspect it further…
haweemoo: thanks
Randy P: Admidst a stash of coins and jewelry, Dreigho finds a small sword and scabbard and a leather potions belt containing four potion bottles.
Randy P: Corbus, are you near the southern end of the hallway?
Randy P: nm
Randy P: just read what you posted
Richard Folk: [OK]
Randy P: Corbus looks down the hallway and sees the following…
Randy P: This circular chamber is dominated by a three-tiered circular platform. Five sinuous stone dragon necks arc up from around the second tier, their heads turned upward to aim open maws at a pulsating hemisphere set in the ceiling above. Within each of the dragon’s jaws glows a brilliant sphere of rapidly pulsating light, shifting from white to red to green to blue to black. The ceiling in this area rises to a thirty-foot high dome. An alcove to the north houses a ten-foot-wide shaft leading up through the ceiling.

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Randy P: Atop the platform stand 7 figures cloaked and cowled. They chant solemnly and seem to be lost in thought.
Randy P: [Corbus, make a Perception roll]
Treassa: [hey guys, my friend needs to go to bed here. gotta get going, will check the post later, have to lightning bolts if anyone needs to use it]
Treassa has left the conference.

Randy P: [make two Spellcraft rolls first, Koby]
Richard Folk: Perception roll 11 + 10 = 21
Randy P: [crap]
Richard Folk: [Maybe we should break here]
Randy P: [ok]
Zethallon: May be a good choice as it’s 11 already.
Randy P: Corbus notices two shadowy forms lurching along the ceiling towards his direction.
Zethallon: How much xp for the roper (and wyverns for that matter)?
Richard Folk: [Nest game night on Sept. 29 ?]
Richard Folk: [Corbus thinks “Oh Crap!”]
Randy P: [right, 9/29]
haweemoo: [was a good game )) ]
Richard Folk: [Really neat fight !]
Randy P: [the Roper is worth 19,200 total. 3,840 per PC….]
Zethallon: Actually, checked my notes and last xp was on 7/28. Eeek.
Randy P: I’ll append the rest of the XP to this log
Randy P: Hemon, make me two spellcraft checks
Zethallon: Rolls inc…
Richard Folk: The last Exp thast I have listed is “After the Defense of Rethmar”
Zethallon: Hemon: 18+7=25; 11+7=18 spellcraft rolls
Randy P: Hemon identifies the small sword (shortsword to anyone medium-sized, longsword for small-sized) as a +3 dragon bane weapon.
Randy P: Hemon also identifies the four vials to be potions of Fly.
Richard Folk: Neat and rather unique treasure find.
Randy P: The scabbard is magical too and grants DR 10 to fire attacks.
Zethallon: Very nice!!
Richard Folk: Even Better
Randy P: Written in elegant elven along the scabbard reads, “Herein sleeps Dernwyn, the Wyrm Foe.”
Richard Folk: Whereas Corbus can use the shortsword, I think that 1 of our 2 Fighters would be a better choice to weild it.
Randy P: Do you draw the blade?
Richard Folk: It is not in my possession.
Zethallon: [Wouldn’t Hemon have had to for identifying it? Heheh]
Zethallon: [JK, ignore that last comment]
Randy P: [I will tally the XP for the blue dragon, two blue abishais, 6 lemures, 5 wyverns, and 1 roper]
Randy P: Hemon notices that speaking the name “Dernwyn,” causes the blade to be sheathed in flame.
haweemoo: [i think slade got a partrid peeeeeeear tree too]
haweemoo: partridge in a pear tree
Zethallon: Hemon, “Tis a wonderful blade.” He offers it to Slade or the nearest party member who wished to claim it.
Randy P: [Ok, we can stop here for the night]
Zethallon: [Cool, thanks for running the game Randy. I know that it was challenging at the beginning.]
Randy P: [no problem, I just hope the audio works in 2 weeks time]
haweemoo: [was real good )) ]
Zethallon: [Agreed, it was different not having it tonight]
Zethallon: [Night all — be safe!]
Richard Folk: I’m going to send an e-mail of complaint to Yahoo tomorrow. Then they will tell me that it is “User Error”]
Zethallon has left the conference.

haweemoo: [get those gremlins..hunt them down]
Randy P: [ok ]

TOTAL XP since you entered the Fane of Tiamat = 11,200 per PC

Session 82

Treassa has joined the conference.

haweemoo has joined the conference.

Richard Folk has joined the conference.

haweemoo: hello ))
Zethallon has joined the conference.

Randy P: howdy
haweemoo: hope everyone doing ok..
Richard Folk: I hear fine
haweemoo: i can hear you all
Randy P: Can Skip make it tonight, does anyone know?
Randy P: This rectangular room is awash in a riot of color. Five exquisitely sculpted stone dragon heads protrude from the center of the ceiling, and in each of their opened maws burns a different colored jet of fire—blue, red, green, black, and white. The polished stone floor reflects the light and amplifies it. Iron doors to the east and west each bear the image of a red clawed hand. To the north, a double door carries the same icon. The ceiling is twenty feet high, and two balconies in the north wall overlook the room at a height of ten feet. Inside the balcony alcoves squat two blue-scaled gargoyle-like creatures which turn towards the door as it opens.

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Richard Folk: Wow! That is the crispest that I have ever heard Gary
Randy P: I’ll say that Slade killed the last lemure, so that combat is now over.
Zethallon: [Going to mute for a bit till the kids go to bed.]
Randy P: [ok]
Zethallon: After the last combatant falls, Dreigho is going to check around the room to see if the devils had any items.
Randy P: The arrow points to the north door
Richard Folk: Corbus will inspect the northern double doors for traps.
Randy P: The abishai weren’t carrying anything. The lemures all went POOF and discorporated after being slain.
Randy P: [roll Perception]
Richard Folk: Corbus perception roll 8 + 12 = 20
Randy P: Corbus doesn
Randy P: ‘t detect any traps
Richard Folk: Corbus says.“Follow me.”
Richard Folk: Corbus will open the door.
Zethallon: Dreigho will enable his dragon shame aure for Senses (Listen, Spot & Initiative 3)
Zethallon: shaman aura even.
Randy P: Corbus opens the northern double doors into a long hallway that branches west and east further down. The hallway ends in stairs that lead down. There are a pair of double-doors at the northeast end of the hallway.
Zethallon: [Looks like Skip still has 3.5 rules so that should be perception]
Randy P: everyone roll perception
haweemoo: [the shame aura would help slade more )) ]
Randy P: [lol]
Richard Folk: Corbus Perception roll 13 + 10 = 23
Zethallon: Hemon: 3
7=10 and Dreigho: 20+15=35 for perception rolls
haweemoo: 11+8=19
Zethallon: [How far down?]
Randy P: Dreigho hears snoring coming from the western door.
Zethallon: Hemon will use two charges from his cure light wounds wand. Rolls inc…
Treassa: Koby perc 7+10+3=20
Zethallon: [Healing: 5+1=6 and 7+1=8 points back for Koby]
Randy P: The torches in sconces along the walls of this corridor flicker, but otherwise there is not much to see in this hallway.
Richard Folk: [Corbus was untouched in the previous combat]
Richard Folk: Corbus goes,“Shhh…move quietly and follow along.”
Zethallon: Dreigho will discreetly whisper about the snoring coming from the room to the west.
Treassa: Koby will be as quiet as possible
Randy P: The arrow points north towards the stairs
Randy P: everyone roll Stealth
Richard Folk: Corbus will continue north along the hallway.
Treassa: 20+5=25 for Koby stealth
haweemoo: slade will be as quiet as possible and be twards the front.
haweemoo: squuuuueeeeeekk.. clack.. grind….. rattle…
Zethallon: Hemon: 18-1=17 and Dreigho: 13+5=18 for stealth
haweemoo: [needs oil bad i think…]
Richard Folk: Corbus stealth roll 19 + 18 = 37
Randy P: [so, marching order: Corbus, Slade, Koby, Hemon, and Dreigho?]
Zethallon: [Fine by me]
Treassa: [good to me]
Richard Folk: At the top of the stairs Corbus will pause to search again for traps.
Randy P: [Perc roll, Corbus]
haweemoo: 11+8 ..
haweemoo: =19
Richard Folk: Corbus perception roll 10 + 12 = 22
Randy P: Corbus again detects no traps
Randy P: The stairs lead down into a large room illuminated by hundreds of candles…
Randy P: This cavernous chamber is lit by the flickering illumination of hundreds of red, blue, green, black, and white candles fitted into niches all along the walls or into candle-holders affixed to the sides of the long pews that line the southern half of the room. The ceiling vaults to a height of what looks to be nearly sixty feet, but it’s hard to tell for sure due to the hundreds of dangling leather strands festooned with scales and claws. These grim decorations clatter and twist softly on faint breezes, hanging in places down to just ten feet off the ground.

Randy P: The northern half of the room is raised five feet above the floor of the southern half; a short flight of stairs to the east leads up to this area. The raised area is dominated by a large stone altar. Stony dragon heads rise up like the curling fingers of an upturned palm around the altar, which itself is stained, scorced, and pitted. To either side of the altar stands a twelve-foot-tall stone statue of a five-headed dragon, her leering heads snaking down to look at the altar as if in curiosity. Each statue has a long tail that ends in a hooked stinger.

Richard Folk: Corbus tip-toes down the stairway.
Randy P: Five large alcoves twenty feet off the ground overlook the northern half of the room; there seems to be no easy way of reaching these lofty perches.

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haweemoo: [skip working on computer..trying to get on….he just texted me back]
Randy P: [ok]
Randy P: [Corbus, make me another Perc check]
haweemoo: [ who buys all the candles and better question who lights them all??]
Richard Folk: Corbus perception roll 10 + 10 = 20
Zethallon: [BTW, add 3 to your perception checks for Dreigho’s aura.]
Zethallon: [Initiative too]
Randy P: Corbus spots winged creatures lurking in the shadows of each alcove. They don’t seem to notice the invisible rogue on the stairs.
Richard Folk: Make Corbus visible so that the party can follow.
Randy P: They don’t notice the visible, but very stealthy rogue.
Richard Folk: Corbus will point out the figures in the alcoves to the rest of the party.
Randy P: The winged creatures sniff the air as if they smell something or someone…
Randy P: All five of them lumber to the edge of each alcove and peer around…
Randy P: [anyone with Knowledge arcane can make a skill check to identify these things]
Zethallon: Dreigho: 12
14=26 for knowledge arcane
Treassa: Koby know arcane 19+18=37
Zethallon: Hemon: 5+5=10
Randy P: [make that a 31 for Dreigho]
Zethallon: [rereads sheet — yep, thanks for correction]
Randy P: Koby and Dreigho recognize the beasts to be wyverns. They have stingers at the end of their tails and are armed with lethal poison.
Randy P: Wyverns are pretty dim-witted, but do not have any particular vulnerabilities.
Randy P: They’re immune to sleep & paralysis.
Randy P: One of the dragon-like beasts spies Slade and grumbles something to the others in Draconic as it takes flight towards the stairs…
Randy P: [everyone roll Initiative]
Richard Folk: Corbus will ready his longbow.
Randy P: “Intruders! Attack!”
Zethallon: [add +3 to your initiative rolls for Dreigho’s aura]
Skip Scheyer has joined the conference.

Treassa: Koby init 13+3+3=19
Richard Folk: Corbus Init roll 8 + 5 + 3 = 16
Zethallon: [Hey Skip — roll initiative and add 3]
Zethallon: Hemon: 20
1=21 initiative roll
Skip Scheyer: 17+7+3 = 27
haweemoo: 2+7+3=11
Zethallon: Hemon: 20+1+3=24 initiative roll
haweemoo: [hi skip]
Skip Scheyer has joined the conference.

Skip Scheyer: [telling me i am not authorized to join chat]
Zethallon: [Doh, click onto the voice button and see if it changes, Skip]
Randy P: [do you need me to re-invite you?]
Skip Scheyer: [voice button?]
Skip Scheyer: yes
Skip Scheyer has left the conference.

Skip Scheyer has joined the conference.

Randy P: [can you hear us now?]
Skip Scheyer: yes
Randy P: [give me 5 minutes to upload the combat map]
Zethallon: [afk then]
Zethallon: [I’m back]
Randy P: [ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Richard Folk: [Dick is now back]
Randy P: Only #1 is there atm
Randy P: But they will close soon enough, right after Dreigho goes…
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [so, if one is the only one there, can i hold my turn until they swarm us?]
Randy P: [sure]
Skip Scheyer: [well, attacking #1 did not seem wise]
haweemoo: [are they dim enough to fall for ghost sound?]
Randy P: [Wvyerns]
Randy P: All four of the remaining Wyverns fly from their alcoves and hover over the heroes, each trying to stab a hero with their tail…
haweemoo: [i thoughtt if cast ghost sound behind them it might distract them for a round or so]
Randy P: Slade is stung! Dreigho is stung twice! (#2, #4, #5)
Randy P: Slade is stung for 7 damage (roll Fortitude)
Randy P: Dreigho is stung for 12 damage total (roll Fort twice)
haweemoo: 17+11=28
Skip Scheyer: Fort = 12+15 = 27 and 8+15 = 23
Randy P: Both heroes feel a burning sensation at the wound, but suffer no ill effects from the poison.
Randy P: [Hemon]
Randy P: [or Dreigho can retailiate at any time]
Skip Scheyer: [whichever you prefer]
haweemoo: i have had mosqitos that sting worse…
Zethallon: Hemon takes a 5 ft step back to O,1. He casts sound burst: Both make their Fort saves
Zethallon: [Never hurts to try]
Zethallon: [Next!]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will attack #5
Randy P: They’re all within arm’s reach atm, but will likely soar to 10’ up after their next attack.
Skip Scheyer: [would it be smart to take a step back also, that way i don’t have three hitting me?]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho takes a step backwards to P1 and attacks: 15 + 12 = 27 and 15 + 7 = 22
Skip Scheyer: [huh?]
Randy P: [you can’t move to P1 as there’s a wall there]
Randy P: [you can only move to O2]
Skip Scheyer: [gotcha! i did not realize that it was a wall…i am with you now.]
Skip Scheyer: [cool]
Randy P: [both attacks hit whichever wyvern Dre is swinging at]
Randy P: [roll dmg]
Zethallon: [Fine to me]
Skip Scheyer: 5+4+3 = 12 and 4+4+3 = 11 + 1+4 = 5 holy damage = 28pts
Skip Scheyer: [i will move to o2 to guard hemon, so i will nail #3]
Skip Scheyer: [bummer!]
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will duck behind his buddies and move to j3 and cast lightning through 1 2 3 and 4.
Treassa: 19+6=25
Randy P: [make an Acrobatics check]
Treassa: acrobatics
Randy P: Wyverns #1 and #2 get an AoO…
Randy P: Wyvern #2 misses
Randy P: Wyvern #1 bites Koby and almost takes off his right arm! (32 damage)
Treassa: Koby falls prone at -1
Zethallon: [Wait, thought that I healed you back up before?]
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will move to N-1 then fire his longbow at #2
Randy P: [that would provoke an AoO from #1 as you’re moving more than 5’]
Richard Folk: If an AoO then Corbus’ AC (with mobility feat) is 28
Randy P: [ok]
Randy P: [nm, only 1 AoO from both]
Randy P: [make your roll]
Skip Scheyer: [what was the 3 for anyway?]
Richard Folk: Corbus att rollk 7 + 11 = 18
Skip Scheyer: oh… my aura. preception and initiative
Randy P: That hits
Randy P: oops
Randy P: it misses barely
Skip Scheyer: [i have been using power.. +3 to melee damage]
Randy P: [Slade]
Randy P: Wyvern #3 bites at Corbus (AoO)
Randy P: and misses
haweemoo: 20
18=38 18+13=31 attacking #2
Randy P: [roll to confirm crit]
haweemoo: both?
Randy P: [yeah]
haweemoo: yes 17+ i do
haweemoo: 19+18= 37 15+13=28
Randy P: [both crit, you deal max damage x2 twice]
haweemoo: 1d6+9
haweemoo: [one had off to keep my name up if not the family jewels]
haweemoo: hand
haweemoo: hand: wing
haweemoo: [drumstick next time

Randy P: Slade chops off the right wing of #2 and it crashes to the ground (prone) in front of Corbus and Slade.
haweemoo: [do they taste lick chicken]
haweemoo: [like]
Randy P: [Round 2]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
haweemoo: [where is the pretty card Lady
slade looking for her]
Randy P: [lol]
Zethallon: [Probably in the belly of one or more of the wyverns. ]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will attack # 3 again 12+12 = 24 and 15+7 = 22
Randy P: [both hit]
Skip Scheyer: 7+4+3 = 14 and 1+4+3 = 8 totalling 22 pts (grr non evil)
Randy P: [Wyverns]
Skip Scheyer: [bummer, but, this is pathfinder… you could make it so! ]
Randy P: #2 lurches to its feet, triggering an AoO from Slade
haweemoo: [if they ate the card Lady then they evil]
haweemoo: 15+18=33
Randy P: that hits, roll damage
haweemoo: 4+9=13
Randy P: #2 is slain!
Richard Folk: [Yes, being partway up the stairs allows Corbus to fire arrows over the heads of his allies]
haweemoo: [ he only needs to be one step up to fire over my head]
Randy P: #1 stings Slade for 9 damage (roll Fort)
Randy P: #3 full-attacks Dreigho
haweemoo: 17+11=28
Randy P: but misses
Randy P: Slade again feels a burning sensation, but his body fights off the poison again
Randy P: #4 flies northwards around #3 and hovers over the body of his fallen comrade, and bites at Slade!
Randy P: but misses
Randy P: #5 closes in on Dreigho and bites at him…
Randy P: and misses
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon takes a 5 ft step to N,2 and applies a full attack with his greatsword against #4.
Zethallon: Hemon: 12+12=24 and 19+7=26 (possible crit for 2nd if connects)
haweemoo: dreigho is there a reject henchmen place that all the bad one hire all these things from ??
Randy P: [both hit, roll to confirm]
Zethallon: 15+7=22
Randy P: [that confirms]
Zethallon: dmg for first attack: 4+1+7=11
Zethallon: 6+6+7=19 x2 =38 points of damage
Skip Scheyer: Yea, there is a really lame creature seems to make all of them….oh what was that sads lizards name?? Tiamat?
Randy P: Hemon slashes into the neck of the Wyvern, almost decapitating it. Despite its massive injuries, it still hovers spitefully before the brave priest of Anhur.
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: 5+9=14 fort roll
Randy P: Koby stabilizes!
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will fire an arrow at #4, the one nearly killed by Hemon
Zethallon: [afk a minute]
Richard Folk: Corbus attack rollk 5 + 11 = 16
Randy P: and misses
Richard Folk: [Corbus’ BAB is only 5]
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: 16+18= 34 18+13=31
haweemoo: one
Randy P: [roll to confirm crit]
haweemoo: 13+18=31
Randy P: both hit, that confirms
haweemoo: 4
Randy P: Slade kills #4, finishing off the decapitation that Hemon began
Zethallon: [I’m going to start having to call you
Zethallon: Drizzt!]
haweemoo: that was the one in front of me roght?
haweemoo: right
Randy P: right
haweemoo: ok
Randy P: [Round 3]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [what is near me now?]
haweemoo: [still think they evil if they ate the card Lady]
Randy P: #3 is in front, #5 is to your right
Skip Scheyer: [3 is the one i have been playing with?]
Randy P: yep
haweemoo: [any more bodies in front of me and i will have to jump to hit them..(( ]
Skip Scheyer: Dre will attack #3 – 12+12 = 24 and 7+7 = 14
Randy P: One hit
Skip Scheyer: 8+4+3 = 15
Randy P: #3 is almost down. He’s looking very weak.
Skip Scheyer: Damn it.. you’re making me look bad!
Randy P: #3 and #5 both full-attack Dreigho…
haweemoo: slade says whos next theres a opening here no waiting
Randy P: #3 misses. #5 bites Dreigho for 10 damage
Randy P: #1 full-attacks Slade…
haweemoo: 27
Randy P: #1 crits!
Skip Scheyer: [phone]
Randy P: Slade is bitten for 32 damage!
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will use a full attack on #3.
Zethallon: Hemon: 4+13=17 and 15+7=22
Randy P: One hit
Zethallon: Hemon: 3+4+7=14 points of damage
Randy P: Hemon slays #3!
Randy P: [Koby lies there not moving]
Richard Folk: Corbus will move to Koby and administer a Cure Mod Wnds Potion.
Randy P: Wyvern #1 bites at Corbus as Corbus administers the Cure Mod potion
Randy P: but misses
Richard Folk: Cure mod roll 7 + 7 + 3 = 17
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: 20+18=38 11+13=24
Randy P: [another possible crit]
haweemoo: 15+18=33
Randy P: [roll dmg for the 2nd hit]
haweemoo: 3+9=12
Randy P: [Round 4]
haweemoo: so 42 total
haweemoo: ok
Randy P: [take a 5 minute break]
Richard Folk: [brb]
Zethallon: [OK, getting a drink]
Randy P: [ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Richard Folk: [same here]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will attack #5 – 17+12 = 29 and 20 + 7 = 27
Randy P: [both hit, roll to confirm crit for 2nd hit]
Skip Scheyer: [do i use my secondary attack bonus or can i use my first?]
Randy P: 7]
Skip Scheyer: 7
7 = 14
Randy P: [doesn’t confirm, but still deals max damage]
Skip Scheyer: 7+4+3 = 14 + 8+4 3 = 15 = 29 ?
Randy P: #1 full-attacks Slade…
Randy P: and misses
Randy P: #5 full-attacks Dreigho… and bites for 8 damage.
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will use a standard action to channel positive energy to heal his allies. I will use Selective Channeling to omit the two wyverns still up. He will hold his position after that.
Zethallon: Hemon: 2
3+4+4+6+6=25 points of healing for all players within 30 ft radius of Hemon
Randy P: [Koby]
Skip Scheyer: go ahead and hit me… it won’t hurt me!
Treassa: Koby will crawl to I3 and cast ray of frost at Wyvern 1
Zethallon: [my audio pooped out]
Randy P: [want me to reinvite you, or do you mean your speakers pooped out?]
Treassa: [any negatives from the ground?]
Treassa: [my audio gone too]
Zethallon: [I cannot hear anyone talking — just keep me in]
haweemoo: [no sound here either
Randy P: [everyone’s audio is gone]
Skip Scheyer: [don’t hear anyone either]
Randy P: [we’ll play without sound for the duration, ok?]
Treassa: [cool]
Zethallon: [OK, maybe it’ll come back in a bit like last time.]
Treassa: [any negatives from ground?
Randy P: [hopefully so]
Randy P: [nope, not on casting from the ground]
Treassa: [add bab only on attack?]
Randy P: oh wait, you’re using a ranged touch attack
Treassa: [yes]
Randy P: yep, take a -4 to attack for being prone
Treassa: 15+5-4=16
Randy P: that misses
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will move to I-2, then fire 1 arrow
Richard Folk: AC 28 for AoO
Richard Folk: Corbus attack roll 9 + 11 = 20
haweemoo: heard sound
Randy P: Wyvern #1 bites Corbus with the AoO for 9 damage
Randy P: that hits
Richard Folk: Damage roll 8 + 2 + 1 = 11 points of damage
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: 16+18=34 13+13=26
Randy P: both hit
haweemoo: 1+9=10 6+9=15
Randy P: #1 falls dead at Slade’s feet!
Randy P: [Round 5]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: 16+12 = 28 and 5+7 = 12
Randy P: One hit
Skip Scheyer: 2+4+3 = 9
Randy P: Dreigho bashes the Wyvern in the wing.
Randy P: Wyvern #5 full attacks Dreigho…
Randy P: and misses
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will take a 5 ft step to O,3 and attack #5.
Zethallon: Hemon: 14+13=27 and 7+7=14
Randy P: That space has a pew in it (takes 10’ of movement, so only one attack, which hits)
Zethallon: Hemon: 2+3+7=12 points of damage
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will stand up and hold his action
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will move to K-2 then fire 1 arrow
Richard Folk: corbus attack roll 19 + 11 = 30
Randy P: that hits
Richard Folk: Damage roll 5 + 2 + 1 = 8
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: nothing is clllose enough to atttttack isiiii t?
Randy P: [nope]
haweemoo: 5 only one left right?
Randy P: [right]
haweemoo: can i start twards it?
haweemoo: yyyyyyyyou all wimps. tiamat is a gecko i guess from what i see here.
Randy P: [yes, you can move to N4 and set up for an attack for next round if it’s still alive]
haweemoo: [at least they save 15 % off their insurance]
haweemoo: ok that sounds good
haweemoo: move to n4 then
Randy P: ok
Randy P: [Round 6]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
haweemoo: iiii guess you all tase like chickens because your mother is a gecko and your father is a chicken.
haweemoo: if you see a dragon with no hands wave at it for me.. i gots its hands ))
Skip Scheyer: [is #5 still next to me?]
Randy P: [yes]
haweemoo: [slade taunts should be at 20 )) ]
Randy P: [they were versus the blue dragon]
Skip Scheyer: [is #5 flanked?]
haweemoo: [yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ]
Randy P: [no]
Skip Scheyer: [cool.]
haweemoo: i is heeeereee alll lonely.. wheres a brave wyveren when you need one… oops sorry there ante no such beast.
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho opens his mouth wide and hurls lightning at #5
Randy P: [roll dmg]
Skip Scheyer: 3
6+6+4+3 = 22 pts of damage (DC 19)
Randy P: Dreigho fries it dead.
haweemoo: dreigo save me a hand )) or a wing at least.
Randy P: [end of combat]
haweemoo: (((… congrats though ))
Zethallon: [WTG gang.]
Zethallon: [Quick hit point check for players please.]
haweemoo: 88 hp
Skip Scheyer: 94
Richard Folk: “Whew, I was worried about their Poison.” shivers Corbus
Richard Folk: Corbus 42
Zethallon: Before we end, Hemon will channel positive energy again for group.
Treassa: Koby 17
Zethallon: Hemon: 1+3+5+5+5+6=25 hit points to each player.
Richard Folk: Corbus is now up to max HP, 51 hit points.
Skip Scheyer: woot! three shy of max!
haweemoo: me max 111
haweemoo: thanks for healing
Zethallon: [YW gang]
Skip Scheyer: [i still have all my ToV also]
haweemoo: give koby 2 meal med potioooons and 3 light potions..healing
haweemoo: 2 med
haweemoo: 3 light heal potions
haweemoo: ou sure?
haweemoo: you
Randy P: [end of session – next session is Sept 15th]
haweemoo: if any one need i have them
haweemoo: 18 med and 10 light

Session 81

Treassa has joined the conference.

haweemoo has joined the conference.

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Richard Folk has joined the conference.

haweemoo: hello everyone
Randy P: hello
haweemoo: yes treassa
Zethallon: I cannot hear anyone. Are you talking?
Richard Folk: nOPE, NOT YET
Richard Folk: I just heard somebody
Randy P: I tried talking
Zethallon: Getting odd behavior from netbook. Going to reboot
Zethallon has left the conference.

Skip Scheyer has joined the conference.

haweemoo: hi skip
Skip Scheyer: hello
Treassa: hello skip
Randy P: Hey Skip
Skip Scheyer: Captain America?
Skip Scheyer: great flick!
Treassa: yes
Randy P: we’re waiting on Gary — he’s having computer problems
Skip Scheyer: i thought it was the best ‘superhero’ movie so far. better than green lantern and light years above Thor
Richard Folk: I really liked Thor.
Skip Scheyer: thor was okay… it just needed more action…it was an origin movie
Randy P: I liked Thor
Randy P: STill haven’t seen Green Lantern
Richard Folk: I wasn’t interested in seeing Green Lantern
Randy P: [ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Skip Scheyer: LOL that would be awesome if he did!
Randy P: [Round 8]
Randy P: The blue dragon Tyrgarun is currently minus both hands and just breathed lightning at Slade and Hemon, rendering them both unconscious and near death. The dragon is hovering 80’ in the air.
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [80’? (ugh… beer nasty) – silly question.. what happens to the carpet, should i get off it?]
Zethallon has joined the conference.

Skip Scheyer: [hey Gary!]
Randy P: [it flies back to you]
Skip Scheyer: [so, it’s kind of like the returning dagger?]
Randy P: [yep, once it’s active it tries to stay under its commander’s butt]
Skip Scheyer: [new silly question… how big is the dragon?]
Randy P: [large — about 15’ tall and 20’ long]
Skip Scheyer: [i missed that… it’s doing what?]
Randy P: The dragon is currently gloating over the two limp bodies that it just electrocuted with its breath weapon.
Randy P: [ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Skip Scheyer: [okay… really bonkers of an idea… can i mount up and fly to the dragon and try to jump on his back?]
haweemoo: [stupid gecko )) ]
Zethallon: [Skip, your current hps are at 99 and you have not used any of your healing ability. ]
Randy P: [sure, roll Fly or Ride]
Skip Scheyer: Fly 13 + 9 = 22
Randy P: Dreigho hops on his flying carpet and zooms skyward towards the dragon…
Skip Scheyer: [nice! you are a very kind DM, he says that after he just killed two more players]
Skip Scheyer: [LOL]
Skip Scheyer: [it’s called taunting!]
Randy P: [Make an Acrobatics roll to try to leap onto the dragon’s back]
haweemoo: [and to get to laND]
Skip Scheyer: [i got the agile bp, right?]
Randy P: [yes]
Skip Scheyer: [cool… two more points. 15+10 = 25]
Randy P: Dreigho lands firmly on the back of the dragon!
Skip Scheyer: [can i retro getting out my rope?]
Randy P: [no, you’ve used two standard actions]
Skip Scheyer: [bummer… okay]
Randy P: The dragon roars angrily and spins skyward, trying to knock you off of him…
Randy P: [what is Dre’s CMD?]
Skip Scheyer: [um… sorry… in english?]
Skip Scheyer: [what’s a CMD?]
Randy P: [Combat Maneuver Defense … Base Attack Bonus + Strength mod + Dex mod + 10]
Skip Scheyer: 7+3+3+10 = 23
Skip Scheyer: [get any bonuses for doing it against a dragon?]
Randy P: The dragon’s spinning causes Dreigho to fall!
Randy P: The flying carpet zooms under Dreigho and catches him mid-fall
Skip Scheyer: [YAY Carpet!!]
Skip Scheyer: [any make an Alladin joke, they will be last healed]
haweemoo: [ally baba]
Randy P: The dragon flies towards the opening of the blue dragon maw located in the gigantic sculpture of Tiamat… it looks like he’s fleeing
Richard Folk: [Ali BlabBlaba]
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will activate his Ring of Invisibility, and take a double move to get to M-3. End of turn.
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will move to y3 and hold action
Skip Scheyer: [afk for a moment]
Treassa: Koby will move to r3 instead
Skip Scheyer: [back]
Randy P: [Round 9]
Randy P: [Dreigho
Skip Scheyer: [what is the dragon doing? and where is he in relation to me?]
Randy P: The dragon is fleeing back into the open maw of the giant Tiamat sculpture from whence it came.
Randy P: He’s 50’ over the double doors
Skip Scheyer: [not so much a lasso, but a bridle..bridel? bridal..whatever it’s spelled]
haweemoo: [some one needs to give it a hand]
Randy P: Dreigho was 40’ over the ground when the carpet caught him
Randy P: So the dragon is 10’ above Dreigho at the moment
Skip Scheyer: [can i chase and attack? either by landing on it or hurling the dagger?]
Randy P: you can hurl the dagger or chase and attack with your morningstar
Skip Scheyer: [chase with the morningstar]
haweemoo: [you should tell it that it forgot to pick up its hands.. oh sorry it pick them up )) ]
Randy P: [roll one attack]
haweemoo: [it cant pick them up]
Skip Scheyer: 10+12 = 22
haweemoo: [ask it if it needs a hand getting back in]
Skip Scheyer: [dont know if there was any buffs on last game]
Randy P: Dreigho levels the carpet and soars within reach of the dragon. He then swings his morningstar, but misses.
Skip Scheyer: [that’s fine… it’s blue so immune to my lightning, so damage works for now.]
Randy P: The dragon flies into the open maw of the five-headed sculpture of Dreigho’s nemesis
Skip Scheyer: “COWARD!”
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will move to n4 and offer any assistance
haweemoo: slade has a bunch
Treassa: Koby will give both Hemon and Slade each a cure moderate
haweemoo: 10 lt and 10 mod
haweemoo: 10 moderate and 10 light
Randy P: [roll 2d8+3 for each]
Treassa: hemon 11 hp and slade 12 hp back
Zethallon: [Thank you — Hemon is back to 7 hitpoints]
Randy P: [Corbus]
Skip Scheyer: [i thoght that any potion you drink while unconscious brought you up to 1 hp]
Richard Folk: Since
Richard Folk: slade had a bandeleer of Cure Mod Potions I will grab 1 and attempt to pour it down Slade’s throat.
Skip Scheyer: [not like the first time i was wrong.]
Randy P: [roll 2d8+3 for Corbus’ application of the potion]
Richard Folk: 8 + 3 + 3 = 14
Randy P: Slade is now at 9 HP
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: burp
haweemoo: any one got a pint so i can pour them all in?
Randy P: [roll 2d8
3 Slade]
haweemoo: i need to buy them in bulk
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon moves up to a sitting positon and surveys his companions. He uses his move action to open his handy haversack and look for an item to help him and his party.
haweemoo: 6+7+3=*16
Skip Scheyer: [sorry]
haweemoo: [maybe where its hand maidens are )) ]
Randy P: A staff tip pops up when Hemon opens the haversack
Zethallon: “It cannot be…”
Randy P: Hemon recognizes the staff to be the Staff of Life that he found in Vraath Keep. It courses with new energy. Someone (Tredora Goldenbrow) must have recharged it and put it in Hemon’s haversack while he was recuperating.
Treassa: [if they need it may be worth burning 2 charges]
Randy P: [Round 10]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [um…no. he jumped on the back to protect the group… now that the group is slightly more ambulatory, he will remain until they are active. He will look around make sure the dragon is gone, and if so, land to offer assistance]
Richard Folk: [back in a minute, going to fetch a drink]
Randy P: There is no sign of the dragon re-emerging from its hidden lair.
Randy P: [ok]
Skip Scheyer: [then he will land and offer aid]
Richard Folk: [Back…got a glass of ice water]
Randy P: [What does the rest of the group do?]
Zethallon: Hemon will use two of the charges to heal both him and Slade. (use one this round on Slade and the other on himself the next one)
Randy P: [Both Hemon and Slade are now at full HP]
Treassa: Koby will be finding Greshk’s arrow and activate it to to find the Wyrmlord. Can he hang from his neck?
haweemoo: thank you ))
Randy P: The staff glows with white light as Hemon touches it to Slade and them himself.
Richard Folk: Corbus will retrieve the Wand from the Dragon’s severed Clawed Appendage.
Randy P: Koby holds the arrow in the palm of his open hand and concentrates. The arrow points towards the massive doors of the entrance, which are currently closed (but unlocked and untrapped).
Treassa: Koby will point out to the group his intentions of finding the enemy with the arrow
Richard Folk: Corbus will give the retrieved wand to Koby saying,“Here, this wand emits Fireballs.”
Treassa: Koby will accept the wand from Corbus, “Thank you, I will put this to good use.”
Zethallon: Hemon will return the staff to the bag and make sure his wand of cure light wounds is still secured to his belt.
Richard Folk: Corbus will move over to the double doors and attempt to open the way.
Randy P: Corbus puts his shoulder into the doors and pushes with all of his might to open them.
Randy P: The doors open.
Richard Folk: Oops, Corbus forgot to retrieve his bow. Corbus will run and fetch it before moving inside the Fane.
Randy P: [do you want to take a moment a restring it?]
haweemoo: [slade knocks and says open sademe]
haweemoo: saseme
Richard Folk: Corbus thinks that there is no time like the present to make the Bow whole again.
Richard Folk: Yes, Corbus will restring the Bow.
Randy P: After a minute, the bow is restrung and ready for action again.
Richard Folk: Thank You
Randy P: The doors open into a 10′ × 40′ hallway leading to a set of stairs that go up another 10’ to another set of double-doors.
Randy P: [give me a marching order]
Treassa: Koby will stick to the middle if possible
Richard Folk: Corbus states aloud,“Allow me to check for traps and pit falls before we progress.”
Randy P: [roll Perception, Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus perception check 11 + 12 = 23
haweemoo: slade up front as far front as can be
haweemoo: slade proped the door open with one of the dragons hands.
Treassa: [lol]
haweemoo: a chair
haweemoo: [stick arm in ground and arrange fingers to form a chair]
Randy P: [ ]

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haweemoo: [first lazy-dragon chair]
Randy P: Corbus finds no traps.
Skip Scheyer: [Rogue, search for secret doors!]
Skip Scheyer:
Richard Folk: OK, Corbus will search the walls for secrete doors.
Richard Folk: Roll 10 + 10 = 20
Randy P: Corbus doesn’t find any secret doors.
Richard Folk: Corbus says, “I see nothing to slow us down, let’s get going.”
Zethallon: Hemon will take up the rear
Zethallon: Hemon will hug the right side of the hallway.
Treassa: [think staggering would be good idea
Richard Folk: Letter T formation, 2 – 1 – 1 – 1
Skip Scheyer: [Corbus, Slade, koby, hemon and dre?]
Skip Scheyer: [figure, with new area, traps and such, slade for combat… heal and squish in the middle, and another melee covers the read]
Skip Scheyer: [rear, even]
Zethallon: [Before we do that…]
Randy P: [Ok, it’s Slade-Corbus, Koby, Dreigho-Hemon]
Richard Folk: Work our way up to the next set of doors where Corbus will again search for traps.
Zethallon: Hemon will cast his spell-like ability of bless upon the party (lasts 8 minutes).
Randy P: [ok]
Treassa: Koby can cast bull strength on 3 people as well
Randy P: The party feels emboldened by Hemon’s spell
Richard Folk: Corbus Perception check 17 + 12 = 29
Zethallon: [+1 to attack rolls and +1 vs fear]
Randy P: Corbus finds no traps.
Richard Folk: Corbus will attempt to open the door.
Zethallon: [Cool Treassa - I’ll take one unless 3 others speak up]
Randy P: This rectangular room is awash in a riot of color. Five exquisitely sculpted stone dragon heads protrude from the center of the ceiling, and in each of their opened maws burns a different colored jet of fire
-blue, red, green, black, and white. The polished stone floor reflects the light and amplifies it. Iron doors to the east and west each bear the image of a red clawed hand. To the north, a double door carries the same icon. The ceiling is twenty feet high, and two balconies in the north wall overlook the room at a height of ten feet. Inside the balcony alcoves squat two blue-scaled gargoyle-like creatures which turn towards the door as it opens.

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Treassa: KOby will use scrolls on all who wish bull strength up to 3
Richard Folk: Allow Slade, Dreigho and Hemon to receive Bull Strength.
Randy P: The blues-scaled creatures look at Slade as he enters. They don’t seem to notice the invisible Corbus
Zethallon: [Slade took the belt of str 4 so he won’t get any additional benefit. Just remembered that.]
Skip Scheyer: [dre will not refuse the buff]
Randy P: One of the creatures squints at Slade, its yellow eyes narrowing. “Are you lost, gnome?”
haweemoo: no
haweemoo: actually looking to move into the area so checking out the neighbors
Skip Scheyer: [LOL]
Richard Folk: [Mega lol]
haweemoo: bad neighbors and you can never sell your place again
Randy P: The creature laughs. “Well put. You amuse me. Now leave, before my mood worsens.”
Treassa: Koby will use the arrow while verbal sparring occurs to see which direct the arrow points to the Wyrmlord
haweemoo: so what you think of the neighborhood?
Randy P: The arrow points due north.
Zethallon: [Any knowledge checks to see if we can determine the nature of the creatures before us?]
Skip Scheyer: [are we all in the room now, or just Slade and “Corbus”]
haweemoo: mind if we look around??? who decorates the place?
Randy P: “The neighborhood is about to get much bigger for my brother and I. We’re looking to expand into the Channath Vale region.”
Randy P: [just Slade and Corbus unless you say otherwise]
Randy P: “The gnome has friends,” the other creature speaks up. “Imagine that. All of you should really leave now.”
Treassa: Koby will activate his ring invisibility
haweemoo: of cours i have friends.. i am a good gnome
Treassa: will move to o14
Treassa: and do knowledge check on creatures
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will turn to Hemon and raise what used to be his eyebrows and move his head questionly towards the door and point to himself
Richard Folk: Corbus whispers,“I’m moving forward to the north doors.”
Randy P: [roll Knowledge: Planes for determing what these things are. Dreigho gets a +5 as they’re dragon-related.]
Richard Folk: Corbus will move silently, at 1/2 speed so full round to get to the north doors.
Randy P: [roll Stealth, Corbus]
Treassa: failed, rolled a 1
Zethallon: Hemon nods to Dreigho and moves behind him. Knowledge: 11
Richard Folk: Stealth roll 5 + 18 = 23
Zethallon: [=16 rather]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho says “How are the neighbors?” and walks into the room. Knowledge: 11 + 19 = 30
Randy P: The right-side creature looks towards Corbus. “Sounds like the gnome has an unseen friend… GRSHKNNNT!” and casts a spell…
Skip Scheyer: [would like to move the same time that corbus does, hopefully give him some extra cover]
haweemoo: hey who decorates the place???
Randy P: The left-side creature growls lowly at Dreigho, “A dragonborn… your presence sullies the room. I am no longer amused, gnome!”
Randy P: [these creatures are Blue Abishai devils]
Randy P: [Dreigho knows that they have Damage Reduction 10/magic or silver]
Randy P: [and are immune to fire, electricity, and poison]
Skip Scheyer: “Actually, I think i bring a little class to the room” Dreigho says with a toothy smile
Zethallon: [May I make a spellcraft roll to see what the one on the right cast?]
Randy P: The smell of brimstone precedes six POOFS as ooze-like devils manifest in front of Corbus, Slade, Dreigho, and behind Hemon!
Randy P: [roll initiative]
Zethallon: [Guess I don’t need to now…]
Treassa: 14+3=17
Zethallon: Hemon: 13+1=14
Skip Scheyer: Init: 10 + 7 + 3 = 20
Richard Folk: Corbus Init roll 6 + 5 = 11
Treassa: brb
haweemoo: 16+7=23
Skip Scheyer: afk also
Skip Scheyer: [back]
Treassa: back
Treassa: yes
Randy P: [ ]

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Randy P: [Round 1]
Skip Scheyer: [stupid question, but what is a Fane?]
Randy P: Blue Abishai (left) points to Slade and says “Fall!”
Randy P: [Slade, roll Willpower save]
haweemoo: sorry sneezing
haweemoo: 19+2=21
Randy P: Slade shakes off the sudden impulse
Randy P: The other Abishai (right) points and Dreigho and says “Fall!”
Randy P: [Dreigho, roll Willpower save]
haweemoo: hey was your moma related to a smurf(sorry but had to say it0
haweemoo: [blue guy on tv too much lately]
Randy P: [Smurfs annoy me]
haweemoo: [guys and gal actually]
Skip Scheyer: 19 + 10 = 29 (first attack roll will wiff)
haweemoo: [why you think i called him a smurf]
Randy P: Dreigho ignores the impulse to fall down
Randy P: [Slade]
Skip Scheyer: “I am sorry, but i am not really feeling tired.”
haweemoo: [can i take one step right so not hemed in on 2 sides with out a aoa]
Randy P: [yes, you can take a 5’ step without triggering an AoO
haweemoo: [dos a diag count as 5 foot or 10?]
Randy P: [the first diagonal counts as 5’]
Treassa: [how high up are the balconies?]
Randy P: [10’]
haweemoo: so if i went from m15 to L14 is 10 feet?
haweemoo: i am at m15 right?
Randy P: [yes, you are at M15. no, that would only be a 5’ step to L14]
Randy P: [knowledge: planes to anyone who is interested in what these ooze-like devils are]
haweemoo: so i can move and attack once right?
Randy P: [you can move 5’ and attack twice]
haweemoo: ok i will move and attack
Randy P: [ok, roll your attacks]
Zethallon: Hemon: 14+5=19 knowledge (planes) check
Treassa: 16+16=32 for plane check
haweemoo: 7+18=25 19+13=32
Zethallon: [Add 1 to attack rolls for bless]
haweemoo: oops sorry
haweemoo: so 26 and 33
Randy P: [Hemon knows that these are Lemures, the least of the devil-kind. They have DR 5/silver or holy.]
Randy P: [both hit, roll damage]
haweemoo: [is second a crit possible?]
Randy P: [Koby knows what Hemon knows, plus he knows that they are immune to fire and mind-influencing effects, plus they have Acid and Cold Resistance 10 each]
haweemoo: 3
9=12 6+9=15
Randy P: [yes, roll to confirm with 13]
haweemoo: 13
haweemoo: 1=27
haweemoo: [i remembered )) ]
Randy P: The lemure that Slade is facing is sliced in-half and then quarters and then eighths! It is severely dead and POOFS out of existence!
Randy P: [Dreigho]
haweemoo: [vego-slade]
Treassa: [yay]
Richard Folk: [Slade-O-matic]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will attack the one behind Hemon]
Skip Scheyer: [i presume that is more than a 5’ so i attack only once?]
haweemoo: you know this is not very neighborly.. you wont like me when i get mad
Randy P: [only a 5’ step]
Randy P: [roll full attack]
haweemoo: [ the incredble slado-hulk]
Skip Scheyer: 4 +14 + 1 = 19 and 18
9 + 1 = 28
Randy P: [both hit, roll damage]
haweemoo: [instead of turning green i turn yello and shrink some )) ]
Skip Scheyer: 5+6 3 = 14 + 55 = 10 (holy) totaling 24 pts
haweemoo: [ hey its been comic book talk tonight )) ][
Randy P: Dreigho bashes the Lemure attacking Hemon in the head and squashes it into a slightly smaller pile of goo, killing it, and it too goes POOF!
haweemoo: we came her just to sight sea and look how you treat us: The left Abishai says in a bored voice, “Kill the gnome.”
haweemoo: by the way did you know there were these 2 ugly blue hands out by your front door
slade grins
Randy P: All of the remaining lemures converge on Slade… (Corbus gets an AoO on one of the two that walk past him)
Skip Scheyer: “Such hospitality you are showing us…it’s been a long time since i played whack-an- ooze.”
Richard Folk: Corbus Aoa roll Nat 20 + 13 + 1 = 34
Richard Folk: Roll to confirm 4 + 13 + 1 = 18
haweemoo: [now you know why you guys dont let slade talk in diplomatic cases )) ]
Zethallon: [But it is amusing…]
Richard Folk: Damage roll 6 + 4 + 4 = 14 plus sneak att damage 1 + 2 + 3 = 6
haweemoo: are you 2 unics?? [sorrry spelling bad tonight]
Zethallon: [LOL]
Randy P: Slade stabs one of the lemures through the back of the head and it goes POOF
haweemoo: [slade?? ]
Zethallon: [You mean Corbus]
Randy P: Corbus stabs one of the lemures through the back of the head and it goes POOF
Randy P: [Slade, what’s your AC?]
haweemoo: 27
Richard Folk: [Corbus was using the Rapier, these guys should have had some damage reduction that applies]
Randy P: [All 3 miss]
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will move to p17 and cast shout towards balcony dc 21 fort partial and negates deafness. will become visible after.
Treassa: 19 dmg
Randy P: The right Abishai is rendered deaf!
Treassa: for 6 rounds
Treassa: [rolled 2d6]
haweemoo: [slade knows sign language] he flips it off
Treassa: [think coming in muffled for me]
haweemoo: [ now it cant hear my observations ]
Skip Scheyer: [i cannot hear anything… anyone talking?]
Richard Folk: [Is anybody else experiencing audio failoure?]
Randy P: [I’m talking]
Zethallon: [Yep, cannot hear anyone]
Richard Folk: Dick is talking
haweemoo: i cant hear anyone: [crap.]
Richard Folk: [I cannot hear anybody]
Treassa: [coming in broken for me]
Randy P: [me too]
Skip Scheyer: [cannot hear anything.]
Randy P: [want to log out and log back in, or just play silent?]
Skip Scheyer: [sorry, afk for a moment]
Richard Folk: [I have heard only isolated syllables]
Zethallon: Just play silent.
Treassa: [agree]
Randy P: [ok.]
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will take a 5’ step north to P,16 and cast protection from evil upon himself (new AC is 26). “Ignore the smaller devils…”
Zethallon: [to his party]
Treassa: [more than 5 foot]
Zethallon: Sorry, meant 20
Richard Folk: [With no sound that means that I can turn up the volume on the FM Radio]
Randy P: The lemure to the right of Slade starts to attack Hemon as he moves through his threatened area, but is unable to touch the warded Priest of Anhur.
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will inspect the double doors to the North, check for traps.
Randy P: [roll Perception]
Richard Folk: Perception roll 9 + 12 = 21
Randy P: Corbus finds no traps.
Richard Folk: [Cool]
Randy P: [Round 2]
Richard Folk: [Giong AFK to refill my water glass, back in a jiff]
Randy P: Both Abishais fly down from their perch towards Koby (O,17) and Hemon (Q,17)… the right one attacks Koby while the left one attacks Hemon…
Richard Folk: [Ooo, Danger Will Robinson]
Randy P: [what is Koby’s AC?]
Treassa: 21 ac plus whatever the prot from evil offers
Randy P: Both attack with their barbed tails, but both miss.
Zethallon: [Hemon only cast that upon himself]
Randy P: [Slade]
Treassa: [bummer ]
Zethallon: [Yes, I am a selfish son of a #$%^&]
Randy P: [bah]
Skip Scheyer: [back…sorry about that]
Randy P: [you’re one of the least selfish people I know, Gary]
Zethallon: [LOL, jk]
Randy P: [Joe – your turn]
Zethallon: [I have it as a spell-like ability from a feat that Randy let me grandfather from 3.5 Forgotten Realms suppliment. I got two more left for the day.]
haweemoo: the things still around me?
Randy P: [yep there are 3 in front and to each side of you
haweemoo: [should i ignore them ang go after big guys?? ]
Randy P: [you can, but they will get AoO if you move more than 5’]
Zethallon: [Nah, keep fighting Joe]
haweemoo: can i i attack 2?
Randy P: [yes]
Zethallon: [Dreigho can move to help out Koby easier]
haweemoo: ok i will attack 2 .
Randy P: [ok, roll it]
haweemoo: 16+18=34+1=35 7+13= 20+1=21
Randy P: [both hit]
Randy P: [roll damage]
haweemoo: 4+9=13 2+9=11
Randy P: (13-5=8 / 11-5=6)
Randy P: Both are damaged, but still standing.
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [if i caught up all the way, the two devils are on the ground now? can i move to attack one?]
Randy P: [yes]
Randy P: [the left one is the closest to you]
Skip Scheyer: [is that one attack or two?]
Randy P: [a lemure will get an AoO on you if you move past the doorway to the right to attack one of the Abishai]
Randy P: [one attack]
Skip Scheyer: [okay]
Randy P: The lemure claws at Dreigho but misses.
Skip Scheyer: [i will attack the left one] 11 + 13 1 = 25
Randy P: That hits
Randy P: [roll damage]
Skip Scheyer: 3
6+3 = 12 + 1+3 =4 (holy) = 16 total damage
Randy P: A solid blow, but it’s still up
Randy P: All 3 lemures claw at Slade, but all miss.
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will attack devil at Q17 with rod of python. With 2-handed fighting, 8+4+1=13 and 8+4+1=13
haweemoo: yes
Skip Scheyer: i can hear you… got an error message and now i can hear
Zethallon: I can hear now but put up the mic as I thought it wasn’t coming back.
Treassa: 8+6+1=15
Randy P: That misses
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will use a full attack option against the devil in front of him.
Zethallon: Hemon’s rolls: 8+14+1=23 and 13+9+1=23
Randy P: [Both hit, roll damage]
Zethallon: Hemon: 1st dmg is 4+6+9=19 and 2nd dmg is 1+4+9=14
haweemoo: [inflation ? ]
Randy P: Hemon slays the devil in two swings of Frost Maiden’s Fury
Zethallon: [Huzzah!]
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will 5’ step to flank and attack with Rapier
Richard Folk: Att roll 10 + 13 + 1 = 24
Randy P: that hits
Skip Scheyer: [also a +3 melee damage for my aura]
Richard Folk: Damage roll 4 + 4 = 8 plus sneak att damage 6 + 1 + 5 = 12
Richard Folk: net damage = 20
Randy P: Corbus Cleaves the devil in-two!
Richard Folk: less any Damage reductions
Randy P: Corbus pierces the devil through the heart
Randy P: [Round 3]
Randy P: [end of session]

Next game session is August 25th.

Session 80

haweemoo has joined the conference.

Richard Folk has joined the conference.

Zethallon has joined the conference.

haweemoo: hello.. my microphone cord got steped on: i can hear at least..nope
Zethallon: [uh oh Joe]
Randy P: [oh no, Joe]
Richard Folk: Man, no mic is tough
Randy P: [Joe, can you hear us?]
haweemoo: yep
haweemoo: yep
Randy P: [ok, cool]
haweemoo: [just no voice…sniff sniff]
Richard Folk: AFK for a minute
Randy P: Lord Jarmaath summons you to speak with him. He cringes as he coughs and struggles to speak to you, “Thank you for helping to save our city. You have my unending appreciation. If there is ever anything I can do to help any of you, you have only to ask.”

Randy P: He coughs and cringes again before continuing, “It pains me to ask one final favor from you, but I am in no condition to carry it out myself. Based on intelligence gathered by my spies, captured prisoners, and recovered documents, I’ve made a troubling discovery—the horde army we have just faced were simply the advance scouts of an even greater infernal host of devils, fiends, and Tiamat’s spawn….”

Randy P: “Azarr Kul, the High Wyrmlord of the Red Hand, was not present here for one simple reason—he has remained in his mountain stronghold to complete a complex, month-long ritual to open a portal between Tiamat’s court and our own plane of existence. If he succeeds, he can bring through hundreds of devils and the Red Hand will become all but unstoppable….”

Randy P: “I’m unsure how long you have to reach him before the ritual is complete, but I doubt it will take longer than a few more days. I’ve arranged for Immerstal the Red Wizard to provide your arcanist with two teleport scrolls so that you can travel instantly to the mountain stronghold. One of the maps you shared with me and the City Council shows its location. Lady Kaal purchased additional magic for you from Immerstal for your use. Here it is…”

Randy P: Lord Jarmaath hands the Teleport scrolls to Koby and then indicates a basket beside his bed. Inside are 8 potions of Cure Moderate Wounds, 3 potions of Bull’s Strength, 3 potions of Invisibility, 2 scrolls of Haste, and a scroll of Fly.

Richard Folk: Back
Zethallon: [still reading…]
Randy P: [is the group selling all of the party treasure?]
Richard Folk: [Randy, I optioned to take the Gold for Exp option that you offered. Corbus in now a level 7 character with 44,061 exp]
Randy P: [excellent]
Zethallon: [Hemon will also take the gold for xp option also]
Zethallon: [I will let Skip tell you of Dreigho’s decision when he plays again.]
Randy P: [ok]
Richard Folk: Corbus will grab 2 of the Cure Mod Wnds potions.
Zethallon: Hemon will take one of the potions of invisibility. Dreigho will grab one also and take two potions of cure moderate wounds.
haweemoo: slade takes 2 and slade bought cure mod potins
haweemoo: potions
Zethallon: [Thanks Treassa — Hemon will take the last two cure moderate potions.
Zethallon: ]
Randy P: [how many Cure Mod potions did Slade buy?]
haweemoo: 10
Randy P: [ok, and a masterwork potion belt to carry them in]
haweemoo: [he had money from last time too]
haweemoo: hey it should be charged my magic users there
haweemoo: [on them.. its a mission for the city
Randy P: [lol]
haweemoo: [wellllll ok they will get a bill for our services later )) ]
haweemoo: 13482
haweemoo: [hi ho hi ho off to die we go ]
Treassa: 18+10=28 for location of mountain keep in memory for teleport
haweemoo: [slade pockets the rest of the potions]
Randy P: [Koby, roll d% and subtract his Spellcraft from the roll to ’port on target]
Treassa: 30%
Treassa: Once the party is ready to leave after resting up, Koby will use the teleport scrolls to get to the mountain keep
Randy P: Koby teleports the group using one scroll (keeping one for the return visit) to the doors of the mountain stronghold….
Randy P: A winding ledge along the face of a sheer cliff rounds a corner, and suddenly the vista is one of terrifying beauty. The ledge leads over a ten-foot-wide natural bridge and then continues to wind up the face of the of the cliff on the other side to a large, flat ledge. The cliffside soars seveal hundred feet up from this ledge. This vista is dominated by the lifelike rendition of a five-headed dragon carved out of the stone of the cliff face.

Randy P: The dragon is massive—easily a hundred fifty feet tall—and carved to look as if it were perched upon the wide ledge and emerging from the stone itself. The dragon’s five serpentine necks arch up and then back down. The heads protrude from the cliffside, each leering down as if to challenge any who dare approach. Each head is that of a different dragon, and each has a mouth agape in an eternal roar.

Randy P: At the base of the cliff, under the dragon’s belly, a huge pair of closed stone double doors are set into the cliff. Each door is six feet wide and twelve feet tall. The motif of the five-headed dragon is repeated here, although this time only the dragon’s necks and heads reach out from around the door’s frame. Each of these heads seems crafted from a different type of stone—obsidian, alabaster, soapstone, malachite, and marble—corresponding to the coloration of each head.

Randy P:

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Treassa: Koby will look at the carvings in awe. It was an incredible sight.
haweemoo: sheeeeeze… some one like to blow their own horn
Richard Folk: Corbus is suitably awed.
Zethallon: Dreigho will look up and a small growl will escape his lips.
Treassa: backpage to city before leaving to create tattoo for 2 on all saves 1810=28
haweemoo: i take it a dragon lover lives here
Zethallon: Dreigho: “It is not one that I love.”
Randy P: Koby’s tattoo spell works fine.
haweemoo: for once i would like to see a stronghold that says welcome
Zethallon: Hemon will cast detect magic toward the entrance and will concentrate for a few rounds to detect the aura.
Richard Folk: Corbus asks,“Are the Dragon Heads a magical ward?”
Randy P: A chill wind blows through the valley here.
Randy P: No sooner than Corbus speaks, a booming voice fills the area from the 5 dragon heads…
Randy P: “I am the Dragon Queen! Who dares seek audience with me?”
Richard Folk: [How about a date?]
haweemoo: [snow white and the seven dwarfs]
Zethallon: [LOL]
Randy P: [everyone make a Willpower save]
Zethallon: [No results from my detect magic eh?]
Treassa: Koby will 11+7=18
Richard Folk: Corbus will save 9 + 4 = 13
haweemoo: 17+2=19
Randy P: The entire statue glows magically, as do the double-doors.
Zethallon: Hemon: 13+13=26 (27 if fear based); Dreigho: 10+8=18
Zethallon: (Slade — as a fighter, you should have an additional bonus for bravery)
haweemoo: [how find out?]
Randy P: [this isn’t a fear check, so no worries]
Zethallon: [kk Randy. Joe - ]
Richard Folk: [A level 8 fighter has a Bravery bonus of 2]
Zethallon: Hemon: “Not all of the heads are speaking. I think that it’s coming from the blue dragon’s head.”
Randy P: The voice booms again, “WHO are you? Speak at once or leave!”
haweemoo: [big bad wolf]
haweemoo: [want slade to speak ?? ]
Zethallon: Dreigho: " Surely you recognize us. We sent your army packing home with their tails between their legs!"
Zethallon: Hemon starts to speak and looks at Dreigho in amazement. [Hope to do you proud, Skip.]
haweemoo: [[sniff]
haweemoo: [we are about to huff and blow your house down]
Randy P: A terrifying laughter erupts at Dreigho’s answer. “I am a Goddess. Mere mortals cannot best me. Your victory at Rethmar is temporary at best.”
haweemoo: they need to hire better followers
Zethallon: Dreigho: “I doubt that you are a god at all. Tell your master that I don’t wish to spend my time talking to the help. Send him forth so we can end this once and for all.”
haweemoo: do bad guys always hire from the bottom of the barell ??
Randy P: “Silence gnome! You are only alive because other gods will it so.”
Richard Folk: [My game notes say that this is The High Wyrm Lord named Azarr Kul, a half-blue dragon and leader of the Red Hand Army]
haweemoo: if you a god then why did you have to ask who we were??
Zethallon: [Don’t know where Diane is at; afk a minute]
Treassa: Koby will search his mind for info about blue dragons 18
Randy P: “I have many things to watch and cannot be bothered to focus on the likes of an insignificant gnome and his friends.”
haweemoo: so you not all knowing?? does that make you a lesser god?
Randy P: [Koby knows that blue dragons are immune to electricity and breathe lightning bolts; plus everything else in the Bestiary]
haweemoo: [slades going to get us fried]
Richard Folk: Corbus will begin to search the door for magical traps.
Randy P: [make a Perception roll and add your Trap Sense modifier, Corbus]
Richard Folk: Perception roll 16 + 12 = 28
Zethallon: [Sorry, I am back]
Randy P: Corbus determines that the doors have one doozy of a magical trap installed on them. It’s energy-related.
Richard Folk: Corbus states,“Everybody stand back, this could get dangerous.”
Randy P: “ENOUGH OF THIS INSOLENCE. Open the doors and enter, if you dare.”
Richard Folk: Corbus will attemp to disarm the trap.
Treassa: Koby will stand back
Richard Folk: Disable Device roll 14 + 17 = 31
Randy P: Corbus manages to disarm the trap! A roar of rage echoes from the 5 dragon heads and a large blue dragon soars out of the blue head’s mouth!
Randy P: [everyone roll initiative]
Randy P: [

Start Photo Sharing
Treassa: Koby init 10+3=13
Richard Folk: Corbus Initiative roll 6 + 5 = 11
Zethallon: Initiative: Hemon: 9+1=10; Dreigho: 19+7=26
haweemoo: 8+7=15
Randy P: The blue dragon is currently 50’ overhead of M5,N4
Randy P: [everyone but Dreigho, make a Willpower save versus Dragonfear]
Richard Folk: [Right over Corbus’ head]
Treassa: Koby will sace 11+7=18
Richard Folk: Corbus Will Roll 8 + 4 = 12
Zethallon: Hemon: 11+13+1=25 will save (fear bonus included)
haweemoo: 19+2=21 do i have a fear bonus dragon fear or just fear??
Zethallon: [anything fear based]
Randy P: Corbus and Koby flee in fear!
Zethallon: [Where is Dreigho on that map?]
Randy P: [tell me where you want to be on the map, I assume Corbus is right next to the door for now.]
Treassa: Koby at p4 if possible
Randy P: Corbus is at M,5
Zethallon: [Put Dreigho at R,3 and Hemon at R,4]
haweemoo: L5
haweemoo: [i hear you]
Zethallon: [Dick is testing to see if you hear us Treassa]
Randy P: Slade can be at L,4. L5 is in the wall.
Randy P: [Dreigho]
haweemoo: L4 sorry i put wrong number in box
haweemoo: hey gecko you afraid of us huh?
Zethallon: As a swift action, Dreigho will pop Power aura on his comrades (3 to dmg rolls). Dreigho will put out his new composite shortbow and fire two shots at the flying dragon.
haweemoo: if you not afraid of us come dow and fight like a salamander like you are
Randy P: [ok, roll it]
Zethallon: Dreigho: 15
11=26 for first arrow; 2+6=8 for second
Randy P: Both miss. Dreigho, make a Perception check.
haweemoo: i saw you moma the other day she lookd good on that trolls bet
haweemoo: belt
haweemoo: she was the belt
haweemoo: you afraid of gnome power huh??
Zethallon: Dreigho: 8+15=23 perception check
haweemoo: [cant shut slade up]
Randy P: Dreigho notices that his first arrow bounces off of an invisible barrier around the dragon.
Zethallon: Dreigho: “Looks like he’s got one of Koby’s arrow protection spells.”
haweemoo: yea tiny dragon flys need protection because they afraid of a real fight…p i t i f u l
Randy P: The dragon circles around as he climbs to 100’ and roars, “Know that you face Tyrgarun, gnome. I am your death!”
Randy P: The dragon then breathes lightning at Slade…
haweemoo: tooooo late worm…
Randy P: [Slade, make a Reflex save]
haweemoo: yea you are a gecko too afraid to fight with bravery…18+5=23
Randy P: [change that to a 30’ ascension instead… total of 80’]
haweemoo: [my ac went up right with dex increase from gloves? ]
Randy P: Slade is shocked for 42 damage!
Randy P: [AC and Reflex save should go up by 1 each from the gloves]
haweemoo: so the rumors are true… you afraid to fight on the ground ..
Randy P: [everyone but Dreigho/Koby/Corbus, make a Perception check]
Zethallon: [Hard to read that last statement as you probably bit your tongue off]
haweemoo: 17
Zethallon: Hemon: 14+7=2
Zethallon: 21 even
haweemoo: [gnomes never lose their tongues… or stop talking]
Randy P: Hemon, Slade, and Dreigho notice that the dragon carries a tiny wand in its right-hand talons
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: hey pretty boy.. you a fairy princess.. nice wand
Randy P: [lol]
haweemoo: where your pink tutu
Randy P: [Slade, make an intimidate or bluff check… whichever is higher]
haweemoo: oooooh you are wearing it i seee oooh sorry thas a fat roll 18+9=27
Treassa has left the conference.

haweemoo: [cant shut up a gnome..]
Randy P: The dragon growls angrily, “I’ll show you what this ‘Princess’ can do…”
haweemoo: can i not attack and take a potion?
Treassa has joined the conference.

Randy P: no, but you can still move
haweemoo: its on the bet so i will take it and stand my ground.
Randy P: [roll 2d8+3 if you’re drinking a Cure Mod potion]
haweemoo: [would not do any good to run]
haweemoo: 5+8+3=16
Randy P: [regain 16 HP]
Randy P: [Koby, time to flee]
haweemoo: [put on your track shoes]
Treassa: Koby will run in fear to a1
haweemoo: [relink map for her please]
Randy P: [

Start Photo Sharing
haweemoo: [thanks]
Treassa: rolled a 1
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus makes a double move to X-3
haweemoo: so you are afraid of me huh? otherwise you be down here
Randy P: [Hemon]
Randy P: Koby runs to a,1
Zethallon: Hemon will cast Protection from Evil upon himself (spell-like ability) and move to N,4.
Randy P: [Round 2]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Zethallon: Dreigho will move to M,3 to be closer to Slade. As part of his move action, he will switch from shortbow to morningstar. He will ready an action to attack the dragon if it lands and attacks near them.
Randy P: The dragon swerves and turns 50’ west of the western end of the ledge and points his wand at Slade…
Zethallon: [BOOM!]
Randy P: A miniscule red ball flies from the wand and grows in size as it reaches Slade and explodes in a firey blast!
Randy P: [Slade, Dreigho, and Hemon: make a Reflex save]
Zethallon: Hemon: 10+6=16; Dreigho: 12+6=18 for reflex saves
haweemoo: 19+6=25
Randy P: Slade and Dreigho take 13 fire damage. Hemon takes 17 fire damage (27-10=17).
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: i got worse burns from a candle… you are a pansy
haweemoo: flip the dragon off
haweemoo: stand ground and take a potion [can i]
haweemoo: [its keeping it off you guys
Randy P: [yes, you can drink another potion]
haweemoo: [yep
haweemoo: [and i have 10 from last time cure lt ones]
haweemoo: [without the fuzz]
Randy P: [go ahead and roll 2d8+3, Slade]
haweemoo: 6+6+3=15
Randy P: [you regain 15 HP]
Randy P: [Koby, make another Will save]
Treassa: 11+7=18 will save
Randy P: Koby keeps running and finishes crossing the natural bridge… [and is now out of the combat]
Randy P: [Corbus, your turn]
Zethallon: [See you in Rethmar, Koby!]
Richard Folk: Corbus Will save roll 12 + 4 = 16
Zethallon: [See you in Rethmar, Corbus!]
Randy P: Corbus keeps running and is now over the bridge [and out of combat]
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will use a standar action to channel positive energy on the group and then will move to p,4.
haweemoo: big bad scary dragon has to use a wand like a wizzy…oooohh sooo scary
Zethallon: 1+2+3+5+5=16 points of healing back for Dreigho and Slade too
Randy P: [Round 3]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
haweemoo: does your lackys know you cant handle a gnome in a weapon fight?
Zethallon: Dreigho: “Why must it always be fireballs.” Dreigho will move to N,2 and ready an action to attack with his morningstar.
haweemoo: slade saays in a high pitched voice “run its a wand waving fairy dragon”
Zethallon: [Sorry for the crunching — thought that I had my mic muted.]
haweemoo: that will inspire fear in little children at least
Randy P: The dragon roars angrily, frothing at the mouth, and dips low to bite at Slade while hovering near the western edge… (still 10’ in the air)
haweemoo: [its working]
Randy P: [Slade, what’s your AC?]
haweemoo: 27
Randy P: Slade is bitten for 14 damage!
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: [can i hit his face since it just bite me?]
Randy P: [no, he went before you, and you weren’t holding your action to strike]
Randy P: The dragon withdraws its snout after it bites
haweemoo: i got bit worse by my granny and she has no teeth..
haweemoo: [hold action then.]
Randy P: [ok]
Randy P: [Round 4]
Randy P: [sorry, it
Randy P: [it’s Hemon’s turn]
Randy P: [the Dragon is 10’ in the air, hovering at J5,K4
haweemoo: still afraid of me huh
you wont land.. dso brave..
Zethallon: Hemon casts the spell sound burst upon the dragon (10 ft radius of the dragon’s center point).
Zethallon: Hemon: 15+6=21 for spell resistance check
Randy P: [Roll for Spell Resistance; then what’s the save and DC]
Randy P: [made the SR roll]
Zethallon: [It takes 1d8 dmg automatically and it needs to make a DC 16 fort roll to resist being stunned for 1 round. Hoping to drop it to the ground since it’s flying low.]
Zethallon: I rolled a 7 for dmg.
Randy P: [it made its save]
Randy P: [Now it’s Dreigho’s turn]
Zethallon: Dreigho is going to draw his returning dragonbane dagger at the dragon. It is over two range incriments so will need to take a 4 for the throw.
Randy P: [ok]
Zethallon: sorry, meant and throw at the dragon.
Zethallon: Dreigho: 1+11-4=8 (natural one)
Randy P: Dreigho drops the dagger, but it still returns to his hand at the start of his next round.
Randy P: The dragon dips low and attempts and all-out attack on Slade, but Slade was waiting for just such an opportunity….
Randy P: [Make both attack rolls, Slade]
haweemoo: 18+13=31
haweemoo: 16+8=24
Randy P: [both miss]
haweemoo: [str does not affect attack does it?]
haweemoo: [i got the belt remember]
haweemoo: no
haweemoo: did not know it did sorry i thought it helped carring loot
Randy P: Slade is hit with one claw, one wing buffet, and a tail slap for 37 damage!
Randy P: The dragon is now within melee range
Randy P: [Hemon]
haweemoo: [so my str went from 15 plus the 4 from the belt= 19 right?]
Randy P: [right, so that’s a +5]
haweemoo: [on what?]
haweemoo: [ i looked on books but i am confused..sorry]
Zethallon: Hemon sees Slade’s mighty blows bounce off the creature and decides to try to cast dispel magic upon the beast.
Zethallon: Hemon: 15
6=21 for SR (shit, was that the same roll before?)
Randy P: [Slade’s Base Attack Bonus is 8/3. Then he adds his Strength mod for a total of 13/8. Plus, he gets his Fighter weapon mods, and finally the magic bonus of Tuskreaver.]
Randy P: [yep, same roll as before]
Randy P: Hemon isn’t sure if his spell was effective, but the dragon’s eyes get big as if something just alarmed him.
haweemoo: [tuskreaver is plus3]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Zethallon: [What squares is the dragon now at?]
Randy P: [same as before, he didn’t move]
haweemoo: [so if he uses the 1 wounding heavy pick what would that be then and what damage rolls..answer later if its ok]
Randy P: [I would stick to swinging Tuskreaver twice.]
Randy P: [your overall bonus is better]
haweemoo: [ok]
Zethallon: Dreigo will move to L,2 and throw his returning dragonbane dagger again.
Zethallon: Dreigho: 11
Randy P: The dagger misses and circles back to Dreigho’s hand.
Randy P: [the dragon is down one protective spell, but still has a high AC]
Randy P: The dragon tries to full attack Slade again…
haweemoo: meow-mix ? ]
Randy P: and hits with a bite, one claw, two wing buffets, and a tail slap for 58 damage total!
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: [6 hp left i think]
haweemoo: 19+13=32 15+8=23
Randy P: The first swing hits and possibly crits!
haweemoo: yes i do on longsword]
Richard Folk: [My turn for ice cream]
Zethallon: [Yay Dick]
Randy P: [roll at 18 to confirm]
haweemoo: [so instead of 13
Randy P: [yes]
haweemoo: rolled a 19 +
Randy P: [so he deals max damage x2]
haweemoo: [weapon focus longsword, weapon special longsword, weapon training head +1 sword
haweemoo: [heavy not hear]
Randy P: [so you deal 30 damage]
haweemoo: [head]
haweemoo: [about to die anyways]
Randy P: Slade cleaves off the dragon’s right hand, which lands near the ledge, still clutching the wand.
Zethallon: [Oh doggie!]
Randy P: The dragon roars in pain!
haweemoo: we can call you lefty now ))
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon will remove a scroll and cast cure serious wounds upon Slade. [Rolls inc…]
haweemoo: [thank you]
Zethallon: 2
4+8+5=19 points of healing on Slade.
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Zethallon: Keeping the dagger in his off-hand, he lets out a roar and charges toward the dragon to attack.
haweemoo: [at least if i go out it on a good turn )) ]
Zethallon: 18+12+2=32 for attack roll
Randy P: That hits!
Zethallon: Dreigho: 5+4=9 +4+4=17 points of damage (just assuming that it is evil)
Randy P: The dragon hovers 10’ off the ground and bites at Dreigho…
Randy P: and deals 23 damage!
Randy P: [Slade]
Randy P: [Koby and Corbus will re-enter the map at b1 and a1 respectively.]
haweemoo: 16+18=34 19+ [what i add to the second swing]
Randy P: 13
haweemoo: [ i thought 13 you said]
haweemoo: 19+13=35
haweemoo: so 34 first and 35 secong.
haweemoo: second
Randy P: [is that one OR two possible crits?]
Zethallon: [Slade, I was just reminded that I still have aura going so if you hit, add 3 to your dmg]
haweemoo: [17-20 crit]
Randy P: [roll to confirm crit at +13]
haweemoo: nat 20
Randy P: [that of course confirms]
haweemoo: [i wrote down what to add to rolls]
Randy P: roll regular damage for your first swing and add 3 for Dreigho’s aura
haweemoo: 5
haweemoo: oops
haweemoo: 5+9+3=
haweemoo: 17
haweemoo: [well slade did get zapped by electricity at beg of fight.]
Randy P: 17+36=53 total damage
Randy P: Slade cleaves off the dragon’s other hand!
haweemoo: [i want carnation at my funeral]
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will move to b3 and cast from scroll web at the dragon
Treassa: reflex negates dc of 12
Randy P: The dragon nimbly dodges the web and it goes hurtling over the ledge into space.
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will move to Y-3 and shoot an arrow at the Dragon
Richard Folk: Attack roll 10 + 10 = 20
Randy P: and misses
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Rinse and repeat about cure serious wounds upon Slade. Rolls inc…
Zethallon: 8+2+3+6=19 points of healing (geez, that looks familiar)
Randy P: [Round 7]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Zethallon: Dreigho throws his returning dragonbane dagger at the dragon again.
Zethallon: 19+11=30 (possible crit)
Zethallon: Next roll: 3+12=15
Zethallon: Dreigh: 4+6+6=16 points of damage
Zethallon: [Correction -
I had two dispel magic spells memorized but had to use one to cast cure serious wounds on Slade.]
Randy P: The dragon looks the worse for wear and soars upwards 70’ and breathes lightning on Slade…
haweemoo: [sorry about using up one of your spells or 2 actually]
Randy P: …possibly hitting Hemon
Randy P: too
Randy P: [Slade and Hemon, roll Reflex save]
Zethallon: Hemon: 2+6=8 reflex save: 17+6=23
haweemoo: [no]
Randy P: Slade takes 64 electrical damage. Hemon takes 59 electrical damage.
haweemoo: [dead]
Zethallon: [Hemon is now at -4]
Randy P: The dragon roars in laughter as Slade and Hemon fall. “Where are your jests now, dead one?”
Randy P: [Koby]
Zethallon: Dreigho: “Maybe they’ll shake your claws in the afterlife. Oh wait…” as he grins.
Treassa: Koby will move to v3 and cast magic missile at the dragon
Treassa: 15+12=27
Randy P: [you beat his SR]
Treassa: 22 dmg
Randy P: The dragon is battered by blue missile fire!
Randy P: [Corbus]
haweemoo: [ he want meow-mix…meow meow]
Richard Folk: Arrow fire at the Dragon
haweemoo: [he asking fo it by name]
haweemoo: [LOL]
Richard Folk: Attack roll Nat 1 on the roll
haweemoo: [that or you sitting on his tail ]
Randy P: TWANG! The bow string breaks!
Richard Folk: OK
Randy P: [Hemon, make a Fort DC 10 save]
Randy P: [Hemon, make a Fort DC 14 save]
haweemoo: [neg 20]
Zethallon: 7+11=18
Randy P: Hemon stabilizes.
Randy P: [Round 8]
Randy P: [we’ll pause things here]
Randy P: [tell Skip, he’s in my thoughts]
haweemoo: [ its ok ) ]
Randy P: [Sorry Joe]
haweemoo: [ con 18]
haweemoo: [saved others for a while at least.. thats what a tank does]
haweemoo: [going to be 102 here tomorrow]
Randy P: [if the rest of the group agrees, I can say that Slade is not dead but only near death… at -17 instead of -20. That way Joe can continue playing Slade next game.]
haweemoo: [thank you]
Zethallon: [I agree and appreicate it Randy. Sure Skip will agree also]
Randy P: [Ok, Slade, it’s a miracle! You’re alive!]
haweemoo: [heat index 110+]
Randy P: Slade stabilizes at -17.
Zethallon: [Whew, pretty close to what it was here in Cincy too.]
haweemoo: [thanks so much.. slade too short to die yet]
haweemoo: [mostly dead
haweemoo: [princess bride]
haweemoo: [i got 10 cure mod and 10 cure lt]
Zethallon: [In addition to the wand, Hemon also has a couple cure moderate wound potions.]
Randy P: [next game session is August 11th]
Zethallon: [Calling it a night friends. Be safe!]
Randy P: [goodnight all]
haweemoo: [good night all.. have a good week]
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Treassa has left the conference.

Richard Folk: Good Night
haweemoo: [yes thanks a lot ))]
Richard Folk has left the conference.

haweemoo: [night.. stay cool]
haweemoo: [thanks]
Randy P: [you too, at least try to anyway]
haweemoo: [night]
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Session 79

Treassa has joined the conference.

haweemoo has joined the conference.

haweemoo: hello
Richard Folk has joined the conference.

Randy P: [ ]

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Richard Folk: Color test
Randy P: [ ]

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Randy P: The invisible adversary grabs Corbus by the waist with its left hand and tries to stab him with the shortsword in his right…
Randy P: and stabs him for 21 damage!
Skip Scheyer has joined the conference.

Randy P: Corbus, make a Fort save
Skip Scheyer: [Hello]
haweemoo: [hi skip]
Randy P: [Hi Skip]
Richard Folk: Corbus Fortr Save 6 + 6 = 12
Randy P: Corbus is stabbed under the ribs. The wound begins burning like hellfire (take 2 Strength damage)
Randy P: [ ]

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Zethallon: [What room is everyone in again?]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [thank you]
Zethallon: [TY — on netbook so hard to see map]
Skip Scheyer: [is Corbus on the top or bottom?]
Skip Scheyer: [he’s grappled, right?]
Randy P: [Corbus is on top of the foe and half-standing. He has him grappled, but not pinned.]
Randy P: Dreigho just saw something make a vicious stabbing wound under Corbus’ ribcage.
Skip Scheyer: [is it still visible? ]
Randy P: [no, it’s invisible, but you can get a rough idea of where it is as Corbus appears to be holding onto it.]
Randy P: [attacks against it have a 50% chance of missing.]
Randy P: [but you don’t have to worry about hitting Corbus by mistake]
Skip Scheyer: [since he has an idea, and no fear of hitting corbus, then he will attack]
haweemoo: [missing it left leg]
Randy P: [ok, take a 5’ step up and make your attack roll(s).]
Skip Scheyer: 16+12 = 28 and 3+7 = 10
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho takes a 5’ step and attacks with the numbers above
Randy P: The first swing hits.
Randy P: A scaly, black leg lies on the floor beneath Corbus.
Randy P: The creature appears to be leaning on Corbus to balance itself.
Skip Scheyer: 4+4+3 = 11 +5+4 = 9 (holy) = 20 damage total
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will cast daze on the creature
Randy P: There’s a flash of light aimed towards the creature and the back of Corbus’ head. Nothing appears to happen.
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus att roll 13 -2 + 13 = 24
Randy P: That hits
Richard Folk: Damage roll 1 + 2 = 3
Randy P: [Round 3]
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: 18+13= 31 8+8=16
haweemoo: 84 71
Randy P: The first strike hits and possibly crits… roll again at 13
haweemoo: 9
Randy P: That doesn’t confirm, but Slade still deals max damage
haweemoo: [throw cat at evil guy? ]
Randy P: The creature roars in pain and tries desperately to stab Corbus again…
Skip Scheyer: [um…i have my damaging aura on… melee damage adds 3]
Randy P: The creature stabs Corbus for 7 damage.
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [now or if i hit?]
Randy P: [roll hits first, then two d% rolls]
Skip Scheyer: 8
12 = 20 and 10 +7 = 17
Randy P: Both miss
Randy P: [Koby]
Skip Scheyer: [which would explain the frowny face]
Randy P: [Corbus, make another Fort save]
Richard Folk: Corbus Fort save rollk 3 + 6 = 9
Treassa: Koby will fire a force bolt
Randy P: [Corbus, you lose 3 more Strength]
Treassa: 36%
Randy P: miss
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will withdraw from combat to N-8
Skip Scheyer: [if he does a withdraw, won’t the thing fall down?]
Randy P: Corbus defensively withdraws to N,8
Randy P: As Corbus moves away, you here a loud THUMP! as the creature hits the ground!
Randy P: [Slade]
Randy P: [Round 4]
haweemoo: you need a hand..oooops i mean a leg

Randy P: [Slade, make a Perception check]
haweemoo: 16+8=24
Randy P: Slade sees where the blood is spouting from the creature’s severed limb and may strike at that point (no need to roll d%)
haweemoo: 14+13=27 11+8=19
Randy P: The first swing hits
haweemoo: 5+8=13
Randy P: Slade stabs the middle of the pooling blood and feels the creature’s body go suddenly slack.
Zethallon: [Huzzah!]
Randy P: [end of combat]
Randy P: Thick black blood continues to pool along the ground.
Richard Folk: Corbus and his 3 hit points wilol drink a potion of Cure Lt. Wounds
Randy P: [ok]
Randy P: [what do the rest of you do now that this thing is dead?]
Richard Folk: Corbus regains 7 HP from the potion.
Treassa: koby will give him a cure mod potion
Zethallon: [Hemon is still checking on the Lord I guess… lol]
Skip Scheyer: [phone]
Randy P: [ok, Skip]
Treassa: Koby will cast detect magic
Richard Folk: Cure mod wnds potion roll 2 + 8 + 3 = 13
Randy P: [ok]
Randy P: [does anyone search the room?]
haweemoo: yes slade does
Randy P: The inside of the crate at M,9 glows brightly
Zethallon: [brb]
Treassa: Koby will investigate the crate
haweemoo: anyone need a leg for anything??
Randy P: As does three otherwise invisble items on the dead body of the creature.
Skip Scheyer: [back]
Randy P: As do three otherwise invisble items on the dead body of the creature.
Richard Folk: Corbus will slump against the wall at N-8 hoping to recover his strength.
Treassa: He will check the body first probably
Zethallon: [afk]
Richard Folk: Corbus Fort roll 20
Skip Scheyer: [what we doing?]
Richard Folk: Corbus Fort roll 2 + 6 = 8
Zethallon: [and back]
Skip Scheyer: [cool! we find anything? need help?]
Richard Folk: Corbus 3rd Fort roll 10 + 6 = 16
Skip Scheyer: preception 13+15 = 28
haweemoo: make a nice floor lamp out of that leg you know…
Skip Scheyer: 31 with sense aura
Zethallon: [It’s from France; it says “Fragile”…]
Randy P: The crate contains 10 admantine arrows, 10 cold iron arrows, 10 silvered arrows, 10 regular arrows, three vials of various colored liquids, a backpack, a coil of silk rope (50’), a grappling hook, and a rolled up rug.
Skip Scheyer: [Fra Giley]
Richard Folk: Corbus 4th Fort foll 14 + 6 = 20
haweemoo: [rug made in persia]
Randy P: behind the crate, you find a composite shortbow. One the dead body, you find a magic ring, magic gloves, and a magic shortsword.
Randy P: Corbus loses 5 more Strength.
Randy P: Corbus collapses to the ground, feeling suddenly very weak.
Richard Folk: Corbus’ current strenght is $
haweemoo: slade goes over to corbus
Richard Folk: Corbus’ Strength is now 4
Randy P: Koby, roll Spellcraft to identify the vials
Randy P: Once the ring is removed from the finger of the corpse, you also find a potion belt containg several empty vials and three full ones.
Skip Scheyer: LOL drink this and grow strong! drink this and it’s all wrong!
Randy P: [lol]
Zethallon: [Good one Skip]
Richard Folk: [I DDOed with some children again today, not too bad this time]
haweemoo: [quick someone push the pause button]
haweemoo: [remember spaceballs]
Zethallon: [LOL Joe]
Treassa: Spellcraft on ring 18+6=24, gloves 18+11=29 sword 18+2=20; vial 118+15=33; vial 2 18+2=20; vial 3 18+15=33
Treassa: backback 18+13=31; rug 18+5=23
Treassa: vial 4 18+20=38; vial 5 18+4=22
haweemoo: [rug say made by chi-na who he
Randy P: The vials in the crate all contain poisons: 2 vials of Sassone Lead Residue (an orange sap), 1 vial of Purple Worm Poison. The other vials contain Cure Moderate Wounds potions.
haweemoo: [rugs are us…]
haweemoo: [bow ]
haweemoo: [ )) ]
Randy P: The ring is a Greater Invisibility ring. The gloves are Gloves of Dexterity 2. Shortsword +1. Composite Shortbow +1 (3 Strength bonus), a Handy Haversack (backpack), and the rug is a Flying Carpet (Type I).
Skip Scheyer: [i was just about to type, tag with if lost, return to Alladdin]
Randy P: [does Corbus want to use one or both of the Cure Mod Potions?]
Randy P: Through the open upstairs windows of the Coffin-Maker’s Shop, you hear the cacophany of the advancing Red Hand horde. Horrifying howls, guttural roars, and dragonbone horns announce its arrival in the Cathedral Square. The army arrives at several angles at once, quickly clogging the darkened shadows of rubble-strewn streets. The Rethmar soldiers surround the front of the Cathedral and brace for impact. In only a few seconds, the open area before the Cathedral is a battlefield!

Treassa: Koby will feed Corbus the 2 cure mod potions
Treassa: Koby will look out the window after stuffing all the cool stuff into the handy haversack
Richard Folk: Cure mod potion rollk 5 + 4 + 3 = 12
Richard Folk: Cure mod potion 6 + 2 + 3 = 11
Richard Folk: Corbus health at 46 / 57
Treassa: any lines of enemies withing 120ft?
Randy P: The street is filling with hobgoblins…. if you wait too much longer, the group in the Coffin Maker’s Shop will be trapped between the Cathedral and the horde.
Treassa: Koby will suggest joining forces with Hemon again
Richard Folk: Corbus says,“Grab all of those arrows!”
Treassa: Koby will cast from scroll dimension door to get to cathedral
Randy P: There was also a magical quiver holding the arrows
Randy P: The heroes materialize on the steps of the Cathedral as Hemon joins them from within. Just as the heroes prepare to join the ranks of soldiers, a hulking hobgoblin standing nearly 7 feet tall steps into view from the west, flanked by two giants and two females of his race. He is dressed in full plate armor made from the scales of a red dragon and wielding a blood-slick greatsword.

Randy P: The figure calls out a challenge to the heroes in a voice hoarse with rage: “Heroes of Rethmar! I am General Hravek Kharn of the Red Hand! Face me if you dare! Your pathetic soldiers may watch as I fill the street with your corpses…”

Randy P: [

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Richard Folk: Corbus gasps, “This poison has weakened me nearly to death, anyone have a Potion of Restoration?”
Zethallon: [Was waiting for someone to tell Hemon…heheh]
Zethallon: Hemon will move toward Corbus and cast lesser restoration upon Corbus. (You get 4 STR back). “Pretty bold to challenge us in the street. What say you, Dreigho?”
haweemoo: slade has 2 cure mod potions and 11 cure lt potions.. anyone need some??
Zethallon: [If Skip is OK with it, I’ll change places with him to cast that spell upon Corbus.]
Randy P: [ok]
haweemoo: [slade at 43hp out of 117 ]
Treassa: Koby will approach Dreigho and mention he has some lightning bolt and can take the fight to the air vs the enemy
Randy P: [everyone roll Perception]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho hands the rugs to Koby with a grin says, “i want to be able to ride this eventually.”
Treassa: perc 10+6=16
Zethallon: Hemon: 19+7=26 for perception check
Skip Scheyer: 17+15+3 = 35
haweemoo: 17+8=25
Zethallon: Hemon: Cure Critical wounds to Slade: 5+5+4+2+7=23 hit points back to Slade
Zethallon: [Except for domain, last of my level 4 spells]
haweemoo: [ dont bleed on the rug it sooooo hard to get the stain out..]
Richard Folk: Corbus perception roll 20 + 11 = 31
Randy P: Everyone but Koby notices that the cleric and the mage’s (B) feet aren’t touching the ground.
Treassa: Koby will take the rug “And you will.” He will turn and head into the Cathedral.
Randy P: Everyone but Koby notices that the cleric ( K ) and the mage’s (B) feet aren’t touching the ground.
Randy P: [everyone roll initiative]
Treassa: Koby init 3+1=4
Zethallon: Hemon: 19+1=20 for initiative roll
haweemoo: 17+7 =24
Richard Folk: Corbus Init roll 11 + 5 = 16
Skip Scheyer: 12+7 = 19
Randy P: [Round 1]
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: [hold ready]
haweemoo: [harry poohater]
Randy P: The mage (B) flies up into the air 30’ and then moves to M,4. She then begins casting a spell…
Randy P: [everyone makes a Reflex save]
Randy P: [everyone make a Reflex save]
Zethallon: Hemon: 15+4=19 reflex save
Treassa: Koby 8+6=14
Skip Scheyer: 7+6 = 13
haweemoo: 17+5=21
Richard Folk: Corbus Reflex roll 14 + 11 = 25 ( Evasion Feat applies)
Randy P: Koby and Dreigho take 18 fire damage. Slade takes 9 fire damage. Corbus and Hemon take no fire damaage (assuming that Frost Maiden’s Fury is unsheathed).
Randy P: Koby and Dreigho take 36 fire damage. Slade takes 18 fire damage. Corbus and Hemon take no fire damaage (assuming that Frost Maiden’s Fury is unsheathed).
Zethallon: [Yep, I did. ]
Skip Scheyer: [ouch! 72 hps]
Randy P: Hemon actually takes 8 damage.
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon removes a scroll of magic circle vs. evil and casts it upon Dreigho (everyone in 10 ft radius of him gets affected). [See this link: and lasts 30 minutes]
Zethallon: Hemon will hold his move action.
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: [one min]
haweemoo: [sorry had a bad shooting leg..]
haweemoo: q8
haweemoo: p9
Randy P: Slade moves to P,9 and holds his attack action
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [how close can i get to any creature?]
Randy P: [30’ / 6 squares]
Skip Scheyer: [how high up is K? can I attack it?
Randy P: The cleric is still hovering just a few inches off the ground at the moment. She stands behind the fountain.
Randy P: The cleric ( K ) is still hovering just a few inches off the ground at the moment. She stands behind the fountain.
Skip Scheyer: [can i attack her? i believe i can get to her, but hey, what do i know]
Randy P: [you
Skip Scheyer: [yes, me]
Randy P: [you’d have to go around the fountain to reach K in melee.]
Skip Scheyer: [do diagonals count as five or 10?]
Skip Scheyer: [nm… counted wrong]
Skip Scheyer: [i want to move up so that i can attack the next round, since i cannot this one]
Randy P: [the first diagonal counts as 5’, the 2nd as 10’, the 3rd as 5’]
Randy P: [do you want to double-move towards K, or move towards the other giant and hold your attack action?]
Skip Scheyer: i will play with the giant if it means that i can still attack
Zethallon: [afk]
Randy P: [ok, let’s say you move to F,7 and hold your attack]
Skip Scheyer: [that works for me.]
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will activate his ring of invis and move to K-9 and await attacking enemies.
haweemoo: [is a hobgoblin considered in a goblinoid type?? because gnomes have bonus against goblins.. just wondering?? ]
Zethallon: [back]
Randy P: The cleric ( K ) flies up 20’ and casts a spell…
Randy P: Hemon, Koby, and Corbus: make a Will save
Zethallon: [Damn, I feel like Amber tonight.]
Randy P: [lol]
Treassa: will save 9+5+2=16
Zethallon: Hemon: 17+12+2=31 for will save
Richard Folk: Corbus Will Save roll 11 + 4 + 2 = 17
Randy P: Koby and Corbus take 11 damage. Hemon takes 10 damage as a black miasmic cloud coalesces around the 20’ area north of the fountain. A sickening feeling of unholy blight wracks those there.
Randy P: The general leaps atop the fountain to L,6
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: As much as this action takes, will take rug into cathedral, put on invisibility ring, and activate carpet.
Treassa: Koby will go to landing 014
Randy P: The giants, dressed in full plate armor, stride forward towards Dreigho and Slade respectively. They use their awesome reach to swing before either hero can act…
Randy P: [what is Dreigho and Slade’s AC?]
Skip Scheyer: [save on what?
haweemoo: slade 26
Skip Scheyer: [ac 29]
Randy P: The one attacking Slade misses
haweemoo: plus against giants is there a add?
Randy P: As does the one swinging at Dreigho.
Randy P: [yes, gnomes get a 4 doge bonus to their AC against giants]
Randy P: I’ll allow Dreigho and Slade to both take a 5’ step to make their attacks this round (one attack each)…
Randy P: [Slade]
Skip Scheyer: 13
12 = 25
haweemoo: 20+13=33
Randy P: [roll to confirm, Slade]
Randy P: Dreigho misses
haweemoo: 18+13=31
Skip Scheyer: [wow…25 misses…ouch]
Randy P: Slade critically wounds his giant for 28 damage to his groin!
Zethallon: [Slade gets a lot of groin attacks. I worry about him.]
Randy P: [Round 2]
Randy P: [Slade]
Skip Scheyer: [OOUCH!!!!]
haweemoo: 17+13= 30 16+8= 24
haweemoo: [well that is eye level on most creatures to him]
Zethallon: [LOL]
haweemoo: slade yells hope you had children before this fight.. you wont after ….
Randy P: [both are potential crits, roll to confirm for each]
Randy P: [one is a potential crit
Randy P: [roll again at 13]
haweemoo: 14
Randy P: [that confirms]
Randy P: Slade spins and hacks off the Giant’s left leg at the knee for 28 damage!
haweemoo: tiiiimbeeer
Skip Scheyer: [damn…we should rename him..Slade Legbane]
Randy P: The 2nd giant collapses to the ground atop his bloody left stump (of a leg).
haweemoo: [slade codbane ?? lolk]
Randy P: The mage growls at Slade, “You shall pay with that with your life, little one!” and casts a spell…
Randy P: [Slade, make a reflex save]
haweemoo: [i saw your mom she works for geico insurance huh]
haweemoo: 16+5=21
Randy P: Slade barely dodges the full brunt of a lightning bolt and takes 18 damage!
Randy P: The mage then soars upwards another 60’
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: [Sec, checking the range of a spell]
Zethallon: [Counting the 90’ that the mage is off the ground, how far is she away from Hemon?]
Randy P: 120’ total away from Hemon
Randy P: [Dreigho, you’re up next after Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon casts divine power upon himself and moves 10 ft due south toward the fountain.
Randy P: [ok]
Randy P: Hemon stands at the northwest edge of the fountain.
Randy P: [J,8]
Randy P: {Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will attack the giant in front of him
Randy P: [roll both attacks]
Skip Scheyer: 20 + 12 = 32 & 20 7 = 27
Skip Scheyer: [that’s just nuts… everything is going to be one from now on.]
Randy P: [roll to confirm for both]
Skip Scheyer: 12
12 = 24 18 + 7 = 25
Randy P: Neither confirm, but you still deal max damage for each. Roll your holy damage twice.
Randy P: [what is his max normal damage?]
Skip Scheyer: [i do max damage when i don’t confirm? wow. 1d8+4 3 (aura) ]
Randy P: [30 + holy damage]
Skip Scheyer: 5
5 = 10 and 3 + 2 = 5 = 15 holy
Randy P: [55 total]
Randy P: Dreigho bashes the tar out of the giant’s ankles and knees!
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus , still invisible will await the approach of the leader
Randy P: The cleric ( K ) casts another spell…
Randy P: Corbus and Hemon, make a Reflex save.
Randy P: A 10’ cylinder of fire blasts down from the heavens atop Hemon (and Corbus even though he wasn’t intentionally targeted)
Richard Folk: Corbus Reflex Save roll 5 + 11 + 2 = 18
Zethallon: Hemon: 14+6+2=22 for reflex save
Randy P: Corbus takes 32 fire damage. Hemon takes 16 fire damage (6 after adjustment)
Randy P: The general leaps nimbly through the fountain’s top and brings down his greatsword at Hemon in a cascade of water! [move ends at K,7]
Skip Scheyer: [afk for a moment]
Skip Scheyer: [back]
Randy P: The general’s first swing cleaves into Hemon’s chest (crit) for 21 damage! An unnatural black aura swirls about his blade.
Randy P: [make a Stealth check, Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus Stealth roll 20 + 19 = 39
Randy P: The general doesn’t notice Corbus moving invisibly behind him, diagonally opposite Hemon.
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Invisible, Koby will fly to m10. can he tell how far up in air enemy H and K are?
Randy P: The mage ( B ) is 90’ in the air above M,4. The cleric ( K ) is 40’ in the air above I,3.
Treassa: Koby will cast fireball at K cleric
Treassa: dmg 42+5=47
Randy P: The Cleric makes her Reflex save, but still takes 23 fire damage!
Randy P: Giant #1 swings down at Dreigho…
Randy P: Both attacks miss.
Randy P: Giant #2 swings frantically at Slade and misses
Randy P: [Round 4]
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: 15+13=28 19+8=27
Skip Scheyer: [round three… i missed and i hit]
Randy P: [both hit, roll to confirm for a crit at 8
haweemoo: 15
Randy P: [doesn’t confirm, but deals 14 damage. Roll damage for the first hit]
Richard Folk: Corbus Cure lt wounds roll 8 + 1 = 9
haweemoo: 4+8=12
Randy P: [26 total damage]
Randy P: Giant #2 looks close to death.
Randy P: The mage casts Dragon’s Breath (lightning) at Slade…
Randy P: [Slade, make a Reflex save]
haweemoo: 19+8=27
Randy P: Slade takes 15 lightning damamge!
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: With the spirit of Anhur coursing through his body, Hemon attempts to shake off the effects of that mighty blow. He starts to recite in Mulhorandi an oath that he took for his order to give no ground or quarter to his enemies. Hemon will use a full attack action against the leader.
haweemoo: [slade down to 15 hp left]
Zethallon: Hemon’s atacks (greatsword):
Attack 1: 14+13+1=28
Attack 2: 19+13+1=33 (possible crit)
Attack 3: 6+8+1=15
Zethallon: Attack 2: 14+13+1=28
Randy P: That confirms
Zethallon: Hemon’s damage (greatsword):
Attack 1: 5+5+8=17
Zethallon: Attack 2: 5+3+3+1+16=28
Zethallon: Total: 45 points of damage
Randy P: The general coughs up blood as Hemon pierces his right lung with Frost Maiden’s Fury!
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will continue to attack the giant
Skip Scheyer: 14+12 = 26 and 18+7 = 25: Both miss
Skip Scheyer: [damn.]
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus Full round sneak attack
Richard Folk: Attack roll #1 4 + 2 + 14 = 20
Richard Folk: Attack #2 19 + 2 + 9 = 30
Randy P: [possible crit on the 2nd attack]
Randy P: [roll to confirm]
Richard Folk: Roll to confirm 3 + 2 + 9 = 14
Randy P: [doesn’t confirm]
Richard Folk: Max dam 6 + 1 = 7
Richard Folk: Sneak attack damage is 6 + 2 + 1 = 9
Randy P: [16 total]
Randy P: The cleric soars down to hovering just 10’ over the fountain and holds out her unholy symbol of Tiamat and selectively channels negative energy…
Skip Scheyer: [i so feel your pain Dick – even when i get insane with a possible crit I wiff it]
Randy P: Everyone but Koby make a Willpower save
Zethallon: Hemon: 9+12+2=23 Will power save
Skip Scheyer: 16+8+2 = 26
Richard Folk: Corbus Will Save 17 + 4 + 2 = 23
haweemoo: 16+2
Skip Scheyer: [because of the spell Hemon cast before this all started]
haweemoo: 16+2+2=20
Randy P: Slade takes 13 damage. Hemon, Dreigho, and Corbus take 6 damage.
Randy P: Slade, Hemon, Dreigho, and Corbus take 6 damage.
Randy P: The general spits another gout of blood out and swings at Hemon again, shrieking a battle cry in Tiamat’s name…
Randy P: The general critically wounds Hemon for 65 total damage!
Randy P: [Koby]
Skip Scheyer: again
Zethallon: [Obviously, Hemon dies but adding it to the chat for posterity.]
Treassa: Koby will fire a lightning bolt hitting General and K. He will then go up 20 feet and move to m8
Randy P: The general drives his greatsword through Hemon’s chest, piercing his heart!
Randy P: The noble priest of Anhur falls backward and collapses to the ground.
Skip Scheyer: 66 baby!
Treassa: Koby is saddened to see his friend Hemon fall, he will get his revenge!
Randy P: Thunder cracks and the skies darken as Anhur’s fury begins to manifest.
Treassa: dmg 28+5=33
Treassa: +3 more =36
Randy P: The cleric is blasted from the sky! She lands in a crumpled, charred heap at Dreigho’s feet!
Zethallon: [WTG Koby.]
Skip Scheyer: [way to go Koby!!]
Randy P: The general convulses as electricity arcs through his body. He falters a moment before turning backwards to gaze wearily at Corbus.
Randy P: The Giants attack Dreigho and Slade again…
Skip Scheyer: [i thought Slade’s giant was dead]
Zethallon: [No, mostly dead… lol]
Skip Scheyer: [it will take a miracle]
Zethallon: [I heard the chocolate makes it go down smoother?]
Skip Scheyer: [lol – if only we had a haulocaust cloak]
Skip Scheyer: [and a wheelbarrow
Randy P: The 2nd giant’s huge greatsword pierces Slade’s torso, hefting him off the ground with the swordpoint through his heart! [58 damage]
Skip Scheyer: [don’t leave me hanging…does mine hit me?]
Richard Folk: [OK, what a heroic battle]
Randy P: The 1st giant misses Dreigho
Randy P: [end of Round 3]
Randy P: [end of session]
Zethallon: [Great game Randy.]
Skip Scheyer: [Dreigho is not going anywhere either – he is still has half his hitpoints]
haweemoo: [good game]
Randy P: Next game is July 28th.
Richard Folk: [That is as LONG wait for a character death, Corbus is at 6 HP]
Skip Scheyer: [i would say Koby fly to the cathedral and get a bit of help]
Skip Scheyer: [i work morning too, but i can push it to 12:30]
Treassa: [the good guys have to be seeing this anyway shouldn’t have to go find them]
Zethallon: [Going to head out regardless. Have a good night all!]
haweemoo: [be back in a min]
Randy P: [ok, we’ll go one more round]
Skip Scheyer: [good night Gary! Sleep well and be safe!!]
Randy P: [Goodnight Gary!]
Zethallon has left the conference.

Randy P: The mage casts a spell at Dreigho…
Skip Scheyer: [hit me with lightning!]
Randy P: A firey ray blasts past Dreigho…
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [no fair.. you mean they researched us??]
Skip Scheyer: [oops.]
Skip Scheyer: [going to swing and miss at the giant]
Skip Scheyer: 18+12 = 30
Skip Scheyer: 15 + 7 = 22
Randy P: [first swing hits]
Skip Scheyer: 5+4+3 = 12 + 5+4 = 9 (holy) = 21 pts of damage
Randy P: [Corbus]
Skip Scheyer: [both]
Richard Folk: !st attack roll 8 + 14 = 22
Skip Scheyer: [what did you say?]
Richard Folk: 2nd att roll 2 + 9 = 11
Randy P: Both miss.
Randy P: The general swings at Corbus…
Richard Folk: Corbus AC = 26
Skip Scheyer: [Koby might need to fly out of here to get help]
Randy P: The 2nd swing hits for 22 damage, relieving the brave thief of his life.
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will cast web at B and move down 20ft and to n7
Richard Folk: Corbus is now at -18 HP or yet another Death
Randy P: The mage is entangled in sticky spiderweb! She begins to plummet to the ground…
Skip Scheyer: [as he says with a snicker.]
Skip Scheyer: [like the predator, he now has three marks on his mask]
Randy P: The mage takes 25 damage from impacting the ground.
Randy P: The stumpy giant double-moves to L10,M9.
Randy P: Giant #1 swings at Dreigho again…
Skip Scheyer: [huh?]
Randy P: [what was Dreigho’s AC again?]
Skip Scheyer: with the spell 29
Randy P: Both swings miss.
Randy P: [Round 5]
Randy P: The mage tries to dispel the web….
Randy P: and fails
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will use his lightning on the giant
Randy P: [what’s the Reflex DC?]
Skip Scheyer: 19
Randy P: [roll damage]
Skip Scheyer: 5+3+6+4+6 = 24 he passes he takes half
Skip Scheyer: WOOT!
Randy P: Dreigho’s lightning breath fries Giant #1
Randy P: The huge creature folds to the ground, smoldering along the way
Randy P: The general drinks a potion.
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho with shout “Praise Bahamut!” then turn to the mage, and calmly say, “you’re next!”
Skip Scheyer: [scratch that… the general is closer]
Skip Scheyer: [captain?]
Treassa: Koby will move to 02 and cast lightning bolt at General and B. DC20.
Randy P: [Koby]
Skip Scheyer: [whatever is in the water that took out Hemon and Corbus]
haweemoo: [sorry guys i had to get up.. got sick]
Treassa: dmg 40+5=45
Randy P: [it’s ok, Joe. Sorry about Slade dying.]
haweemoo: [that stabbing hurt )) ]
Skip Scheyer: [no problem Joe, Koby is cleaning out… never mess with a mage scorned]
Randy P: The mage is killed. The general barely dodges aside [takes 22 damage]
Skip Scheyer: [i cannot believe they are watching us and not helping]
Skip Scheyer: [my pleasure]
Skip Scheyer: [amen sistah! they better res our fallen with the best thing they have]
Randy P: Stumpy the Giant moves to H-10,I-9 and swings at Dreigho…
Randy P: and hits for 18 damage!
Skip Scheyer: [48 hitpoints]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: Dre will attack Stumpy
Skip Scheyer: 15+12 = 27 and 19+7 = 26
Randy P: [first hits]
Skip Scheyer: 8+4+3 = 15 and 3+2 = 5 holy = 20 pts damage
Skip Scheyer: [not with no spells]
Skip Scheyer: [dead or no?]
Randy P: Dreigho leaps up and smashes the giant in the face, shattering his skull and sending brain fragments into the fountain!
Skip Scheyer: [WOOT!]
Skip Scheyer: [who cares… these shmucks are sitting back eating popcorn watching us]
Randy P: The general roars angrily and charges Dreigho!
Skip Scheyer: [they can kiss my scaly ass – damn i wish Randy would have let me have a tail]
Skip Scheyer: [what?]
Randy P: [Dreigho is Neutral Good, right?]
Skip Scheyer: [yup]
Randy P: The general slashes Dreigho mightily across the chest, his blood-blackened greatsword swirling with dark energy! [28 damage]
Randy P: [oby]
Treassa: Koby will move to h7 and cast shocking grasp on the General
Skip Scheyer: [do i get a AoO for him coming up to me?]
Treassa: ranged touch 17+5+2=24
Treassa: 21 damage
Randy P: Koby stands atop the edge of the flying carpet and punches the general in the back of the head with coruscating electricity! The general falls forward and convulses on the ground at Dreigho’s feet.
Skip Scheyer: AWESOME!
Skip Scheyer: cheers at Koby
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho steps towards Koby and grasps his arm… “well done my friend, now, lets take care of our fallen”
Richard Folk: [What a closed called battle, well balanced!]
Randy P: A quarter of the hobgoblins flee upon seeing their general fallen. The rest fight against the Rethmar soldiers and Kaal archers, but the Rethmar soldiers ultimately win the night! The city is victorious, but with heavy casulaties including the precious blood of three of her mightiest heroes.
Treassa: Koby will nod his head. “I agree, they died fighting and should be honored.” Koby will yell to the Cathedral, “Come and help tend our friends!”
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will gently lift of Slade and put him on the carpet. “Let’s put Corbus and Slade on the carpet. I will carry Hemon”
Randy P: The Captain of the Guard runs to the fallen and carries them inside the Cathedral with the help of his soldiers.
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho hiss at the Captain, " you will show some respect!"
Treassa: Koby will help guide the carpet to the cathedral
Randy P: Lord Jarmaath is healing with the aid of Tredora Goldenbrow and the past administrations of Hemon. Seeing the heroes carried in, she offers to raise them from the dead, if their souls are willing.
Randy P: “We owe you our lives this night,” Tredora says. “My powers are your disposal.”
Randy P: “We owe you our lives this night,” Tredora says. “My powers are at your disposal.”
Richard Folk: Corbus is willing, I imagine that Hemon is all for it as well.
Treassa: Koby will be eager for the spells to be cast. “We would be grateful if you would do so, they are honorable and relished life.”
Skip Scheyer: “You’re damn right you do.” Dreigho states.
Randy P: Tredora nods solemnly and begins to cast the spell to return them to life…
Randy P: Corbus and Slade arise moments later, but Hemon’s soul seems hesitant…
Randy P: [I’ll leave it up to Gary after asking him]
Skip Scheyer: [we could use some healing too]
Treassa: Koby will welcome his brothers back to life and sit by Hemon’s side as he waits for a spark of life from Hemon
Skip Scheyer: [Did Soranna live?]
Randy P: Tredora nods again to Dreigho. “My clerics will tend to your wounds…”
Randy P: Soranna joins Dreigho in his solemn watch over Hemon’s still form.
Skip Scheyer: That fight dropped me 102 points
Richard Folk: A ressurected Corbus will be Ftr 2 / Rge 4, total character level 6
Randy P: [end of session]
Skip Scheyer: [’s 1am. good night all! the game was awesome! See you on the 28th!]
Skip Scheyer has left the conference.
Randy P: [good night all! ]
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Session 78

Richard Folk has joined the conference.

haweemoo has joined the conference.

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haweemoo: hello
Treassa: hi
Richard Folk: howdy
Randy P: Hi
Randy P: let me grab some dice… brb
Richard Folk: Yeah, dice are necessary
Randy P: Dick, can you please turn your radio down a bit?
Treassa: i need another d6
Randy P: The barricades placed along the main thoroughfare seem to have served their purpose. The battle slows somewhat as the horde has been forced to fall back and regroup at the breach in the wall along the Dawn Way road. Still, isolated skirmishes continue in the streets and the night is still pierced every few seconds by a distant cry of mortal pain or a monstrous roar.

Lord Jarmaath takes advantange of the lull in attack to regroup his own forces in Cathedral Square. He contacts Hemon telepathically to join him there as soon as possible to discuss Rethmar’s central defense, when the mental contact is abruptly severed! The telepathic contact has fallen suddenly silent.
Randy P: All attempts from Hemon to reestablish contact with Lord Jarmaath fail. You fear that something has happened to him.

Treassa: Hemon will be very concerned that his mental contact with the general has been cut off and suggest the party starts moving that way
Richard Folk: Corbus urges haste!
Treassa: Koby will be ready to move along as well
Richard Folk: [Was Skip going to join us tonight?]
Randy P: [Yes, I think so]
Richard Folk: [Where are our characters in relation to Cathedral Square?]
Randy P: 20 minutes passes while the group makes their way to Cathedral Square as quickly as possible. During that time, Hemon and Koby recover spells—Hemon can recover up to four spell levels worth, and Koby can recover up to two 3rd Level spells.
Randy P: As the heroes near Cathedral Square, they hear outcries of alarm, screaming, and the sound of dozens of armored soldiers running. When the PCs reach the square, they find the place in chaos as soldiers scramble toward the Cathedral of Pelor, as if fleeing from some invisible army.
haweemoo: he will be in in a min. he texted me back
Randy P: [ok]
Randy P: You call out to a nearby soldier, who has taken cover behind a fallen horse. You ask him what has happened here, and he tells you, “A sniper has taken out Lord Jarmaath. The sniper is somewhere in the upper floor of that building over there—” he gestures to the Coffin Maker’s shop across the street from the Cathedral Square.

Randy P: “Lord Jarmaath is unconscious and was taken inside the Cathedral. He’s in bad shape, my lords. If we don’t eliminate the sniper, many more may join him!” At this, he glances back over at the four open windows from the building across the street. You don’t see anyone in them, but as you watch, a volley of four arrows fly from the northeast window and pierce the soldier who was just speaking to you! He falls dead at your feet, an arrow lodged through his right eye!

Randy P: [roll initiative]
Treassa: Hemon 8 and koby 22
Richard Folk: Corbus orders his NPC’s to escort Hemon to Lord Jarmaath. “I and any who want to follow will attack the snipers roost.”
haweemoo: 17+8=25
haweemoo: [those tribbles are a pain to get ride of]
Randy P: [Joe, something’s wrong with your mic — it’s making weird high-pitched squeally noises]
haweemoo: its sensative some nights real bad
Skip Scheyer has joined the conference.

Skip Scheyer: [hi there… sorry… got busy and lost track of time.]
Randy P: All of the NPCs nod to Corbus and Hemon and run inside the Cathedral, leaving the heroes alone and in the street.
Randy P: [Skip and Dick, roll initiative]
Richard Folk: “Charge the Coffin Makers building. Run in a zig-zag pattern!” Corbus commands.
Skip Scheyer: 18 + 7 +3 = 28
Randy P: A sniper is shooting down into the Cathedral courtyard. He is holed-up inside the second floor of the Coffin Maker’s Shop across the street.
Randy P: [I’ll repeat the last few text blocks for Skip…]
Richard Folk: [OK]
Randy P: As the heroes near Cathedral Square, they hear outcries of alarm, screaming, and the sound of dozens of armored soldiers running. When the PCs reach the square, they find the place in chaos as soldiers scramble toward the Cathedral of Pelor, as if fleeing from some invisible army.

You call out to a nearby soldier, who has taken cover behind a fallen horse. You ask him what has happened here, and he tells you, “A sniper has taken out Lord Jarmaath. The sniper is somewhere in the upper floor of that building over there—” he gestures to the Coffin Maker’s shop across the street from the Cathedral Square.
Randy P: “Lord Jarmaath is unconscious and was taken inside the Cathedral. He’s in bad shape, my lords. If we don’t eliminate the sniper, many more may join him!” At this, he glances back over at the four open windows from the building across the street. You don’t see anyone in them, but as you watch, a volley of four arrows fly from the northeast window and pierce the soldier who was just speaking to you! He falls dead at your feet, an arrow lodged through his right eye!

Richard Folk: Corbus Init 9 + 5 = 14
Randy P: There are two visible doors to the Coffin Maker’s Shop… one to the east side and another to the south. The east door is closest.
Richard Folk: Corbus will zig-zasg towords the East door.
haweemoo: slade to ..
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will head toward the east door as well.
Treassa: Koby will cast protection from arrows on himself and head towards the east door
Treassa: Hemon will head to Lord Jarmaath and help there where he can
Randy P: Another barrage of arrows comes hurtling down as the group runs for the east door…
Skip Scheyer: [now that sounded lethal]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will run behind the group, facing the windows with his Shield out]
Skip Scheyer: Mogwi!
Skip Scheyer: [just don’t get it wet or feed him after midnight]
haweemoo: [heeeeeey… i do eat after midnight]
Randy P: Slade is hit by two arrows for 20 damage…
Skip Scheyer: [that explains it!]
Randy P: [Slade, make two Fortitude saves]
haweemoo: 16+11=27 20+11=32
Randy P: The wounds from the arrows burn like hellfire.
Randy P: The group makes it across the street and instinctively hugs the wall, preventing further arrowfire from hitting them…
Randy P: [ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Randy P: [the group is huddled along the wall by the east door.]
Randy P: [the left side is the ground floor]
Randy P: Corbus is the first to reach the door. It’s locked.
Richard Folk: “Try the other door, I will attempt to open this lock” Shouts Corbus to his team.
Randy P: [roll Disable Device]
Skip Scheyer: [Can Slade knock it down?]
Richard Folk: Dice roll 9 + 16 = 25
Randy P: Corbus picks the lock and the door opens.
Randy P: [give me a marching order]
Richard Folk: “We are in here.” shouts Corbus.
Treassa: Koby will try to stay in the middle of the group
haweemoo: slade
Skip Scheyer: Dre
Randy P: [Did Hemon run into the Cathedral?]
Skip Scheyer: [one of the fighter types should probably go in last though in case something comes from behind]
haweemoo: slade front
haweemoo: allllllways
Randy P: Slade runs inside the now open door, followed by Corbus, Koby, and Dreigho.
Skip Scheyer: [cool]
Richard Folk: Corbus will look around for a way up.
haweemoo: [plus i dont pblock anyone elses view]
Randy P: [let me update the map…]
Randy P: [
Randy P: [ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Richard Folk: “I’ll look to the right, Slade , look to the left. Drei and Koby, wait for developements.” commands Corbus.
Randy P: The group hears chanting from two open doors to the southwest and southeast as two lightning bolts arcs into the room!
Skip Scheyer: [commands? Dre would snicker]
Randy P: [Slade and Corbus, make Reflex saves]
Skip Scheyer: [all those coffins, five gold states we are going to play with undead. ]
Randy P: Two hobgoblins wearing red and gold robes appear in the respective doorways.
haweemoo: 15+5=20
Richard Folk: Corbus reflex roll 14 + 11 = 25
Skip Scheyer: [afk for a moment… bio]
Randy P: Slade dodges, but still takes 11 electrical damage. Corbus nimbly dodges and takes no damage (Evasion).
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Richard Folk: [AFK for a sec, getting a drink of water]
Skip Scheyer: [back]
Richard Folk: [back too]
Randy P: [Dreigho, your turn]
Skip Scheyer: [we are in the east? is either of them close enough for me to run up to and take a swing?]
Randy P: [each square is 5’. What is Dre’s movement? 20’ or 30’?]
Skip Scheyer: 30
Randy P: [yes, Dre can position himself at either D5 or E5, depending on which one he wants to swing at]
Randy P: [then roll one attack]
Skip Scheyer: [sorry, missed that you updated the map.]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will move to E5 and attack
Skip Scheyer: [one attack correct? or two?]
Randy P: 1
Skip Scheyer: 17+12 = 29
Randy P: That hits, roll dmg
Skip Scheyer: 3+4 + 3(new bonus to power aura) = 10 + 6+2 = 8 (holy) = 18pts total
Randy P: [Slade]
Skip Scheyer: [ALVINNNNN!]
Richard Folk: [That sound was just plain squeaking garbled noise]
haweemoo: is there room for slade to get close to attack?
Skip Scheyer: [D5]
Randy P: [yes, he can move to D5 and attack the other one or the one Dre just hit]
haweemoo: i thought something was standing there
haweemoo: d5
haweemoo: 10+12=22
haweemoo: one dre not attacking
Randy P: That hits, roll dmg
haweemoo: 4+8=12
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will send Ekor out into the building to see how many people are in there. Will hold position otherwise
Randy P: The rat skitters out from Koby’s sleeve and hops nimbly atop coffins, making his way along the upper doorframe above E4.
Randy P: Both hogboblins take a 5’ step backwards and cast spells…
Randy P: Now each of them are surrounded by four mirror images.
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will move to F-5, leaping onto the coffin, then attempt to thrust at the Hobgoblin at E-4.
Randy P: [make an Acrobatics check, followed by your rapier attack]
Richard Folk: Acrobatic roll 11 + 19 = 30
Randy P: Corbus nimbly lands on the coffin and easily stabs at one of the five versions of the eastern hobgoblin…
Richard Folk: Corbus Rapier thrust roll 16 + 14 = 30
Richard Folk: Crit confrim roll 2 + 14 = 16
Randy P: One of the figments POOFS out of existence
Randy P: [Round 2]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Randy P: [Slade your up next]
Randy P: [you’re]
Skip Scheyer: [okay…this might be a strange question, but is there enough light in the room to cast shadows? If so, do all of them cast one?]
Randy P: [roll Perception]
Skip Scheyer: [i don’t game much and don’t have much exp with mirror images]
Skip Scheyer: preception 19 14 = 33 [and you are really garbled and hard to understand]
Richard Folk: [In all of my years of gameing no player has ever questioned mirror images casting shadows]
Skip Scheyer: [and it will probably be higher, i forgot to do my skills… but i will leave it at 14 for the night]
Randy P: The images are identical, although you think you spot a flaw in one of the illusions…
Richard Folk: [You get an A
for original thinking.]
Randy P: [I’ll allow you a re-reoll on trying to ID which one is real]
Skip Scheyer: [perception?]
Randy P: [roll a d6 twice
Skip Scheyer: [a d6?]
Randy P: [if your number matches mine, you found the real McCoy]
Skip Scheyer: 5+2 = 7
Randy P: [roll again]
Skip Scheyer: [2d6?]
Randy P: [1d6]
Skip Scheyer: [sure]
Skip Scheyer: 3
Randy P: [I rolled a 5]
Randy P: [roll your attack and then roll damage]
Skip Scheyer: 11+12 = 23
Richard Folk: [full round attack this round]
Skip Scheyer: [full attack?]
Randy P: [that hits, roll your 2nd attack]
Skip Scheyer: 3+7 = 10 (miss)
Randy P: [roll damage for your first hit]
Skip Scheyer: 8+4+3 = 15 + 6+4 =10 (holy) = 25
Skip Scheyer: [so did i lay waste to the original or the clone?]
Randy P: The easternmost group of hobgoblins are bashed in the head. Mirror image wounds appear across all four!
Randy P: [Slade]
Skip Scheyer: [Dick… don’t help! ]
haweemoo: so i am facing how ammany and what location? and if mirror images re they backwards then?
Randy P: Slade is facing the westernmost “group” of hobgoblins. This group appears to be made up of 5 members.
haweemoo: how do i pick which 2 to attack? cant i attack 2 times one time on 2 different ones?
Randy P: [roll Perception[
Randy P: [yes, you can stab at two different ones]
haweemoo: 18+8=26
Randy P: [because you’re stabbing at two different images, roll 1d6 twice…]
haweemoo: 2 5
Randy P: Two figments go POOF!
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will move to d6
Treassa: Koby will shoot towards the images
Randy P: [roll d6]
Treassa: 2 and 1
Randy P: [roll Perception]
Randy P: [then roll your ranged touch attack for Ray of Frost]
Treassa: perc 9+10=19
Treassa: rolled a 1
Randy P: Ekor almost gets zapped in the misfire! He squeaks at you, “There are many hobgoblins in this room, but they all look the same!”
Skip Scheyer: [another silly question… do the mirror images give off a smell that Ekor could determine?]
Randy P: [make a Perception roll for Ekor]
Randy P: 1]
Treassa: 12
Randy P: Ekor squeaks again and jumps down onto a particular image. Suddenly all four have an Ekor sitting on its shoulder, trying to bite it!
Randy P: Dreigho notices which one he jumped onto.
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will continue to stab at the Hobgoblin images.
Randy P: [Corbus, make a Perception roll to see if he sees which one Ekor landed on]
Skip Scheyer: [don’t you have a link to Ekor? can’t koby tell where he is?]
Richard Folk: !st att roll 6 + 14 = 20
Richard Folk: 2nd att roll 6 + 9 = 15
Treassa: [yep but already had my turn]
Richard Folk: My d6 roll was a 6
Skip Scheyer: [that’s cool… another person that knows the right one]
Randy P: roll damage
Richard Folk: Damage roll 3 + 4 = 7
Randy P: Corbus moves into the room, beside Dreigho and skewers the eastern hobgoblin through the stomach. All mirror images from him POOF out of existence, and you see a single hobgoblin lying dead on the floor at E2.
Randy P: Ekor bites the fallen hobgoblin’s nose out of spite.
Randy P: Corbus is now at F4. Dreigho is at E4.
Randy P: The western hobs move around each other and begin casting a spell at Slade…
Skip Scheyer: [i thought Slade and Dreigho were playing with separate ones?]
Skip Scheyer: [oh… cool.]
Randy P: Slade is hit by three magic missiles for 11 damage!
Randy P: [Round 3]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [where is Slade? is it possible to get by slade and attack something this round?]
Randy P: [yes, you can move past Slade to C1 and still be adjacent to one of the “three” hobs in that room.
Skip Scheyer: [okay… that’s what i will do.. since i don’t know which hob is the right one, Dre will attack the closest one.]
Randy P: [Slade is at C5. You can move to C6]
Skip Scheyer: [and attack?]
Randy P: [yes, roll a d6 first]
Skip Scheyer: 4
Randy P: [and once more]
Skip Scheyer: 6
Randy P: [now roll your attack]
Skip Scheyer: [of course, now, my holy damage will be crap]
Skip Scheyer: phone
Skip Scheyer: 2+12 = 14
Randy P: POOF goes one of the figments. Now only “two” hobs remain.
Skip Scheyer: cool
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: attack the 2 left i guess
Randy P: [roll your normal attacks]
haweemoo: 19+13=32 10+8=18
Randy P: [Slade, choose: evens or odds… to determine if you possibly crit’d the real one or a figment]
haweemoo: odd like me ))
Randy P: [roll at 13 again to see if you confirm]
haweemoo: 18
Randy P: [that confirms]
haweemoo: 1d6+8
haweemoo: so do i roll or do you take the max?
Randy P: Slade makes a deft double riposte and skewers the left hob through the throat, killing him! The right hob goes POOF.
Randy P: [takes the max and doubles it]
haweemoo: [coooool ))]
Randy P: You now have a dead Khulkor Zul War Adepts lying on the floor in each room.
Richard Folk: Corbus will rush to D-1 and open the door.
Skip Scheyer: [BOOYA!]
Treassa: is the door at d4 locked?
Randy P: Corbus opens the room and sees Slade standing over the dead body of a hobgoblin caster. Dreigho stands ready behind him.
Treassa: Koby will be trying it
Randy P: [yes, the door at D4 is locked]
Treassa: Is there space for Ekor to fit under the door?
Richard Folk: Corbus will rush over to D-5 to unlock the door.
Randy P: Ekor shimmies under the door and sniffs around.
Randy P: There’s a 1-inch gap between the floor and the bottom of the door.
Treassa: Koby will keep in contact with him as he hopefully looks for enemy count upstairs
Randy P: [roll Disable Device, Corbus]
Richard Folk: Dice roll of a natural “1”
Randy P: Ekor squeaks under the door, “No foes, but there are lots of pointy things on the stairs.”
Treassa: Koby will use bell of opening
Randy P: Corbus’ lockpick breaks off in the keyhole!
Treassa: the tuning fork that is
Randy P: Koby rings his chime of opening and the lock clicks open.
Richard Folk: [Fiasco for Corbus]
Treassa: Koby will advise Ekor saw pointy things on the stairs
Randy P: The stairwell leads up and is very dark. Caltrops litter each step all the way up.
Randy P: Corbus spies a broom in the room to the left.
Skip Scheyer: [LOL]
Richard Folk: Corbus will grab the broom and 1 step at a time sweep the caltrops to the left
Treassa: Koby will cast light on a copper and toss it up the stairs
Randy P: Corbus sweeps each step clean and, very slowly, the group makes its way to the top of the stairs. Corbus is presently in front.
Randy P: The stairwell shines with light from the copper.
Randy P: [same marching order]
Randy P: [?]
Treassa: anything else from Ekor?
Treassa: [yes]
Randy P: Ekor scampers up the cleared stairs and squeezes under the door at the top of the stairs…
Randy P: [roll me a Reflex save for poor Ekor]
Treassa: 6+6=12
Randy P: [how many HP does Ekor have?]
Richard Folk: [Even if he fails a reflex save he only takes 1/2 damage with Impreved Evasion]
Randy P: You hear a TWANG, followed by an earsplitting shriek as Ekor is pierced by an arrow. [He set off a trap]
Randy P: [he has 3 HP left]
Randy P: [What’s Ekor’s AC]
Randy P: [Ekor takes 18 damage instead]
Treassa: Going to send reassurance that I am coming for him
Randy P: The top door appears to be unlocked.
Richard Folk: Corbus will open the door.
Randy P: [stay with the same initiative]
Randy P: Corbus opens the door and sees Ekor impaled by an arrow. Five other arrows are stuck in the backside of the door.
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will move to M-2 and stand at the ready with Rapier in hand.
Randy P: The ensorcelled copper sheds shadowy light into the upstairs room, but it very dark north of M3.
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: cast dancing light ahead of me as i go up the stairs? make lite go into room above
can i do that??
Randy P: [yes]
haweemoo: ok do that so i can try to lite up the dark room..
Randy P: WIth the aid of the dancing lights, the upstairs room is littered with crates and stacks of boards.
Randy P: A barrage of four arrows flies at Corbus!
Randy P: He is hit by one for 7 damge!
Randy P: [roll Fort]
Richard Folk: Corbus Fort roll 6 + 6 = 12
Randy P: A burning sensation boils into the wound and Corbus takes an additional 15 damage as the poison does its worst!
Randy P: [Corbus, you still have a standard action]
Randy P: [Corbus, make a Perception check]
Richard Folk: Corbus perception roll 3 + 11 = 14
Randy P: Corbus isn’t sure exactly where the arrows came from.
Richard Folk: Corbus shouts out,“The arrows are poisoned!”
Randy P: [Slade]
Richard Folk: Corbus drops to 1 knee grasping at the arrow.
haweemoo: can i send the light farther in the room and get in front of corbus to help protect him with my shield
Randy P: [yes]
haweemoo: and get out of way so others can enter?
haweemoo: ok i will do that then
Richard Folk: [You can always move through friendly occupied squares]
Randy P: The dancing lights float to the rear of the room, but you still only see boxes and stacks or boards.
Randy P: Slade moves in front of Corbus and raises his shield.
haweemoo: [do i see ekor?]
Randy P: Ekor was lying with an arrow impaled through him at L1
haweemoo: [can i toss a cure light healpotion on him?]
Randy P: [no, but you can hand one as a free action to Dreigho on your way inside the room]
haweemoo: [ok ill do that]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
haweemoo: [i have 10 on bandolier type belt..]
haweemoo: [hey the way i do things i need them]
Skip Scheyer: [why do i have a clw?]
haweemoo: [ekor[
Randy P: [Slade handed it to you to heal Ekor, or to give it to Koby]
Richard Folk: [to hand off to Koby to give to the Rat]
Skip Scheyer: [cool.. i will hand it off to koby then]
Randy P: [That’s a free action. What does Dreigho do next?]
Skip Scheyer: [Dre will enter the room and look around… with luck, with his dark vision, see where the archer is. I will have my shield out ready to block arrows]
Randy P: [Make a Perception roll, Dre]
Skip Scheyer: 10+14 + 3 = 27
Randy P: A shadow stretches to the left from behind the box at L,10
Skip Scheyer: [don’t know.]
Randy P: [Koby]
Skip Scheyer: [yea… i will hold my turn and let koby go first ]
Treassa: Will move to m3 and cast shout into the room ahead. no one messes with my rat!
Randy P: [what’s your AC, Koby?]
Randy P: Koby steps to M3 and bumps into a tripwire. Six arrows fly out from the stack of boards to the right side of the room!
Randy P: Koby takes 28 damage as he’s hit by every arrow!
Treassa: and my prot from arrows absorb the damage
Randy P: Make a concentration check
Randy P: nevermind
Skip Scheyer: [nice try]
Treassa: 21+5=26
Treassa: dmg
Richard Folk: [Going AFK for a moment]
Randy P: Koby moves to M3 and sets off a trap, but all of the arrows bounce harmlessly off of him. He then casts shout and deals 13 damage.
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Richard Folk: [Bac]
Skip Scheyer: [is there anything i can do about the shadow in L10? it’s too far for lightning.. shoot with chrossbow?]
Skip Scheyer: [yes… i am still clueless though]
Randy P: [you have no target to shoot at, unless you’re aiming for between the boxes]
Randy P: [either this adversary is very good at hiding, or he’s invisible]
Randy P: [go ahead and try to shoot between the boxes with your crossbow]
Skip Scheyer: [cool. will state to the group that there is a shadow in L10 and move up closer to Koby]
Skip Scheyer: [what?]
Richard Folk: [improved invisibility, otherwise loses invisibility with attack]
Randy P: [greater invisbility, but yeah]
Richard Folk: [Sorry, still thinking in terms of 3.5]
Randy P: [Round 4]
Randy P: [Corbus]
Randy P: [Dreigho moved to L,2]
Skip Scheyer: [fine]
Richard Folk: Corbus will carefully remove the arrow from himself then do the same for Ekor.
Randy P: [make a Heal check on Ekor, Corbus]
Richard Folk: Heal roll 5
Randy P: Corbus manages to remove the arrow from Ekor without damaging him further.
Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: where am i exactly?
Randy P: Slade is at M,2
haweemoo: can i move foreward to l6?
haweemoo: L^
haweemoo: L6
Randy P: [yes]
haweemoo: move to L6 holding shield before me
Randy P: [ok]
haweemoo: thats all i can do right?
Randy P: [hold your attack action?]
haweemoo: can i pick up a piece of wood and throw behind l10?
Randy P: [sure, roll a d20 and add your Dex bonus 12]
haweemoo: dont know what else to do so just wait till i can move nextr turn
Randy P: [make that +8]
haweemoo: ok ill roll
haweemoo: 15
Randy P: Slade throws a board at L,10 and it hits nothing.
haweemoo: slade yells out… show your self you chicken
Randy P: Four arrows fly from M,10 at Slade…
Randy P: Slade is hit by two of them for 12 damage…
Randy P: [make a Fort save, Slade]
haweemoo: 14+11=15
haweemoo: =25
haweemoo: [i cant add tonight]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Randy P: [You think the foe is at M,10]
Skip Scheyer: [can i see anything in that area?]
Randy P: [nope]
Skip Scheyer: [what do i see around us? are these boxes and boards?]
Randy P: [yes]
Skip Scheyer: i will get my crossbow and pluck an arrow at M10]
Skip Scheyer: [how high are the boards stacked?]
Randy P: [ok, roll your attack at -8]
Randy P: about 3’ high
Randy P: the two crates at L,10 and M,9 are large
Skip Scheyer: [and the boxes, how big are they?]
Randy P: each is big enough for a mansized creature to hide behind
Skip Scheyer: 12+11 =23 – 8 = 15
Skip Scheyer: [i am half tempted to just run up there.]
Randy P: The crossbow bolt arcs into M,10 veers to the right and flies through the open window at M,11
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will move to m8 and cast burning hands to area in front of him dc17
Treassa: 17 dmg
Randy P: The crates catch on fire, and you hear a brief scuffle as if someone trying to move out of the way.
Randy P: Even at this range, Koby doesn’t see anyone behind the crate
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will administer the potion of Cure Lt Wounds to the rat Ekort.
Randy P: [roll 1d8+1]
Richard Folk: D8 roll = 5
Randy P: Ekor regains 5 HP and is looking much better.
Randy P: [Slade]
Richard Folk: Corbus will then move north 30’
Randy P: to M,7
haweemoo: is k10 within my move limit?
Randy P: [yes]
haweemoo: slade moves to k10 then
Randy P: [hold your attack?]
haweemoo: can i see anything in range to attack?
Randy P: [nope]
haweemoo: then hold attack
Randy P: Koby feels a breeze as something leaps over the crate and lands beside him. A swooshing sound then erupts as it sounds like a sword is being swung at Koby’s head!
Randy P: Koby is nicked for 5 damage…
Randy P: [make a Fort save]
Treassa: 12+9=21
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Randy P: [Dre thinks that the foe is either at L,8 or L,7]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will grab his morningstar and up to M7 and swing in the general area of L7
Skip Scheyer: [doh… sorry… missed that]
Skip Scheyer: [cool..L6, swinging at L7]
Randy P: [roll your attack]
Skip Scheyer: 15+12 = 27
Randy P: Dreigho’s morningstar goes ‘swish’
Skip Scheyer: doh
Randy P: [nothing at L7]
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby will reach out to L8 and cast shocking grasp
Treassa: 7+5=12
Treassa: 15 with metal
Randy P: Koby’s hands arc with electricity as he reaches out beside him… and connects with absolutely nothing.
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will, as a free action drop his rapier, then draw his dagger, then attempt to grapple at square L-8, ie. tackle an opponent.
Randy P: [roll d20 + CMB]
Richard Folk: d20 roll nat 20 + 11 = 31
Randy P: Corbus leaps and wraps his arms and legs around something invisible at L,8
Randy P: [Slade]
Randy P: Corbus is partially hovering in the air
haweemoo: [isnt there something to make it visible?? or throw a liquid on ir to make it visible?? ]
Richard Folk: Corbus will shout out,“I got him!”
haweemoo: move to k8 and swing at the space below corbus??
Randy P: [yep]
haweemoo: since i am short its not hard to swing low (( swing low sweeet chariot ))
Randy P: [roll d%]
haweemoo: d percent is 1d10 2 of them?
Randy P: [yes]
haweemoo: 71
Randy P: [now, make one attack roll]
haweemoo: 18+13=31
Randy P: [roll to confirm]
haweemoo: 15+13=28
Randy P: [that confirms, max damage x2]
haweemoo: 14 time 2
Randy P: Slade hacks the foe’s left leg off
haweemoo: [thats wy i amed low]
Randy P: A scaly black leg crumples to the floor and you hear a KA-THUMP
haweemoo: [timber]
Randy P: Corbus falls to the floor atop whatever he has hold of
Randy P: [we’ll hold the action there for tonight]
Randy P: sorry it went so late
haweemoo: [was fun ))]
Skip Scheyer: was exciting!
Richard Folk: [I had a lot of laughs, some of them lafter of tears]
Skip Scheyer: it’s midnight… i am sorry, but i need to bail…good night all! i had fun! I look forward to seeing you all next week.
Skip Scheyer: next time… soryr.
haweemoo: [was fun.. have a good night all ))]
Skip Scheyer: oops…it’s late. =)
Skip Scheyer has left the conference.

Randy P: [ ]

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Richard Folk: [Thanks for the game, it was fun with the mirror images and the invisibility]
Randy P: [you’re welcome!]
Richard Folk: OK, Good Night
Randy P: next game is July 14th
Richard Folk has left the conference.

haweemoo: [good night.. sleep well and be safe]
Treassa has left the conference.

Session 77

haweemoo has joined the conference.

Treassa has joined the conference.

Zethallon has joined the conference.

Richard Folk has joined the conference.

haweemoo: hello
Randy P: [ ]

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Randy P: [Slade]
Zethallon: [Turning off mic — have 3 chats going so you don’t have to hear typing]
Randy P: [0o]
Randy P: [ok]
Zethallon: [Koby’s flaming sphere]
Randy P: [yes, you can still attack Bugbear #7]
haweemoo: 19+12=31 14+7=21
Randy P: [potential crit on the 1st roll… roll once more at 12 to see if it confirms]
haweemoo: 7
Randy P: doesn’t confirm, but you still deal max damage. Attack #2 misses.
Skip Scheyer has joined the conference.

haweemoo: 1d6+8
Randy P: [hi Skip]
Randy P: So Slade deals 14 damage
Skip Scheyer: [hi there!]
haweemoo: [hi ship]
haweemoo: [skip]
Skip Scheyer: [sorry i am late…had computer issues.]
Randy P: Archer #1 swings his sword at Godslayer #1, but misses
Richard Folk: [We all had issues with the computers tonight. We all logged out and reset our computers, we had a bad sound connection]
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Randy P: [ ]

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Skip Scheyer: [what’s the red dot?]
Randy P: [flaming sphere]
Skip Scheyer: [thank you]
Skip Scheyer: [any buffs active?]
Skip Scheyer: [i sent Gary a text… he probably just got it. ]
Randy P: [Bless should still be in play]
Skip Scheyer: 1 attack, +1 fear mod?]
Randy P: [yes]
Skip Scheyer: [smooth.]
Skip Scheyer: Dreigho will attack #1
Randy P: [ok]
Skip Scheyer: [did I miss anything important that could change my action?]
Randy P: no, Slade hit the last Bugbear for 14 damage.
Skip Scheyer: [cool]
Skip Scheyer: 14
11+1 = 26 and 12+6 1 = 19
Randy P: The 1st swing hits, the 2nd misses
Skip Scheyer: 8
4+2 = 14 + 4+1 = 5 holy damage = 19 total
Skip Scheyer: [can i do something for my archer? ]
Randy P: [have your archer make a CMB roll to try to escape from being underfoot.]
Skip Scheyer: [he’s a bit underfoot at the moment… or maybe the underbelly]
Skip Scheyer: [d20 + 6?]
haweemoo: [have him tickle the foot]
Richard Folk: [clip some toe nails, then practice vodoo on it]
Skip Scheyer: 18+6 = 24
Skip Scheyer: [of course, that 18 means Dre will miss both times on his next turn. ]
Randy P: The archer struggles against the behemoth’s foot, but can’t shake him
Skip Scheyer: [damn!]
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus will 5’ step to Q-9 then attack with Rapier
Richard Folk: 1st rollk 3 + 14 + 1 = 18
Randy P: that misses
Richard Folk: 2nd roll 2
Randy P: that misses too
Zethallon has joined the conference.

Zethallon: test
Zethallon: bugged
Zethallon has left the conference.

Richard Folk: Lion’s attack roll 9 + 8 + 1 = 18
Randy P: that misses
Zethallon has joined the conference.

Zethallon: test
Randy P: [WB Gary]
Richard Folk: Kall Archer regular bow fire vrs Bugbear 7 Roll 2 + 10 + 1 = 13
Zethallon: [Bless is still in effect. 1 to attack]
Randy P: [Bugbear #7]
Randy P: The Bugbear swings at Slade…
Randy P: and hits for 26 damage!
Randy P: [Godslayers]
haweemoo: [26 hp left]
Randy P: GS#1 attempts to set up a great cleave and swings at Dreigho…
Randy P: and hits for 32 total
Randy P: His swing continues towards Hemon…
Skip Scheyer: [with the ac of 31?]
Randy P: [yep]
Richard Folk: [Nasty Monster]
Randy P: [he rolled a 35]
Randy P: …and hits Hemon for 32 also
Skip Scheyer: [that’s cool. 52 hps left]
Randy P: GS#1 then jumps out of the hole… directly to the east.
Zethallon: [16 left for Hemon]
Randy P: Corbus, make a Reflex save to avoid getting squished
Richard Folk: Corbus reflex roll 15 + 11 = 26
Richard Folk: Corbus’s new location is now R-10
Skip Scheyer: [where is GS1?]
Randy P: GS1 is now between Q9 and S7
Zethallon: Will someone send me the map link privately?
Randy P: [Lion #3 gets an AoO]
Zethallon: [Got it thanks.
Richard Folk: Lion 3 AoO roll 16 + 8 + 1 = 25
Randy P: that hits
Richard Folk: Damage roll 4 + 6 = 10
Randy P: The archer #1 makes his AoO but only deals 6 damage
Randy P: GS#2 steps back, releasing Soranna and Archer #2, and takes a great swing at both of them…
Skip Scheyer: [damn]
Skip Scheyer: [was lion 3 within 30’ of me? if so, add two to the damage roll]
Randy P: [ok, he took 2 damage then]
Skip Scheyer: [has number 2 even been touched?]
Randy P: Archer #2 takes 23 damage, leaving him with 3 HP
Randy P: The swing against Soranna misses.
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby archer will attack GS 1 twice attack 1 9
8+1+1=19 and second attack 11+8+1+1=21.

Treassa: Koby lion will attack bugbear 7 8+6+1=15
Randy P: [all three miss]
Treassa: koby will cast ice storm on u5 with 20ft radius
Treassa: dr is 11+11=22
Randy P: that penetrates
Treassa: 14 bludgeon dmg and 8 cold dmg at r5 and s4
Randy P: [22-10=12 damage to each GS]
Treassa: direct flaming sphere GS 2 at n5
Treassa: dr 9=11=20
Randy P: that makes it
Treassa: 7 fire dmg
Skip Scheyer: [ouch!]
haweemoo: slade yells… smells like chicken cooking
Zethallon: [It’s OK, good show Koby]
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon securely grasps his holy symbol and prays to Anhur again to bless these fine warriors who battle proudly while defending their city. [Hemon will channel positive energy and use selective channeling to prevent healing to both godslayers and bugbear #7]. His archer will use rapid shot to fire at bugbear #7.
Zethallon: Hemon’s channel energy: 2+3+4+6+6+6=27 points of healing for all in 30 foot radius. [Last channel energy till he rests]
Zethallon: Hemon’s archer will use rapid shot:
Attack 1: 16+8+1=25
Attack 2: 8+8+1=17
Randy P: [1st arrow hits]
Skip Scheyer: [up to 79… you rock!]
Zethallon: The archer damage:
Attack 1: 6+4= 10
Randy P: [Soranna]
Randy P: Soranna tumbles northwards to N,7 and then swings her sword at GS2…
Randy P: …but misses.
Randy P: [Round 11]
Skip Scheyer: [she’s tenacious…. got to give her that!]
Zethallon: [yep!]
haweemoo: [and good looking too]
Skip Scheyer: [i did not hear that…did i want to ? ]
Randy P: [ ]

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Randy P: [Slade]
haweemoo: 20+12=32 16+7= 23
Randy P: [ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Randy P: [roll to confirm]
haweemoo: 20+12=32
Randy P: roll dmg for 2nd hit
haweemoo: 2+8=10
Randy P: Archer #1 swings and hits for 8 damage, which is soaked by the DR
Randy P: Total dmg taken = 28-10=18
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [okay… can i take out the bugbear? without being nailed by GS2?]
Randy P: [yes, stay where you are]
Skip Scheyer: [smooth…that’s what we will do then]
Randy P: The godslayers have a 15’ reach, but they’re most likely to attack those that can attack them
Skip Scheyer: 16+11+1 = 28 and 6 + 6 + 1 = miss
Randy P: [1st swing hits]
Skip Scheyer: 7+4+2 = 13 and 4+1 = 5 holy total 18 pts
Randy P: Archer #2 can try to tumble north, if you like
Skip Scheyer: 2 is alive and functioning? wow.]
Randy P: [3hp left]
Skip Scheyer: [did get channel heal?]
Randy P: [32 hp]
Randy P: [30 hp]
Skip Scheyer: [no prob.]
Skip Scheyer: [i like that idea.
Skip Scheyer: the Archer will tumble to the right, getting out from under foot
Treassa: [gary needs inviting back in]
Randy P: [roll d20
Skip Scheyer: LOL
Skip Scheyer: 8+1 = 9
Randy P: The archer rolls to his right, and fails to make it past the AoO…. but the godslayer misses him.
Randy P: Archer #2 is now at P,26
Randy P: Archer #2 is now at P,6
Randy P: [does he swing at GS2?]
Skip Scheyer: [sure… what the hell.]
Skip Scheyer: nope… 12 + 8 = 20
Randy P: that misses
Randy P: [Corbus]
Richard Folk: Corbus attack twice
Richard Folk: Att roll 1 is 11 + 14 + 1 =26
Richard Folk: Att roll 2 is 8 + 9 + 1 = 18
Randy P: [one hit]
Skip Scheyer: [if you are within 30’ then yes]
Richard Folk: Damage roll 3 + 4 + 2 = 9
Skip Scheyer: [not much, but any little bit helps]
Zethallon: No, thank you.
Yahoo! Messenger: Zethallon has declined to join.
Zethallon: No, thank you.
Yahoo! Messenger: Zethallon has declined to join.
Randy P: Bugbear #7 swings at Dreigho…
Zethallon has joined the conference.

Randy P: [WB]
Zethallon: [I haven’t seen anything after Joe’s rolls]
Skip Scheyer: [welcome back!]
Zethallon: and I’m double texted bugged.
Randy P: [you didn’t miss much]
Randy P: [no one died yet]
Skip Scheyer: 31
Skip Scheyer: 27
Randy P: [what’s Dreigho’s AC against non-dragon]
Randy P: …and hits for 31 damage!
Skip Scheyer: [48 hps left]
Randy P: GS tries another great cleave… starting with Corbus…
Randy P: and hits for 28 damage total (8 electrical)
Randy P: …and swings at the Archer #1
Randy P: hitting for 21 dmg
Randy P: [Archer #1 is now at 12 HP]
Skip Scheyer: [telephone]
Randy P: GS#2 great cleaves…
Randy P: GS#2 swings at Archer #2 and misses!
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby archer will attack GS 1 twice attack 1 20+8+1+1=40 and second attack 13+8+1+1=23.
Richard Folk: [I forgot to mention that Lion 3 will 5’ step to N-11]
Treassa: 19+8+1+1=29
Randy P: [that confirms]
Treassa: Koby lion will attack bugbear 7 7+6+1=14
Treassa: Koby will summon monster 3, a lantern archon, to appear at L6
Richard Folk: Kaal Archer 3 will single bow shoot at Bugbear 7 . Att roll 10 + 10 + 1 = 21
Randy P: Archer #4 shoots the godslayer in the left eye, skewering its brain! It howls and crashes to the ground, dead.
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon uses cure serious scroll upon Dreigho. His archer will use rapid shot again to fire at bugbear #7.
Randy P: [roll 3d8+3]
Randy P: [roll 3d8+CL]
Zethallon: Hemon: 6+5+8+5= 24 points of healing toward Dreigho
Skip Scheyer: [sweet! thank you!]
Zethallon: Hemon’s archer will use rapid shot:
Attack 1: 16+8+1=25
Attack 2: 7+8+1=16
Randy P: [one hits]
The archer damage:
Attack 1: 4+4= 8 points of dmg to bugbear #7
Randy P: [Soranna]
Randy P: Soranna swings and…. possibly crits!
Randy P: Crits for 24-10-14 damage
Randy P: Crits for 24-10=14 damage
Randy P: [everyone take a 5 minute break]
Zethallon: [Sounds good]
Randy P: [ ]

Start Photo Sharing
Randy P: [Round 12]
Randy P: [Slade]
Skip Scheyer: [back – still on phone]
Randy P: [ok]
haweemoo: 18+12=30 2+7=9
Skip Scheyer: [back… and she is in bed now]
Randy P: [one hits]
Skip Scheyer: [who killed GS1?]
Randy P: [Archer #4]
Skip Scheyer: [cool! way to go KA4!]
Randy P: Slade crits for 28 damage
Treassa: [ka4 bows]
haweemoo: slade yells … you godslayers sure do smell good cooking.. do you taste like chicken too??
Randy P: Archer #1 shoots twice at BB#7 and misses twice
Randy P: [Dreigho]
Skip Scheyer: [BB still alive?]
Randy P: [yes, barely]
Skip Scheyer: [bummer – will attack him and hopefully finish him off]
Skip Scheyer: 13+11+1 = 25 and 17+6+1 = 24
Randy P: [both hit]
haweemoo: [godslayer i saw your dad the other day .. looks good in that geico comercial]
Zethallon: [LOL]
Skip Scheyer: 3+4 2 = 9 and 74+2 = 13 and 3+6 = 9 holy total of 31
Skip Scheyer: [why could that not have been for the GS2? ]
Randy P: Dreigho hits the wounded Bugbear in the head so hard that he takes his head off with two mighty swings!
Skip Scheyer: “You’re NEXT” Dreigho yells in draconic at the godslayer
Zethallon: [WTG Dreigho]
haweemoo: great dreigho now we all can carve some chicken
Randy P: The bugbear’s corpse hits the ground and cracks the pavement as it does. A cloud of what looks like thin smoke roils out of its mouth in 8 different directions, but is suddenly consumed by fire that bursts up from the ground beneath the body!
Skip Scheyer: “i would not eat that with the Bugbear’s mouth. I don’t even want to know where it’s been”
Zethallon: [LOL]
Skip Scheyer: [wow!]
haweemoo: [do godslayers have tails??]
Randy P: [yes, they have short tails]
haweemoo: [shoot if it was long enough i would say try to pin it to the ground. with a sword]
Randy P: [Dreigho’s archer]
Skip Scheyer: [oh.. i forgot about him… can i pluck an arrow at the GS?]
Randy P: [he’s standing right next to the thing and would trigger an AoO]
Skip Scheyer: rapid shot – 17 + 8 1 = 26 and 188 1 = 27
Skip Scheyer: [oh..why?]
Randy P: [do you still want to shoot at him, knowing that it will trigger an AoO?]
Skip Scheyer: [why would it trigger? he had is bow out already]
Skip Scheyer: [or am i missing something?]
Randy P: because he’s adjacent to the godslayer
Skip Scheyer: [oh…okay…then no… i won’t shoot..]
Randy P: using a ranged weapon while adjacent to a foe with a melee weapon triggers an AoO
Randy P: [sword swing then?]
Skip Scheyer: [can i use the first one or do i have to roll again? ]
Randy P: I’ll allow you to keep the 1st roll… which hits
Randy P: roll dmg
Skip Scheyer: 3
2+1 = 6
Randy P: ok, its DR soaks the damage
Randy P: [Corbus]
Skip Scheyer:
Richard Folk: Corbus will run, first to S-9, then south to S-2 then SW to R-1 and leap up and catch the roof and climb up onto the building.
Zethallon: [BTW, some of you keep forgetting about adding 1 for bless so saying it again.]
Randy P: [make a Climb check]
Richard Folk: Lion 3 will move to O-12 and ready his longsword. Kaal Archer will take a single bow shot at GS 2. Att roll 8 + 10 + 1 = 19
Skip Scheyer: [i went to wally world today and in the frozen dept they had skyline chili spaghetti. i broke the piggy bank and bought all i can afford… i had a four way for dinner tonight… i was so bouncing]
Richard Folk: Corbus Climb check roll 13 + 7 = 20
Treassa: [can’t understand chili and spaghetti in the same dish]
Skip Scheyer: [it’s a slice of heaven!]
Zethallon: [don’t knock it till you try it]
Randy P: Corbus climbs up onto the roof to Q1
Richard Folk: Corbus end position is Q-1 on top of the building.
Treassa: [i’ve seen my brother eat it and no desire. not a big fan of chili either]
Skip Scheyer: [Durne always laughs at me when i eat Skyline.. she says my eyes roll up and she knows i am home… i call her weird when she says stuff like that]
Treassa: [at least you enjoy it, so all that counts!]
Randy P: The Godslayer swings at Archer #2…
Randy P: and misses
Skip Scheyer: [/mourns the loss of his archer]
Zethallon: [Wow]
Skip Scheyer: [yea!]
Randy P: [Koby]
Treassa: Koby archer will shoot twice at GS 2
Treassa: 11
8+1+1=21 for 1st attack
Randy P: [that misses]
Treassa: 2nd attack 4+8+1+1=14
Randy P: [that misses]
Treassa: Lion at 14+6+1=21
Randy P: [that misses]
Treassa: Koby magic missiles GS 2
Treassa: 2+11=13
Randy P: The spell fizzles against the creature’s thick hide
Zethallon: [Go LA!]
Treassa: Archon ray attack 15+3=18
Randy P: that hits
Treassa: 4 damage
Randy P: [Hemon]
Zethallon: Hemon take a 5 foot step to M,10. He will use his bow to make a full attack (will not add lightning damage as Randy already stated that they were immune). He will use feat point blank shot with his attack. His archer will take move action to S,7 and fire a single shot at GS2 (to take advantage of point blank shot also).
Zethallon: Hemon’s attacks (bow):
Attack 1: 20+9+1+1=31: Attack 1: 13+9+1+1=24 to confirm
Zethallon: Hemon’s archer:
Attack 1: 1+10+1=12 (natural one)
Zethallon: Crit damage would be 39-10=29 (accounting for DR)
Randy P: Hemon’s bow shot hits the godslayer just below the right eye, barely missing the brain.
Randy P: [Soranna]
Randy P: Soranna screams, “For Drellin’s Ferry and the fallen!” and stabs the creature under its ribcage! It shudders a moment, spits a gout of blood, and falls dead!
Zethallon: [Girl power!]
Skip Scheyer: [you go girl!]
Randy P: [end of combat. Finally.]
Zethallon: Hemon will telepathically communicate to the lord to let him know that although the barrier was breached, we turned the invaders away.
Skip Scheyer: [bummer dude… i did not even get to play at all with GS2 ]
Zethallon: [That’s not a bad thing bro.]
Randy P: Lord Jarmaath’s mental voice resounds inside Hemon’s mind, “Well done! There has been a lapse in battle at the west gate and I’ve recalled all of our men to the courtyard outside the Cathedral of Lathander…” suddenly the voice is cut short and all attempts to reconnect fail.
Zethallon: [Quick hit point check for group please.]
Richard Folk: An end to the Nasty Baddies.
Skip Scheyer: 72
Treassa: 37
Skip Scheyer: 72 our of 110
haweemoo: 53
Richard Folk: Corbus is at 29 out of 57.
Treassa: 37 out of 57
Zethallon: [Please include how far you are down too.]
Richard Folk: Both Lion and Kall Archer are at max’
haweemoo: 53 out of 111
Treassa: mine are too at max that is
Skip Scheyer: DA2 30 out of 33
haweemoo: slade down 58 points
Zethallon: [I stand corrected from an earlier post — I do have one more channel left.]
Randy P: [everyone gets 6,080 XP for the 3 waves of battle. Plus an extra 500 for each NPC you have left standing.]
Skip Scheyer: [DING!!]
Zethallon: Hemon will ask all those that are hurt to come close for healing. He will also quickly inform his party that he lost mental contact with Lord Jarmaath but mentioned that they were heading to the cathedral’s courtyard.
Treassa: Koby will join up with his group and assent to healing. His guys will follow
Skip Scheyer: Dre and DA moves close to Hemon
Randy P: All the allies move in close to Hemon
haweemoo: slade moves close
Zethallon: Hemon’s positive channeling: 2+3+3+5+5+6=24 point of healing back per person.
Treassa: [puts my xp total at 106853]
Skip Scheyer: [my xp = 105724]
Randy P: It will take about 20 minutes to make it to the Cathedral courtyard. During that time, Koby and Hemon can use their wand and pearl, respectively.
Richard Folk: Corbus’s hit points now up to 53 out of 57.
Randy P: [Koby can use the wand to re-learn up to two 3rd level spells, or any combination of lesser spells.]
Skip Scheyer: [puts Dre at 96 of 110]
Zethallon: [Hemon’s xp is 102,267]
Randy P: [Hemon can relearn up to 4 levels of spells with his Pearl of Power]
Zethallon: Hemon will use the pearl to bring back align weapon (2nd level), bless and remove fear (1st level)
Skip Scheyer: [woot! my aura bonus goes up to 3]
Treassa: Koby will relearn lightning bolt and fireball
Zethallon: Hemon will also use a 3rd level spell as a cure serious wounds for Slade.
Zethallon: Hemon: 5
5+3+7=20 points of healing back for Slade.
Richard Folk: Corbus current exp pt total is 69,660.
Richard Folk: That is 5,340 until character level 9.
Skip Scheyer: YOU SUCCEEDED!!!
Next game is June 30th.


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